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Plan a journey with a Scratch off Map Travel Map

With the advent of Google maps and other electronic maps, people have forgotten the fun it is to plot their way manually on a map. The good old days of all the family gathering around a map of the world and deciding the best possible route are all things of the past now. But if you are someone who finds satisfaction in doing things the old way, then you will love this Scratch off Map of the world by Luckies of London.

Scratch Map Travel Map

Scratch Map Travel Edition

Luckies of London are are a design house with a team of highly experienced cartographers.  The Scratch off Map concept was conceived in 2009 and due to it’s enormous success there’s now a comprehensive range of Scratch off Maps to choose from. No idea what a Scratch Map is? The idea is simple, a top layer of foil covers the map and once you have traveled to a particular place, you can scratch the top foil off to reveal your traveling history. Globetrotters from all over the world went crazy over Scratch Maps and since then Travel Maps are back in vogue. Scratch Map Travel is a small sized Scratch off Map with the dimensions of 42 x 29.7 cm and comes with a gift tube so that you can carry it around with ease without stressing over damaging it. Read on to discover why this map of the world is perfect for those nostalgic of old things.

Scratch off map travel edition

Create your own visual travel itinerary

To get to the real action, turn the map over and find a blank white map of the world. You can use any pen to plot your trip on this blank map and also plan for your next trip. Some of the other things included on the back are:

  • Checklist of modes of transport.
  • List down favourite places from the trip.
  • Highlight music.
  • Country Guide & State Boundaries: This travel map includes a handy guide for the smaller countries in the legend along with all the boundaries for states and provinces in USA, Australia and Canada.

Scratch off foil layer

Summary: Plan your next trip old style on the back of this small Scratch Map Travel that comes in a handy tube to take along on adventures.

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Need A Trusted Companion On Your Travels? Get This Map

Do you often find yourself standing alone on an airport with not a friend in sight? Are your friends always backing out of their promises to go on a globetrotting adventure with you? If you are spending more time trying to convince your couch potato friends to go on a trip with you rather than actually spending time on planning, then we you most definitely need some new friends. Obviously, that is easier said than done but we can offer you the next best thing to accompany you on your travels around the globe. And we promise, it will never leave your side. We are talking about a map!

Your New Friend

Scratch Map Travel: We understand the need of finding something friendly or familiar in an unknown land, far away from family and that’s why this travel map will be the perfect answer. This is not just any map, it is a scratch off map by none other than Luckies of London. Scratch Map Travel will be your loyal faithful chum always on your side as you go on your globetrotting adventures. Some of its key features are as below:

Scratch Map Travel Edition

White & Gold Map

This travel map of 42 x 29.7 cm comes neatly rolled in a sturdy gift tube so that you can just dump it in your suitcase and be on your merry adventure. The underlay of this map is made of white glossy laminate with gold foil overlay, creating a simplified scratch off map.

travel map tube

Colourful Map Underneath

Using a coin or any sharp metal object or even your fingertip, you ca scratch off the top layer to reveal beautiful colours filling the countries underneath along with other topographic details. They stand out nicely against the white background.

State Lines Included: For the more particular globetrotter, this scratch off map comes with USA and Australian state lines marked as well as Canadian provinces demarcation.

Flip Over For More Fun: Of course, the awesomeness is not over. You will find a blank world map along with other interesting things once you flip the travel map over. You can plot your journey or doodle anything else you feel like on this blank canvas. Other things included are:

  • Take silly photos before and after the trip.
  • Learn some travel etiquette’s.
  • Note down your favorite sound track on the trip and many other things.

Summary: Scratch Map Travel will be your faithful travel buddy as you go on your globetrotting adventures.

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Scratch Maps Your New Obsession? XL Scratch Map For Your Quenching Your Thirst

Have your friends been dropping you hints on the line of you taking your love for travel maps to an extreme? Or you someone who feels the normal scratch off maps are too tiny to do justice to the breath-taking beauty of this world? If this sounds like you or someone you know, then we have another astounding product from Luckies of London to make your day.

personalized travel map

Taking Cartography To The Bigger Level With Scratch Map XL

Luckies of London knew that there would be people who would will need something bigger, something larger than life to satiate their hunger for a better scratch off map. That is why they came up with Scratch Map XL, the large map of the world. It comes with its very own strong yellow gift tube and has the dimensions of 84 x 119 cm. The concept is the same, once you have been to a place, you scratch off the foil covering and have your own unique travel keepsake.

