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What on Earth is a Scratch Map®?

The Scratch Map® allows you to track your travels by removing the foil layer over cities, countries and continents you've visited, revealing the colour and detail below. There's a Scratch Map® for every kind of traveler; whether your interests lie in cuisine, oceanography, adventures or wildlife...there's a Scratch Map® for you.

Scratch Map® – The World’s first Scratch off Map

If you’ve ever wanted a way to track your travels easily and display them for everyone to see, then you’ve come to the right place.

From the Scratch Map Original right through to our latest version of the world map with the foil top layer, you can shop online here for every kind of Scratch Map that’s been created at Luckies.

Scratch Map Original collection

The Scratch Map was invented by the design house Luckies of London in 2009. The idea was to create a map that could easily be customised for intrepid travellers and globetrotters to record their travels. The concept was an interactive scratchable map. Manufactured using high quality card, the Scratch Map features a top foil layer that can be scratched off to reveal a highly detailed geographical map beneath. Every Scratch Map is different, each with a different theme, whether it be the oceans, maps with countries, continents, landmarks, cuisine, or islands, there are now so many different varieties of Scratch Map, you’re bound to find what you’re looking for.

Regional Scratch Maps and scratch off maps

Maybe languages is your thing? The Scratch Map Hello Edition will teach you greetings in over 200 languages as you scratch your way round the world.

Maybe you’re looking for a more specific window of Planet Earth? Our Scratch Map U.S. and Scratch Map U.S. Deluxe, and Scratch U.S. Landmarks mean that you can focus on the states, towns, and cities of America, as well as enjoy cool facts about the specific terrain, traditions, monuments, and histories of the different regions.

As well as our U.S.A. maps, you can also choose from

If you’re a traveller who prefers to stick to the beaten track, the Scratch Map Capitals Edition is the one for you. Focusing on the capital cities of the world, and detailing key facts about the city population, it’s density, altitude, and age, you’ll have all the information you need about where you’re going, and when you get back and scratch the matte black paper, you’ll find excellent bright rainbow colours underneath.

The world famous Scratch Map was developed at Luckies in 2009, and the Scratch Map Original is still available here today. However, just because you create something as great as the Scratch Map, doesn’t give you an excuse to rest on your laurels and stop there. Since the our in house design team came up with the concept, they’ve not stopped coming up with all the different kinds of Scratch Map you can shop online for here.

History of the Scratch Map

Luckies of London designed the Original Scratch Map® scratch off map back in 2009, and since then the Scratch off World Map poster family has grown to include travel sizes, Scratch Map Travel Edition, Scratch Map Travel Deluxe and Scratch Map USA Travel and region specific editions. The Scratch Map collection now includes are large map of the world edition, The Scratch Map XL. Whether you aim to remove the foil from every country in the world, have it on your wall to inspire your travel dreams, or you want to uncover The USA state by state, Luckies of London know how to design the perfect Scratch Map® poster for everyone. Scratch Map® maps make a unique gift, and look great whether they are left unscratched, or the design underneath is completely revealed.

Each map has a beautiful foil print ready to scratch off and reveal intricate detail and beautiful design. Over time each Scratch Map® poster becomes a completely unique, personalised map of the world, a perfect and visually stunning travel diary or in the case of Gourmet Scratch Map™, a record of your adventures in gastronomy!

The perfect gift, unique and fun it’s perfect for those that have travelled or for those who are about to embark on an expedition or even better for those that are just plain old hard to buy for!