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Unusual Leaving Gifts That You May Not Have Considered

When buying a leaving gift for someone close, it can be difficult to know what type of gift is the most suitable.

Many will normally choose something conventional, but there will be times when people want to offer something that’s a little quirky, while still being able to serve a purpose.

Fortunately, GiftLab understands this and ensures that regardless of what type of gift you’re looking for, there will always be a solution in place that’s suitable for all types of events and occasions, especially if you’re looking for unusual leaving gifts.

Stamp Map Passport

Are you searching for an unusual leaving gift for someone who’s going travelling, but also want to cater to their creative side?

The Stamp Maps passport is a 28-page journal styled after a passport and comes complete with two interchangeable stamps that contribute towards a memorable keepsake as well as a fantastic gift.

Perry the Capitalist Pig

Searching for a gift for those who are leaving can sometimes mean thinking outside the box. Of course, the inspiration we’re looking for isn’t always available, which is why GiftLab ensures that there a series of unusual leaving gifts, such as Perry the Capitalist Pig

Made from ceramic and chalkboard paint, Perry isn’t only able to house notes and coins like a conventional piggy bank but also ensures that keeping tally of the amount inside is also a breeze.

This is made possible thanks to its chalkboard finish. Of course, it can be used in many other ways, such as taking notes and setting reminders, making it an unusual leaving gift.

Adventure Journal

The use of a journal is commonplace when it comes to travelling, regardless of whether it’s for a backpacking holiday or visiting a series of landmarks.

The adventure journal offers 64 pages for all types of notes and doodles and offers over 3000 bucket list for those looking for some inspiration when travelling abroad.

If you’re buying a gift for someone that is looking to go travelling for some time, don’t worry about the inspiration drying up, as the Adventure Journal comes included with 8 mini scratch maps.

As well as offering a series of facts, mini Scratch Maps can be used to record journeys all over the world.

Waterproof Notebook

What journey is complete without a trusty notebook.

Regardless of whether you’re looking for an unusual gift for someone who can’t get enough of backpacking or searching for something that suits those out to seas, then the Waterproof Notebook can be the perfect unusual leaving gift that is still able to serve a purpose.

Lunch Bag

Are you looking for a gift for a colleague that’s leaving, but want to ensure that they’re going to look after themselves?

Of course, the options available in relation to lunch boxes can be a little limited, especially on the high street.

Fortunately, GiftLab can offer a product that’s not only practical for hot and cold food but also offers a design that’s unlike anything else.

Fashioned after the classic lunch bag of yesteryear, the insulated lining ensures food stays cold or warm and even transforms into a placement meaning that taking lunch is always a pleasure.

Don’t worry about the food falling off the Lunch Bag, as everything is secured with the use of a magnetic fastening.

If you’re looking for something original and quirky for a work colleague you’ve become fond of, then the Lunch Bag can be a perfect choice.

City Notes

Searching for a gift for that special someone that likes to stay organised? Then why not consider giving the gift of City Notes.

Don’t worry, the City Notes aren’t like conventional sticky notes, as these City Notes are based on three of the most iconic cities in the world.

The dimensions of each pad are 8.5 x 8.5 x 0.8 cm and contain 75 pages all bearing an iconic famous city.

Killer Coffee

We all know someone who can’t contend with the day without the cup of coffee, and those looking for the perfect unusual leaving gift will be keen to find something coffee-related that’s can be useful in the long-term.

The Killer Reusable Cork Coffee Cup bears the same design as the class takeaway cup but is made from cork and comes with its own unique logo design.

Coffee fans will simply adore this creative coffee cup while receiving an unusual leaving gift that’s also practical.

Looking for unusual leaving fits isn’t always easy, but GiftLab has ensured that even if you’re unsure of what you’re looking in relation to unusual leaving gifts, there is also a source of inspiration.



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Framed World Map for Collectors: Why Collect the Scratch Map Range?

There are many collectables available nowadays. In fact, there are so many that it can be difficult to know where to begin when it comes to deciding what’s best to collect.

The Scratch Map was first introduced back in 2009, and its initial success has meant that there are now several iterations of the iconic map which means it’s the perfect starting point for those that like to collect things that are original and quirky.

Why Are Scratch Maps So Collectable?

The reason why items become collectable can be due to trends in some instances, but bona fide collectors will often have some form of emotional connection to the items they’re collecting.

For example, it makes sense that comic book fans are a fan of superhero statues because it gives them a tactile representation of their favourite heroes.

Similarly, the world can be interpreted in many ways, which is why there are a series of Scratch Maps that are perfect for all types of interests and personalities.

In some instance, people may use the Framed World Map as a keepsake of romantic holidays with their loved ones, whereas other people may be using the Scratch Map to keep track of the many concerts they’ve seen around the world.

The environment around us can be perceived in many ways, and the same can be said for a map.

Sure, their sole purpose is to give an overview of destinations, but the facts that so many people form an emotional connection to different destinations helps explain why the Scratch Map range gas become so collectable.

Why Start with a Framed World Map?

If this is your first time purchasing a Scratch Map? Then the Framed World Map can be the perfect starting point.

Not only are you given something that’s easy to display, but you’re also given an immersive map that can be used for several different reasons.

What Are the Uses of a Framed World Map?

As well as being ideal for collectors, a Framed World Map can be used in many ways.

For example, some may use the Framed World Map to plan their future holidays, whereas others may use the map to record the adventures they’ve already been on.

In other instances, it could be children that are using the Framed World Map, which ensures that they’re able to find out a lot of information from around the world while enjoying scratching off the foil.

The fact that the Framed World Map is practical as well as immersive means it gives collectors something to focus on other than the aesthetics.

Displaying the Framed World Map

There are many pictures and posters which take out fancy, but some of them could be a little too heavy or the home or office, and if they were to fall, the consequence could be detrimental.

This isn’t to say that heavy pictures pose a threat in every scenario, but it’s a factor worth considering, especially if your walls aren’t as strong as you’d like.

GiftLab has not only ensures that there is an easy framing solution to hand in the form of the Hang! Scratch Map hanging solution, it also ensures that every Framed Scratch Map is made from lightweight materials.

This ensures the even if the Framed World Map was to fall from the wall, it would be less likely to break and ensures that no serious injuries are incurred should it fall on someone.

This makes the Framed World Map a popular collectable for children, as parents can easily display may different variations of the Scratch Map with ease, regardless of whether it’s a Framed World Map or another iteration that uses the Hang! poster hanger.

Collecting Scratch Maps Is Affordable

Regardless of which Scratch Maps are appealing to you, the affordable nature of each map ensures that there is no need to break the bank when adding to the collection.

What’s more, there’s never any pressure to purchase the latest addition, as all iterations of the Scratch Map range are available throughout the year including the Framed World Map.

Other forms of collecting can start off affordable enough, but when it comes to rare items, people can find what they’re handing over a small fortune.

This is never the case with the iconic Scratch Map range, regardless of how many versions of the Scratch Map are released, it’s simply a case of finding the right gift provider.

Why Choose COMPANY NAME when Purchasing a Framed Scratch Map?

The Scratch Map range has been so popular that there can be many platforms offering such a product However, COMPANY NAME can ensure customers that all its products are the originals and not inferior copies.

As such, you’re able to give a gift that not only looks beautiful, but also ensures that gifts such as Framed Scratch Map are built to last.

It also ensures that there is plenty of choice and a fast delivery service is included as part of the service.

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Scratch Off Map Original, the Perfect Gift for any Occasion

The Scratch Off Map Original was first introduced back in 2009 but remains a popular choice among the masses today,

Despite being the original iteration the Scratch Off Map Original still contains all the features you would expect to find.

The Scratch Map Original is made from laminate, card and colored foil and features gold foil on a white backdrop.

Measuring 82.5 x 59.4 cm the Scratch Map Original looks great in any room in the house, as well as looking great in the workplace and classroom.

An Ideal Gift for Newlyweds?

Are you looking for a personal and novel gift to give a happy couple that will be cherished for years to come, then why not consider the Scratch Off Map Original?

The Scratch Off Map can be sued in a series of different ways. Some may just want to display the aesthetic qualities of the map in the living room or bedroom, whereas others may use the Scratch Map Original as a source of inspiration when making future travel arrangements.

It can even be used by those who met in a country and want something that showcases this in a subtle way.

The possibilities are endless with the Scratch Off Map Original.

Looks Great Around the Home

If you’re looking for a gift for someone that’s always fascinated with maps but want to ensure that they’re able to display a beautiful representation of the word.

What’s more, the Scratch Off Map Original can be updated to represent the different countries visited while staying in pristine condition.

Allow Children to Become More Familiar with the World Around Them

It’s not only adults that can enjoy the qualities of a Scratch Off Map Original, as it’s also perfect for curious children wanting to learn more about the world around them.

Not only do children learn about the world around them in a fun and immersive way, but they also have a map that’s unlike anything else and looks great on their wall.

Perfect for Keen Travellers

There’s nothing better than getting out there and seeing what the world has to offer, but some people will be looking for a more tactile way of documenting their travels than having to rely on social media and digital storage.

As well as being ideal for those who already love traveling, it can also be inspiring for those that have a bucket list they wish to see through moving forward.

What’s more, once the traveling is over, those who enjoyed visiting lands afar something to look back on in years to come.

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The Many Benefits of a Framed Scratch Map

When looking at maps, there are plenty of choices available, at least to a certain extent. While there is nothing wrong with the conventional design of maps, it’s safe to say that they’re not to everybody’s tastes.

Fortunately, there are maps available that not only allow you to learn about different counties, but also ensure that it doesn’t look out place among the décor.
A framed scratch-map can fit so many situations, and it’s the perfect gift for that special person who enjoys travelling.

Encouragement for Exams

When children take exams, it can be a very stressful time. Should everything go to plan, many will look to take their next step in the world and go travelling.
A framed scratch-map can be the ideal incentive for those sitting their exams, acting as a reminder of what they’ve got to look forward to following the hard.
Taking exams means a lot of study, but this doesn’t mean it’s not good for morale to look at what the future has to offer.

Celebrate an Anniversary

Regardless of whether a couple met in a particular country, or are from two different countries altogether, a framed scratch map can be the ideal way of celebrating the union.
Simply scratch off the countries of relevant and offer a gift that will be cherished for the long-term.

Plan Your Bucket List

Those who are keen to travel will have probably created some form of bucket list in the past, only to find that you’ve misplaced the list moments later. This can mean that despite all good intentions, we’re never meeting our travel goals.

Framed scratch maps are more prominent and alluring than a notepad and being on display will mean that it’s more likely that you’re taking action in relation to the travelling aspect of your bucket list.
Not only can it inspire you to move forward with your travel plans, it can also offer additional information not seen on conventional maps.

Brilliant for Birthdays

A framed scratch-map can be the ideal birthday present in so many ways. For fans of travel and the world in general, it can make for a great replacement to a conventional map, meaning that they have something practical as well as premium.
Those planning to give travel vouchers as presents can offer the framed scratch-map as an accompaniment.
The scratch map is also a great way of celebrating heritage, especially if they’ve moved from their hometown. Offering a gift that looks back on their roots is something that will strike a chord with family and close friends.

Excellent for the Office

It stands to reason that any business will want to ensure that its premises look professional. While some businesses may invest in expensive art, a framed scratch map can still look modern and professional, at the fraction of the price.
In fact, for what could potentially be spent on one piece of artwork, the business will find that its able to purchase a series of different maps, each with their own unique design, and offer a comfortable environment that still has the professional touch.

Cost-Effective Solutions for Schools

Although its safe to say that schools have adopted technology as part of their everyday working practices, that’s not to say there isn’t room for more traditional teaching methods now and again.
A framed scratch map can be a great ways of tracking progress of the children’s knowledge in relation to different countries, and some are even designed in a way that can help children recap.

What’s more, as the map is in a frame, it’s not going to be subjected to the same wear-and-tear as an everyday map.
Framed maps can offer so much to people, regardless of whether they enjoy travelling or just want to find out more about the world around them.

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Why Scratch-Off Maps are a Necessity for Travellers

Maps have been an integral part of our history for hundreds of years, and they remain as popular today as they’ve ever been. Sure, there are more advanced iterations of the humble map available nowadays, such as Google Maps, but these don’t always supply what today’s traveller is looking for, and as all the data is digital, it doesn’t really showcase.

When visiting new destinations, there can be a lot of planning involved, and many will want to ensure that they have a unique way of documenting their journeys in an easy way for all to see.

Of course, this can be done with a conventional map, but there can be some limitations when using this approach. For example, the places we visit could be unrecognizable due to the number of indicators placed on the map. But what is the answer?

Fortunately, the answer to this predicament comes in the form of a scratch-off map that not only meets the requirements of those sightseeing, but can also be used in several other ways.

What is a Scratch-Off Map?

Although scratch-off maps have become popular with the masses, not everyone will be familiar with them. As the name would suggest, a scratch-off map is a map that allows for certain sections to be scratched off, mush in the same vein as a lottery scratch card, although scratch-off maps are more appealing to the eye, and can be displayed in several different ways.

Scratch off map Travel edition

Although scratch-off maps emulate the more conventional map design, they are presented in many different ways, meaning that the map you use never has to look out of place, regardless of whether it’s being used in the office or home.

The following is just an example of some of the products available when it comes to planning and documenting your travels.

Scratch Map Original: This map is the original design that started it all, and remains popular today. The map is made using gold foil on top of glossed paper and even includes all the US and Australian state lines and Canadian provinces. There’s even a smaller version for those looking to use their map on the go.
Scratch Map Deluxe: Those looking for a map that offers a little more detail and more luxurious finish may want to invest in the Scratch Map Deluxe. The map is presented on black matte paper with a gold foil finish, and offers users infographics that offer facts and information regarding locations on the map. Just like its inspiration, the Scratch Map Deluxe comes in a variety of sixes, meaning it can be used while mobile, or hung on the wall for all to admire.
Scratch Globe: Want everything a scratch map offers but in globe form? Then fear not, as the Scratch Globe offers all the same functionality as a scratch map, but allows you to create a 3D product
Framed Scratch Map: A framed scratch map is the ideal gift for travellers and thalassophiles alike. Regardless of whether you’re looking for a solution that blends in with your décor, or looking for a scratch map that focuses on oceonolgy.

Using Items in Conjunction with Your Scratch-off map

Although a scratch-off map can be used in several different ways, this doesn’t mean that travellers are limited to scratch-off maps alone.
Travel journals are a great way of making notes while travelling, especially if you’ve been fortunate enough to locate a truly unique location, and what’s more, you can even purchase a travel journey that comes with its own scaled-down version of a scratch-off map which can be kept inside the journal. Should you wish to have something bigger on display, then simply mark off the locations on your larger map when you get home.

Explore the UK and Ireland in More Detail

When making travel plans, it’s easy to assume that we must travel thousands of miles to find a location of interest, but those looking to start small will find that there are plenty of locations around the UK and Ireland that make for the perfect respite, as well as allowing for some memorable sightseeing.

Some may think that using a scratch-off map for their travels around the UK and Ireland isn’t an option, but nothing could be further from the truth.
Those looking to stay closer to home when travelling will find that a scratch-off map makes a great addition to any home or office and can be used to plan or record your journeys. Unsure of where to start? Then why not using the following locations as an inspiration.

  • Tower of London: Take a guided tour around this historic castle that has affiliations with royalty and a wealth of history to embrace.
  • Stonehenge: Think stones are boring? A visit to Stonehenge to view this construction put together over 5,000 years ago could change all that.
  • Hadrian’s Wall: This stone barrier was designed to separate the Romans and the Picts and was built over 200 years ago. Although not in its original condition, it’s worth a visit just to see the remnants of an era gone by.
  • Giant’s Causeway: These interlocking basalt columns located in Northern Ireland are the remnants of a volcanic fissure eruption which was declared a World Heritage Site in 1986.
  • Guinness Storehouse: Those visiting the famous Irish city of Dublin would be hard-pressed to find a tour that’s more alluring, especially as there’s an opportunity to taste the wares.

When visiting the UK and Ireland, the above locations are only the tip of the iceberg, and what’s more, those who have a scratch-off map can plan their future visits using a scratch-off map or present their visits in an appealing way that will impress friends and family alike.

Travelling Further Afield

Once you’ve seen what the UK and Ireland have to offer, you may be keen to spread your wings and discover new locations abroad. Don’t worry, there’s a map designed for that too.

You may be looking to visit all the USA landmarks, or looking to see animals in their natural habitat, there is a map that will meet your requirements, and even help you on your way when it comes to making discoveries. The USA Landmarks edition of the scratch-off map tells all you need to know about some of the famous locations situated around the USA, including pictorial guidance to ensure that the information can be absorbed easily, making it an ideal gift for people of all ages. Some of the highlights include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Statue of Liberty
  • Yosemite Park
  • Grand Canyon
  • Yellowstone National Park

If you prefer to visit the more unique locations scattered around the world, then don’t worry, as there is also an option designed for backpackers.

Those of you who will be travelling for some time have the option of using the Scratch Map Backpacker that is designed with ease-of-use and longevity in mind. Regardless of whether you’re looking to take in the sights or avoid the tourist traps and create your own bespoke adventure, a scratch-off map in any guise is the ideal travelling companion.

If you’re just starting your adventure, a scratch-off map can be the ideal tool for putting together the ultimate travel bucket list.

It’s Not All About Travelling

Given the many ways a scratch-off map can be used, you would be forgiven for thinking that it is only of use to those who travel a lot, but nothing could be further from the truth.

A scratch-off map can be used as a gift, an educational tool and can even add some character to the home

For example, those who are more interested in what’s above them will simply love the zodiac Star Globe. Rather than focus on countries, oceans and animals, the Star Globe concentrates on the constellations, and even offers a calming view of the same during the night.

This can be ideal for children who are currently learning about astrology, or for those who can’t get enough of the skies above have to offer.

Scratch-off maps are also the ideal gift for a loved one, and they don’t even have to be a seasoned traveller to get the full benefit.

Those who have memories in a particular country or location will fall in love with a scratch map that highlights their travels and can be updated when needed.

Children can also discover more about the world in a fun and immersive way, regardless of whether they’re learning about animals that reside in different part of the world or looking to make sense of the stars above. The possibilities really are endless.

Regardless of whether you’re travelling or just looking to learn more about the world around us, scratch-off maps are the ideal gift for those looking for something more tangible that social network check-ins when making a record of the countries they’ve visited.

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Happy Birthday Scratch Map® – die Weltkarte zum Rubbeln wird 9

Rubbel Landkarten sind heute bei Geschenken für Reisende nicht mehr wegzudenken. Vor ein paar Jahren war es noch anders, so startete die Scratch Map® einen kleinen, aber sehr berühmten Erfolgskurs und hat nach 9 Jahren weltweit Millionen Weltkarten zum Rubbeln über den Globus verteilt. Und diese Weltkarten sind schon etwas Besonderes, denn nicht nur, dass es die Original-Rubbel-Landkarten sind, die auch noch im Norden Englands hergestellt werden. Sie besitzen zudem die Innengrenzen von USA und Australien (es ist doch immer wieder faszinierend, wie gerade eine Grenze gezogen werden kann) und sogar die Provinzen und Territorien von Kanada sind auf der Weltkarte zu finden.

9 Jahre alt und sieht noch aus wie Neu

Scratch Map® schaffte es in den letzten 9 Jahren nicht nur eine Basis zu sein und ein Original zu bleiben, sondern sich auch immer wieder neu zu entwickeln und zu designen – lassen. Das Team, das hinter der Rubbel-Landkarte steckt, gibt sich bei jedem Design kreative Mühe und arbeitet immer mit viel Liebe zum Design – und das eben nicht erst seit gestern. Die Scratch Map® wurde vor fast einem Jahrzehnt in liebevoller Arbeit erdacht, designt und produziert. Mittlerweile hat die originale Weltkarte zum Rubbeln viele Brüder und Schwestern bekommen, die aber noch immer nach demselben Prinzip designt sind und ebenso viel Spaß beim Freirubbeln der Länder und Bezirke macht.

Was fasziniert an den bunten Rubbel Landkarten?

Um die Faszination der frei rubbelnden Weltkarten zu verstehen, muss man zumindest gerne reisen. Weltenbummler, Vielreisende und Urlaubshungrige können die Begeisterung schon eher verstehen, da die Weltkarte zum Rubbeln, die gute alte Landkarte mit Stecknadeln und Pins verdrängt, und an der Wand einfach schöner aussieht. Zuerst eine einfache Landkarte, die bei der Scratch Map® mit ihrer Goldfolie schon etwas Besonderes ist, und sobald die Regionen besucht, erkunden und bereist wurden, wird frei gerubbelt. Am Schluss, wenn wirklich alle Länder und Regionen besucht wurden – die auf der Karte zu finden sind, die das Budget ermöglichte oder die besucht werden wollten – wird die Landkarte zum Freirubbeln immer bunter.

9 Jahre Scratch Map® und so viel mehr

Die Original Scratch Map® wird immer etwas Besonderes sein und bleiben, war es doch die erste, die designt wurde und somit den Grundstein, die Basis für all die anderen ist. Sie kann und wird auch nicht so schnell verschwinden und wir freuen uns auf weitere 9 Jahre mit der Original Scratch Map®. Nichtsdestotrotz hat die Mutter der Weltkarten zum Rubbeln viele Brüder und Schwestern erhalten, die der Rubbel-Landkarte ein ganz neues Leben eingehaucht hat. Da wären verschiedene Designs, von der Weltkarte zur Landeskarte, diverse Farbvarianten sowie die Besonderheiten der Typografie-Landeskarte und des 3D-Globus zum Rubbeln, der in jedem Reisebus Platz findet.

Die Original Scratch Map® sowie die verschiedenen Designs und Varianten von ihr sind ein perfektes Geschenk für Reisende, Urlauber und einen selbst. Übrigens kann man die Weltkarte zum Rubbeln auch super Zweckentfremden: Anstatt die Karte frei zu rubbeln, weil man im Land gewesen war, kann man sich als Leseratte ein Buch von einem Autor aus der Region kaufen, oder ein Musikalbum einer einheimischen Musikgruppe oder man kocht ein landestypisches Gericht für seine Gäste – und jedes Mal wird die Karte ein bisschen bunter.

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The many benefits of Scratch off Map

There are many ways of capturing our journeys around the globe, especially when it comes to modern technology. We can showcase our adventures via photographs on Instagram or share our check-ins on Facebook. However, despite the benefits these recollections of trips may offer, some still yearn for the day where they were able to showcase their adventures by highlighting countries on a map.

Scratch off map poster

Before the birth of the internet, many keen travellers would use a series of guidebooks and maps to navigate their way around the world and would often use a conventional map with some form of indicator, such as a coloured drawing pin to keep a record of their travels.

Although this was a sound solution in principle, some found that the more they travelled, the more cumbersome and less accurate the map would become. This means that those still wishing to possess something tangible about their travels may struggle to find the ideal solution.

Fortunately, the current advancements in technology doesn’t mean that no products exist that can offer a more vintage and tactile way of documenting your journeys. In fact, scratch-off maps have found appeal among the masses thanks to their flawless presentation and ease-of-use.

Scratch off map Platinum edition

Introducing Scratch off Maps

Sometimes, the most basic approach to a problem is the most effective, and this is certainly the case when it comes to scratch-off maps. Rather than offering a conventional map, the modern-day equivalent allows you to choose a map that fits in with your current décor or plans.

As the countries are only show when you visit, there is no need to be filling up the map with various indicators, which means that your travels are easier to record as well as more pleasing to the eye.

Of course, you may not want to conquer the world, but just focus your sights on one part of the world, such as Europe or the USA. Fear not, as there are also dedicated solutions for those focusing on one part of the country still looking for a fun but consistent way.