personalized usa map

Inspiration From Original Scratch Map

This large world map poster follows the design of the original and most beloved scratch off map and comes with a golden foil. The background is white gloss and once you have caught your breath and scratch off the top layer, you will find kaleidoscope of colours underneath from red to blue to purple.

scratch off map

Not An Island Missed

Thanks to its king size, all the Islands ranging from the larger ones to the smaller less known ones are easily visible on this scratch map.
Intricate Geographic Details: The countries names are written in clear black ink to make them easily readable. The large size of the map ensures that the topographic details are well illustrated. Along with the capital cities, other large cities are also represented on the scratch off map.

scratch off map travel edition map

Boundary Lines For More Accurate Map

What will be the point of having a large map of the world but you were unable to distinguish between the different states of provinces? That is not the case in this piece of cartography masterpiece. USA and Australia are clearly demarcated into states and even the chunk of Canadian land is divided into provinces. No need to scratch off the entire USA when you just visited the Statue of Liberty in New York or scratching off foil from all of Australia when Sydney is the only place you have visited.


Scratch Map XL is the dream come true for the people who seem to be unable to get enough of the awesomeness of the original scratch map.
Author Bio: Rebecca Chapp is a teaches geography and is always finding excuse to buy new maps.

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Have A Large Space To Fill Up? We Have The Perfect Scratch Map For You

A bare wall can make a tastefully decorated room seem incomplete or even lifeless. For people who are globetrotters, the first thought to strike their minds when they see an empty wall space is how good will a travel map look here. Luckies of London have just the dream scratch map for such travel enthusiast.

large world map

Scratch Map XL For The Ultimate Travel Map: After taking the world by a storm by introducing scratch maps in 2009, Luckies of London were not just content on minting money, sipping margaritas on a beach somewhere and getting a nice tan on. They kept working on the scratch off maps and have now come up with a travel map to fill up the emptiness of your heart, well not exactly, but Scratch Map XL sure is bound to fill up any space no matter how big.

large scratch off world map

The main features of this scratch off map are as below:

Large Map Of The World: Standing at a massive 84 x 119 cm, this scratch off map is one large map of the world. Like all other travel maps, this one also comes nicely rolled up in a robust gift tube to ward off any attempt to tamper with the map.

Refined Design:

The map is printed on a glossy white laminate sheet with gold coloured foil paper hiding the countries underneath. Once you scratch off the top foil with a coin or finger tips, you will find vibrant colours in the shades of almost every colour imaginable. This scratch off map has an elegant design and with its humungous size, it sure is going to brighten up any space, no matter in an office or home.

More Geographical Details:

You can guess this one already. The bigger the map is, the more details it has. It will be impossible to miss any country or Island or state, no matter the size. For even more convenience, it also includes names of the smaller countries at the bottom to help you scratch them off and present an accurate picture of your travels.

Don’t Forget The Capital Cities:

This scratch off map includes not only all the major capital cities, but it also present other bigger or significant cities from around the globe. You can chart your way around the world easily with Scratch Map XL.


Scratch Map XL is a large map of the world to fill up any big space and liven it up in an elegant fashion.
Author Bio: Daryl Chace makes his living as a handyman of sorts but his dreams lie in opening up a gift store in the future.

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Scratch off World Map Framed collection for the home or office

A frame can turn the flimsiest of posters into a piece of art to be cherished forever. Think of that Pulp Fiction poster you bought from HMV back in the 90s that still hangs on your wall for instance? Now, our Scratch Map posters are already stunning works of art, but people often ask us how best to mount and frame them without damaging the foil, so they can hang on their walls or give as gifts. So we thought, rather than have you struggle trying to do it yourselves, we’d offer a collection of our finest Scratch Maps framed and ready to hang. Here is a rundown of our premium Scratch Map Framed Collection for the home or office.

Framed Scratch Map Original

Our first original design looks glorious hanging in it’s white gloss wooden frame and comes ready to hang in pride of place in your study, kitchen, or in your office at work; wherever you think it will stand out the most. A great starter map to give to a student who’s just about to embark on a gap year.

Framed Scratch Map Original

Framed Scratch Map Deluxe

Our most detailed and luxurious scratch map poster now comes mounted and framed in a black gloss wooden frame. We think this stylish black and gold map makes a beautiful Christmas gift for the luxury traveler, or someone who enjoys the finer things in life.

