Some background…

The Scratch Map™ range is part of the Luckies of London family and is designed and developed in the heart of Notting Hill, West London.

Luckies created, designed and manufactured the Original Scratch Map™ back in 2009. Since then Luckies have developed the theme in a variety of directions – luxury, gourmet, country/region specific and portable, meaning there’s a Scratch Map™ for everyone. Whether it’s the Travelogue version that can be popped in a backpack and taken round the world, or the Deluxe Edition, with it’s luxury finish and extra size and detail, Scratch Maps are the ultimate way to record travel memories.

Scratch off where you’ve been…

Each Scratch Map features a foil print layer which can be scratched off to reveal a new level of colour and detail, each with individual appeal, ready to create the ultimate personalised travel diary. Or in the case of Gourmet Scratch Map, a culinary record of adventures in gastronomy! Scratch the foil off with a coin or any blunt metallic object on our gloss finish maps and for best results on matt finish maps, use an eraser. Our poster maps can be mounted and framed at home, although if possible we’d always recommend using the services of professional framer for the ultimate finish. However, do ask them to use a ‘cold’ technique – any heat will damage the foil.

Designed and intended as a fun gift product, Scratch Maps are not intended to be a definitive resource or educational tool – due to the nature of the complex and technical printing process some places are simply too small to include, and in some areas text can’t be made to fit. With plenty more ideas and designs in the pipe line the Scratch Map™ family will continue to grow, and we hope you’ll be just as excited as us to to be part of this Scratchable journey.

We love hearing about where you’ve been – after all, we love travelling but haven’t been everywhere! If you want to share your stories and fancy being featured on our blog please drop us an email and we’ll be in touch.

Happy Scratching and safe travels,

Luckies of London