The Scratch off Maps available also come in several guises, so even if you’re looking to make use of your map on the go, you can with the available Travelogue option. Or why not replace the office globe with some a little more hands-on with the Scratch Globe.

scratch off map travel

An Educational Tool

On the surface it would be easy to dismiss a Scratch off Map as nothing more than a novelty, but it can actually be a great way of learning more about the world, regardless of how old you are. Regardless of whether you’re looking to teach your children more about the locations they visit or ensure that you’re able to record locations off the beaten track with more ease.

The very fact that you must scratch off the location rather than simply ‘checking-in’ means that you’re more likely to digest details surrounding its location, making you a more knowledgeable traveller in the process.

Allows You to Make Travel Goals

As before, there are an abundance of apps that allow you to set travel goals, but the fact that such goals remain in your pocket can often mean that you’re as not as proactive as you’d like to be when it comes to making travel plans.

A Scratch off Map doesn’t only have to be used to record your travels, but also act as a permanent inspiration of the countries you want to visit. Rather than in being tucked away in the background, a Scratch off Map is an ideal way of ensuring your travel dreams become a reality.

Create the Perfect Memento for a Loved One

The journeys we make can sometimes have emotional connections, especially when it comes to loved ones. The use of a Scratch off Map can be the ideal way of presenting all the countries you’ve visited with a loved one in a memorable unique. As there are several different maps and designs available, you can be sure of finding a map that not only documents your time together, but also fits with their personality.

Find the Best Countries for your Indulgences and Hobbies

Although many of us can enjoy what our country has to offer, there are others who may need to look further afield when it comes to enjoying their hobbies. For example, keen surfers may have already used what’s available to them at home and wish to find new locations to up their game in the surfing world.
Similarly, others may be looking for a unique way of recording or planning their dream theme park experiences.
The use of a scratch-off map can be a unique and fun way of keeping an aesthetically-pleasing overview of your conquests, or an eye-pleasing bucket list for your future endeavours.

Sometimes it can be difficult to know what to get the person who has everything as a gift, and you can be forced to think outside of the box.
Not only do scratch-off maps hold an appeal to all age groups, but they also offer a more practical way of planning and making trips, regardless of where your dream destination is.

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Framed World Maps

A framed map, also known as a Scratch Map, is a foil map in which explorers can scratch of the areas they have visited to reveal particular details concerning that area. This map is especially popular with travelling enthusiasts and it is even great for kids. A framed map can be customized to a traveler’s preferences such as cuisines or water bodies or wildlife or colors. Scratch maps containing cuisines show the different delicacies eaten by the locals in a particular place. This will help you remember the dishes to order when you visit a country such as Japan, Germany or Angola. Maybe you could even customize the map to contain the different recipes on how to cook these dishes.

Framed Scratch Map

Framed Scratch Map

These maps can be global, that is, showing all the countries of the world, continental, showing countries of a particular continent such as Africa or even the map of a particular country such as the United Kingdom. A foil map is the perfect way of explaining the places you have visited all over the world. It is very entertaining and will keep your guests on their toes as they marvel on the different activities you undertook during your travels.

Framed Scratch Map Deluxe

Framed Scratch Map Deluxe

For those people who take up travelling as a hobby, scratching a framed map is a perfect pass time. The back cover of the map is magnetic enabling you to easily stick it on your poster in your bedroom wall. Express your colourful life using this colourful map. As I stated before, these maps are great for kids who can learn a lot from the details provided by these framed maps. If you are travelling around the world with your family, your kids can check the details of a particular place for example the geography of the different states in the USA. This will help them learn and it will help them recall key details when they go back to school.

Clear Scratch off Map of the World

World Map Framed

The size of the map is no problem. It can be as big as a wall or even as small as a book. The larger it is, the detailed the map will be. You can even include the activities you carried out in those places. Having the map in your house will encourage to travel a lot more for a chance to relax after working all-year round. It can even be in the form of the traditional globe which is far more luxurious. You can keep your globe in your office to uplift your spirits when you are in a rough patch.

Framed Ocean Map

A framed map is very cheap. If you require a general scratch map you will only spend about forty dollars. Custom maps are a bit pricey but still worth every penny. They cost about sixty dollars in most shops. Deluxe maps are also offered in particular shops. These are scratch maps with bold colors such as black and gold. They are a bit expensive but also worth it as they contain finer details. Buy a framed map today and start your journey around the world.

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Track Your Adventures with the Original Scratch Off Map

Whether you travel for business or pleasure, alone or with friends or family, each trip brings with it new experiences and memories. Perhaps you are planning an around-the-world expedition or are just lucky enough to enjoy several holidays a year – either way, you need a unique and quirky way to track your journey and remind yourself of just how well-travelled you are.

Introducing the Scratch Map

The Scratch Map is a traditional wall map that has been covered in a foil, allowing you to scratch-off to reveal the places you have visited. A simple but genius idea that was thought up in 2008, after the creative director of Luckies took some time off to go travelling around Asia and Australasia. He met up with people from all walks of life, with different backgrounds, unique personalities and their own perspectives on life, but they were all struggling to find ways to document their travels. They needed something easy and visually appealing. The original idea was to create a map with flags, so that travellers could pin a flag onto each destination, but it soon became obvious that a scratch-off map was the niche in the market that was missing.

Scratch Map Travel

How to use your Scratch-Off Map

The brief was to create an easy way to record your travels, and that is what we have done! When you return home after a trip, simply take an eraser and rub-off the area of the world you have visited. These maps are made to be hung on the wall so that you always know exactly where yours is, ready to be edited to reflect your adventures!

scratch off map

Variations on the Scratch-Off Map

One thing we have certainly learnt from our travels is that one-size does not fit all! Our original Scratch Map is wonderful – a classic, stylish solution for any keen traveller, but we did not stop there. You can now choose between our Deluxe, Oceans, Chalk, Hello, Platinum and Capitals editions as well. You might prefer a map of a country, rather than the world, or perhaps you’d prefer an XL version, if you have a larger wall and bigger ambitions that need covering.
Our maps come rolled up in a tube, ready to be displayed however you’d like to do it, but you can also choose to have your map ready-framed, adding an elegant edge to your scratch-happy travels.

Some people prefer to use our scratch globes to document their trips, giving a more three-dimensional vibe to their room, while others would prefer to write it all down, using our travel journals to scribble down notes or memories of their adventures, making for a wonderful trip down memory lane when the travelling days have come to an end

Ready to purchase a scratch-off map? We have the perfect one for you in our online shop. Here’s to your next adventure!

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5 Must Have Scratch off Maps for the Wanderlust

If you are the typical wanderlust, with a penchant for sampling cuisine, culture, geography, adventures, oceans, and many more, then you need to chronicle all the areas you have visited. A scratch map will help you to record your expeditions to suit every occasion. It can be a good picturesque that provides your house with aesthetic value while indelibly etching memories of your travels in your mind.

Scratch Map® Deluxe XL

Scratch off map Extra Large map

If you intend to travel across the world, then you should consider the Deluxe Scratch-off World map. The map lets you chronicle the various places you have visited across the world. It provides a unique, glossy looking gold wall map, which when scratched reveals a new world that features colour and geographical detail. Its sheer size makes it ideal for display on your wall; plays a complementary role of livening the living room

Scratch Map® USA Deluxe

Scratch off Map USA Edition

The USA is an adventurous travel destination for most travellers. With more than 50 states, there are several amazing places to visit and cool things to see. You definitely require the Scratch Map USA to record the memories of every place you have visited. If you scratch these maps, a vibrant world will be revealed beneath the foil, offering you a personalized and unique record of your sojourns in the USA. Whether it is the epic scenery of Nevada’s mountain ranges and desert valleys or the spectacular palm springs of Miami, you will find everything to spur your memory.

Scratch Map® Capitals

Scratch off map Capitals Edition

If you are the avid business traveler roaming across different capitals of the world, then you really need the Scratch Map® Capitals. This scratch map will let you remove the foil from those countries and capita cities you have visited and thereby revealing an array of vibrant colors beneath. It offers you a chance to indelibly record the memories of your visits to those cities.

Framed Scratch Map® Oceans

Framed scratch off map oceans edition

As a vacationer, you may want to remember some of the oceans you have spent your sunny moments. Alternatively, you could be a nautical enthusiast travelling across the world. The Scratch Map® Oceans is the ideal repository of recording sunny the beaches your holidays. It can also be a perfect source of information for the nautical enthusiast. By scratching the countries you visited, the sojourner in you will let you access a lot of information on the oceans surrounding the countries you visited.

Scratch Map® Hello

scratch off map hello

You may not be able to speak all the languages in the e world, but you should at least learn to greet in as many languages as possible. It is not only important but it is also fun! As you traverse the globe and meet different people with different languages, you can revert to you scratch map, remove the foil from the countries you have visited, then learn how hello is said in the counties you have visited-190 countries!

As you consider trotting the globe, consider having these scratch maps with you. They will not only help you to record your memorable moments but will also add visual value to your living room.

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Track your Travel Adventures with a Personalized Scratch Map

The world is wide and full of magnificent and magical things and places to see and visit. This makes it the desire of everyone in modern times to travel to different places. People travel for various reason; some like to explore new places, breaking the monotony of your home town, and others due to their professional duties. Irrespective of the reason behind your travel, travellers cherish keeping track of places they have been as it reignites the wonderful experience they had away from home. If you are one of the travel freaks, nothing will add more excitement and fun to your adventures than a scratch map. It also makes a perfect gift for your friend who loves exploring the world.

scratch off world map

What is a Scratch off Map?

If you are a traveller or you have been to a geography class, then you definitely have an idea of what a map is. However, a scratch map is a lot more different from the mundane traditional map. A scratch map is a map template that is covered with a layer of foil print that can be scratched off to reveal different colours and details with a personalized feel, and offers a fun way to record your travel memories. It is a form of a travel diary that reminds you of different places you have visited and your adventures around the world in beauty and style. Our scratch maps come in different shape, colour, use and style.

Scratch off travel map

Maybe you have been to Africa for wild Safaris, to South America for a wine tasting tour in Mexico or Tatra Mountains in Slovakia and Poland. Our different sized and style scratch maps offers you a great way to track your travel and makes it easy to tell your travel tales, set your travel goals and discover places to go as well as learn geography. From Typogeography, Luxury to Rose Gold, we have a wide variety scratch maps style, size and class to choose from.

Our Variety of Scratch Maps

Scratch Map Backpacker – An on-the-go travel diary made of durable plastic, laminate and a colourful foil. It comes with a travel poach and a dry-wipe marker meaning you can go with in to the caves, up the mountain, game drive or to the beach. The all-weather scratch map also features the 7 wonders of the world and major airports.

Regional Maps – You can get one of our quality scratch maps for you specific region of interest. This includes the Scratch Map USA to record your satellite adventures and Scratch Map Europe to start of your Europe exploration. We also have the USA Deluxe, UK and Ireland version and the France scratch Poster with French text.

Choose Your Preferred Theme – Our scratch maps also comes in different themes such as the miniature Rose Gold Travel, the luxurious Platinum version, the Oceanic themed and the clear editions.

Functions – You can grab a more customized scratch map depending on your travel purpose. Choose among the Scratch Map Wild World, Capitals, Travelogue and Adventure journal among others.

Style and Size – If you would like an easy to hang scratch map, the magnetic hang model will work perfectly for you. We also offer the framed Original Travel, the Black Deluxe and the Typgeography with a premium finish. If you care about the size, go for the Deluxe XL, the Original Map XL and many other options for your needs.
Do not just move around; add a touch of memory and flair to your travel moments by keeping a track of your travel experience with one of our colourful scratch maps. It is affordable and fun.

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Plan a journey with a Scratch off Map Travel Map

With the advent of Google maps and other electronic maps, people have forgotten the fun it is to plot their way manually on a map. The good old days of all the family gathering around a map of the world and deciding the best possible route are all things of the past now. But if you are someone who finds satisfaction in doing things the old way, then you will love this Scratch off Map of the world by Luckies of London.

Scratch Map Travel Map

Scratch Map Travel Edition

Luckies of London are are a design house with a team of highly experienced cartographers.  The Scratch off Map concept was conceived in 2009 and due to it’s enormous success there’s now a comprehensive range of Scratch off Maps to choose from. No idea what a Scratch Map is? The idea is simple, a top layer of foil covers the map and once you have traveled to a particular place, you can scratch the top foil off to reveal your traveling history. Globetrotters from all over the world went crazy over Scratch Maps and since then Travel Maps are back in vogue. Scratch Map Travel is a small sized Scratch off Map with the dimensions of 42 x 29.7 cm and comes with a gift tube so that you can carry it around with ease without stressing over damaging it. Read on to discover why this map of the world is perfect for those nostalgic of old things.

Scratch off map travel edition

Create your own visual travel itinerary

To get to the real action, turn the map over and find a blank white map of the world. You can use any pen to plot your trip on this blank map and also plan for your next trip. Some of the other things included on the back are:

  • Checklist of modes of transport.
  • List down favourite places from the trip.
  • Highlight music.
  • Country Guide & State Boundaries: This travel map includes a handy guide for the smaller countries in the legend along with all the boundaries for states and provinces in USA, Australia and Canada.

Scratch off foil layer

Summary: Plan your next trip old style on the back of this small Scratch Map Travel that comes in a handy tube to take along on adventures.

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Need A Trusted Companion On Your Travels? Get This Map

Do you often find yourself standing alone on an airport with not a friend in sight? Are your friends always backing out of their promises to go on a globetrotting adventure with you? If you are spending more time trying to convince your couch potato friends to go on a trip with you rather than actually spending time on planning, then we you most definitely need some new friends. Obviously, that is easier said than done but we can offer you the next best thing to accompany you on your travels around the globe. And we promise, it will never leave your side. We are talking about a map!

Your New Friend

Scratch Map Travel: We understand the need of finding something friendly or familiar in an unknown land, far away from family and that’s why this travel map will be the perfect answer. This is not just any map, it is a scratch off map by none other than Luckies of London. Scratch Map Travel will be your loyal faithful chum always on your side as you go on your globetrotting adventures. Some of its key features are as below:

Scratch Map Travel Edition

White & Gold Map

This travel map of 42 x 29.7 cm comes neatly rolled in a sturdy gift tube so that you can just dump it in your suitcase and be on your merry adventure. The underlay of this map is made of white glossy laminate with gold foil overlay, creating a simplified scratch off map.

travel map tube

Colourful Map Underneath

Using a coin or any sharp metal object or even your fingertip, you ca scratch off the top layer to reveal beautiful colours filling the countries underneath along with other topographic details. They stand out nicely against the white background.

State Lines Included: For the more particular globetrotter, this scratch off map comes with USA and Australian state lines marked as well as Canadian provinces demarcation.

Flip Over For More Fun: Of course, the awesomeness is not over. You will find a blank world map along with other interesting things once you flip the travel map over. You can plot your journey or doodle anything else you feel like on this blank canvas. Other things included are:

  • Take silly photos before and after the trip.
  • Learn some travel etiquette’s.
  • Note down your favorite sound track on the trip and many other things.

Summary: Scratch Map Travel will be your faithful travel buddy as you go on your globetrotting adventures.

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Scratch Maps Your New Obsession? XL Scratch Map For Your Quenching Your Thirst

Have your friends been dropping you hints on the line of you taking your love for travel maps to an extreme? Or you someone who feels the normal scratch off maps are too tiny to do justice to the breath-taking beauty of this world? If this sounds like you or someone you know, then we have another astounding product from Luckies of London to make your day.

personalized travel map

Taking Cartography To The Bigger Level With Scratch Map XL

Luckies of London knew that there would be people who would will need something bigger, something larger than life to satiate their hunger for a better scratch off map. That is why they came up with Scratch Map XL, the large map of the world. It comes with its very own strong yellow gift tube and has the dimensions of 84 x 119 cm. The concept is the same, once you have been to a place, you scratch off the foil covering and have your own unique travel keepsake.

personalized usa map

Inspiration From Original Scratch Map

This large world map poster follows the design of the original and most beloved scratch off map and comes with a golden foil. The background is white gloss and once you have caught your breath and scratch off the top layer, you will find kaleidoscope of colours underneath from red to blue to purple.

scratch off map

Not An Island Missed

Thanks to its king size, all the Islands ranging from the larger ones to the smaller less known ones are easily visible on this scratch map.
Intricate Geographic Details: The countries names are written in clear black ink to make them easily readable. The large size of the map ensures that the topographic details are well illustrated. Along with the capital cities, other large cities are also represented on the scratch off map.

scratch off map travel edition map

Boundary Lines For More Accurate Map

What will be the point of having a large map of the world but you were unable to distinguish between the different states of provinces? That is not the case in this piece of cartography masterpiece. USA and Australia are clearly demarcated into states and even the chunk of Canadian land is divided into provinces. No need to scratch off the entire USA when you just visited the Statue of Liberty in New York or scratching off foil from all of Australia when Sydney is the only place you have visited.


Scratch Map XL is the dream come true for the people who seem to be unable to get enough of the awesomeness of the original scratch map.
Author Bio: Rebecca Chapp is a teaches geography and is always finding excuse to buy new maps.

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Have A Large Space To Fill Up? We Have The Perfect Scratch Map For You

A bare wall can make a tastefully decorated room seem incomplete or even lifeless. For people who are globetrotters, the first thought to strike their minds when they see an empty wall space is how good will a travel map look here. Luckies of London have just the dream scratch map for such travel enthusiast.

large world map

Scratch Map XL For The Ultimate Travel Map: After taking the world by a storm by introducing scratch maps in 2009, Luckies of London were not just content on minting money, sipping margaritas on a beach somewhere and getting a nice tan on. They kept working on the scratch off maps and have now come up with a travel map to fill up the emptiness of your heart, well not exactly, but Scratch Map XL sure is bound to fill up any space no matter how big.

large scratch off world map

The main features of this scratch off map are as below:

Large Map Of The World: Standing at a massive 84 x 119 cm, this scratch off map is one large map of the world. Like all other travel maps, this one also comes nicely rolled up in a robust gift tube to ward off any attempt to tamper with the map.

Refined Design:

The map is printed on a glossy white laminate sheet with gold coloured foil paper hiding the countries underneath. Once you scratch off the top foil with a coin or finger tips, you will find vibrant colours in the shades of almost every colour imaginable. This scratch off map has an elegant design and with its humungous size, it sure is going to brighten up any space, no matter in an office or home.

More Geographical Details:

You can guess this one already. The bigger the map is, the more details it has. It will be impossible to miss any country or Island or state, no matter the size. For even more convenience, it also includes names of the smaller countries at the bottom to help you scratch them off and present an accurate picture of your travels.

Don’t Forget The Capital Cities:

This scratch off map includes not only all the major capital cities, but it also present other bigger or significant cities from around the globe. You can chart your way around the world easily with Scratch Map XL.


Scratch Map XL is a large map of the world to fill up any big space and liven it up in an elegant fashion.
Author Bio: Daryl Chace makes his living as a handyman of sorts but his dreams lie in opening up a gift store in the future.

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Scratch off World Map Framed collection for the home or office

A frame can turn the flimsiest of posters into a piece of art to be cherished forever. Think of that Pulp Fiction poster you bought from HMV back in the 90s that still hangs on your wall for instance? Now, our Scratch Map posters are already stunning works of art, but people often ask us how best to mount and frame them without damaging the foil, so they can hang on their walls or give as gifts. So we thought, rather than have you struggle trying to do it yourselves, we’d offer a collection of our finest Scratch Maps framed and ready to hang. Here is a rundown of our premium Scratch Map Framed Collection for the home or office.

Framed Scratch Map Original

Our first original design looks glorious hanging in it’s white gloss wooden frame and comes ready to hang in pride of place in your study, kitchen, or in your office at work; wherever you think it will stand out the most. A great starter map to give to a student who’s just about to embark on a gap year.

Framed Scratch Map Original

Framed Scratch Map Deluxe

Our most detailed and luxurious scratch map poster now comes mounted and framed in a black gloss wooden frame. We think this stylish black and gold map makes a beautiful Christmas gift for the luxury traveler, or someone who enjoys the finer things in life.

Framed Scratch Map Deluxe

Scratch Map Oceans

Our Ocean themed world map poster has all the detail of our Scratch Map Original, plus, it features in-depth detail of the world’s oceanography; an excellent gift for Ocean enthusiasts. As with all of our framed map of the world posters, no glass is included so you are able to scratch off the countries you have visited as you travel the world.

Framed Scratch Map Oceans

Framed Scratch Map Clear

Our first map printed on clear acetate so that as you scratch off the countries you have visited, they quite literally disappear, leaving only the outline and topographical information. Scratch Map Clear makes a stunning housewarming gift as the see-through design means it will blend in with any new color scheme the recipient decides to decorate their new house with!

Framed Scratch Map Clear

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Learn how to say hello in over 190 countries

If you’re looking for a Christmas gift for a gap year student, or anyone for that matter who’s off on a long trip or traveling adventure, then we have the ideal gift for you. How about a gift that let’s them learn how to say hello in over 190 countries? That’s exactly what our Scratch Map Hello does!

Scratch Map Hello

The Scratch Map Hello works like any other from our Scratch Map Range; remove the foil from the countries you’ve visited to reveal the bright neon colors underneath. In addition, this map of the world poster will teach you how to say hello in over 190 countries. So not only will the bright neon colors make it a beautiful wall hanging wherever they choose to hang it, they will learn how to greet the locals in dozens of countries.

Hello Scratch Map

Perfect for them to brush up on their language skills before they go, and when they return, they can scratch off where they’ve been to create the ultimate personalized travel record. Then they can hang it on their wall as a permanent piece of memorabilia to commemorate their trip.

Imagine the world of possibilities that open up when you step foot in a new country and you already know how to say; ‘hello’. Alright, so they might not be able to say much after that, but once they’ve already made friends with that first line, hopefully they can struggle through the rest!

The Scratch Map Hello also makes a great birthday present for anyone who travels for work. That jet setting sister of yours, of perhaps a work colleague who’s always flying across continents for meetings. They can hang this in their office to remind themselves of each country’s greeting before they go.

As with any of our Scratch Maps, the biggest enjoyment comes from a desire to scratch off as many countries as you can! With each trip comes the thrill of a new scratch and a new piece of the map revealed. Before long, the map will have you planning trips to obscure destinations and undiscovered horizons, a pastime we greatly encourage here at Luckies.

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The ideal gift for the intrepid traveler

If you’re looking for the ideal gift for the intrepid traveler, your search is over. The Scratch Map Travel is a unique map of the world that every globetrotter must have. This compact, scratch off, world map poster would make the ideal birthday or Christmas gift for any self confessed travel junkie.

If you know someone who’s forever expanding their horizons, exploring the unknown, venturing to the deepest, darkest corners of our Earth, then they would absolute love this travel sized version of our first Scratch Map Original. Containing the same level of detail as it’s larger cousin, this map of the world poster is printed with a top layer of gold foil for them to scratch off the countries they have visited, revealing the vibrant colors and detail underneath, and thus creating their very own personalized travel record. And once they’re done scratching, the map rolls up into it’s handy travel sized tube, ready to be slung in their backpack and journey on to their next destination.

Scratch Map Travel Edition

Not just a gift for fearless globetrotters though, the Scratch Map Travel would also make an excellent Xmas gift for your brother or sister who’s always jet setting across continents for work. They may be more used to swanky hotel rooms than hostels and dirt trails, but they’ll still enjoy recording their trips and counting the countries they’ve managed to scratch off as they go.

Scratch Map travel itinerary

The Scratch Map Travel was born because so many people loved our bestselling Scratch Map Original but wanted to be able to take it with them on their travels, to record their trips as they went. So we decided to make this more practical sized version; small enough to fit in a suitcase but still large enough to contain all the detail you need.

Scratch Map Travel Tube

So if you’re looking for Christmas gift ideas for him or for her, get them one of these maps, or anything from our Scratch Map Range, and start making travel plans together. Suddenly a map of the world poster becomes the perfect romantic Christmas gift when it comes with the promise of all the traveling adventures you want to share together.