Framed Scratch Map Deluxe

Scratch Map Oceans

Our Ocean themed world map poster has all the detail of our Scratch Map Original, plus, it features in-depth detail of the world’s oceanography; an excellent gift for Ocean enthusiasts. As with all of our framed map of the world posters, no glass is included so you are able to scratch off the countries you have visited as you travel the world.

Framed Scratch Map Oceans

Framed Scratch Map Clear

Our first map printed on clear acetate so that as you scratch off the countries you have visited, they quite literally disappear, leaving only the outline and topographical information. Scratch Map Clear makes a stunning housewarming gift as the see-through design means it will blend in with any new color scheme the recipient decides to decorate their new house with!

Framed Scratch Map Clear

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Learn how to say hello in over 190 countries

If you’re looking for a Christmas gift for a gap year student, or anyone for that matter who’s off on a long trip or traveling adventure, then we have the ideal gift for you. How about a gift that let’s them learn how to say hello in over 190 countries? That’s exactly what our Scratch Map Hello does!

Scratch Map Hello

The Scratch Map Hello works like any other from our Scratch Map Range; remove the foil from the countries you’ve visited to reveal the bright neon colors underneath. In addition, this map of the world poster will teach you how to say hello in over 190 countries. So not only will the bright neon colors make it a beautiful wall hanging wherever they choose to hang it, they will learn how to greet the locals in dozens of countries.

Hello Scratch Map

Perfect for them to brush up on their language skills before they go, and when they return, they can scratch off where they’ve been to create the ultimate personalized travel record. Then they can hang it on their wall as a permanent piece of memorabilia to commemorate their trip.

Imagine the world of possibilities that open up when you step foot in a new country and you already know how to say; ‘hello’. Alright, so they might not be able to say much after that, but once they’ve already made friends with that first line, hopefully they can struggle through the rest!

The Scratch Map Hello also makes a great birthday present for anyone who travels for work. That jet setting sister of yours, of perhaps a work colleague who’s always flying across continents for meetings. They can hang this in their office to remind themselves of each country’s greeting before they go.

As with any of our Scratch Maps, the biggest enjoyment comes from a desire to scratch off as many countries as you can! With each trip comes the thrill of a new scratch and a new piece of the map revealed. Before long, the map will have you planning trips to obscure destinations and undiscovered horizons, a pastime we greatly encourage here at Luckies.

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The ideal gift for the intrepid traveler

If you’re looking for the ideal gift for the intrepid traveler, your search is over. The Scratch Map Travel is a unique map of the world that every globetrotter must have. This compact, scratch off, world map poster would make the ideal birthday or Christmas gift for any self confessed travel junkie.

If you know someone who’s forever expanding their horizons, exploring the unknown, venturing to the deepest, darkest corners of our Earth, then they would absolute love this travel sized version of our first Scratch Map Original. Containing the same level of detail as it’s larger cousin, this map of the world poster is printed with a top layer of gold foil for them to scratch off the countries they have visited, revealing the vibrant colors and detail underneath, and thus creating their very own personalized travel record. And once they’re done scratching, the map rolls up into it’s handy travel sized tube, ready to be slung in their backpack and journey on to their next destination.

Scratch Map Travel Edition

Not just a gift for fearless globetrotters though, the Scratch Map Travel would also make an excellent Xmas gift for your brother or sister who’s always jet setting across continents for work. They may be more used to swanky hotel rooms than hostels and dirt trails, but they’ll still enjoy recording their trips and counting the countries they’ve managed to scratch off as they go.

Scratch Map travel itinerary

The Scratch Map Travel was born because so many people loved our bestselling Scratch Map Original but wanted to be able to take it with them on their travels, to record their trips as they went. So we decided to make this more practical sized version; small enough to fit in a suitcase but still large enough to contain all the detail you need.

Scratch Map Travel Tube

So if you’re looking for Christmas gift ideas for him or for her, get them one of these maps, or anything from our Scratch Map Range, and start making travel plans together. Suddenly a map of the world poster becomes the perfect romantic Christmas gift when it comes with the promise of all the traveling adventures you want to share together.

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Scratch Map Original in detail

Our first, original and (some say) the best scratch map; Scratch Map Original. Since the invention of our first ever scratch map back in 2009 there have been many different reincarnations of our now famous world map poster, but we still have a soft spot for our first edition. Even now, the Scratch Map Original is our bestselling product and has been gifted to young and old all over the world, adorning many bedroom walls and inspiring intrepid globetrotters.

