Love to travel? Scratch that itch!

The original Scratch Map™ map was conceived and designed by us at Luckies of London in 2009. A meeting of creative minds, brought on a by a desire to chart travels in a new way, led to the initial Eureka moment. This was followed by a period of design finessing and material testing to arrive at a unique new product that looked amazing on any wall, was informative and a joy to scratch.

adventure_map_Scratch Map™ map was received better than we could have imagined and soon became an international best seller. People started asking us for specific versions, so obviously we obliged and the scratch range grew. After releasing US, European, and UK editions we started to think about variations on the theme. We’re pretty heavily into experimenting with food here at Luckies and this interest led to the invention of the Gourmet Scratch Map™ – still a map, still with removable foil, but made up of Europe’s finest and weirdest foods. Go to the accompanying website, pick a recipe, make it, eat it, then scratch it off.

Whilst on your travels you may want to take your Scratch Map™ along for the ride rather than wait until you get home to start scratching. That’s why we’ve developed travel versions of our best selling maps. As well as being smaller (but just as scratchable) these little guys help you plan your routes, offer travel tips and let you list your favourite experiences.travel-journal

Following on from the travel versions we wanted to give travelers the opportunity to record their adventures in more depth. The Travelogue contains 8 miniature continent specific Scratch Map™ maps and a 64 page journal, allowing you to keep a totally personal record of where you go and what you get up to. Available in natural, red and blue tones.

The latest additions to the Scratchables™ family are the Adventure Map™ poster and Adventure Journal. This time instead of simply encouraging you run amok across the globe, scratching off where you’ve been, we thought we’d spend ages researching the most exciting, interesting and beautiful places for you to visit across the globe. Adventure Map™ poster and Journal put a fresh new spin on the Scratch Map™ poster by focusing on experiences to gain, rather than places to go.

They say imitation is the highest form of flattery and these days there are plenty of people biting our style, but if you’re classy enough to insist on the original and best Scratch Map™ posters on earth you’ve come to the right place! We have loads more maps and Scratchables™ in the pipeline, with new designs launched every couple of months, so keep checking back to see what’s new.