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Scratch Map Original in detail

Our first, original and (some say) the best scratch map; Scratch Map Original. Since the invention of our first ever scratch map back in 2009 there have been many different reincarnations of our now famous world map poster, but we still have a soft spot for our first edition. Even now, the Scratch Map Original is our bestselling product and has been gifted to young and old all over the world, adorning many bedroom walls and inspiring intrepid globetrotters.

The Scratch Map Original map is printed on laminate and features a gold foil top layer, which means that once a country has been visited, the traveller gets to remove the gold foil layer to reveal beautifully vibrant colors and detail beneath including amazing acts about our world. The Original also includes US and Australian State lines and Canadian provinces and territories so you can be precise about which places you can scratch off!

Our scratch off map of the world poster makes a wonderful travel gift for any occasion; a christmas gift for your jet setting son who travels for work, a traveling gift for a gap year student, a retirement gift for your Dad who’s intent on seeing more of the world now he has all that free time. Whatever the occasion, our Scratch Map Original makes a unique and thoughtful gift.

Personalize your scratch map to create your own personal travel record by scratching off the countries you have visited. Frame your map and hang it on the wall to show off how well travelled you are, or hang it somewhere prominent to provide constant inspiration for future trips. Not just an interactive map but a beautiful work of art and personal travel story.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and, as with all great inventions, the Scratch Map Original has it’s fake copycats. Don’t be duped into buying a poor quality imitation but ensure you buy the real deal from us here at Luckies. That way you can guarantee you are getting a beautiful map made with passion by our award winning design team; made with the finest quality products; with maximum integrity. After all, we invented the concept and we pour more love and passion into each and every scratch map we make than our imitators could gather in a lifetime!

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The ultimate Christmas gifts guide

It’s not even December yet but we are already super pumped about CHRISTMAS! As soon as it rolled around to November, we were those annoying people who went around telling everybody how many sleeps it was until Xmas. Yeah, sorry about that, but we can’t help it – we’re too excited about all the awesome Christmas gifts we have! It’s a time for giving though, so in a bid not to be selfish and keep all the cool Christmas gift ideas to ourselves, we’ve created this handy little guide to help you as you embark on your journey to win Christmas with your present buying this year. Here it is; the ultimate Christmas gifts guide…

1. Hologram Viewer
The number one cool xmas gift everyone wants to find under the tree this year is our Hologram Viewer. This fun little gadget allows you to create and view your own Holograms – imagine how much fun the whole family can have with that on Christmas morning.

2. Scratch Map Oceans
A beautiful scratch off map of the world which also features in-depth detail of the world’s oceanography, such as key ocean facts and nautical flags to represent the alphabet. Printed on clear acrylic, with bright swathes of rainbow colour under shimmering silver foil, Scratch Map Oceans is a unique Christmas gift for someone special.

3. My Time
As far as stocking fillers go, this is one of the best: A chalk memo board that allows you to customise exactly how you want to plan your time, keep your memories and plan future appointments / trips. The chalkboard material comes on a self adhesive roll, you cut off strips, and stick them how and wherever you like. A great christmas gift for students or anyone with a busy schedule.

4. Baby Nessie Tea Infuser
This cute kitchen accessory has Secret Santa gift written all over it. Give your tea drinking colleague a fun gift they can use in the office.

5. Festive Gift Wrap
Pimp your presents this year with our festive gift wrap and turn all of your Christmas gifts into Snowmen, Reindeer, Santas, Elves and more. This is one sure fire way to impress your family and effectively win Christmas. You’re welcome!

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Explore the World with a Scratch Map World poster

Explore the World with a Scratch Map World poster. If you’re looking for the ultimate world map poster to help you realize your travel dreams and record your globetrotting experiences from Andorra to Zimbabwe, then the Scratch Map XL is the mega map for you.

The largest of all the maps in our Scratch Map Range, this map of the world has all the detail and design features of our Scratch Map Original but in an extra large size meaning it makes a huge statement on any wall. The bigger your travel plans, the bigger your map needs to be we say, so if you’re planning a big traveling experience soon then you’ll love plotting your way across this beautiful designed map.

Once you return from each of your big adventures you simply scratch off the countries you have visited along the way to reveal the stunning, vibrant colors underneath, making this is an ever evolving and personal piece of wall art.

Made with gloss finish paper in size A0 and with a gold foil overlay to scratch off where you’ve been, you can truly create the ultimate personalized travel record to keep and cherish forever.

Due to it’s size and beauty, the Scratch Map XL makes a big impression in any room and so would make the perfect house warming gift for anyone who has done their fair share of globetrotting and would like to show off their travel adventures.

If you know someone who perhaps hasn’t seen much of the world yet but has big plans and has started making their travel bucket list then this map will be the perfect traveling inspiration for them; a constant reminder of their travel goals!

The Scratch Map XL would also make a unique Birthday present or Christmas gift for anyone about to embark on, or just returned from a gap year.

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Introducing Coloulogue

Introducing Colorlogue; colouring fun for travellers! Colouring isn’t just for kids; we all know what a fun, stress busting exercise it can be so now here’s a colouring book that doubles up as holiday entertainment and a personalised travel record! So there’s no need to be jealous of that kid sat next to you on the plane colouring in his colouring book and not even staying in the lines.

Colorlogue is a travel journal with a difference; it features maps from around the world so you can colour in all the wonderful places you have visited and create your very own personal travel record. Also included in the book are flags, guides and places of interest for you to colour in and learn interesting facts about your travel destination, so you can impress your traveling companions with your inside knowledge!

Colorlogue makes the perfect traveling gift for someone who’s off on a big adventure; a gap year student perhaps or your friend who’s taking time out from work to travel the world. They can keep themselves entertained for hours on those long uncomfortable coach journeys and colour in their route as they cross continents. Or just chill out by the pool and colour in all the sights they’ve seen that day whilst admiring the view.

If you know someone who’s always traveling for work and often spends hours stuck in airport lounges or on long haul flights, then why not get them something they can do to relax and keep their zen amongst a chaos of flight delays, queues and screaming children, whilst at the same time creating a colourful record of everywhere they’ve been in the world. The Colorlogue would make an excellent stocking filler for travel obsessed friends, perpetual globe trotters and holiday junkies.

This pocket sized travel gift comes in a neat little folder making it easy to chuck in your backpack and even comes with it’s own colouring pencils so you’re ready for colouring fun right away! Just watch out for turbulence or bumps in the road; you don’t want to stray outside of the lines!

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Introducing Hang Up

If you’re someone who gets up at the crack of dawn whilst everyone else is still sleeping and creeps around the bedroom tying to get ready in the dark without waking your partner up, only to end up crashing and banging your way around, knocking things over, hurting yourself and generally causing havoc only to end up realising when you’re sat at your desk an hour later that your shirt is on inside out and there’s a stain on your trousers, then we are about to change your life.

Introducing Hang Up; this copper ambient light is in the shape of a clothes hanger so you can hang it in your wardrobe and turn it on for some extra illumination in the mornings. Finally you can see the contents of your wardrobe clearly without blasting the overhead light into the face of your unsuspecting other half. You can also hang it on the back of your door or anywhere you like to shine a bit of light on things at an ungodly hour.

We’re always at the forefront of new design here at Luckies and we are proud to say that our new invention Hang Up is an IHA Global Innovation Awards Finalist! We don’t just do it for silverware though, our aim in life is to make and your (and our) lives easier with our cutting edge gadgets. We were sick of stubbing our toes in the dark and turning up to work looking like we we’re colour blind, so we decided to do something about it and Hang Up is the result!

The Hang Up ambient light is battery powered and made from a copper effect frosted plastic. It lasts up to 20 hours so you don’t need to worry about it running out any time soon. These handy night lights would make excellent Christmas presents for anyone who’s up early to start their morning commute. They would also make thoughtful stocking fillers for anyone who travels for work; they can carry their suit hanging up on this stylish hanger which doubles a travel night light for them.

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Long flight essentials

With Christmas on the horizon you may be facing a long flight to go and see family for the festive period, or perhaps you’re one of the lucky few who have escaped the clutches of family and are off on holiday for Xmas to an exotic island somewhere. Either way you’re probably not looking forward to the flight itself; long queues, recycled air, screaming children (yours and other people’s). Well, we can’t do anything about that I’m afraid but we can make the flight itself a lot more comfortable with our long flight essentials. These tech gadgets would also make great travel gifts for any jet setters in your life who are always travelling for work.

1. Magni-Viewer
A long haul flight is the perfect time to catch up on that latest TV series everyone’s been raving about. With the Magni-Viewer you can turn your smartphone into your own portable TV as it doubles your screen size. Meaning you can binge watch a TV series, use it to make a start on that holiday reading, or keep the kids quiet with some pre loaded episodes of Paw Patrol! If you’re looking for gifts for travellers then this is a good bet.

2. The Envelope
If you like to take your laptop with you on holiday, you’ll know how stressful it is having to keep taking it in and out of your bag at security, and then in and out of the overhead lockers on board the flight. There’s always the worry you might drop it, or someone might throw their bag on top of yours and cause damage to your most treasured possession. No longer a worry with our retro inspired tech sleeve. The Envelope is designed to look like an old fashioned Manilla envelope and is made from tear proof material and lined with a quality grey felt for extra protection to keep your laptop safe.

4. Pocket Tin Speaker
We’re not suggesting you blast your holiday tunes out for the whole plane to hear but perhaps if you happen to be sat near an unhappy baby or toddler, you could play some quiet music to soothe them and keep yourself and other passengers entertained? If you all get in the spirit, you could even have a Xmas singalong! This pocket sized speaker is a great thing to take on holiday with you though as it means you’ve got music wherever you land.

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Scratch Map Original

Presenting our Scratch Map Original; the first scratch map poster we ever designed and the product that launched the Luckies brand. We LOVE scratch maps and when you look at them you can tell the passion that has gone into creating them. This original world map poster is still our bestselling product today and has birthed many spin off editions.

We can see why this scratch off map is a favorite with our customers; it makes a beautiful, thoughtful and personal gift for someone with a thirst for travel, whether they are regular Jetsetter or someone at the very beginning of planning their first trip across the globe. It makes the perfect traveling gift for a gap year student, a birthday gift for someone who travels a lot for work, or a Christmas present for anyone who has been making their travel bucket list.

Our original scratch map features a gold foil top layer for you to scratch off once a country has been visited, to reveal the beautifully vibrant colors and detail beneath, making it the ultimate personal travel record. Taking off the gold foil also reveals amazing facts about our world and the entire scratch map rolls up and comes packaged in a super high quality matte finish tube.

The Scratch Map Original makes the perfect house warming gift as once they’ve scratched off all the countries they’ve visited, they can hang it on their new wall where it makes a beautifully artistic feature and a great talking point for dinner parties!

Luckies invented the original Scratch Map in 2009 and there have been many poor imitations since. Avoid disappointment and embarrassment (remember the kid at school who had the fake Adidas trainers?!) by ensuring you buy the real deal.

Here’s why you shouldn’t get tricked into buying a copy, recreation or fake version of the Scratch Map Original:

Authenticity: Luckies invented the concept so you get the original and best scratch maps designed in their purest form.

– Quality: We use the best producers and processes on earth to make our scratch map posters, so you can be sure that you’re buying the finest quality products with maximum integrity.

– Passion: Our award winning design team put more love and passion into each and every scratch map design than our imitators could muster in a lifetime!

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Scratch Map™ Capitals

Have you ever found yourself at a pub quiz wishing you knew what the capital city of Madagascar was? OK, so you knew that one (It’s Antananarivo), but have you ever had a child ask you what the capital of Turkey was and then correct you when you give them the wrong answer of Istanbul? Well, now you can be sure of all your capitals with the Scratch Map Capitals.

This world map poster is printed on matte black paper with removable black foil for you to scratch off the countries AND capital cities you have visited to reveal an array of vibrant purples, greens, blues and pinks. Not only does it make a beautiful personal travel record for you to keep and display on your wall, but it’s also informative too. The scratch map details all the capital cities of the world and includes key facts about populations, density, altitudes and age for the capitals featured.

This scratch map poster would make the perfect gift for someone who loves to go on a city break. Start making your bucket list of capital cities and enjoy scratching them off as you visit each one. You can also use it to research a bit of general knowledge about the city before you go.

The Scratch Map Capitals would make a great gift for your boyfriend or girlfriend this Christmas with the added promise of more trips away together. Then you can scratch off the map together after each holiday to make a joint travel record of all your adventures. A romantic gift for your partner and cheaper than buying them an actual trip away!

Or you can just keep it on your wall at home to memorize and remind yourself of all the capital cities in the world so you can win every pub quiz and never be humiliated in public by a child ever again. (The capital city of Turkey is Ankara.)

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Scratchable Adventure World Map

Calling all adrenaline junkies out there! Not satisfied with simply seeing the world? You’re the sort of person that has to experience the very extremes of all this planet has to offer. Never visiting the same place twice, you’re always seeking out the best views, the best experiences, the best food that a country has to offer. You’d think nothing of trekking for 2 days to see the lost city of the Incas, or journeying out into the freezing Icelandic countryside in the middle of the night to experience the Northern Lights. If this sounds like you, then you’ll love our Adventure Map.

A scratchable adventure world map with the added feature of over 280 ‘must do’ bucket list experiences to scratch off and complete. So whether you’re visiting Berlin or Benin you can use the map and included booklet to find an unforgettable sight or experience near you.

The Adventure Map is printed on matte black paper with a removable gold foil for each of the experiences. The 280 odd adventures are spilt into 4 categories; Nature, Culture, Activity and Cuisine. Also included is a pocket sized travel guide which you can take with you on your travels. This 150 page booklet lists in detail all the experiences featured on the map.

This visually stunning world map poster would make a wonderful gift, as it’s not just a beautiful piece of wall art but also promises the gift of travel. Whether they’re the sort of person who would enjoy trekking to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro, or if they have more of a ‘sleep under the stars in Namibia’ kind of vibe, they’ll definitely appreciate this interactive travel gift.

Perhaps you feel your life up until now has been lacking exactly this sort of travel adventure; maybe you’ve never even been that far away from home, but now you’re ready to make the leap from holiday maker to intrepid explorer. Well, it’s never too late to start and with this travel map you can start planning those life changing trips straight away. Before you know it you’ll be swimming with the Turtles in Ningaloo or gazing up at the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. Happy travels!

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5 Scratchable World Maps with countries

If you haven’t caught the scratch map bug yet, where have you been?! Whether you’re a bonafide travel junkie, someone who jet sets across the globe for work, or even someone who hasn’t travelled extensively yet but wants to start ticking off that bucket list of destinations, then there’s a Scratch Map that’s perfect for you. Our scratch maps will fast become a fun and addictive hobby; before long you’ll be dreaming up excuses to visit the farthest most corners of the globe so that you can scratch off one more country! But who needs an excuse to travel to Micronesia? Here are 5 scratchable world maps with countries…

1. Scratch Map Original
Our first and original scratch map born out of a design team meeting long ago has been through many different reincarnations, but the first is as good and as popular as ever. Simply scratch off the countries you have visited to create your own personal travel record. This one is an international bestseller.

2. Scratch Map Deluxe
Our most detailed and luxurious map yet. This world map poster makes a beautiful statement feature on any wall, making it a very cool gift for a travel lover. This world map poster oozes style with matte black paper and gold scratchable foil.

3. Scratch Map Hello
A scratch map that teaches you to say ‘hello’ in over 190 countries. You’ll be making friends with the locals wherever you go.

4. Scratch Map Adventure
The perfect traveling gift for adrenaline junkies. A scratch map with the added feature of over 280 ‘must do’ bucket list adventures for you to scratch off as you complete. Wonderful travel inspiration for those who want to experience everything this planet has to offer.

5. Scratch Map XL
There’s no such thing as too big when it comes to scratch maps; the bigger the better as far as we’re concerned. If you’re looking to make a statement with your travel map then this is the one to go for. Any guests coming to the house won’t be able to miss your personalized travel masterpiece, and will no doubt spark off many conversations about your colorful travel adventures.


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Scratch Map Platinum in detail

Your search for the ultimate world map poster is over. The Scratch Map Platinum is the one you’ve been waiting for; our most luxurious map ever, this striking map deserves to be framed and placed pride of place above every travel lover’s mantlepiece.

At first glance she’s a beauty for sure, but there’s so much more to uncover with the Scratch Map Platinum. Interactive, personalisable and informative, this world map is the map to replace all other maps.

Printed with shimmering metallic ink and with a top layer of platinum silver foil for you to scratch off the countries you have visited as you go, revealing the bright colors underneath. And to save you from rooting around trying to find a good coin to scratch with, also included is your very own high quality scratch coin to continue the feel of premium class.

The personalizing features of this map are where it really shines; not only can you create your own personal travel record with the scratch off feature, there’s also space for you to include your ownership information so no one can claim to be as well travelled as you are! Even better still, included is a set of icon stickers which you can use to mark the specifics of any trips you have undertaken; what route you took, whether you travelled by plane, boat or train, certain stop offs along the way, a favorite restaurant or spot in a city you visited, etc.

All in all this makes for a beautiful travel map, and one that would make an excellent gift. Perhaps as a luxurious gift or a friend who is more suited to traveling in first class than economy. Or maybe as a housewarming gift for someone who travels for work; something they can hang on their brand new wall. And I would certainly make a great gift for someone returning from a gap year too; they’ll enjoy mapping out their entire adventure across the globe and framing it to keep forever.

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Scratch Mao Deluxe in detail

Scratch Map Deluxe; a scratch map for the discerning traveller. If you’re more likely to be found swanning around a 5 star resort than slumming it in a hostel then you’ll be needing a World Map Poster that’s up to the standards you’ve become accustomed to. That’s where our Scratch Map Deluxe comes in.

This luxuriously decadent map is printed on matte black laminate paper with copper foil overlay and, being our most detailed and stylish map to date, this world map poster will match your taste for the finer things in life.

Not just beautiful to look at; the Scratch Map deluxe can be personalized to create your very own ultimate travel record. Simply scratch off the countries you have visited to reveal the colorful design below and hang back on the wall to admire. This is certainly a map for showing off with and after another one of your high class diner parties or cocktail ‘soirees’, you and your fancy friends can retire to the billiards room (what do you mean you don’t have a billiards room?!) where you will no doubt have your Scratch Map Deluxe framed and it will spark many a conversation allowing you to recount your many colorful traveling tales, and ultimately show off about how well travelled you are.

A stunning statement wall hanging but also informative; the Scratch Map Deluxe features a wealth of geographical information about the land and oceans presented as colorful and engaging info-graphics along the bottom. It also features additional Islands and cities not included on other maps.

And all this style and function comes wrapped up in an exclusive high quality tube. All in all, the Scratch Map Deluxe would make a fabulous gift for a travel obsessed friend or family member. Perhaps someone who travels for work and is constantly globetrotting around from luxury hotel room to luxury hotel room across the world. Or maybe as a housewarming gift for that stylish friend so that he or she can reminisce about their former traveling days and plan new adventures on the horizon.

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3 must have travel maps for the globetrotter

If you’re a travel obsessed globetrotter who is no sooner back from one trip across the globe as planning the next one, then no doubt you’ve had your hand on a few travel maps over the years. You’ve probably got a few lying around at home, well thumbed and slightly torn from overuse, or being used as an umbrella in the rain. But not all maps are equal, some maps are special and deserve to be kept nicely in the cardboard tubes they came in. These are our 3 must have travel maps for the globetrotter. The crème de la crème of world travel maps…

1. Scratch Map Travel
Our original and first ever Scratch Map in a travel sized edition. Scratch off the copper foil of the countries you have visited to reveal the vibrant colors underneath. Use it to create the ultimate personalized travel record. It’s handy size and the tube it comes in means it can easily be carried in your suitcase or backpack, making it the ideal traveling companion. Perfect for taking on a long trip where you’ll be visiting lots of different countries along the way.

2. Scratch Map Travel Deluxe
Does everything the Scratch Map Travel does but with a lot more style. This stunning map is printed on luxury finish matte black paper, with gold foil overlay. It contains the same detail as the full size version and would make a beautiful travel gift for someone who’s about to begin a new traveling adventure.

3. Scratch Map Travel USA
The USA is such a huge place with so much to see and experience that we thought it deserved a dedicated travel map of it’s own! This is the perfect map for anyone planning a stateside road trip. This snazzy travel map has stars and stripes foil for you to scratch off and reveal geographical detail of the states you’ve visited. Other features include; a greyscale map on the back for charting your trip, cool facts and space for your Top 5 cities. So grab yourself one of these bad boys and start planning that unforgettable journey along Route 66.

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300 global travel experiences, on travel journal…

Adventure Travel Journal

Is your life lacking a little in the adventure department? Do you trawl through travel blogs dreaming of leaving the ‘9 to 5’ life behind you, packing a bag and jetting off somewhere exotic where emails about the office printer being fixed a week on Monday can’t reach you? Do you long for those once in a lifetime, epic, bucket list adventures like trekking to Machu Pichu, seeing the Northern Lights, sailing down the Amazon River, and climbing Table Mountain? Well, it’s never too late to start seeing the world and we have just the thing you need to give you that little push of inspiration; our Adventure Journal.

Adventure Travel Journal

300 global experiences, one travel journal. The Adventure journal is a personalisable travel diary containing 300+ bucket list travel experiences. The perfect traveling companion and a great gift for adrenaline junkies. It comes complete with:

68 page travel journal listing in detail 300 plus bucket list adventures for you to enjoy.

Adventure Travel Journal

The experiences are divided into 4 categories: Nature, Culture, Activity and Cuisine, so once you’ve arrived in a new destination you can easily start looking for the best things to do, see and eat!


8 continent specific scratch maps with removable copper foil to uncover each bucket list experience. Scratch off each one as you complete it.

Housed in a smart matte black presentation folder making it easy for you to sling it into your backpack or suitcase and take it along with you on your travels.

Perhaps you know someone who’s off on a gap year and are looking for the perfect travel gift to see them off on their big adventure with? Or maybe you’re looking for a gift for the man or woman who has everything? They might have everything but they certainly haven’t done everything, so they can start working their way through this ultimate bucket list. Or perhaps you just want to treat yourself and start planning those big life changing trips? Go on – you only live once!

scratching off


Travel mini scratch maps

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How many oceans in the world?

Around 71% of the Earth’s surface is made up of water, and around 96.5% of that water is contained in the Oceans of the Earth, but how many Oeans in the world are there? Five; the Arctic, Atlantic, Indian, Pacific and Southern Oceans.

The Arctic Ocean is the smallest and shallowest of the world’s oceans, and is almost completely surrounded by Eurasia and North America. The Pacific Ocean is the largest and deepest of them all, it extends from the Arctic Ocean in the north to the Southern Ocean in the south and is bounded by Asia and Australia in the west and the Americas in the east.

The Atlantic Ocean covers approximately 20% of the Earth’s surface and separates the ‘Old World’ from the ‘New World’. The Indian Ocean is the third largest ocean and covers 70,560,000 km2 including the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf. And the Southern Ocean (also known as the Antarctic Ocean to some) consists of the southernmost waters of the world and is generally taken to be south of 60° S. Latitude and encircling Antarctica.

If this is all fascinating to you and you want to know more, then you need to get yourself one of these; Scratch Map Oceans, a detailed and visually stunning map of the world with oceans and feed your Oceanic intrigue!

This beautiful world map of oceans is printed on clear acetate so you can see the oceans underneath and has shimmering silver foil over the countries. You can scratch these off as you visit them to reveal rainbow colors underneath and to create your very own personal travel record.

This oceans map features in-depth detail of the world’s oceanography, such as key ocean facts and nautical flags to represent the alphabet. It also includes national and state borders, a numbered country key for smaller countries and 15 co-ordinates to tick off.

If you know someone whose a budding oceanographer, then this would make a fabulous gift, and to make it that extra bit special you even can order the Framed Scratch Map Oceans.

