The Scratch Off Map range is part of the Luckies of London family and is designed and developed in the heart of Notting Hill, West London.

Luckies created, designed and manufactured the Original Scratch Map™ back in 2009. Since then Luckies have developed the theme in a variety of directions – luxury, gourmet, country/region specific and portable, meaning there’s a Scratch Map™ for everyone. Whether it’s the Travelogue version that can be popped in a backpack and taken round the world, or the Deluxe Edition, with it’s luxury finish and extra size and detail, Scratch Maps are the ultimate way to record travel memories.

Scratch off where you’ve been…

Each Scratch Map features a foil print layer which can be scratched off to reveal a new level of colour and detail, each with individual appeal, ready to create the ultimate personalised travel diary. Or in the case of Gourmet Scratch Map, a culinary record of adventures in gastronomy! Scratch the foil off with a coin or any blunt metallic object on our gloss finish maps and for best results on matt finish maps, use an eraser. Our poster maps can be mounted and framed at home, although if possible we’d always recommend using the services of professional framer for the ultimate finish. However, do ask them to use a ‘cold’ technique – any heat will damage the foil.

Designed and intended as a fun gift product, Scratch Maps are not intended to be a definitive resource or educational tool – due to the nature of the complex and technical printing process some places are simply too small to include, and in some areas text can’t be made to fit. With plenty more ideas and designs in the pipe line the Scratch Map™ family will continue to grow, and we hope you’ll be just as excited as us to to be part of this Scratchable journey.

The Scratch Map series is a collective of maps that employs the use of a scratch feature often associated with scratch cards, albeit in a more luxurious way.

The very first Scratch Map Original was unveiled back in 2009, and since the original inception of the iconic map, the range has gone from strength to strength and introduced a series of Scratch Maps that are perfect for every type of occasion and personality.

Despite the many versions of the Scratch Map available, the demand for Scratch Maps derives from all walks of life around the world.

One of the main uses is to keep track of travels, be it within a continent, or globally.

However, there are many other uses for the Scratch Map, such as the educational value it offers, as well as the aesthetically pleasuring nature of the maps.

The success of the Scratch Map range has even seen the addition of celebrity-endorsed editions, which again offer lots of information about countries, continents and the celebrity themselves.

  1. The Scratch Map Original

The Scratch Map Original was first released in 2009 but remain to be a popular choice today. The classic golden foil design would become the inspiration for the imaginative and inspired Scratch Map range.

The Scratch Map Original was such a success that it spawned its own spin-off designed for those that like to take Scratch Maps on the travels.

The Scratch Map Original Travel Edition boasts all the same features of its inspired big brother, but in a more compact form.

The travel edition even offers a blank map on the reverse so it’s easy to make notes, regardless of whether you’re traveling by air, land or sea.

  1. Scratch Maps for Specific Interests

The Scratch Map series continues to be a success because of the inspired choice available. While others may offer goods that are nothing more than a change in color, each Scratch Map is designed afresh to ensure it is appealing to cartographer, musician, traveler, food lover and any other walk of life.

Examples of some of the Scratch Maps designed for specific interests are as follows.

  • Gourmet Scratch Map

The love of food has become more recognized in modern culture, and more and more people want to ensure they’re trying new food from around the world.

The Gourmet Scratch Map offers a quirky design that helps food lovers create a culinary journey. As each section is removed, information is unveiled about local delicacies and dishes across the European continent.

  • Map of the F*#?ing World

Showcasing the more humorous and risqué side of the Scratch Map range, the Scratch Map of the F*#?ing World showcase some of the famous curse words used around the world.

The different countries are covered by panels that censor the word, whereupon scrubbing, the user is unveiled to a swear word associated with that part of the world.

Although not one for the children, the Scratch Map of the F*~?ing World highlights just how diverse and unique Scratch Map series can be.

  • Scratch Map Typography

The Scratch Map Typography is a Scratch Map that uses stylish typeface to describe the many countries and counties around the world.

As each layer is removed, a burst of color is brought to the surface, making it an ideal gift for travelers, as well as helping children become familiar with the world around them.

The original and unique design of the Scratch

  • Ed Sheeran Scratch Map

Ed Sheeran has gone from a couch-surfing indie act to a global phenomenon, and what better way to highlight his success than the launch of the official Ed Sheeran Scratch Map.

The office Ed Sheeran Scratch Map bears the same aesthetics associated with everyone favorites singer-songwriter, and each country unveils facts about some of the famous locations that have inspired some of Ed’s biggest hits.

As well as being a practical map, the Ed Sheeran Scratch Map has become a much sought after piece of memorabilia especially given as it’s an official product, and not an inferior copycat as seen with some other gift providers.

  • Star Map

The Scratch Map range introduced the Star Map that not only offers information about the world but also unearths a slew of facts for fans of constellations.

The black and white design details the constellations perfect, but the immersion doesn’t end here.

When the Star Map has been exposed to direct sunlight, the constellations will glow in the dark.

As well as being popular with those interested in astronomy and astrophysics, the glow in the dark nature of the map means that it’s also a hit with children.

  1. Scratch Maps for Show

Although every Scratch Map is informative, some of the range concentrates on the presentation, making them ideal for those who are wanting to show maps around the home.

