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Regardless of whether you’re a cartographer or just someone with a lust for life, there is often an instance where maps have been a prevalent part of our life.

Sure, we have the modern digital iterations, but some people prefer the tangible and aesthetic nature of a map, which is why they’ve become a source for inspiration when it comes to gifts.

As well as searching for a personalized world map, others are also keen to ride a wave of nostalgia with maps that have a more vintage feel to them.

At Luckies, we understand just how popular the world of maps has become and offers a vast selection of scratch maps based on several different themes and interests.

What is a Scratch Off Map?

As the name suggests, the Scratch off Map takes inspiration from the conventional map design while adding its own unique spin.

All Scratch Off Maps have a foil overlay which when removed offers information to the person using the map.

The information can vary. Some may include details about oceans around the world, whereas others will shed some light on the many animal habitats around the globe.

As well as offering a practical use, the Scratch Off Map series has found success due to the aesthetic qualities of each iteration.

Why Is a Scratch Off Map the Perfect Gift?

The reason why the Scratch Off Map series has gained so much traction since its iteration back in 2009 is due to the amount of choice available.

Some may be looking for unusual gifts for men, while others may be searching for luxury gifts for women.

Regardless of what type of gift you’re looking for, there will be a Scratch Off Map available that is perfect for every type of celebration or event, as well as being an ideal gift for yourself.

Even children who enjoy travel will have hours of fun with Scratch Maps, making them ideal for holidays and the classroom.

The Types of Scratch Off Maps Available

As much of the popularity of the Scratch Map series is based on the various themes, those new to the world of Scratch Maps will be looking for some guidance as to what type of themes they can expect to find on

The following is an example of some of the fun and innovative Scratch Maps available.

Dedicated Scratch Maps for Continents and Countries

There are many Scratch Maps that details the world, but some people may only want to focus on one area.

The reasons for this can be plentiful. For example, some may be learning about a specific continent in relation to their studies, while others may be keen to record their travels in the USA.

The Scratch Map Europe is great for those who are going backpacking in Europe, brushing up on their geography skills or just looking for a beautiful representation of their favorite continent.

Looking for a map that details the counties, island, and bodies of water in the United Kingdom? Then the Scratch Map UK & Ireland can offer a tactile way of doing this while ensuring that you still have a centerpiece for the home or office.

Or maybe you’re looking to backpack across the USA? Maybe you have children who can’t get enough of the country that brought them the magic of Marvel and Disney? can once again offer the perfect solution in the form of the Scratch Off Map USA, which not only details some of the natural wonders that can be found in various states, such as the Grand Canyon and Yosemite, it can also help relive those Vegas memories. That’s if you want to of course.

There are also details regarding state lines and even features Alaska and Hawaii.

Scratch Maps are Great for Backpackers and Adventurers

As well as the Scratch Map range allowing people to learn about the world around them from the comfort of their home, there are other Scratch Maps that are designed to be useful to those who may want to find out about countries ad they visit them.

As well as being able to offer lots of information about the different parts of the world, Scratch Maps also look great on display, meaning that they can be used to look back on memories fondly.

As well as being able to offer several variants of the iconic Scratch Map, there are also other items that can be used in partnership with the Scratch Map for the ultimate backpacking experience.

A journal will often be one of the most important things a backpacker will need, so why not go one better when searching for the perfect gift by giving the Scratch Off Map Backpacker.

As well as a drawstring bag and copper marker, there’s even a blank map on the reverse for quick note taking.

Looking to create the ultimate bucket list experience? The why not take advantage of The Adventure Map.

As week as having an adventure-themed Scratch Map to enjoy, there is also a booklet included that details over 280 activities.

Those in the market for something a little more compact may find that the Adventure Journal is more to their liking, which offers 64 pages as well as eight mini Scratch Map cards.

Regardless of whether you’re searching for a gift for a budding cartographer, or you’re looking for something to help you remember your travels around the world, then why not browse the full section of maps available at today.

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