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Scratch Map XL, large map of the world you can personalize


If you’re a map fanatic like us, you’ll know that it’s the bigger the better when it comes to owning your own map of the world. We like ours big enough to lay flat on a table and push miniature figurines of ourselves around on, re-enacting our latest traveling expedition with an audience of fine friends and a large glass of port. But each to their own. If it’s big you want, you won’t find a larger personalized map of the world than our Scratch Map XL.

A Large map of the world you can personalize, the Scratch Map XL is an enormous version of our original Scratch Map. Simply scratch off the countries you have visited to reveal the vibrant colors below and create your own ultimate personal travel record.

This Giant map of the world is printed on gloss finish paper with gold scratch off foil over the countries, it’s sheer size means that it’s a bold statement to hang on your wall at home and certainly wouldn’t go unnoticed.

If you know someone who’s off on a big globetrotting adventure soon, or maybe they’re in the midsts of planning their GAP year, or perhaps they’re just one of those lucky people whose job requires them to Jetset from hotel room to hotel room across the globe, then this large map of the world with countries would make the ultimate traveling gift for them to personalize and keep as a permanent reminder of all the incredible place they have been.

Perhaps a good friend or family member has just bought their first home and has suddenly found themselves with a large flat or house to furnish? This large map of the world would make a wonderful housewarming gift and would go a long way in covering an entire bare wall in one go.

Perhaps you’re one of those travel obsessed people yourself, forever making travel bucket lists of places you’d like to see. Well, then no one would blame you for buying one of these for yourself as a not-so-little gift to feed your passion. Be careful though; you’ll soon find yourself wanting to scratch off every last inch of the earth!

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scratchable personalized map of the world

If you want to be totally creative and do not like following the same travel patterns as many tourist hot spots or package holidays and you want to create your own personalized map of the world to plan and record and look amazing on the wall, then you will need to start with a blank canvas.

Corkboard Map of the World
The blank canvas is actually a cork cut out of the countries and islands of the world with strong sticky backing for you to arrange on the wall. Arrange the map leaving space for the 5 oceans and 7 seas around to create the perfect globe to be traveled, discovered and to record your own personal journey the way you want to. Attach photographs to the cork of your ski holiday to Canada or wine tasting in France and build a portfolio and collage of travel memories bringing your wall to life.
From an artistic point of view the cork map would look great in a framed white board and also allow you to move to other walls and give you the added benefit of doodle space to write notes and travel plans. This is a great gadget to get the kids involved in to learn more about geography and culture as you get them to find out about places and add them along the outlines of the countries and get them hungry for travel.
Plan holidays and getaways from it all with the blank cork map as your starter to create your very own piece of personalized map of the world must see and do, and then record, with each trip adding a little more color and interest to your wall.
Dream less and plan big on your very own must do map, that makes a beautiful gift with 16 country pieces and 16 pins and presented in a natural card box with lid and outlined drawing of the world map.
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The Ultimate Travel Bucket list

Have you ever watched one of those travel documentaries and wished you had seen more of the world before you got too comfortable on your sofa? Well, it’s never too late to start a travel bucket list. We’ve all seen those Facebook memes telling us to live each day as if it’s our last, or do things now as there may not be a later! And we’ve all read the tear jerking Instagram post from the dying man urging us to seize the day and see the world before it’s too late. Yes, we all know deep down we should be going out there and doing it and seeing it and seizing it all, in theory. But sometimes you just need a little encouragement before you take that leap. We’ve got just the inspiration you need with our Adventure Map; the ultimate travel bucket list.

The Adventure Map is a scratch map which includes over 300 must-do bucket list travel experiences for you to complete. Create your own personalized travel record by scratching off the bucket list activities as you have completed them. Wherever you’re traveling to, from Sweden to Brazil, you can find a not to be missed, once in a lifetime experience to tick off with the help of the 150 page travel guide booklet included.

So whether your travels are taking you to Africa, Asia, Australasia, Europe, USA, or South America, the Adventure Map will tip you off on things to eat and drink, incredible sightseeing stops, extreme sports, exciting experiences and lots more.

If you’re traveling to Chile for example, you could visit the Marble Caves or the Valdivian Rainforest while you’re there. Or if it’s Norway you’re visiting then it will tell you not to miss the Northern Lights, or to take a detour to Svalbard to try and spot a Polar Bear!

The Adventure Map makes a stunning gift for someone who loves to travel, with it’s gold foil on beautiful matte black paper it will look great on any wall. Experiences are categorized by nature, culture, activity and cuisine.


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10 incredible worldwide bucket list destinations

If you’re the proud owner of a brand new Scratch Map Platinum, we bet you can’t wait to start jet setting around the world and scratching off the paces you have been. This luxurious world map with shimmering metallic ink and removable platinum foil is just crying out to be used so we thought we’d provide you with some travel inspiration with 10 incredible worldwide bucket list destinations.

Alaska, Canada
Alaska is one of the best places on earth to see the Northern Lights which should be on everyone’s bucket lists. It is also has some of the most awesome scenery on earth and offers the chance to see grizzly bears, glaciers and polar bears.

2. The Galapagos Islands
Off the coast of Ecuador this is a destination for wildlife lovers and the place that inspired Darwin’s theory of natural selection.

3. Machu Picchu, Peru
The lost city of the Incas is a wonderfully preserved archaeological site and the location of the misty Huayana Picchu Mountain.

4. The Amazon, Brazil
Incredible scenery and wildlife like no where else on earth. This 4,400 mile river travels through eight countries; Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname and French Guiana.

5. Santorini, Greece.
This stunning greek island boasts black sand beaches and picture postcard white washed buildings with blue domed roofs sitting on top of hilltops overlooking the brilliant blue sea.

6. The Grand Canyon, USA.
This northern Arizona canyon will leave any visitor overwhelmed and physically awe struck by it’s sheer vastness and beauty.

7. The Great Wall of China
There are many options for those wanting to walk the Great Wall. You can take a day trip, cycle or walk along sections, take a helicopter flight, stay in a luxury hotel next to the wall or you can even stay in a watchtower.

8. Rome
A classic but a goodie, Rome is one of the oldest and most beautiful cities in the world. Visit sites such as the Colosseum, the Vatican City and the Sistine Chapel.

9. Cairo, Egypt.
Seeing the Pyramids should be on everyones travel bucket list and they are not one of the Seven wonders of the world for no reason. Over 4,600 years old, it remains a mystery how they were built.

10. Jaipur, India.
Called the Pink City due to it’s buildings all being painted in pink terra-cotta. Considered one of the most beautiful places in the world and all the goods and textiles here are still made by hand.

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5 top places to visit in the USA

The USA is a huge place, and whilst ideally you’d want to visit it all so you can scratch off your entire Scratch Map USA, there are one or two places that you might want to bump to the top of your list and visit first. Just in case your budget or calendar doesn’t allow you time to visit everywhere just yet. So if you’re planning a trip soon, here are 5 top places to visit in the USA.

New York
The Big Apple is renowned around the world for it’s museums, theaters and restaurants. There’s plenty to see in the way of tourist attractions too; iconic landmarks and skyscrapers and when it gets too crowded, you can escape into Central Park from some peace and quiet. It has been the setting of many famous novels and films and it’s easy to see why people fall in love with this buzzing cosmopolitan city.

2. Grand Canyon
This huge natural wonder attracts millions of visitors every year and you can see why. A massive canyon of breathtaking natural beauty in northern Arizona and definitely one for the bucket list.

3. San Francisco
San Fran is a city bursting with culture. It boasts incredible sights, world class cuisine and a lively night life scene. Amongst it’s many famous sites to visit are Alcatraz, Golden Gate Bridge and Fisherman’s Wharf. And don’t forget to take a ride on the cable cars for the true San Francisco experience.

4. Las Vegas
A trip to Las Vegas is an experience like no other. Renowned for it’s casinos, luxury hotels and extravagant shows, this desert city has plenty to entertain kids young and old.

5. Maui
Not as famous as the Big Island Hawaii but a gentler, quieter holiday destination with idyllic beaches and impressive wildlife. A great destination for snorkeling with sea turtles.

If you’e planning on taking a trip to the USA soon, why not take in a few destinations at once, and take your Scratch Map USA Travel Edition with you along for the ride. You can scratch off the destinations you’ve visited as you go and create your own personal travel record.

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Map of the world that teaches you to say hello in many languages

What’s the first word you learn in every language? ‘Hello!’. When you’re hopping from country to country on your travels, you may not have time to learn much of every language of every country you visit. But with this scratchable map of the world with countries you can learn how to say ‘hello’ in over 190 countries, and if you can say ‘hello’ you can meet you new people, make new friends and start conversations. Our Scratch Map Hello is a map of the world that teaches you to say hello in many languages.

We’ve all been embarrassed by that family member on holiday who insists on communicating with the locals by just shouting louder in English (we’re looking at you Grandma). With this world map with a difference you can make friends by greeting people in their local tongue and learn how to say Hallo, Salut, Nǐ hǎo, Aloha, Hola, Lí-hó, Ciao, Përshëndetje … you get the picture.

The Scratch Map Hello has many features in common with the rest of our Scratch Map Range, with the addition of neon colours and how to say hello in different parts of the world:

Removable foil, language themed world map poster.
Learn to say hello in over 190 countries.
Material: Paper, laminate, colored foil.
Product dimensions: 59.4 x 82.5 x 0.2 cm.
Tube dimensions: 62 x 6.5 x 6.5 cm.

Scratch off the colored foil of the countries you have visited, revealing the neon colours below and create your very own personalized travel record which will brighten up any wall you choose to hang it on, and in addition learn how to greet the locals in over 190 languages! From Portuguese to Taiwanese.

The prefect gift for anyone who’s off on a gap year or someone who travels for work; they can brush up on their language skills before they leave. Although after the ‘hello’ part they’re on their own and may have to resort to wild hand signals and ‘do you speak English?’


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The coolest Scratch off Map, Scratch map Platitnum edition!

Introducing; the coolest Scratch off Map, Platinum edition! Map addicts, budding cartographers and the travel obsessed, this is the ultimate must-have map of the world for you. Our most Luxurious scratch off map to date, the Scratch Map Platinum is one glorious world map poster designed for those who enjoy the finer things in life.

The Scratch Map Platinum offers all the features of our Scratch Map Original:

  • Scratchable map of the world.
  • Scratch off where you’ve been to reveal vibrant colors underneath.
  • Features global facts, figures and travel tips.

Scratch Map Platinum showing China

But the Scratch Map Platinum also offers so much more:

  • Printed with a shimmering metallic ink and featuring a top layer of platinum silver foil that you can remove to record where you’ve been.
  • Comes with a high quality scratch coin.
  • Also includes a set of icon stickers for marking significant places.
  • Features spaces for ownership info.

Detailed geographical map showing South AfricaNorth Atlantic ocean, Spain, Portugal and Algeria on map

The world’s most unique personalized map

There has never been a more personalizeable map. This world map poster can be used to make the ultimate record of your travel adventures across the globe. You can use the icon stickers to mark out the routes you travelled, whether you travelled by air, boat, train, favorite spots along the way and so much more. So you will never forget the details of every special trip and can enjoy recounting stories of your travels to friends using your map to illustrate.

Map showing Asia, Indian Ocean and Australia

Create your own travel bucket list

The Platinum Scratch Map will fast become an addictive hobby for whoever owns it. The ultimate bucket list that will soon find you making up any excuse to visit the farthest corners of the globe, just so you can scratch it off. You have always wanted to go Papua New Guinea right?

This personalized world map comes complete with space to include ownership information (just in case anyone tries to lay claim to your hard earned scratches!) and would make a fantastic travel gift for the discerning globetrotters in your life. If they’re more into jet setting than back packing, this luxuriously stylish world map poster will make a fitting gift, one they’ll be proud to show off to friends.

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5 map of the world posters every traveller should have

World poster map

If you love to travel, then you’re probably no stranger to maps. From your city A-Z’s to your ordnance surveys and beyond. But not all maps are equal, some maps are vastly more beautiful, more interactive, more scratchable. These are the map of the world posters we specialize in and these are the maps for people whose passion is traveling. In particular, here are 5 map of the world posters every traveller should have.

1. Scratch Map Original

Our original and first world map poster which started it all back in 2010. A detailed map of the world with countries, printed with gold foil so you can scratch off where you’ve been. Create the ultimate record of your traveling experiences across the globe.

The Scratch Map

2. Scratch Map Travel

Our Scratch Map Original in a travel sized edition. The perfect map of the world poster for the traveller who wants to take their map with them as an interactive travel record. Small and light, this map rolls up into a sturdy tube small enough to fit in a backpack or suitcase. Perfect for a gap year adventure.

Scratch Map Travel poster

3. Scratch Map Deluxe

Our most detailed and most stylish world map poster. Printed on beautiful sleek black paper with copper foil, this map of the world poster makes an impressive statement on any wall and makes a great travel gift.

4. Scratch Map XL

If you’re looking for a map to help you plan your next globetrotting expedition, this is the one. When it comes to crowding round with your fellow explorers to plot your route, the bigger the better, and at A0 size, there’s plenty of room on this extra large map of the world for detail.

Scratch Map XL edition

5. Scratch Map Platinum

A luxurious map of the world poster for the truly travel obsessed. Whether you travel for work or pleasure, the Scratch Map Platinum is an addictive hobby. Printed with a shimmering metallic ink and featuring a top layer of platinum silver foil, this world map poster features spaces for ownership info, a set of icon stickers and a high quality scratch coin.

Scratch Map Platinum map

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Scratch Map of the world XL edition

Scratch map poster

The Scratch Map of the world XL edition is the ultimate world map. Whether you’re map enthusiasts like us or looking for something to help you plan your upcoming trip or to record your globetrotting adventures; this is the map for you. There has never been a bigger, more detailed, more interactive map of the world for you to own.

The Scratch Map XL’s main features include:

  • XL version of Scratch Map Original World Map Poster. (Our first ever Scratch Map which stated our whole Scratch Map Range back in 2010.)
  • Removable gold foil with vibrant color and details beneath allowing you to track your trip.
  • High quality gloss finish.
  • Features global facts, figures and travel tips.
  • Made in the UK.
  • Material: paper, laminate and colored foil.
  • Dimensions: 84 x 119 x 0.2 cm.

If you’ve just come back from a big trip across the globe and you’re looking for the ultimate personal record of your travels for you to keep and reminisce over, then this is the perfect map of the world for doing just that.

World map poster large

Use a coin to scratch off the gold foil of the countries you have visited and reveal the vibrant colors underneath. Then hang it on your wall at home so you can show off to visitors about how well travelled you are, or as a constant reminder to yourself of how much of the world there is left for you to discover.


Create your visual globetrotting adventures with this large world map

Perhaps you travel the world for work, or are a professional globetrotter who’s always off on their next exotic holiday, then you need the Scratch Map XL to tick off the countries you’ve visited as you go. It makes it much easier to pin point your next undiscovered target on the map.


Giant world map, the ideal gift

As far as maps go, the sheer size and beautiful colors of this map of the world make it an impressive feature of any wall and is the reason why so many people love giving our Scratch Map XL as a traveling gift or house warming gift to friends and family.

Plan trips by scratching off the foil

If you’re looking to plan your next traveller experience or are off on a gap year with friends then the Scratch Map XL is the perfect size for gathering round to discuss and plot your next trip.

World map poster

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3 must have World Map posters

Scratch off world map poster

We all know someone who seems to be forever in perpetual motion. Never standing still, always traveling to the next city, country, continent. Every true globetrotter needs their own definitive world map poster on their wall at home. They need world map posters to plan their next trip, to quickly look up countries and their distance from home and as a constant reminder of how much of the globe is left undiscovered to them. Here are 3 must have world map posters.

1. Scratch Map XL

Our original and first Scratch Map poster in an extra large edition. Make a feature of one of your walls with this supersized map, allowing for even more detail and interaction. Like all of our Scratch Maps you can scratch off where you’ve been revealing vibrant colored countries below. When it comes to world maps, some people think the bigger the better and this would certainly make an excellent map for gathering round with traveling buddies or a loved one to plan your next big trip. An excellent travel gift and would make a huge statement on any wall.

World Map Poster with countries

2. Scratch Map Deluxe Travel

The Scratch Map Deluxe is a more stylish version of our Original Scratch Map poster with copper foil on a jet black background. This travel sized edition is the perfect world map poster for globetrotters who may not be coming home between trips and want to keep track of their journey on the move. Comes in a sturdy tube small enough to fit into a suitcase or backpack. Both the Scratch Map Deluxe Travel and Scratch Map Deluxe include fascinating infographics and geographical information along the bottom revealing interesting facts about the land, oceans and mountains.

Scratch Map Travel Deluxe Edition

3. Scratch Map Oceans

If your interest in traveling and geography is not just restricted to the land but also the Ocean, then this stunning scale world map poster is a must-have. A beautiful scratch map printed on clear acetate and featuring in-depth detail of the world’s oceanography. If you know someone who’s about to embark on a big traveling adventure then this would make the perfect traveling gift for them.

World Ocean Map Poster

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The world’s most unique collection of personalized maps

The Earth is a huge place. The only way you can really see it all at once is from space or by gazing in wonder at a world map. We have a passion for maps and have made it our mission to curate the world’s most unique collection of personalized maps.

Scratch Map Original

We’re very proud of our collection of beautiful world maps which begins with our first map; Scratch Map Original. A world map poster with gold foil which allows you to scratch off where you’ve been, revealing vibrant colors underneath. The perfect way to make a personal travel record of your trip from the States across Europe or all the way to Africa. Or simply to just keep track of how much more of the world you have left to see. Comes in three size; the Original, Scratch Map XL and Scratch Map Travel Edition.

Scratch off personalized map of the world

Scratch Map Clear

Our Scratch Map Clear is indeed a unique world map in that it is printed on clear acetate, meaning that whatever background you hang it on will show through. And if that wasn’t cool enough; when you scratch off the countries you’ve visited, they disappear leaving only the outline.

Clear scratch off personalized map of the world

Scratch Map Deluxe

Our Scratch Map Deluxe is our most stylish and most detailed map. Printed on gorgeous matte finish black paper with copper foil, this map definitely has a luxurious feel to it. Scratch off the countries you’ve visited to reveal the stunning colors underneath. You can choose to have this map pre mounted and framed with our Framed Scratch Map Deluxe.

Scratch Map Oceans

The oceans that cover this Earth are just as fascinating as the land and this map acknowledges that. This scale map features in depth detail about the world’s oceanography along with detailed geographical information about the land and mountains.

Scratch Map USA

The United States is a big place rich in tourist destinations to visit and things to do and see, which is why we’ve dedicated a whole scratch map to it. This colorful map is the perfect travel record if you’re going the distance and making your way all across the continent.

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3 must have World Map posters

Large map of the world

We all know someone who seems to be forever in perpetual motion. Never standing still, always traveling to the next city, country, continent. Every true globetrotter needs their own definitive world map poster on their wall at home. They need world map posters to plan their next trip, to quickly look up countries and their distance from home and as a constant reminder of how much of the globe is left undiscovered to them. Here are 3 must have world map posters.

1. Scratch Map XL

Our original and first scratch map poster in an extra large edition. Make a feature of one of your walls with this supersized map, allowing for even more detail and interaction. Like all of our scratch maps you can scratch off where you’ve been revealing vibrant colored countries below. When it comes to world maps, some people think the bigger the better and this would certainly make an excellent map for gathering round with traveling buddies or a loved one to plan your next big trip. An excellent travel gift and would make a huge statement on any wall.

Large map of the world

2. Scratch Map Deluxe Travel

The Scratch Map Deluxe is a more stylish version of our Original Scratch Map poster with copper foil on a jet black background. This travel sized edition is the perfect world map poster for globetrotters who may not be coming home between trips and want to keep track of their journey on the move. Comes in a sturdy tube small enough to fit into a suitcase or backpack. Both the Scratch Map Deluxe Travel and Scratch Map Deluxe include fascinating infographics and geographical information along the bottom revealing interesting facts about the land, oceans and mountains.

Scratch off world foil map

3. Scratch Map Oceans

If your interest in traveling and geography is not just restricted to the land but also the Ocean, then this stunning scale world map poster is a must-have. A beautiful scratch map printed on clear acetate and featuring in-depth detail of the world’s oceanography. If you know someone who’s about to embark on a big traveling adventure then this would make the perfect traveling gift for them.

World Oceans Map

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Scratch off personalized USA map

United States of America map

Traveling in the USA is one supersized adventure. Whether you’re hitting the road in your Chevrolet along Route 66 for the quintessentially American road trip, taking a flight out to sin city Las Vegas to take in a show or have some fun at a casino, or taking in the historical sites of the Big Apple and Washington DC. The whole country is filled with once-in-a-lifetime travel experiences. And what better way to track your travels across the continent than our Scratch off USA map.

Record your road trip with a personalized USA map

Imagine you’re off on your Harley-Davidson for your ultimate US road trip. All you’ve got is the clothes on your back, the wind in your hair and our Scratch Map USA Travel. This compact travel sized Scratch Map is small enough to fit in your bag but still detailed enough to plan and chart your trip with a host of cool features.

Scratch off personalized map of the USA

  • Foil scratch map
  • Stars and Stripes design
  • Beautiful but sturdy tube for safe transport.
  • Separate route planner.
  • Star ratings for your trips.

Perhaps you’re looking for a gift for someone who travels across state for work? Then our Scratch Map USA would make an awesome birthday gift. Constantly living out of a suitcase is not always fun but it does have it’s perks, and seeing more of this great ol’ US of A is definitely one of them.

Full size scratchable USA map that you can personalize

Our full sized scratch off USA Map allows them to scratch off all the places they’ve been and hang it on their wall at home so they can show-off to any visitors about how well traveled they are.

A personalized USA map with geographical detail and trivia

The USA is a huge place with so many cool and interesting places to go. Maybe you just want to buy the Scratch Map USA for yourself so you can keep track of how many of the 52 states you’ve visited? Not just a great travel poster to frame and hang on your wall, it will be a constant inspiration to see more, so you can scratch off more. Now that’s one hell of a bucket list challenge to complete!

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Scratch Map, the ultimate travel gift!

Scratch Map; the ultimate travel gift for someone who’s always off on their next big adventure. Whether they’re off to build houses in Cambodia on their gap year, taking a wine tour of Argentina and then a hike up Machu Picchu or Whale watching in Iceland, they’re going to want somewhere to record all their extraordinary trips when they return, and that’s where our Scratch Map posters come in.

Foil covered maps which allow you to scratch off where you’ve been and hang them on the wall for all to see. A nostalgic travel record for them to keep and inspiration to help them plan their next traveling experience. With so many different designs and editions you’ll be spoilt for choice, but here’s a low down of a few of our favorites.

1. Scratch Map Original

There have been many imitations but this is the real deal. Our first original scratch map and a game changer in World Map Posters. Features:

  • A gold foil top layer for you to scratch off where you have been.
  • Beautifully vibrant colored countries and detail underneath.
  • Geographical facts about our world.
  • Includes US and Australian state lines and Canadian provinces and territories.

2. Scratch Map Original Travel

Does everything the original poster does but in a smaller travel size. Comes in a sturdy tube small enough to fit into a ruck sack so it’s the perfect traveling gift for someone who’s off on a long trip and wants to take their scratch map with them.

3. Scratch Map Deluxe

The most stylish and most detailed of our world maps, the Scratch Map Deluxe would make a beautiful house warming gift for the intrepid traveller. Copper foil printed on beautiful matte finish black paper, this world map poster includes fascinating info-graphics along the bottom, revealing a wealth of facts and information about the land and oceans. Make your gift even more impressive by opting for the Framed Scratch Map Deluxe.

4. Scratch Map Adventure

A scratch map featuring over 280 bucket-list experiences which can be uncovered as they’re completed. A gift for adrenaline junkies if ever there was one.