The Scratch Map Original map is printed on laminate and features a gold foil top layer, which means that once a country has been visited, the traveller gets to remove the gold foil layer to reveal beautifully vibrant colors and detail beneath including amazing acts about our world. The Original also includes US and Australian State lines and Canadian provinces and territories so you can be precise about which places you can scratch off!

Our scratch off map of the world poster makes a wonderful travel gift for any occasion; a christmas gift for your jet setting son who travels for work, a traveling gift for a gap year student, a retirement gift for your Dad who’s intent on seeing more of the world now he has all that free time. Whatever the occasion, our Scratch Map Original makes a unique and thoughtful gift.

Personalize your scratch map to create your own personal travel record by scratching off the countries you have visited. Frame your map and hang it on the wall to show off how well travelled you are, or hang it somewhere prominent to provide constant inspiration for future trips. Not just an interactive map but a beautiful work of art and personal travel story.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and, as with all great inventions, the Scratch Map Original has it’s fake copycats. Don’t be duped into buying a poor quality imitation but ensure you buy the real deal from us here at Luckies. That way you can guarantee you are getting a beautiful map made with passion by our award winning design team; made with the finest quality products; with maximum integrity. After all, we invented the concept and we pour more love and passion into each and every scratch map we make than our imitators could gather in a lifetime!

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The ultimate Christmas gifts guide

It’s not even December yet but we are already super pumped about CHRISTMAS! As soon as it rolled around to November, we were those annoying people who went around telling everybody how many sleeps it was until Xmas. Yeah, sorry about that, but we can’t help it – we’re too excited about all the awesome Christmas gifts we have! It’s a time for giving though, so in a bid not to be selfish and keep all the cool Christmas gift ideas to ourselves, we’ve created this handy little guide to help you as you embark on your journey to win Christmas with your present buying this year. Here it is; the ultimate Christmas gifts guide…

1. Hologram Viewer
The number one cool xmas gift everyone wants to find under the tree this year is our Hologram Viewer. This fun little gadget allows you to create and view your own Holograms – imagine how much fun the whole family can have with that on Christmas morning.

2. Scratch Map Oceans
A beautiful scratch off map of the world which also features in-depth detail of the world’s oceanography, such as key ocean facts and nautical flags to represent the alphabet. Printed on clear acrylic, with bright swathes of rainbow colour under shimmering silver foil, Scratch Map Oceans is a unique Christmas gift for someone special.

3. My Time
As far as stocking fillers go, this is one of the best: A chalk memo board that allows you to customise exactly how you want to plan your time, keep your memories and plan future appointments / trips. The chalkboard material comes on a self adhesive roll, you cut off strips, and stick them how and wherever you like. A great christmas gift for students or anyone with a busy schedule.

4. Baby Nessie Tea Infuser
This cute kitchen accessory has Secret Santa gift written all over it. Give your tea drinking colleague a fun gift they can use in the office.

5. Festive Gift Wrap
Pimp your presents this year with our festive gift wrap and turn all of your Christmas gifts into Snowmen, Reindeer, Santas, Elves and more. This is one sure fire way to impress your family and effectively win Christmas. You’re welcome!

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Explore the World with a Scratch Map World poster

Explore the World with a Scratch Map World poster. If you’re looking for the ultimate world map poster to help you realize your travel dreams and record your globetrotting experiences from Andorra to Zimbabwe, then the Scratch Map XL is the mega map for you.

The largest of all the maps in our Scratch Map Range, this map of the world has all the detail and design features of our Scratch Map Original but in an extra large size meaning it makes a huge statement on any wall. The bigger your travel plans, the bigger your map needs to be we say, so if you’re planning a big traveling experience soon then you’ll love plotting your way across this beautiful designed map.

Once you return from each of your big adventures you simply scratch off the countries you have visited along the way to reveal the stunning, vibrant colors underneath, making this is an ever evolving and personal piece of wall art.

Made with gloss finish paper in size A0 and with a gold foil overlay to scratch off where you’ve been, you can truly create the ultimate personalized travel record to keep and cherish forever.

Due to it’s size and beauty, the Scratch Map XL makes a big impression in any room and so would make the perfect house warming gift for anyone who has done their fair share of globetrotting and would like to show off their travel adventures.

If you know someone who perhaps hasn’t seen much of the world yet but has big plans and has started making their travel bucket list then this map will be the perfect traveling inspiration for them; a constant reminder of their travel goals!

The Scratch Map XL would also make a unique Birthday present or Christmas gift for anyone about to embark on, or just returned from a gap year.