  • Framed Scratch Maps

Framed Scratch Maps are a framed counterpart of the iconic Scratch Map that is perfect for those looking for a map that can be displayed easily in any home, office or classroom.

Every Framed Scratch map is given a luxurious frame that is made using pine wood a matte paint finish.

The options available from Framed Scratch Maps are as follows:

  • Scratch Rose Gold
  • Scratch Map Platinum
  • Scratch Map Clear

Although framed, there is no glass present. This ensures that the map can be updated without having to remove it from the frame for each use.

  • Scratch Map Deluxe

The Scratch Map Deluxe range offers several different versions of the Scratch Map range with a premium finish.

For example, the Scratch Map USA Deluxe offers all the features that Scratch Map fans are used to but offers some additional class that its golden foil finish that makes a great centerpiece for any environment.

There are also framed editions within the Deluxe range, include the Framed Scratch Map Deluxe, an updated and stylish iteration of the original design, complete with a professional framed finish.

  • Scratch Map Adventure Range

Despite the Scratch Map range being known for its diversity and originality in relation to Scratch Maps, there are still versions of the iconic range available that will appeal to this with a more adventurous side.

The Scratch Map Backpacker is perfect for those looking to broaden their horizons in lands afar, be it as part of a gap year or as part of a retirement plan.

As well as the Scratch Map itself, there is also a drawstring back and copper marker includes that can be used on the reverse of the map when making notes. When you’re finished, simply use the dry-wipe cloth to clear the information.

There is also an Adventure Map that has been designed with adrenaline junkies in mind.

Understanding that some people can need inspiration when it comes to creating a bucket list, the Adventure Map comes complete with a booklet that details over 280 different activities.

If it’s wildlife and animals you’re interested in, then the Scratch Map Wild World will be of benefit.

As well as containing all the countries and continents, there’s a slew of information detailing over 70 animals.

As well as being an ideal gift for nature and animal lovers, the Scratch Map Wild World can also be appealing to children because of the immersive nature of the map.

A fascinating fact sheet is partnered with scratchable animal icons that tell both children and adults everything they need to know about the different animals that can be found around the world.

  1. Other Items in the Scratch Map Range

As well as having introduced Scratch Maps that offer inspired design, the range has also seen the introduction of other inspired gift ideas.

Although different to he Scratch Maps, the extension of the range has meant that more people have been introduced as to how valuable the original concept is, albeit in a different form factor.

  • Star Globe

As well as being famed for an inspired Scratch Map range, the products available has also seen 3D iterations of favorite Scratch Maps.

The success of the Star Map leads to the creation of the Star Globe which can be made without the aid of glue or scissors.

Just as the Star Map gives detailed information about constellations, the Star Globe offers a slew of zodiac facts.

It also glows in the dark, meaning that it can be used in many different environments including the workplace and office.

The Star Globe can also help teach children about stars and the night sky, as well as being able to replace the conventional night light for something a more immersive.

  • Revolving Globe

Like the Star Globe, the Revolving Globe uses a 3D form factor to display the world. The Revolving Globe can be constructed in a matter of seconds and can offer a full 30 days of spinning on one AA battery.

The tactile nature of the revolving globe makes it a hit for those searching for unusual gifts for men or women.

Similarly, the fact that the revolve globe must be constructed ensures children are able to learn about the world around them when having fun.

Once the Revolving Globe has been put together, there are still hours of fun to be hard as children become immersed in the spinning nature of the globe.

Those looking to teach geography to children in a way that’s easy to understand can use the map to find countries easily, as well as compare the revolving of the globe to the real Earth.

  • Travelouge

Although the Travelouge still employs the use of the Scratch Map, it sets itself apart as its own product.

An expansion on the more generic travel journal experience, the Travelouge is a product that offers a slew of travel tips, advice, and checklists to ensure that you’re always getting the best from your travels.

There are eight miniature Scratch Map cards available which can also be beneficial to all sorts of travelers, be it backpackers or fans of city breaks.

There are two different colors to choose from, so even if you need more than one, it’s simple to set them apart when it comes to the subject matter.

Travelers can still employ the use of Scratch Maps to record their travels or make plans but are given much more to work with thanks to 64 high-quality journal pages that can be used for all forms of note-taking, song lyrics, and everyday notes.

  • Chalkboard Map

The map theme continues with the innovative Chalkboard Map and offers a fully functional chalkboard in the shape of the world.

As well as being ideal for recording travels around the world, it’s also useful for day to day memos and reminders.

The Chalkboard Map can also be used to showcase other memories such as photos and ticket stubs thanks to the utilization of chalkboard in the design.

The fitting of the Chalkboard Map is made possible by an adhesive backing, meaning that it can be displayed.

The Chalkboard Map can even be a fun addition to the classroom and offer a more immersive way of learning about countries while making it easier to remember country locations.

  • Hang!

Although there are several versions of Framed Scratch Map available, there will still be those who are looking for a more discreet or unique way of displaying their favorite Scratch Maps, as well as any other posters.

The Hang! product is perfect for this, as it is designed with Scratch Maps in mind. Using magnets as opposed to drawing pins, the simple but innovative hanging solution ensures that you can hang your Scratch Maps with pride, without worrying about them becoming damaged.

The Hang! solution is often the preferred method of displaying Scratch Maps in children’s rooms because there’s no danger of injury should one fall from the wall, plus there is less risk of the Scratch Map being damaged.