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3 cool world map posters for the home of office

Looking for the perfect world map poster to hang on your wall? We love world maps; you don’t have to be a Cartographer to appreciate them. They offer so much, a beautiful scale view of the Earth, the promise of new travel adventures and the memories of places visited. The best world maps are the ones you can personalize and we have a stunning range of Scratch Maps perfect for giving as travel gifts to loved ones, or keeping for yourself as interactive pieces of wall art. But not all maps are equal so here are our 3 world map posters every wall should have.

Scratch Map original
Take it back to basics with our Scratch Map Original poster. The one where it all began back in 2010. These are no ordinary travel maps; gloss finish paper with a removable gold foil print that allows you to track where you’ve been by revealing the vibrant colored countries underneath one by one.

2. Framed Scratch Map Oceans
If you’re just as much in wonder of the surrounding oceans as the continents on a map then our Framed Scratch Map Oceans is the one for you. A stunning world map that would look beautiful on any wall. This unique framed poster is printed on clear acetate and not only features detailed geographical information but also in-depth detail of the world’s oceanography, such as key ocean facts and nautical flags to represent the alphabet. This would make a fantastic gift for a keen traveller or a great way to get young people enthusiastic about the world and water around them.

3. Adventure Map
For all you thrill seekers out there; the Adventure Map is a scratch map poster with a difference. It includes 280 adventurous bucket list experiences which can be uncovered as they’re completed. Also Included with the world travel map itself is a 150 page travel guide booklet detailing the experiences categorized by nature, culture activity and cuisine. So whether you’re traveling to Africa, Asia, USA, Europe or South America, an adrenaline fueled adventure awaits.

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Personalized Map of the World with Countries

Personalized Map of the World

Scratch Map XL – Large Personalized Map with countries

Personalized map countries


Scratch Map Orginal

Personalized map with countries


Scratch Map Deluxe

Personalized world map with countries


Whether you enjoy climbing mountains or kicking back by the pool with a piña colada, it is always a good idea to have a map of the world with countries to hand. What if you want to work out how far away you are from the North Pole? Or better yet, how likely it is that the pineapple from your piña colada was grown in the same country? What is even better, is one of our personalized maps of the world, the Scratch Map™ map. Allowing you to remove the foil from all the countries and places you’ve visited to reveal vibrant colors underneath, our personalized world maps are the perfect way to keep track of your travels.

Scratch Map Collection

With over twenty Scratch Map™ posters focusing on countries, cities and continents, there is a map of the world to meet all travelling needs. And that doesn’t even include the Travelogue, Adventure Journal, Scratch Globe and plenty of other scratchable items. Know someone who loves the European flair and is not quite adventurous enough to step outside of the EU? Scratch Map™ Europe poster sounds like the ideal gift for them. Or have a foodie friend who thinks the most important part of any trip is trying the local delicacy? Sounds like Gourmet Scratch Map™ poster is the one for them, more commonly described as a bucket list for your taste buds.

Heading on a family holiday?

Our personalized map of the world is a great way to teach kids the geography of the world whilst keeping it fun! We even have travel sized versions so you can take the map of the world with you on your adventures and remove the foil from countries as they are visited. Our Scratch Map™ Hello world map poster makes for a fun holiday knowledge quiz once you return from a trip as it will test how many countries you learnt to say hello in in the local language!

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A Quick Guide to World Maps and Scratch Maps™

There are a lot of interesting things to use a World Map for. Planning future trips, improving your geographical knowledge, learning where the highest mountain in the world is, the deepest point in the ocean, pronouncing all the countries in Africa, memorising the fifty states in America…But one of the most useful things you can use a world map for is keeping track of all the fantastic places in the world that you’ve visited.

That’s where our Scratch Map™ world map posters come in. Remove the foil from each country you’ve visited to reveal vibrant colours and interesting facts underneath.

Scratch Map collection

If you’re the type of traveller who enjoys taking in the sights, soaking up the culture and learning the local language, we’d recommend one of our informative Scratch Map™ world map posters such as the Scratch Map™ Hello poster or Scratch Map™ Oceans poster. Learn how to say hello in over 190 countries or learn key ocean facts and nautical flags to represent the alphabet.

Scratch Map Chalk and Travel world maps

Everyone knows an ‘itinerary is everything’ traveller. For these organised folk, try our Scratch Map™ Chalk world map poster. Write travel plans (or lover’s names) on the Scratch Map™ Chalk poster whilst keeping track of the places visited by removing the foil. With a wipe away chalk pen, it allows for a little spontaneity/change of plan (not that that’s a regular occurrence for these itinerary fiends). Or if they want to keep organised on the go, try one of our travel sized Scratch Map™ maps. Small enough to throw in their rucksack or suitcase, they can keep track of all their adventures in real time.

Adventure World Map

For the adrenalin junkies, there’s only one solution. Our Adventure Map™ poster. A Scratch Map™ map featuring over 280 ‘must do’ bucket list experiences. Imagine cage diving with crocodiles. You can get up close and personal with these huge salt-water beasts in Crocosaurus Cove in Darwin, Australia with only a clear acrylic tank wall for protection. That’s just one of 280 incredible bucket list experiences to uncover on the Adventure Map™. The hardest decision will be which to do first!

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3 World maps every globetrotter should own

Yes, we get it you’re a globetrotter. We know you’ve had plenty of eye-opening experiences, eaten copious amounts of exotic food (followed by hugging copious amounts of toilet bowls) and had millions of ‘self-discovery’ moments.

You’ve scaled mountains, sailed across oceans and trekked across deserts. Your Instagram is covered in famous landmarks and your Twitter is positively multilingual. But do you remember every single country you’ve visited? Every state in the USA that you ate a burger in? If the answer is no, you need one of our Scratch MapWorld Map posters.

Allowing you to remove the foil from or mark each country or state as visited, our world maps let you record all your geographical conquests and will have you re-telling the stories until you’re old and senile. Our collection has grown considerably since we first released the Scratch Map™ Original world map poster in 2009, so we’ve narrowed it down to the top three world maps we think every globetrotter should own below.

1. Scratch Map™ USA Travel

There are a lot of states in the United States. Fifty to be exact. That is a lot of burgers/hot dogs/Twinkies to remember eating, so let us help with our Scratch Map™ USA Travel. This map of the USA is small enough to throw in your suitcase so you can remove the foil from each state as you go, but big enough that you can record your stateside adventures in detail.

2. Stamp Map™

Now, even globetrotters have places they still want to visit. With our Stamp Mapworld map poster, X marks the spot. Including two brass stamps with red and black ink pads, mark where you want to go with an ‘X’ and mark where you’ve been with a ‘Visited.’ There’s even space for you to write the date you visited too.

3. Scratch Map™ Hello

It’s safe to say that Brits don’t have the best reputation abroad, but you can change that with the help of our Scratch Map™ Hello world map poster. Learn how to say hello in over 190 countries so you can never be accused of being unwilling to learn the local language again. Not only will you learn how to greet the locals in dozens of languages, the bright neon colours will liven up any space you decide to hang it.

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4 travel maps perfect for any trip or adventure

People travel for all sorts of reasons. You could be looking for adventure, visiting relatives, or just trying to find a beach somewhere to get crispy whilst ignoring your work emails for a couple of weeks. It’s easier than ever now to jet off to wherever you want with a few clicks on your phone, a backpack, and sunnies you bought in the WH Smith at the airport. There are memories to be made, and whether you’re wanting to record all the places you’ve been, or give a gift that means your favourite jetsetter can, our original Scratch Map concept has been mutated into countless different varieties by our design team. Here are 4 perfect travel maps for any trip or adventure you’re planning…

If you’re planning a proper adventure, but need some ideas, the Adventure Map is perfect. Instead of being able to scratch the whole world, the map details 280 bucket list experiences that can be scratched as you make your way through them. From tiger spotting, to swimming with dolphins, The Great Wall to The Empire State Building; all the world’s great attractions are here for you to scratch off as you make your way across the planet.

If you’re looking for something a little more 3D to display your globetrotting, our Scratch Globe comes flatpacked (don’t worry, it isn’t a 3 hour Ikea situation), you assemble your globe, and are still able to scratch off your travels. Perfect size for a bookcase, or for hanging in a nursery.

There are a lot of words you should learn in the language of the country you’re visiting; “please”, “thank you”, “Is that poisonous?“, possibly to be followed by “Where is the nearest hospital?”. A good place to start when trying to communicate with locals is “Hello”. The Scratch Map Hello edition features the word for Hello in 190 countries, so never again find yourself doing that thing where you speak English really loud and wave your arms about. Nobody wants to tell that traveller where the hospital is…

If you’re too impatient to wait until you get back from your travels to scratch your map, the Scratch Map Travel edition might be the one for you. A scaled down version of our other maps, which means it’s easier to carry around with you and scratch as you go, although we hope you wouldn’t forget where you’d been as soon as you get home.

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Map of the USA Travel Edition

United States Travel Map

Pack this amazing perfectly formed rolled map in your rucksack for the road trip of a lifetime or stick it down your leather jacket for the Harley highway extravaganza, Indiana Jones meets Jessie James as you hit Interstate 10 hugging the Gulf Coast starting at the southern tip of Florida.

Roll your map out in the magical glamorous Miami and plan your route on the reverse of the USA Map, but don’t scratch off just yet, you could take a detour sampling the “Big Easy” in New Orleans along the Mississippi river and try some great french cuisine and nightlife before heading to Houston.
Map of the USA
The mini version of the original USA Scratch Map is a personal travel journal without all the writing but sections to make your mark on memories made making notes along your route with favorite places, and people. Just like the poster size map, scratch off as you travel to reveal interstates, boundaries and city’s for a fantastic accomplished feeling.
The map is of gloss finish and durable enough to use and roll into the carry tube as often as you need and is a delight to use. Styled in a typical retro American signage in soft blue and red with stars and stripes foil cover over the 50 states waiting to be uncovered into a vibrant red finish with detailed information of areas traveled.
Before you hit cowboy country I guess you will want to stop off at Houston and a visit to NASA, and so with 11,000 restaurants to choose from, perhaps you will be tempted to take a trip to space with a dry biscuit because you cannot make up your mind !
Now you are back down to earth and time to scratch some more off your map and head to the cowboy capital of the World for a bit of “Ye Ha” down on Dude Ranch on a camp down with ya tin a beans and pot coffee. The mighty Texas for some rodeo before heading to the sunshine state of California with your USA Scratch Travel Map you have completed the southern part of the United States of America
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Personalized Map of the World

Our minds are like Maps but sometimes we don’t follow our personal journey and take the wrong turn and get lost, because we are busy and admit it, we put others first. Self discovery takes time, and travel will give you the freedom to discover countries as well as yourself.

Indulge yourself with a Deluxe Scratch Map of the World. The matte black and copper foil cover with color and number coded borders will take you through the states of the Countries one by one revealing colorful culture, stunning scenery and monumental landmarks.

Scratch off where you’ve been World Map Poster

Scratch off world map poster

Europe is coded in green and consists of 18 must see countries to scratch off your map and reveal famous cities then see how many you managed to visit. It is not that hard to see the World if you work through the numbers wherever you choose to start is up to you and personalize your journey through travelling the areas around the key Countries. For instance, number 9 is coded in green, Andorra is nestled in the Pyrenees mountains and is on the border of France and Spain, under French government and a Spanish bishop so interesting unique culture and architecture with little change through the centuries avoiding battles and keeping it’s charm. A great place to ski in winter or hike in summer. The beauty of this travel is that you can discover the North of Spain and the South of France as well as your Andorra experience, revealing more on your map.


There are 6 Asia countries marked in blue to help you around the diverse landscapes from deserts of Lawrence of Arabia in Jordan with the salt sea at the lowest point on earth, an oasis of palm trees appear. To the lush green dramatic rocks and caves jutting out of the water like a scene from Avatar is the great hospitality of Vietnam.

Scratch off World map

8 Countries as a starting point to Africa from Togo to Malawi you will find Africa has more languages and culture than any other place on earth. From tribal life to great lakes, beaches and water sports, as well as the famous safaris, Africa is home to human kind and deserves a closer look.

Americas are coded in 15 orange tantalizing islands around America that will put you in paradise. You can venture inland for the vast American dream state by state, but first you must explore islands Robinson Cruse style, just kick them shoes off and then scratch off your own personalised map of the World. Feels good to be at one with the world you just touched.

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Scratch Map Collection

We all love reading Maps but want to add our own personal touch to our travels to bring our own journey to life, and see the World we have travelled. Then we can display it on our wall for the perfect personal world of art, I did it my way !
The Scratch Map Collection is tailored to your personal tastes to choose a Map that suits the way you like to travel and the way you like to mark down and record.

Detailed maps of the World

The finer detailed maps if you like to use a map for geographical knowledge just like the great explorers.

Deluxe World Map

Matte black and copper foil covered countries of the world are uncovered as you navigate countries and scratch off where you’ve been,revealing capital city’s. The colour coded index will be your guide on this map and interesting facts you will come across as you journey the globe for new adventures.A luxury finish gloss map, easy to roll in and out of sturdy matching tube or looks great on the wall to show off and share your experiences.

Clear World Map

A detailed map of countries and capitals of the world in silver scratch off foil. Printed on unique transparent gloss paper, so you clearly see the details, to plan your globetrotting then scratch away on your return and see the World get smaller as you conquer the destinations of your dreams.

Platinum World Map

A luxurious shimmering metallic ink map featuring a removable platinum silver layer of foil over the countries around the world to record your travels. Great detail is revealed from all the states in America to all the Islands in the Pacific, with personal space for note making. Comes with a scratch coin and set of icon pens.

Culture focused maps

The Maps that take you to the heart of culture, and cuisine for a more tailored adventurer who knows what he wants, but needs new experiences with the help of a scratch map he will discover the sights and flavours his heart desires.

Hello Edition Scratch Map

Travel the world and uncover neon colours of the countries highlighting culture and languages as you speak to the locals in their own lingo. Follow the maps country key codes and search for legends with a friendly list of ” Hello’s ” to speak the tongues of people in all the places around the globe. A white gloss background contrasts well with blue/green foil to scratch. Pink bubbles highlight the ” Hello’s” as you trace around the map.

Scratch Map Capitals

Black on black the dramatic countries of the world are waiting to unveil the cultural magic of city life with best food, architecture and nightlife. Helpful graphics will guide you on your journey of discovery to see what makes a city so great as you scratch where you have been and the bright lights of the city appear in a colourful array of information.

Gourmet Scratch Map

Map of Europe with removable foil typography featuring 130 regional dishes. A special website features full recipes across 7 categories. A lovely arty map for food lovers to liven the senses and experience the best of cuisine from around Europe. Tickle your taste buds on a journey of gourmet travel from the map to the plate.

Country focused maps

If you want to enjoy time and again an area in the world because there is so much to see and do and it suits you at your own pace. Take things nice and slow or get on your horse and ride like the wind.

UK and Ireland Scratch Map

From John O Groats through the Highlands and Lake District of Northern England, the Yorkshire Dales and onto the Derbyshire Dales, you like to take things nice and slow through chocolate box villages to listen to the cricket ball hit the willow and get the picnic out regatta style for a great British Isle experience. Then down to the Glastonbury Torr, through Cheddar Gorge, Stonehenge then the great beaches of the South for a true seaside experience all the way to Lands End. Guess you will be wanting a Guinness after all that and a trip to Dublin for a good old fashioned impromptu sing a long.

United States of America Scratch Map

Living the dream on California coast, tasting wine in Napa Valley, road trip route 66, or be a cowboy of the county in the great Canyon. We are seduced by the movies to cities like New York, where you won’t be home alone in a city that never sleeps, or hoe down in down town Dixie and explore the heart of country & western music from Texas to Tennessee. Trace the steps of Native Americans across the Indian reserves and scratch off your rodeos on this numbered states stars and stripes map of the USA

France Scratch Map

If you have seen the film ” Julie & Julia and you have a fascination with A La Carte food, you have seen the Cannes film festival and want to sample the high life, with quaint valleys and vineyards to explore in your hired Porsche convertible then this is the map for you. Text on map is in French so we will be fluent before too long.

Personalized Maps

How do you like to use a map ? Scratch , Scribble, or Stamp your way around the World with a map you can really control and change your mind as many times as you like and record when you are ready and done discovering a part of the world, or simply just wipe away and start again.

Stamp World Map

Make your mark on the World with this stunning poster size map of the World in gold with white countries to explore and stamp your journey. A zoom in on Europe and a must do monumental landmarks are shown along the bottom. Comes with 2 wood and brass stamps and ink pads to plan and record your very own personal travel experience.

The Chalkboard Map

A large map of the world makes for a great black chalkboard for an instant visual to plan out trips and make notes. Discover the world as quick as you can but don’t forget anything with this reminder. Just travel and wipe and start planning again. Comes with a box of chalk sticks

The Corkboard Map

Picture the world upon your wall. Pin reminders and travel plans on the large cork made shaped map of the world. An instant interactive motivator. Comes in a beautiful presentation box and 16 push pins to attach your holiday and adventure snaps to the country and area visited. Happy Memories

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Travel the World Scratch Map wall poster

One World. A million experiences and then some. It is time to start scratching off your own personalized journey with a Scratch Map of the World. Do we spend a lifetime dreaming and planning to find it never pulls off ? One can see and hear about the World, we are taught geography and we watch the travel programs tempting us. But we can only feel it, if we do it. We can only remember it, if we touch it. Then it is stored, then it is real.

Scratch Map Wall Poster

The reason every wall should have a World Scratch Map is that if “the writings on the wall ” it is happening or going to happen. Our lives are like trees, the branches are what we see and learn, how big we grow depends on how much we nourish the roots. Don’t get stumped by life’s distractions, take the route you want to with the map that allows you to choose and log down as you wish.

Getting the map is making the first step to self discovery and World experience. A blank canvas of the World is waiting for you to put your stamp on it. With themed Scratch Maps you are tailoring your own travels, adventures, oceans, languages, cuisine, and maps to obsess over your favorite country’s to get the best of a good thing and record the greatest restaurants in the world, or climb the mountains in Europe, cycle the Great Wall of China, ski in Iceland or sailing in a Schooner around the Azores. Maps with bucket list, Maps with chalk, Cork map to pin photos on with no words as they say ” a picture paints a thousand words “.or the original, to scratch where you have been with words of wisdom.

The World Scratch Map will launch you into action for travel on a personal level to experience your dreams and record where you have been revealing a colourful map of self discovery and knowledge. Now, that’s worth showing off, the good looking map with your route, get it framed and be proud you did it.

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Maps of the World

Studying a Map before you go anywhere is a joyful experience and part of the excitement of planning is as much a thrill as the journey itself, and the remembering of it. Some maps only allow you to read and follow but with the Scratch Map Travel you are in control to explore off the beaten track. Plan on the reverse and scratch off where you’ve been for the perfect record of personalized travel.

Let us look at a World destination famous for fun and a road trip you will never forget where fun and natural beauty beats out to every visitor in buckets. A travel map to plan and record is essential with so much on the go and to do. Florida attracts millions of visitors to it’s theme parks and are well worth a visit to Orlando. It is a World within a World and worth a few days of your road trip, Sea World and Animal Kingdom, as well as Disney World itself.

Road trip heaven is the Florida Loop taking in breath taking views and beaches looking out to the Bahamas and Havana along the Florida Keys, with the famous Daytona Beach and Miami offering the best of nightlife and shopping with amazing art deco buildings and fantastic Cuban cuisine. Visit the Everglades and Tampa Bay, Kennedy Space Center and more. 2 weeks should do it, but see how it goes after you unveil your trip on the large scratch map on your return.You may need to book next year to see the whole state. Also available is the original wall map with gold foil and the deluxe in matte black and gold copper premier finish.

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Large Map of the World

Keep your eye on the prize with a large map of the World taking center stage on your wall at home or in the office. The scratch map XL is a highly detailed map a bit like the ones you see in the classroom. But this is a family affair and the kids will want a say in your annual vacations and bucket list travels. Your own ideal travel will come together in a personalized journey as you teach your kids geography and about the real world and life out there, you will be creating memories shared together for all to see as you scratch off the foil covered countries and reveal your colorful travels.

The spotlight is on fun and knowledge and experience, a center piece for the intrepid traveler and the adventure seekers in the family. If you are a sporty family then you may wish to visit the best sporting venues in the World and experience what it feels like to be a part of the local culture and the terrain and architecture that make the locations great.You may even bump into a famous formula 1 driver. !

With the Large Map of the World interactive and personal editions there is plenty of room for all your travel dreams to come true. From Wembley to Centurylink in Seattle, from St Andrews Scotland to Augusta USA, or Monaco to Melbourne for formula 1. Wherever, just travel the world because you want to see what you enjoy and the World has it all. Start planning and start living with the Large Map of the World. Ready when you are to make it happen.

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Travel Scratch Map Collection

We feel like we have seen all of the World in movies but then we are here to experience all 5 senses not just sight. My Dad used to say ” you’ll get square eyes looking at the screen all day ” I am glad we were forced out to play. Made me adventurous. My Dad is like a World Scratch map. ”

Go on get out and enjoy yourself”. With this great map collection you will be inspired to create your own personalized ultimate and unique travel experience sensations. The best way to feel it is to do it. Don’t sit crossed legged under a tree all your life, you may get enlightenment but you didn’t taste it, or feel it.

With the Travel Map by your side, you will have saw and heard everything and written down to share and remember the great journey across the globe. All Scratch Maps are presented in an easy to carry matching themed travel tube, for easy portable access to roll in and out as you travel, Indiana Jones style.

Scratch Map Travel Edition Original

The Travel size Scratch Map of the World original is the same as the poster size but smaller to fit in your luggage. The tantalising original will really wake up your senses and travel bug within, with it’s crisp white background and gold foiled covered countries, waiting to be discovered.
If you are new to globe trotting then why not start with the ancient 7 wonders of the world. Or the 7 wonders known for remarkable constructions, in Peru, Brazil, China, India, Jordan, Italy and Mexico. In fact we now have a foundation dedicated to new 7 wonders of the world, like 7 wonder cities, or the 7 nature wonders like the Amazon Rain Forest and Table Mountain. Or better still, make your own personalised plans with the original travel scratch map, create your own 7 wonders, on the reverse of the map with a grid laid out world map to draw your route and write down those must see landmarks. Then scratch off the gold foil to reveal the exciting wonders and a colourful and sensational journey will appear before your eyes. Don’t just wonder about it, wonder around it !

Scratch Map USA Travel Edition

Let the USA travel Scratch Map seduce you to follow the sound of country and western, and the sight of the vast plains stretching out like the continual rolling globe, heat rising like smoke, the bright red sky on the horizon beckons you into the little town with the tumble weed and the Whistle Stop Cafe. Mmm I can smell them fried green tomatoes already ! See we already have the memory of the great U S of A from movies and music across the generations, but now we want to experience it, and no better way than to plan and map out your road trip of a lifetime than with the USA travel scratch map, it allows you to draw up your route, be it 66 or the best of the US Express, it will take you through it state by state driving through abandoned landscapes, rocky mountains, and historical monuments like crazy horse. Don’t be the coward of the county, you will be amazed at your personalised travel experience when you see the colours revealed on your map as you scratch away the stars and stripes revealing this incredible journey.

Scratch Map Travel Deluxe Edition

Travel 1st class with this premier finish travel Scratch Map Deluxe. Experience a hands on planner to take you from place to place, roll out your map as you wait for tea to be served on the orient express. Write down your must see and do things in Paris or Venice, then reveal the detail as you scratch off the copper foil covered countries show casing your journey on the luxury black laminate travel map. This smaller version of the full size deluxe map is easy to take on trips and durable enough to take in and out of the scroll tube as often as you like to record your travels. It features added detail along the bottom with useful information to help guide and plan with colour and number coded countries and continents. If you are interested in facts and want to visit the highest summits or fish in the largest lakes then the deluxe map will be your guide and journal wherever you go and however you get there be sure to do it in style.

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4 Top Travel Journals

Travel Journal for any trip

If you’re about to embark on a world trip, backpacking adventure, holiday or just want to record your travels in general, take a look a the finest, most unique Travel Journals on offer!

There is something more personal about keeping a journal, The romantic notion that the thoughts and notes you are reading have been touched by the person experiencing unique travel forming a mental picture of interesting memoirs of culture, landmarks and adventures.

Original Travelogue Journal

Introducing the natural card Travelogue, a unique All in One, for planning, logging, and sharing your travels. A perfect gift that never dates, recording the past, present and future. We usually use a diary to plan future events, and a journal for logging the places as we visit, and then we keep as future reference or to share with family and friends. With this Travelogue we have it all in the one journal, with sectioned spaces for Diary and planning, including contacts and budgeting. Comes with a matching folder to keep your Travelogue safe and protected and to store useful travel documents and the 8 mini scratch maps of the world that can be used a long side the journal to record and reveal your personalized travel.

Royal Blue Travelogue

The smart way to travel and record your journey of a lifetime with this must have travel journal. Ideal gift for the gadget man with it’s 8 mini scratch maps of regions around the world to perhaps record and bury in a time capsule for future generations to see the ever changing world of travel through your own unique experience. Be sure to use your best handwriting.! The Royal Blue Travelogue will guide you through the planning stage of your travels, and has sections to log your journey as well as tips and advice and suggestions on activities remembering to visit those galleries and parks. The journal also has sketch pages as well as lined note pages so be as artistic as you like, this is your personal travel log. Smartly presented in a matching folder with striking gold writing for a quality look. Inside you will find pockets on either side to store the mini maps and any travel documents that you want to keep safe.

Travel Journals for recording travels

The Maroon Travelogue

All journeys begin with a single thought or idea, but time runs away and you didn’t log it down. Someone told you the best places to eat in Paris but you have forgotten already and have to research all over again. The Travelogue will help you plan in detail with an itinerary and checklist. A section on notes for ideas and then a diary and information pages for seamless travel all in the one place.There is nothing more personal than hand writing that create hands on experience that will never fail to bring pleasure. Based on the original scratch map of the world there are 8 mini regions of the world to scratch and reveal your travels on the inside pockets of this Maroon colored journal.Enjoy this smart portable quality life recorder and log your journey of a lifetime in this stylish all in one journal.

Adventure Journal

An Adventure journal, for him who dares, wins. The perfect gadget gift for the man with a bit of get up and go. Presented in matte black card for a rugged look and a matching folder with striking copper colored sash with black out line travel symbols. Beware he may become an adrenaline junkie with over 240 suggested adventures to experience. This smart buddy will keep you active and with it’s 4 categories and 8 mini scratch maps with removable foil dots there is plenty to do with this organised journal. The ultimate traveler’s bucket list will keep excitement in life and a great way to plan and record your own adventurous travels.From windsurfing in the canaries to whale watching around the Azores, life will never be the same again.

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World Map with Oceans

World map showing Oceans

Introducing the most unique World Map with Oceans, a scratchable poster that you can personalize!

All aboard. It’s time to set sail to the four corners of the earth. Thanks to the Victorians, who recognized the health benefits of sea sand and sun, we welcome our much earned holidays to recoup, have fun and discover far away places and the surrounding oceans.

World Map featuring Oceans

World Map with Oceans

The globe trotters and adventurers will not be able to take their eyes off this World Scratch Map, enticing depths, and shallow reefs, perfectly illustrated in the light and shade of the ocean floor with this transparent durable poster map.Countries afloat in a shimmering silver grey foil to plan your voyage and reveal fascinating facts you never knew.

Highly detailed Oceans map with grids and nautical facts

Use the scratch grids to map out co ordinates and discover nautical flags as you travel to countries to experience cultures and landmarks, you will also want to have fun on the waves and even explore the magical life that lies beneath the great Oceans traveled for centuries from the first carved out trees to the modern yachts of today.

Discover the World of Oceans with marine trivia

Man has always been drawn to the sea, to travel to far away countries, discover new places, catch food, enjoy the wildlife, and enjoy the thrill of water sports. The Ocean World Map is presented in a hard wearing card scroll tube decorated in a nautical map out line print perfect for a travel gift or inspired gift to wet the appetite saying . ” If your ship doesn’t come , swim out to it ” !
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The Worlds Most Unique Map of Oceans

Map of the worlds many Oceans

If your looking for the World’s most unique Oceans Map look no further! Scratch the earth’s surface and you will come to water, surrounded by Oceans we are drawn to the sea like bee’s to nectar. The Ocean carries away our worries as we forget the routine of life, setting sail is liberating as we head for the thrill of the waves, the invigorating spray for mind and body health benefits, and dive for the mysteries that lie beneath.

Ultramarine blue characteristic Ocean themed World poster

Let the Ocean scratch map seduce you to the seven seas with it’s unique transparent ultramarine blue characterized Ocean themed World poster size map.Makes you just want to dive straight in, conjuring up the feeling to travel, to dive for shipwrecks, in deepest Pacific at 43 miles deep, or to ride the giant 100 foot waves of the Atlantic, or gently rock to and fro in the Indian ocean, waiting for that tug on your line.

Scratchable Oceans Map

Beautifully detailed personalized Oceans Map

The silver foiled countries of the World surrounded by vast oceans are waiting to be discovered and scratch away to reveal your personalized travel. It could be just a contemporary piece of art for the wall of office or home with it,s mesmerizing ocean shades giving the countries a 3 D platform to great effect in shimmering silver or interact and learn to navigate using the useful grid tools for co ordinates and nautical flags. Comes in a quality scroll tube in white with ocean blue print outline map images of the world with a nautical theme so you can role up and take on trips and record then hang back on the wall without creases, this durable laminate poster is for keeps. A great Travel Gift idea.

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The Best Scratch Map™ Posters

Scratch Map™ posters are for everyone. Perfect for gap year travelers, people studying abroad, people visiting numerous countries and cities through work, people taking sabbaticals and escaping to a gorgeous island or simply if traveling and holidaying is your thing!

What’s more, there is a map designed for all types of traveling enthusiasts.

Scratch Map Hello

Scratch Map™ Hello

Scratch Map™ Hello map is perfect for those passionate about learning languages. Scratch Map™ Hello map will teach you how to say ‘Hello’ from over 190 countries! Hola, Salut or Kon’nichiwa…Our new Scratch Map™ poster will ensure you know how to greet the locals and be friendly across the world!
Remove the foil from the countries you’ve visited using a coin on a flat surface to reveal a unique and personalized history of your travels. The striking neon colors underneath will make an arty statement wherever you chose to display it.

Best scratch mapsScratch Map™ Chalk

A chalk edition Scratch Map™ poster. How retro!
Ever miss those sacred school days where you had no responsibilities? This Scratch Map™ poster will take you back!
Reminiscent of a traditional blackboard, the Scratch Map™ Chalk posterenables you to doodle and annotate your Scratch Map™ poster.
Remove the foil and personalise as you go with travel plans, lovers’ names or anything that reminds you of a particular place. And for any change of travel plans or breakups, you can wipe it all away. Perfect for the spontaneous and adventurous traveler.

The best top rate scratch mapsScratch Map™ Oceans

Let’s be honest, Scratch Map™ maps make fantastic gifts so we wanted to give you as many options as possible to suit the intended receiver. Scratch Map™ Oceans map is our first world map poster printed on clear acrylic and not only has it created a storm of excitement with how it looks, it’s perfect for the traveler dedicated to the seas! Whether you are a seasoned swimmer, embarking on rowing the Atlantic, a lover of cruises or a jet ski fanatic, this world map poster is for you. Electric rainbow colors waiting to be unleashed under glistening silver foil. Scratch Map™ Oceans map is by far our most smouldering addition to the Scratch Map™ poster family!

Functional too it includes national and state boarders and features in-depth detail of the world’s oceanography, such as key ocean facts and nautical flags to represent the alphabet.

Scratch Map™ Deluxe Travel

The full size Scratch Map™ Deluxe map was such a success that we invented this pocket sized version for the traveler wanting it by their side every step of the way! Perfect for the gap year traveler always on the move, it’s compact enough to fit in their rucksack.

Travelogue Travel Journal

If travelers want something even more interactive than a Scratch Map™ map, try our Travelogue Travel Journal that contains 8 mini Scratch Map™ maps.
Want that special someone to be able to document their travels and experiences? Any traveler who has tried our Scratch Map™ map before will love the journal version. Displayed beautifully in a retro presentation folder, it contains a journal to plan your trips, a diary to record and comment on your experiences as well as 8 mini Scratch Map™ maps. There’s even enough space to pop your boarding pass stubs, tickets, memorabilia, love notes or photos in too! The perfect opportunity to characterize all your experiences from your travels around the world in one single book. Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, a new career path or simply to escape for a while Travelogue Travel Journal is for you.

Scratch Map ™ USA Travel

The USA is a big place with plenty of amazing places to see and our Scratch Map™ USA Travel poster is the perfect companion. Embark on road trips with the sunshine beaming down on you in sunny California, take the kids to Disneyland and meet alll your childhood favorites, visit Universal Studios and see where great movies are made. Scratch Map ™ USA Travel poster has a foil top layer with a cool iconic stars and stripes design and when you remove the foil you unleash the brilliant geographical detail.

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Scratch Map™ USA Poster: Our Guide to Route 66 by Car

Scratch Map USA by Luckies

Route 66 is about as iconic as it gets when it comes to America. The food, the fun, the sun and all the unique motels along the way. Pack up your Scratch Map™ USA poster, a GPS and all the road trip music you can stuff into a glove box because it’s time for the Scratch Map™ USA poster guide to the ultimate Route 66 road trip.


1. Lou Mitchell’s

The first stop on this 8 state tour is in Chicago, which is a large bit of city to uncover on your Scratch Map™ USA poster. Just a hop, skip and a jump from the start of Route 66 is Lou Mitchell’s, a restaurant that has become synonymous with Route 66. Thousands of road trippers have stopped here for a bite before heading out onto the open road – it’s the only way to start your road trip.


2. Pops
You’re driving; it’s pretty obvious that you’re going to need a few stops for gas. If you happen to be heading past Arcadia, Oklahoma, you may just have to fill er’ up at Pops. Don’t worry, you won’t miss it, just look for the 66-foot tall soda bottle. It’s both a gas stop and café with hundreds of unique soda flavours to stock up on for the rest of the drive.


3. Cadillac Ranch
West of Amarillo, Texas is a unique piece of Americana, the Cadillac. The Cadillac Ranch is 10 Cadillacs buried nose first into the dirt, and they’ve been brightly drenched in paint and graffiti. Best part? More graffiti is encouraged so after you’re done Instagramming these colourful creations, grab a can and sign your name.


4. Wigwam Motel
It wouldn’t be an ultimate road trip without some unique motels on the way and Wigwam Motel is one of the best. In the slightly run down town of Holbrook, Arizona it’s hard to miss the magnificence of faux tepees that make up this motel. If you’re in need of some shut eye while racing through Arizona, do not miss an opportunity to mark this town off your Scratch Map™ USA poster.


5. Elmer’s Bottle Tree Ranch
For another artistic turn on this road to freedom, Elmer has the answer. Not too far from Barstow, California is an assortment of sculptures made from recycled bottles and other materials. You may even run into Elmer himself who is always working up new additions to his off road art gallery.


6. Santa Monica Pier
Santa Monica Pier is a non-negotiable addition to your road adventure. It’s where Route 66 ends and it has everything a tired road tripper needs. Restaurants, amusement parks, a place to sleep and most of all a beach and ocean breeze to relax with after that long drive cross-country.

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Introducing: Scratch Map™ Oceans Poster

Scratch Map Oceans by Luckies

If you know anyone that would rather go on a sailing adventure than go to Amsterdam for a weekend, we may just have their ultra-memorable present prepped and ready for them. The Scratch Map™ Oceans poster is the first of the Scratch Map™ products to be printed on clear acrylic witch gives it that super cool transparent appearance that is just what you need for that friends wall of fame…

Just think, you know someone whose a bit gallery obsessed, to the point where all their walls are white so they can display any artwork they have, perfectly. They don’t care about what’s going on in the landlocked territories because they’ve already got their sea legs on and their sunblock ready. What do you get this person? You’re not going to be getting them that Monet water lilies painting they don’t shut up about because it’s blatantly out of your budget, and pretty much everyone’s budget. Get them something that inspires their ocean dwelling mind and can stand on its own two feet when paired with all their other artwork. The Scratch Map™ Oceans poster gives a more detailed look at the world’s oceanography while still keeping the boarders and land masses of the Scratch Map™ original.

With its transparent sheen and silvery foil over layer the Scratch Map™ Oceans poster is something superiorly attractive to add to anyone’s collection. Just frame it up and hand it over to that niece who has an obsession with learning flags that represent the alphabet, or wrap it up for that aunt who doesn’t seem to understand that nautical clothing is mostly a spring choice. Whoever is on your list, the Scratch Map™ Oceans poster could make some of them Snoopy dance with excitement.

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Introducing: Scratch Map™ Capitals Poster

Scratch Map Capitals by Luckies

Everyone knows that person that they can find just staring at maps and whispering to themselves “where should I go next”? No, they’re not actually crazy, just got a slight case of travel fever. Odds are they’re going to pick somewhere that has a lot to do, with some architectural beauty, a bit of nightlife, great food to inhale, and maybe some historical hotspots. In that case, you’re probably going to end up in some world capitals, and that’s where the Scratch Map™ Capitals poster comes into play. If you’ve got a friend that loves a bit of city life on their travels their next birthday may turn out like this…

It’s that friend who already has everything’s birthday. They don’t need a card that has a funny cat on it, even though that would be awesome, nor do they need a new tie that they’re never going to wear. Get them something they’ll actually use the Scratch Map™ Capitals poster, with its dark colouring that really makes the locations they’ve uncovered pop, it can be one of those conversation pieces that people have in their homes. People still do that right? Don’t get them just the regular Scratch Map™ poster, they want something that they can learn from, show off with, and give them some city inspired travel ideas. Skip over getting them a new passport holder because they’re not as useful as they look and find something that will make them want to continue their exploring.

Seriously though, not much looks better on the wall than a charcoal toned map of the world. The colour choices really make those places you’ve been to pop off the page so if you have someone who REALLY likes to talk about where they’ve been and rub it in people’s faces, this does their job for them. So no matter who you need a gift for, if they love a bit of city dwelling and want to explore a few government buildings on the way, the Scratch Map™ Capitals poster is all the inspiration they’ll even need.

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5 of our favourite Adventure Map™ bucket list ideas you need to complete: N. America

Adventure Map by Luckies

Heading to North America this summer? Lucky you! We’re sure you’ve got loads planned already but if you’re struggling for adventure inspiration have a little read of our 5 favourite Adventure Map™ bucket list ideas below…

Experience Zero Gravity – Cape Canaveral, Florida USA

Ever wanted to experience weightlessness? And we aren’t talking about when you’re trying to squeeze into your jeans after the Christmas break. We’re talking about real, Matthew McConaughey, inception type weightlessness. Step right up our first Adventure Map bucket list idea, the Zero Gravity Experience in Cape Canaveral, Florida. Experience true weightlessness, by floating, flipping and soaring in a specially modified Boeing 727.

Pink Sand – Barbuda, Antigua & Barbuda

Sunshine? Check. Palm Trees? Check. Turquoise sea? Check. Nearly 8 miles of deserted pink sandy beach? When can we go?! Thanks to the crushed coral in the sand, Barbuda’s centrepiece beach looks like something out of a fairytale. Stroll the beach for miles without bumping into another soul and if you get a little bored, we’ve heard the snorkelling is great too. If for no other reason, do it for your Instagram.

Eat Escamoles – Mexico City, Mexico

You can’t call yourself a foodie if you haven’t eaten Escamoles in Mexico City. Fact. Escamoles, or insect caviar, is a dish native to Central Mexico that was once considered a delicacy by the Aztecs. Ooo-errrrr. These light-colored eggs are harvested from maguey plants and don’t come cheap so you best start pinching those pennies if you’re heading to Meh-i-co this summer.

Paddle with Orcas – Johnstone Strait, British Columbia, Canada

Considered to be one of the best places in the world to see Killer Whales, it would be rude to go to Canada and not visit Johnstone Strait. Take one of the four day sea kayaking tours and witness Orca in their natural habitat. The base camp is located in the heart of Johnstone Strait, off Vancouver Island, British Columbia so if Killer Whales aren’t your thing, the views alone are still definitely worth the visit.

Stargazing – Natural Bridges National Monument, Utah, USA

Nearly 100,000 people stop at Natural Bridges National Monument in southeast Utah each year but only a fraction of those visitors see its most spectacular offering, the Night Sky. Natural Bridges is one of the darkest national parks in the country so it’s no wonder stargazing there is one of our favourite adventures in North America. This canyon country park offers camping, scenic overlooks & hiking trails, plus 3 sandstone bridges. Go on, you know you want to.

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5 of our favourite Adventure Map™ bucket list ideas you need to complete: Europe

Adventure Map by Luckies

Planning a trip to Europe this summer but a week with boozed up Brits in Magaluf isn’t quite tickling your fancy? Are you mad?! Just kidding, here at Luckies we are total supporters of doing something a little different. So if you fancy mixing up your travel plans this summer, take a look at our five favourite Adventure Map™ bucket list ideas in Europe. You’ll be booking flights on Skyscanner in 5, 4, 3, 2….

Wife Carrying – Sonkajärvi, Finland

First holiday with your boyfriend or girlfriend and you can’t stop bickering? Wife carrying could be the solution. Reconnect and strengthen your relationship in this fun contest where male competitors race while each carrying a female team mate. The objective is for the male to carry the female through a special obstacle track in the fastest time. Just don’t blame us if it leads to an argument about the big meal you ate last night…

Hill of Crosses – Šiauliai, Lithuania

Definitely a sight for sore eyes, the Hill of Crosses is a site of pilgrimage about 12 km north of the city of Šiauliai, in northern Lithuania. What started the practice of leaving crosses on the hill is not known for certain but it is believed that the first crosses were placed there after the 1831 Uprising. Over the generations, not only crosses and crucifixes, but statues of the Virgin Mary, carvings of Lithuanian patriots and thousands of tiny effigies and rosaries have been brought here by Catholic pilgrims and we have to say, it makes for a pretty amazing sight. The exact number of crosses is unknown, but estimates put it at over 100,000.

World’s Oldest Brewery – Bavaria, Germany

No adventure is complete without a celebratory drink, are we right? Nearly a thousand years old, Weihenstephan is the oldest brewery in the world and still stands upon the Weihenstephan Hill. Take the guided tour or just sit back and take part in a beer-tasting session, it is a holiday after all.

Wing Walking – Yorkshire, England

Bit of an adrenalin junkie? Well, what are you waiting for? Head to Yorkshire for some wing walking! Standing on a wing, flying through the air at a rate of knots, what’s not to like?! This experience will see you learning the skill of wing walking at this aerodrome in Yorkshire and then performing in an aerial display that will test your nerves of steel. You’ll definitely be in need of a good old Yorkshire brew afterwards…

The Classic Marathon – Athens, Greece

For the super fit, head to Athens for their annual Classic Marathon. This road race even has a little history too – the marathon course is based on the legend from which the race gained its name: Pheidippides, a messenger in Ancient Greece, ran from the Battle of Marathon to Athens to announce the Greeks’ victory over the Persians. So stick on your Nike free runners, slap on some sun cream and board a plane to Athens…

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Scratch Map™ Oceans Poster: Beginner’s to Sailing Holidays in the Mediterranean

Scratch Map Oceans by Luckies

Who wouldn’t want to go sailing in the Mediterranean for a few days? Months? Years are probably preferable. With all the coastlines, beaches, resorts, and sights to be concurred, get ready to hop on a boat or yacht for our beginner’s guide to sailing holidays in the Mediterranean.

1. Formentera

If you’re looking for a pristine beach on an island oasis, make sure to uncover Formentera on your Scratch Map™ Oceans poster. Just south of Ibiza, Formentera is a Spanish island home to one of the most beautiful beaches the world has to offer. Migjorn beach must have fallen out of rom-com with its white sand and transparent waters it’s just the place to get a bit of colour and practice your water sports.

2. Sicily

Maybe you need a bit of space to stretch out after being in Formentera, Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean, meaning a sufficiently impressive bit of foil to remove from your Scratch Map™ Oceans poster. This place has it all because of its wide role in history, so if you’ve ever wanted to see a Greek Temple on Italian soil, get your passport ready. Sicily is a gold mine for history buffs and foodies alike, so don’t hesitate to start your day posing under 12th century mosaics in the cathedrals and posting your dinner that evening from one of Sicily’s Baroque towns. You really can’t go wrong here.

3. Malta

Holidays while trying to save your pennies is probably one of the most difficult obstacles in life, but a quick trip to Malta is exactly what the doctor ordered. This Italian island has 300 days of sunshine a year, that’s a lot of sunblock and bikini shopping to prep for. It’s home to a mass of historic sites from megalithic temples to fortresses and burial chambers dating back to 3600 B.C. An inexpensive holiday spot with beaches, food, and historical sites? To the boat!

4. Santorini

After a devastating volcanic eruption in the 16th century, Santorini has embraced its modified landscape and has become the king of romantic holiday spots. Most famous for its distinctly white-washed towns of Fira and Oia, Santorini offers a unique sense of beauty that goes for miles. The towns are especially primed for a Kodak moment at sunset after a long hike. Fira even has a hiking trail for those feeling like getting in shape over the holiday before passing out on one of the beaches below the cliffside. The island is iconically Greek and a great way to finish your sailing excursion in style.

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Scratch Map™ Oceans Poster: Island Hopping in Indonesia

Scratch Map Oceans by Luckies

Summer’s approaching. And with all the lukewarm days and rain clouds most of the world can offer us, it’s definitely time to start researching your next escape to the sun. How about an island hopping adventure through Indonesia? Get ready to take your coin collection to your Scratch Map™ Oceans poster, we’re showing you some of the best island destinations in Indonesia…

Bali Island

Bali Island looks like something straight out of a picture postcard, or these days an Instagram account worthy of 100K followers, and the some! One of it’s beaches is even called Dreamland Beach! How much more drool worthy could you possible get? This island also offers some amazing sights such as the rice terraces in Ubud, the Tanah Lot Temple, and a trilogy of volcanic mountains. This place is a feast for the eyes and is a haven for Yoga buffs, your IG follower count is about to go stratospheric….

Bunaken Island

If you’re looking for a place to test out your snorkelling gear, Bunaken Island is the place to be. Its surrounding bodies of water have over 58 different genera of coral to explore, with over 2000 different species of fish in the marine park. It’s a cornucopia of splendour for under the sea viewing. It’s a place you have to see to believe, not even the Scratch Map™ Oceans has this kind of detailed coral depictions.

Kepulauan Seribu (Thousand Islands)

The Kepulauan Seribu is another name for the ‘Thousand Islands’ in the bay of Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia. These islands have become a go to weekend spot for locals and with approximately 128 different island formations, there’s much exploring and adventuring to do. Between the national parks, beaches, and resort life Thousand Islands gives all the local flavour and is a great stop if you’re having trouble deciding exactly what you want to see and do on your Indonesian adventure.


This island known for its tin production (great if you’re celebrating your 10th wedding anniversary!), kind of looks like a dream oasis. It has dozens of different beaches, meaning you could go to a different beach every hour and have a full day planned. This Indonesian gem is also home to the Dendang hot spring, Maras Mountain, and 7 other islets to explore.

Komodo Island

If you’re a fan of large lizards, you’ve probably heard of Komodo Island. Home to the largest lizard on the planet, it also has some less deadly assets. One of the highlights is the Pantai Merah, or Pink Beach, which is exactly how it sounds. This pink sand isn’t something you’ll see anywhere else in the world, it’s worth the trip to see it first-hand. Komodo also has a national park and variety of other beaches to sunbathe on, it’s just what that cloud induced complexion needs.

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Scratch Map™ Capitals Poster: A Beginners Guide to Paris

Scratch Map Capitals by Luckies

Paris is pretty much the ultimate city to visit. You can’t claim to be a traveller without visiting the city of love. So grab your Scratch Map™ Capitals poster, pack up your suitcase and prepare to scribble Paris off your list after reading our beginners guide to Paris…

1. The Eiffel Tower

You absolutely CANNOT go to Paris without visiting the Eiffel Tower. Yes it may seem a bit of a tourist trap, but this 19th century architectural wonder is essential and completely worth seeing. Plus it’s close enough to the infamous Notre Dame cathedral and some precious Parisian cafés where you can sit down for a croissant and a latte.

2. Champs-Elysees

It may be another of those cliché things to do but you can’t go to Paris and completely avoid the shopping, it’s what Paris is for. The Champs-Elysees is an essential shopping destination to uncover on you Scratch Map™. There’s a multitude of recognizable storefronts from Sephora to Gap, and even a Starbucks if you’re feeling homesick. But if you want to indulge in the ultimate Parisian cafe, visit Laduree (75, avenue des Champs Elysées 75008) for macarons and coffee – or a champagne cocktail if you’re done shopping!

3. The Louvre

Even if you aren’t a museum goer, the Louvre is too sensational to avoid. You don’t have to do what everyone does and spend 6 or 7 hours hunting for the Mona Lisa, but it’s a great place to mark off your bucket list. It’s important to remember that the Louvre is closed on Tuesdays, and there are a few special circumstances and holidays when you can get in for free, definitely worth checking prior to your visit.

4. Montmartre

If you’ve ever seen an impressionist painting or wanted to be in one of the bohemian centres of Paris, or are maybe just looking for a bit of nightlife, Montmartre is your place. Named after the hill on which the Sacre-Coeur is so comfortable sitting on, this district is tourist friendly and has a great view if you’re brave enough to endure the trek up Montmartre. You can even tick the Moulin Rouge of you to do list, because it’s in the district, along with other night-life hot spots.

5. Get lost

Yes, it isn’t a generic place, but the best thing to do in Paris is just get a bit lost. Brush up on some basic French before you hop the Eurostar and you can go just about anywhere in the city. There’s so many back alleys to explore, wonders to uncover, and food to gorge on that by the end of the trip you’ll have a massive area to uncover on your Scratch Map™ Capitals and some great memories to go with it.

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Scratch Map™ Capitals Poster: A Beginner’s Guide to Berlin

Scratch Map Capitals by Luckies

Germany’s capital, Berlin, is a city full of history, has a thriving youth culture and uber cool arts community. Better book your plane ticket now, because after reading our beginner’s guide to Berlin, you’ll be chomping at the bit to see it for yourself.

1. East Side Gallery

East Side Gallery is a unique blend of history, art, and is possibly the largest and longest-lasting open air gallery in the world. The Gallery consists of 105 paintings by artists from all over the world, painted in 1990 on the east side of the longest remaining sections of the Berlin Wall. Over time many paintings have been badly damaged by erosion, graffiti and vandalism, but many original artists returned to restore their works in 2009. It’s a great way to uncover a large piece of your Scratch Map™ Capitals poster,feel cultured and get some Instagram worthy photos at the same time!

2. Reichstag

This historic German Parliament building makes a worthy stop on your list , mainly because of the dome of glass, roof terrace and roof garden restaurant where you can see a 180 degree view of Berlin. Admission is free, but you do need to register before you go..

3. Museum Island

Located in the Spree River, Museum Island is exactly as it sounds. It’s home to 5 museums including the DDR museum which provides an interactive, immersive experience of the past. Another must see is thehe Pergamon Museum, designed by Alfred Messel and Ludwig Hoffmann. The Pergamon Museum was constructed over the course of twenty years, from 1910 to 1930 and houses original-sized, reconstructions of spectacular architectural gems such as the Pergamon Altar and the Market Gate of Miletus. There’s pretty much something for everyone with all the different museums to visit. Just pick your favourites and go for it.

4. Mauerpark

Mauerpark is a public park in the Prenzlauer Berg district. A former part of the Berlin Wall, the park is popular with people of all ages and turns into a flea market and karaoke stage on weekends. Ideal for relaxing on a sunny day, take a picnic and just people watch all day!

5. Grunewald Forest

If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous the Grunewald Forest is a must. It’s the largest green space in the city of Berlin and it’s a good way to turn your city break into a wildlife adventure. Plus you can trick all your Facebook friends into thinking you were in two places at once. There’s greenery everywhere and if it’s warm enough during your visit, you can even take a dip in the Havel River. It’s a great place that’s perfect for exploring at a leisurely pace, just like the rest of Berlin.

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Scratch Map Deluxe; The perfect gift for the luxury loving traveller!

Scratch Map Deluxe Edition

Whilst it’s all very well slumming it every once and a while, there’s only so much squatting over grotty 24 hour bus toilets one traveller can take without getting a little disheartened. Here at Luckies HQ, we admire those of you that are honest enough to admit that you like a bit of luxury when travelling. It is meant to be a holiday after all! So, after the success of our original Scratch Map we decided to up the anti and create it’s more luxurious sibling – Scratch Map Deluxe! Printed on matt finish black paper with copper foil on top, the Scratch Map Deluxe is our most detailed map, featuring fascinating infographics at the bottom that reveal a variety of interesting facts and information about the wonderful world we live in.

  • Scratch off Map Deluxe Edition


scratch-map-deluxe-editionIf we may say so ourselves, Scratch Map Deluxe is a wonderful gift to give to yourself as it allows you to scratch off where you’ve been, leaving you with your very own personalised world map. But, they do say you get more enjoyment out of giving gifts than receiving them (blah blah blah) so we also think it’s a great gift to give to luxury loving traveller who loves a good adventure or two (without the getting dirty involved)! I mean, everyone has that friend who likes the finer things in life. The one who makes us break out in a cold sweat when we have to think of a gift to buy them that won’t break the piggy bank….Well, we think this scratchable world map will definitely satisfy those avant garde tastes without meaning that we have to eat gruel for a month!

Whether they’re planning on sunbathing in Bermuda, skiing in the French Alps or horse back riding all summer in a Californian vineyard, your luxury loving pal will be eternally grateful if you present them with a Scratch Map Deluxe before they set off on their trip!

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Need a world map for your travels? How about Scratch Map™ Travel!?

First thing’s first, if you’re going travelling there are a couple things you’re going need besides sun cream and bikinis. The first is a world travel map so you know where you are/where you’re going. As nice as it is, you don’t want to end up in Jersey, Channel Islands instead of New Jersey, USA…The second must-have travel item is a check-list of all the beautiful countries you’re going to visit/have visited along the way. Come Monday morning when you’re back in the office and those holiday blues really start to kick in, trust us, you’re going to need a pick me up in the form of a personalised map of your travel memories!


Scratch Map Travel EditionHere at Luckies HQ, we’ve decided to save you the hassle of taking both and have combined the two with our Luckies Scratch Map™ Travel! Allowing you to scratch off where you’ve been, you can keep a record of your travel adventures as you go and the end result? Well, by scratching off the gold foil map to reveal a range of different colours, you’ve created your very own personalized world travel map! Once you’re home, you can stick it up in you’re living room and impress everyone you have over for a cup of tea…“Oh you’ve been to Peru?”


What’s more, this scratch off world travel map is not our usual scratch map size. Much like the cute little travel toiletries section in Boots (so adorable), our Scratch Map™ Travel is compact and portable so it will free up valuable space in your suitcase / rucksack for the 15 pairs of shoes you plan on taking. Measuring in at 32.3 x 5.3 x 5.3 cm in its cardboard presentation tube and 29.7 x 42 cm rolled out flat, there’s no excuse not to take it with you, and scratch off the gold foil as you go!

Whether you’re planning on climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef, Australia or raving it up in Ibiza, our scratch off world travel map is the perfect travel companion for you and your wanderlust friends.


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Need cool travel gifts for the design loving creative? Give them a Scratch Globe!

world map 3d

We know the score when it comes to giving the right gift to the right person, and we like to think we cater for the hard to buy for crowd pretty well… Top of the tricky tree in our humble opinion, tends to be creative types. You know the ones we mean, designers, architects, arty-creative characters that work in media perhaps… They know what they like and they like what they know! Which is no bad thing, we’ve all got our cute little quirks but sometimes it makes finding them a unique present somewhat nerve-racking!

You can relax though, as we’ve designed the perfect gift for those with an eye for aesthetics in the form of a scratchable 3D world map, also known as a Scratch Globe! Not impressed yet? Wait until they start scratching off it’s sexy gold foil covering the countries they’ve visited and see the vibrant colours underneath..

Record your travel with a scratchable World map

3d scratch off world mapScratch Maps make the perfect present people who travel long distance regularly as well as those who simply dream of catching a plane to Peru and Brazil but rarely leave their local pub. So we knew creating a 3D scratch off map would make a great gift for anyone with an eye for design and a penchant for getting crafty.

Scratch Globe, 3D World Map

Scratch Globe comes in 20 parts, and can be easily assembled in under 10 minutes. This DIY globe doesn’t require any scissors, glue or sticky tape, all parts simply fold and slot together. It makes a fun craft project for kids or adults and is a unique way to display your adventures and experiences by simply scratching off where you’ve been. Give Scratch Globe as a gift to any design lover and they’ll be putting it together and proudly displaying it on their vintage Scandinavian bookcase in no time….

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World Map Poster

World Map Poster

Personalized World Map


The Scratch Map™ was first launched in 2005, designed and manufactured by the design house Luckies of London. This project was about creating something truly unique however with so many world poster map options available, it wasn’t going to be easy. The aim was to create a world poster map that you could personalize, a way to visually record your travels and then display them proudly showing all how well traveled you are and that’s when the Scratch Map™ was born.

The ultimate World Map poster

Designed by avid travelers, the original personalized world poster map boasts an array of innovative features. This beautiful world map poster is coated in high quality gold top foil layer that can easily be scratched off with a coin or an eraser. The idea is to gently scratch off the top foil layer, as you scratch away a new bright, colored and highly detailed map of the world is revealed.

Create your own personalized visual travel record

The idea is to scratch off where you’ve been or scratch off where you would like to go, the perfect poster for either recording a lifetime of travels or planning a trip of a lifetime. This ingenious creation is so versatile and fun, it also serves as the perfect gift for quite literally any occasion.

The evolution of the Scratch Map™ family…

The world map poster spans a huge 81.9CM in width (32 inches) and 58.2 (23 inches) in height. This huge poster looks stunning on any wall and even better framed. As the Scratch Map™ gained huge popularity, requests from all over the globe started to flood in asking for newer versions so the team at Luckies started to create a family of Scratch Maps which has grown over the past 7 years ranging from travel editions, geographical editions to the latest Adventure edition.
If you’re in search of the perfect World Map Poster, look no further!

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Five of the most wanted travel gifts 2014

Travel Gifts 2014

Whether you are a senior globetrotter, novice adventurer or you just like to get the family out every now and again, look no further, for we have found the answer to your travel gift dilemmas. Travel gifts are becoming increasingly popular with the boom in the technological world and the complete ease of travelling nowadays. Which is why more and more people are purchasing travel gifts for themselves, loved ones or those who are just about to start their journey of a life time!

1. The Scratch Map- Deluxe Edition.

A novelty gift for any type of adventurer, for practically any age. This Scratch Map™ features a stylish matt black background with an intricate gold foil print of the world. All you have to do now is scratch off this foil as you travel and reveal the range of brightly coloured places hiding underneath, it couldn’t be simpler!

2. In- Car- Nito.

Safety is a must when travelling, however, no-one said you couldn’t have a little fun too. The In- Car-Nito is a quirky item that incorporates both safety and fun while you’re off travelling to the next destination in your car. This strong reinforced cardboard box looks like a standard hardback book however, wait for it, it’s not. It’s actually a hollow shell perfect for storing your keepsakes away from wandering eyes, all snapped up safe and sound with a magnetic lock. Genius!


All great globetrotters have a journal, don’t they? However, not all globetrotters have a Travelogue. The Travelogue is ten times better than your typical everyday travel journal or diary, and here’s why:

  • It contains a 64 page notebook, ideal for documenting your adventures.
  • 8 regional mini scratch maps.
  • Bound in a protective card envelope.
  • And as a bonus, there is an added check list and travel tips section.

What else could you need more to start off on an adventure of a lifetime?

4. Currency Money Bank.

This next invention is great for the likes of us that come back home from our holidays with pockets full of change and with nowhere practical to keep it. The currency money bank is the answer we‘ve been waiting for. It has six nifty compartments, segmented much like an orange, which are perfect for storing all the different currencies you have gathered from your holidays. A sticker sheet is also provided so you will never get confused, only ever organised.

5. Waterproof Notebook.

Both an ideal gift for the water enthusiast and a revolution in technology! Imagine being on the beach, scuba diving, in the shower or just in the wide outdoors, you can take this handy notebook anywhere and you’ll be able to write down the genius idea, or sketch that incredible view even if it’s pouring with rain. Take note:

  • The 100% graphite pencil will not hamper your writing whether you’re under water or above it.
  • The pages of the notebook are actually stone paper. This means that however deep you go, they still will not perish.
  • All the pages are perforated.
  • In addition, it has an elasticated hook for the ease of storing.
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Top 5 Travel Gifts for Men 2014

Men can be hard to buy for sometimes, and it can be daunting trying to find the perfect gift with all the options out there for different types of guys. The technology enthusiast, the petrol head, the craft beer convert, they all know what they like and often there is just so many options it can be overwhelming and hard to find something unique or special. However if you’re looking for a gift to give an intrepid adventurer, or someone who dreams of seeing the world, we’ve sourced the perfect list of gifts available.

Top travel gifts for men

1. The Scratch Globe

Combining wanderlust and a bit of fun construction, the Scratch Globe comes boxed and ready to create so you can send it to someone abroad or closer to home. 3D TVs are on everyone’s wish lists so why not 3D Scratch Globes!? A great looking addition to anyone’s office bookcase or bedroom shelves.

2. The Deluxe Scratch™ Map

A luxury map that can be personalised by the owner to keep a beautiful record of everywhere they’ve ever been. On high quality matt black paper, with gold foil to scratch off and reveal vibrant colours of each country, it looks just as good whether you’ve been to just one country or hundreds!

3. Travelogue

Essentially this is a Scratch Map™ condensed into eight pages so it can be taken along for the ride wherever the owner is off to next! Included in the case is a journal to keep notes on interesting places and experiences, as well as pages to plan your journey and itinerary. A great gift for someone about to embark on their gap year, sabbatical or trip of a lifetime.

4. Luckies Memory Box

Top travel giftsHardly anyone is lucky enough to be able to gallivant around the globe without ever stopping, so Memory Box from Luckies is a great present for someone returning from their travels so they have somewhere to store precious mementos from their trip. Ticket stubs, Polaroids, sand collected from far flung tropical islands, beer mats from favourite beach bars, Memory Box is a great way to keep them all safe and ready to reminisce over at any time.

5. Alife Design – Travel Organiser

Keep tickets, currency, passport, hotel booking and boarding card all in one place with this handy and stylish travel companion. Stay organised but still looking cool, it makes a great gift for anyone who travels frequently or might be on the disorganised side! Made from durable gloss PVC in a range of colours, all you have to choose is the colour to suit, from elegant black for the fashion conscious to vibrant red for the extrovert.

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Scratch Map™ USA Edition features and overview

All 50 states beautifully displayed with the Scratch Map™ USA Edition.

The Scratch Map™ USA Edition is here! What better way to remember a wonderful country with the Scratch Map USA. This highly detailed wall poster is finished in the most patriotic style with the stars and stripes!

Scratch Map™ USA Edition

scratch_map_usaThis wonderful creation has been developed with a top foil layer that can be scratched off, the idea is to scratch off the top foil layer to proudly display what states you have visited, from Las Vegas to New York!

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Travelogue Travel Journal in detail

64 page travel journal

The Travelogue is a beautiful and extremely useful travel journal with a difference! Like all good travel journals, there’s ample room to write down all your findings, experiences and notes. It also offers you up some handy travel tips, important checklists and useful daily planners, but what the Travelogue has that no other journal has is 8 miniature scratch maps, tucked snugly in the sturdy card sleeve. Each of the scratch maps represent different regions of the world so you can scratch off where you’ve been whilst en route!

It’s great for locking in your locations and for giving you an interactive and fun document to show all your mates on your return. The Travelogue travel journal offers the traveller an opportunity to record every step of their journey in writing and images. The result is a definitive document of amazing times and far out places.

Travelogue travel journal makes an amazing gift for someone going off on the trip of a lifetime.

Travelogue…a new journey with every page!


Material: Laminate, card, coloured foil, paper
Recycled cardboard binder
Regional scratch maps
Check list and travel tips included
64 page notebook
Protective card envelope, perfect for slipping in your rucksack

17 x 22.5 x 1.5 cm

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Scratch Map™ Travel Edition features

Scratch Map Travel Edition

Much like it’s big bro, the Scratch Map™ Travel Edition has a gold top foil which when removed, reveals a bright and colorful world underneath. However, the travel edition is that bit smaller and stored in a thin but strong card tube, making it great for being shoved in your rucksack or suitcase whilst taking up minimal amounts of your precious case space! Ideal! In fact, it measures in at 42 x 29.7 x 0.1 cm

The Scratch Map™ Travel Edition in detail…

Travel Edition Scratch MapWith the best intentions, us jet setters often think we’ll keep a log or a diary when we are away but in reality you’re generally too busy soaking it all in to take pen to paper. This unique and entirely personalized map is the perfect way to keep a tally of where you’ve been, how you got there and what you liked about the place with minimal effort! Which is what you want from a break! A lovely feature the travel edition has is on the reverse, you’ll find a blank map which means you can write notes directly on it. You can also paste an image of yourself in the ‘before’ box and then ‘after’ to check on the tan…

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Scratch Map™ Deluxe Edition features

Scratch Map Deluxe Edition

Itching to go travelling in luxury and style? Scratch it! Introducing the wonderful Scratch Map™ Deluxe Edition! It’s name speaks for itself really! It has all the brilliant features of the original Scratch Map™ but is larger, with added islands, more intricate detail and more style! It’s black background with copper foil covering looks sophisticated and professional on any wall and the bright colours of the map underneath look smashing against it’s stylish backdrop.

In case you’re not familiar with the concept of the Scratch Map™, here’s some information you should know: The Scratch Map™ is a beautiful and popular map of the world that allows you to log your travels by scratching off the top foil of the place you’ve visited, revealing a colourful map underneath and giving you a brilliantly factual, interactive and 100% personalised map of the world as a keepsake and reminder of your travels.


Material: Laminate, card, coloured foil
Larger, more detailed map
Additional islands and cities
Fascinating infographics along the bottom of the map to reveal a wealth of facts and information about the land and oceans presented in an engaging and colourful manner
Comes packaged in a sturdy card tube


82.5 x 59.4 cm

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Everything You Need to Know About the Most Unusual Gifts!

From individuals to collectors, unique items can be a good addition to a house, store or anywhere else that needs decoration or a little tweak. It can be a great souvenir or a good gift for people you love. If you have no idea how to find the type of item that fits the definition of unique, this article is for you. Learn more about the different, unique gifts that you can easily buy online.


Definition of Unusual

When it comes to buying the best unusual gifts in the market, you first need to define what unusual means. There are a number of meanings that can be attached to the word. In fact, it can be an atypical item that is one of a kind that it simply grabs attention. In some occasions, these are items that easily become the collector’s items. Due to the intricacy involved in its production some items are not produced in great numbers.
In order to be considered unusual, there has to be that element of rarity. Most of these items are not overproduced. A number of these items are even bought via pre-order basis due to the limited run that companies do with these types of items. Things that are unique may come hard to find. Unusual would also usually mean quirky and one of a kind. Quirky items can tend to be funny and ideal for those people with a great sense of humor. At times, it breaks the conventions set towards an item.

Unusual gifts for men

What is classed As Unusual Gifts

To concretize the idea of unique gifts, it is a good call that you check these items. These following items can easily be classified as unique presents due to their characteristics, quirky design and limited runs. These items can be perfect presents for different occasions as these items never fail to surprise anyone.


The Yolkfish falls under the category of a unique item, primarily because of its construction, it is one of a kind and it definitely is something worth having in your kitchen. This product is not only unique, but also functional. As the name suggests, it is shaped like a fish and what it does is to take away the yolk of the egg. This item is unique to the point that it takes different, unconventional methods just to remove the yolk of the egg completely.

Luggage Label Stickers

What’s unique about the luggage label stickers? These luggage label stickers, unlike any other stickers are vintage designed meant exactly to make the luggage stand out from the rest. If you ever experienced seeing a number of luggage look alike, and have a difficult time telling them apart, the luggage label sticker solves all of this. With 16 designs to choose from, and made of vinyl material, this is a perfect present for any occasion especially to someone who loves to travel.

Scratch Map Deluxe

SCratch Map Deluxe EditionThere is nothing fancy about a map. When it comes to the Scratch Maps though, it is a different story. The concept of a scratch map is to expose geographic locations as you scratch the surface. Useful as a display at home or even in a business setting, the deluxe edition is a much improved version of the Scratch Map that we all know. In fact, this slick and sophisticated item is a great item not only for the traveler but also for those who are looking to design the home.

Dry Wipe Wheelie Bin

Dry Wipe Wheelie Bin is a great concept perfect for those who love to organize their table. Perfect in the office or in a study table, this allows you to keep all your pencils and other things. What makes this item unique is the fact that you can actually draw on the outside of the wheelie bin to customize the way it looks depending on your preference.


The Travelogue is similar to any travel journal, only it is unique. Travelogue contains a number of regional maps that can become handy in a travel experience. With 64 pages, and unique in its overall appearance, this is something that has been made in a unique way.

Why Unusual Gifts are Best For Different Occasions?

One of the biggest worries of individuals is whether or not it will be a perfect fit to any occasion. Just like any other gift, there are items that are perfect for certain occasions. However, due to the fact that the items are unique, not to mention rare, these things make as great gifts for any occasion. Whether it is Father’s Day, Birthday or the Yuletide Season, you do not have to worry that it may disappoint. Due to the rarity, quirky characteristic and the entertainment factor, these items do not fail to surprise people for whatever occasion.

People tend to appreciate those items that have unique characteristics. This is the main reason why it will be a great present to whatever occasion. Could you imagine receiving a Yolkfish? Even for someone who doesn’t cook that much, the fact that it is functional and uncommon makes it a great item.

How to Buy Items Online?

More and more people are now purchasing online. In fact, billions of dollars annually are made by e-commerce sites worldwide. When purchasing items online, not only is this most convenient, this even has the potential to be cheaper considering the lower overhead cost of selling online.

This is the reason why buying online is becoming more of a feasible option. When it comes to your buying spree though, you want to make sure that you are doing things safely. There are a number of instances where their credit card number was stolen due to the lack of security in the website. You want to make sure that the site itself is carrying out their security measures for their customers.

When it comes to your purchase online, you pay for the item directly through your credit card or through PayPal. PayPal was designed in order to protect people who are transacting online. This protects their credit card information that can be vulnerable to identity theft. It is highly suggested that you use PayPal for this provides a safe transaction. You may also want to check the different reviews online. You want to make sure that you get an opinion from those people who already purchased the product.

In order to ensure that you purchase an item according to your expectations, it is always a safe bet that you stick with a site that offers superb customer assistance. The company should have a toll free number or at least an email to accommodate any question or concerns.

Now if you are after saving some cash, you may want to check if there are any coupon codes that you could use. Coupon codes can provide discounts to certain items that you purchase. Also, it is a good call to purchase during times when they are clearing their inventory to make way for new stocks. The online stores will have different set of practice when they go put their items on sale.

Another rule of thumb when you are making your purchase is to check the availability of the product that you want. There are instances when some products are out of stock, especially those that are unique. These unique items don’t come in large numbers. There are some items that have different distributors. If this is the case, it is a good idea that you check for the price and the availability in these areas as well. You will not be disappointed with this considering how much this could make things easier for you. For instance, what if there is a distributor near your location? This means that you will have to shoulder less in terms of shipping.

How to Buy Overseas?

A lot of sites today come with a conversion. For those websites that offer shipping worldwide, they typically ask you where you are located. This way, they could adjust their currency. Though this is a minor concern, if you are on a tight budget, you might want to check for conversion through Google. Google can provide you with the quickest conversion to any currency worldwide.

How to Watch The Cost of What You Are Buying

You also need to assess how much you are going to spend on shipping items. Depending on where you are located, this can differ in terms of shipping charges. You may want to consider multiple items in order to make the most of the shipping fee that you are paying. It is common for e-commerce sites to change a more reasonable shipping when you purchase two or three items at once. It is ideal that you experiment with the site. You may want to try to update the cart every once in a while when you are making your purchase to see if there is a drastic increase in the shipping cost with your purchase. You have to be fully aware of these matters since some items may double in price due to shipping cost.

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Card Wallet Plus, protect your credit and debit cards safe

Travel Card Cover

Traveling may require you to have a number of things such as your ticket, passport, boarding pass and many other documents. The Card Wallet Plus available in different colors is a functional but cool product that can come in handy anywhere you may be. Made of PVC materials and with sufficient pockets to accommodate everything you need for your travel experience, this product is a perfect gift or accessory for these instances.

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Essential gift for a holiday, travel journal

Travel Journal

Luxury travel journalDocumenting your travel through photographs and videos are some of the modern ways of immortalizing your travel experience. Travelogue Travel Journal is a great way to compliment your travel, since there are some details that can’t be documented simply in a photo or video. The Travelogue is a great gift especially for those who love to write as they travel. It is composed of 64 pages, together with miniature scratch maps in different regions of the globe.

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Last minute gifts, compact, easy to send

Last minute gifts

When it comes to exploring new horizons, the Scratch Map Travel Edition is a great follow up to the Scratch Map Poster. Instead of just being displayed, the Scratch Map Travel Edition is a perfect gift that you can bring en route to your next great destination. Voyaging through different countries can tend to make you forget especially when you are traveling for months. This product can make your travel experience better as you can mark places that you’ve been in.

Last minute gifts, low cost, lightweight, east to send!

Scratch Map Travel EditionAlthough the Scratch Map Travel Edition features a great list of features, its also one of the most unusual yet affordable gifts on offer. For under $20 the Scratch Map Travel Edition is by far the most unique gift perfect for anyone, lightweight, easy to send and affordable!

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Old Fashioned Luggage Tags

One of the most confusing things that you will ever experience when traveling is getting your bag after a flight. A lot of people use the same type of bag that makes things confusing for so many individuals. Some people put their names on a tag. This method can be effective, but it can be hard to determine which luggage is yours from afar.

Beautifully designed Old Fashioned Luggage Tags

Old Fashioned Luggage TagsThe Luggage Label is a perfect travel gift for someone who is always traveling. Made of vinyl material, this helps in identifying and customizing the luggage. With available 16 designs to choose from, it has the ability to change the appearance of even the old luggage that you’ve been using for years. The good thing with this product is that you can easily remove the stickers and it would leave no mark when you peel them off.

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Cool posters and prints for the home

When it comes to decorating your home, you need to make sure that you are picky. There are certain posters that may not look good on your overall design. If you are having a difficult time choosing posters and prints for your home, this list is made for you. You will find these cool posters suited for your interior. In fact, some of these products are very quirky and unique.

Guitar Art Print

Guotars art print

If you love music, this is a perfect poster in your home. For those homes with a room for musical instruments, this is a perfect addition to your home. The Guitar Art Print helps you take a look back at the history of the old guitars from the past to the present. See the world famous guitars that made a difference in the 75 year history of Rock and Roll.

Gourmet Scratch Map

Gourmet Scratch Map

From the makers of the renowned Scratch Map, the company partnered with Snow Home and Alison Hardcastle to create one of the best posters ever printed. Guiding you of the different food recipes found in Europe, this poster is beautiful in color black. Once you scratch it, you will see the different colors underneath, the beautiful Gourmet Scratch Map.

Scratch Map Deluxe Edition

Scratch Map Deluxe Edition

Whether you love geography or you like a design that fits well in your wall, the Scratch Map Deluxe Edition is a great buy for you. The Scratch Map Deluxe Edition is a new and improved version of the popular Scratch Map that they released in the past. As the name suggests, it is a new and improved version of the former design. This product provides a more accurate version with added islands, not to mention a different take on its design. As the name suggests, it is a deluxe map that is guaranteed to look good in your own home.

Sneakers Art Print

Sneakers art print

Sneakers have become a staple addition in fashion. People love shoes that are not only comfortable, but are also stylish at the same time. Any sneaker head will appreciate the Sneakers Art Print. An infographic poster of different shoes from different manufacturers from the 1917 Chucks to the classic Adidas shoes, see the progression of the shoe industry. Included in this poster are the Vans, Jordans and collabs such as the Jeremy Scott and Adidas shoes. This poster features 134 of the greatest sneakers ever produced.

Camera Art Print

Camera art print

For someone who loves photography, the Camera Art Print from Pop Chart Lab takes you back to the days of the old. This poster is a great product that can be displayed in your home because of its classy look and great aesthetics. It shows the history of the cameras from the bulky medium formats to the rangefinder and to the SLRs. This product showcases 100 of the landmark cameras that made an impression in the world of photography.

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Cool kitchen gifts for 2014

Kitchenware poster by Pop Chart Lab

The kitchen is one of the most high traffic areas in your home. Getting the right type of kitchen equipment can make a big difference. This is exactly the reason why kitchen presents can always be a great call. What are the cool kitchen gifts for this year?


Jumbo the elephant is a great product that can be used either in your home’s bathroom or in the kitchen. Available in two different colors, you can choose either you want it to be cream or grey. Jumbo the Elephant is made of 100% plastic. In terms of aesthetics, Jumbo is a great sight to see in these parts of the house. It becomes handy in these parts of the house as you can easily organize all the clutter. It can be used to keep all the utensils without consuming so much space.


For someone who appreciates the art of presenting the food in a very creative manner, the Cucumbo is a perfect gift. Cucumbo is a spiral slicer that makes your cucumber look good. Made of 100% acrylic materials, this product is also easy to use. In fact, all that you need to do is to push the vegetable into the plastic blade and let Cucumbo do its magic. It is designed to make a continuous slice spiral to your vegetables.

Fried Egg Cup

The Fried Egg Cup is a great addition to the kitchen not only because of its rare appearance, but also because of its functionality. In terms of functionality, the Fried Egg Cup provides room for bread and other breakfast essentials. It has a place specifically for a hard boiled egg. And as for the overall shape, it was designed to be quirky, making it a great overall present.

Hug Doug

Hug DougIf you plan of making soup, or anything that involves a large pot, let Hug Doug be a good addition to your tools. This product is a great addition as it solves a problem commonly encountered by people who love to cook. Ever encountered your utensils heading straight down the pot? In these instances, this may be a hassle since you will have to clean the utensils again. This is something time consuming. For someone who wants to solve this minor problem, let Hug Doug be the best answer to this. Shaped like a human being hugging on your spoon, this product, this product makes it fun to cook.

Kitchenware Art Print Journal

From the makers of the popular posters, now, you can get a great kitchen companion in the form of the Kitchenware Art Print Journal. With 200 kitchen utensils, you can easily identify these items without a problem. This is a great gift for aspiring chefs or to those people who are very interested in cooking. From mandolins to ramekins, learn each and every one of them with this quirky print journal from Pop Chart Lab.

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Cool gifts for family and friends

Trendy and cool gifts are liked by almost everyone who loves giving and receiving gifts. Looking for something which can please your family and friends? Want to make them feel special? Want to show how much you love and care for them? If you are tired of buying the same traditional presents for your friends and family every time, opt for trendy modern gifts which not only will please you and the receiver, but can also be bought within your budget. Several stores offer a wide collection of interesting and stylish presents that you can present to your loved ones.

Availability of cool gifts

However, when it comes to the availability of such items, your local store can sometimes not offer too many options. For this reason, online stores play an important role. They provide you with a wide collection of things without taking much of time and effort. You can access considerably large number of online shops right from the comforts of your home, and yes, there is hardly any chance of getting stuck in the traffic jam. Online shopping is literally a great choice especially when you run short of time in selecting a gift of your choice.

Cool gifts for anyone, any age or gender

cool gifts for anyoneYou can present varied cool gifts to your loved ones. But make sure you have selected a gift that carries your emotion in a better way. After all giving gifts is not meant to server occasions only.
Wondering what to buy? How about a wheelie bin? A wheelie bin sized to stand on the desktop is definitely a nice present. One can use it immediately to tie up the mess which is in the kitchen, on the desk or anywhere else. Another beautiful present is a video notebook which has hard covers that are styled similar to the old video cassettes that you might have in your cupboard. Attractive undercover sleeves for laptops and tablets also make other cool gifts which you can find at various online stores. Some of the cool presents which you can look for are: memo container, attractive cartoonized pencil sharpeners, salt and pepper shakers, magnetic door organizers, cuff links, scented or aromatic candles, bottle openers, desk organizers, piggy or money banks etc.

The unusual collection of cool gifts

Cool gifts for menThere might be some presents which might have never even crossed your mind. The most special thing about such presents is that they are unique and the receiver might have never even imagined of being presented with such presents. These gifts are unique and their use can make one’s life much easy and interesting. The receiver will definitely praise your imagination and sense of presenting them with such gifts. These gifts often tend to be funny and ideal for individuals who take pleasure in good laugh. One can know about the innovative and funny side of these gifts only when you use them. You can locate such gifts easily at online stores. Before you purchase these cool gifts from any online store, make sure you have researched enough about the reputation of the store. One should remember that, though all kinds of gifts bring happiness and pleasure, but such cool gifts without any question bring much delight and enjoyment.

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How to choose birthday presents for any occasion

It goes without saying that Birthday is one of most significant days in a person’s life. It brings a lot of joy and happiness along with it. When it comes to making this day special for someone, nothing makes it better than a meaningful birthday present.

Everyone loves being pampered on their birthdays with special and unique gifts of love. But sometimes, it becomes very difficult and confusing to choose a right gift. However, choosing birthday presents can be immensely easier provided that you are willing to spend some time and effort for the same. This will help in reflecting the appropriate emotion of love. If you know the interests of the person the gift is meant to, selecting a present becomes much easier.

You should be thoughtful and creative but not pensive while planning a gift for your loved ones. A well thought present that expresses your love and affection in a better way is of course a better gift. Here are some of the tips which can guide you choose more meaningful birthday presents:

Birthday presentsThe thought counts:

You must have heard this phrase. It still holds true. What counts more is the thought. A thoughtfully and carefully selected personal birthday present is always helpful in expressing your love. If you spend a bit of time in visualizing the interests of the birthday boy or girl, you can buy beautiful and indeed meaningful gifts within your budget.

Pre planning works:

If you know that the birthday of someone you are close is nearing, you can try considering the likes and dislikes of that person. Try finding out the things that can bring smiles on their face.
Take time to shop around: Take time to choose the best suited things. Don’t make haste. Make a list of at least five things of your choice before you choose the final one. Remember, it is not always necessary to buy expensive gifts. Price is no object for a person who is special in your life, it’s about the feeling that your gift carries.

If you are not able to find the best suited gifts in the shops down the street, head over to internet. You can find a reasonably large of the websites offering all kinds of gifts. Take time to explore their collections. You will surely be able to find the ones that say it all for you. You can consider a few choices like: fragrances, jewellery, photo albums, chocolates, apparels, watches, gift baskets, bags and wallet etc. If the person loves music, you can consider music CDs, iPod, MP3 players etc.

There is one more very important thing about birthday presents, not merely about birthdays but about any gifting occasions, that you should gift a thing that is useful for the person accepting this present. It hardly makes a person smile when there is no use of a gift.

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How to select cool last minute gifts for men

Sometimes, especially when out in the market to buy gifts for someone, our time management tends to be so bad that we end up seeking the last minute gifts. The online websites and stores are the last resort as they help us to make our sudden and timeless choices. However, buying a last minute gift is not unusual, we do it very often. But, paying attention to a few simple things can make it more impressive in term of selection. It is important that the last minute gift should not give a feel that it has been bought at the last minute. These gifts can be unique or cool gifts that may give a feel that they have been bought thoughtfully.

Last minute gifts for menToday, markets whether online or offline, are flooded with cool gifts and presents. Remember, sometimes when get to see multiple numbers of items of at one, you confuse yourself. Tend to be selective with the choice on such occasions. If you need to buy unique gifts for women, you have a number of choices of last minute gifts. But many times the age group of an individual matters the most. You can find categorized presents in the shop that are nicely arranged according to age groups. It makes things easier. Still, if you can’t think of any cool gifts, it would be appropriate to gift a voucher. It’s obviously one of the most popular gift ideas today.

If you have an idea that you will be coming to the party directly from the office, there is a probability that you have no gift in hand. But you can surprise the person by handing a neatly packaged present. If you do not have sufficient time to shop around for the presents, you can browse any store nearby for personalized cool gifts. The personalized gifts look unique when one adds receiver’s or giver’s photo to it. One can customize the gifts as per the taste and interest of the receiver. Examples of such gifts are photo coasters, photo frames, scrap book, music player, personalized t-shirts etc. Personalized gifts do not take much time; in fact they bring immense happiness and joy to the receiver, making him feel special. Gifts always bring pleasures but you should keep it in mind that your gift should match the interests of the receiver.

Last minute gifts for himHere is a list of gift for girls, to which you can give a though – diaries, jewellery, crafts, romantic novels, subscription to magazines, designer dress, a box of chocolates, portable media player, games, plug and play interactive games.

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How to choose fun gifts for him?

Fun gift ideas for him

Life is one time everyone has got; hence, it is always wise to make the most of it. Don’t let your life get serious and grey and don’t let it happen with anyone else either. Bringing fun and pleasure into life is very important to keep it going at a smooth pace. Our life has many important things like work, family, friends and spending time together is also very essential. In short, there are many ways by which an individual adds fun and enjoyment to his life. Stepping outside in the sun for a day trip and having pleasure playing some fun game with your friends, are simply great but it needs time, planning and budget of course. Take life the other way, spread laughter, enjoy life and help other do the same. Interestingly, these all can be done very easily with fun gifts.

Fun gifts for himFun gifts always bring laughter and fun with them. A bit of playing with the fun gifts can reveal how much pleasure and enjoyment a person and his/her loved one can have with some simple and small things. All this pleasure comes with minimum distractions. You can also consider indulging your friends and family members into the enjoyment by sending and giving fun gifts.

Everyone loves to laugh and perhaps that’s why more and more people today prefer funny presents than the common ones. With the advent of internet, buy fun presents have become very easy. They all can be purchased from different online stores and websites. There is an assortment of gift websites online which offers interesting and unique presents online, thereby making the purchase of gift has become much hassle free and enjoyable.

Some of the fun gifts ideas you may love to consider are – Love at first sight glasses, 3D Glasses, Dashboard Hula Girl, Emergency cat meow button, Scented soap, Growing tongue, Holiday moustache, LED lighted mouth piece, Rear-view spy glasses and many more. It is important to note here that such gifts should be given to only to the people who are light natured and like to have fun. If you know someone with such nature then these gifts can prove to be an ideal present for him.

Funny gifts for himHowever, you can find a wide range of fun gifts at a store whether online or offline, yet make sure that the fun gifts that you are going to buy carry a certain sense of humor with them. Funny present not only make an individual happy but they also fill pleasure to the life of the receiver. One should therefore experience fun transforming the regular grind into something which is enjoyable.

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How to choose fun gifts for him?

Selecting a gift for him can be very easy and at the same time it can be very difficult. It all depends on how you think and what set of mind of you carry at the time of the making your selections. The most important thing to consider at the time of finding gifts for men that are hard to buy for is that you must relate every item you choose with him and not with yourself. It usually happens that we buy gift items which we think are funny enough, but it might not be the same for him as well. Ask yourself if you are purchasing this gift for you or for him. Of course, it is for him, then why is your choice being so important at moment? It might seem different to think for a while. But trust me, you will love its result. The insistence must me on things that are indeed for him. All the people cannot have the same kind of sense of humour and that is the reason we must take into mind.

Fun gThe second thing is to the recall some of the humorous incidents you spent with him. What are the things that make him laugh the most? How he reacts to a particular kind of items? Ask a few similar questions to him and make a note of things that you found this way. It will be very helpful in selecting the right fun gifts for him.

Once you are done with the above steps, make a list of things that he uses the most every day. Don’t hold yourself from writing. Write anything that he uses the most every day. You might find some of stupid things this way, but do write them. Now relate the possibility of gifts with a few of them. Suppose, he uses his bike the most every day, you can find the dummy bikes, so much so that you can find chocolate and other edible in the shape of bikes. Won’t it be a fun idea to present him as a gift?

If you still can’t the fun gifts for him, let us explore a few other possibilities for such items. Take a few items of home décor, for instance – wallpapers, flower pots, vases etc. What’s funny in them? Come on, there can be fun elements in them because of their size, shape and designs. You can find a number of such items on a gift shop or even online which are very funny because of their structures. If you talk about wallpapers, they can be funny because of those funny quotes written on them. Besides, you can consider a few office items for your selection. There are funny pens, stationeries, notepads, books, coffee mugs and several other things. If you can’t think of one still, visit a few fun gift shops online and explore their collections, you will surely be getting some real fun gift ideas there.

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Advantages of Buying Wholesale Gifts

Purchasing wholesale gifts offer many advantages. Primarily, you get good discounts. Buying wholesale items offer the flexibility to stay competitive in business. Finding ways to cut your product costs and give your customers a lower price can give competitive edge to your business. If you are just starting a business, buying wholesale products in order resell is a great marketing strategy.

Benefits of buying wholesale products

The main benefit of buying wholesale products to resell is its profit margin. It helps you to save more. Besides discounted prices, bulk purchases will save you a lot of transportation and handling charges.
Purchasing wholesale products helps you to generate additional capital. Flexibility of capital lends you a hand to explore many areas in your business. Consequently, you will have more business opportunities.

Another great benefit of purchasing wholesale gifts or other products is its improved supply chain. It offers steady and reliable supply of products. This will certainly create a confidence among your customers and enhances your relationship. Adequate supply of products is one of the key factors to get success in business. You can easily cater the needs of your customers as they can readily access what they want.

Buying wholesale products can help you to establish a healthy relation with manufacturers that enables you to negotiate more deals and discounts.
Since, you will have steady supply of products it helps to build up confidence among your customers.

Tips to buy wholesale products

We know, buying wholesale gifts and products is much cheaper than buying from other stores. However, you have to consider certain factors when buying wholesale products.
First, you need to finalize the products that you want to buy and all information pertaining to them such as different models available, its market value, resale value. Doing little search on internet help you to know these details.
Before purchasing, ensure to know the background of the wholesale supplier. It is wise to make a direct contact rather than using e-mails or telephone. Thorough investigation into the suppliers’ legitimacy and service is necessary before agreeing to make deal with them.

Many wholesale dealers offer substantial discounts for the products that are ready to dispense. Take advantage of such discounts and make more profit.
Don’t give in to the sellers demand. You have to negotiate and get a reasonable price. Some dealers agree free shipping that can also be a lucrative offer.

Taking reference form friends helps to find a good dealer.

In order to find wholesale suppliers, Search the white and yellow page. Online search is the easiest and effective way to find wholesale suppliers. It saves time and money too. While searching on internet, search in forums that discuss about wholesale dealer and suppliers. It will help to find right places to purchase wholesale gifts and other products. Classifieds and advertisements in the newspaper is another great source. Online Wholesale supplier directories come in handy to get genuine wholesale suppliers.

Once, you have found a trustworthy wholesale dealer who offers quality products at reasonable price along with good service, ensure to maintain a business relation instead of going for new dealers. Luckies of London is a world renowned wholesale gifts manufacturer specializing in some of the worlds most desirable gifts for men.

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How to select best Birthday Presents for family members?

Birthday present ideas

Birthday presents for himChoosing the right birthday presents for your near and dear ones can be at times quite difficult. The gift selection has to be based largely on the nature and interests of the receiver. A wide collection of gift items are available at the market at various price levels for every age group and gender. This article discusses some ideal presents that can be given to different people on their birthdays.

Best gifts for mom

Every one of us would love to give the best gift to our moms on their birthdays. The gifts should reveal our love, care and fondness to the one who brought us into the world. Personalized gifts are good at conveying these messages to our moms. They are straight from the heart. You can give her personalized mugs, calendars, photo-frames and a lot more. You can also buy her some consumable product like a bottle of luxury champagne with a hand written thoughtful note of gratitude and love attached with it.

Best gifts for dads

Dads would love to have presents such as cufflinks display case, cufflinks, mobile phone, men’s leather watches, keychain with his digital photo, leather suitcase, shoe organiser, tie, shirt, animated card, and likewise.
Ideal birthday presents for your girlfriend include artfully engraved compact mirrors, red rose bouquets, stylish handbags, makeup kits, beautiful jewellery, lovely clothes, etc. Whatever present you choose for her, adding a meaningful message to it will make a memorable birthday gift for her. Also, take her to a movie or restaurant to make her day complete.

Unusual gifts for him

If you are looking for presents for your boyfriend, take his personal interests into consideration before shopping for it. If is a music lover, a CD with his favorite tracks would be an ideal gift; if he likes cricket, a cricket bat would be a great gift; and so on. Fresh flowers with an I love you note, decorated chocolate packs, T-shirts, etc are also ideal presents for boyfriends.

A wide range of presents are available for children, the toyshops are full of them. For small boys, remote control helicopters, scooters, toy bikes, etc would be ideal; while a bit more grown up boys would enjoy gifts such as video games, bicycles, wrist watches, fishing tackle, etc.

Little girls would love to have Barbie dolls, kitchen play sets, colorful ornaments and accessories, chocolate tins, etc; and teenage girls would love cuddly soft toys, teddy bears, casual jewelry, dresses, etc.
Old people of both sex would love to receive presents such as movie theatre tickets, magazine subscriptions, luxurious brands of wine, framed group photos of old friends, food vouchers, etc on their birthdays.

Some unforgettable birthday presents that would be adored and cherished by every receiver includes those that are made by you. These may be sweetmeats, chocolates, cakes, biscuits, knitted woolen goods, hand embroidery clothes, paintings, hand framed photographs, crafts, etc. These take a lot of time to be made. However, these when given off as presents tell the receiver that you value them so much that you spent a huge amount of time on making something special for them.

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Fun Gifts: How to choose them?

It’s a real busy life for every one of us out here, and each one would love to find some time to relax and have fun with our family members and friends. Although a lot of things can be done in order to have fun, giving fun gifts to your loved ones tops them all. For, the fun time shared with our beloveds with such gifts gets accounted as quality time spent, which is one of the best things in life. Bring laughter and joy into your home with our fun gift ideas for every season of the year.

Fun gifts for all seasons

Winter is a great time to enjoy in the snow. During the months of December, January and February, the perfect fun gifts to spend quality time with family and friends would be to buy tickets for them to an ice skating, or for a tour to a nearby hill station. Lovely Christmas crafts, homemade sweets, specially ordered cakes, freaky woollen goods, etc given as gifts, can adorn the long awaited month of December. Stickers, stampers, sticker books, funky photo frames, memoboards, kid’s stockings, etc are great gifts for children during this time of the year. Since Valentine’s day also falls during this season, you can take them to a nice restaurant for dinner or lunch. Internet also offers a wide collection of carefully picked Valentine gifts that can be given to your spouse, friends and family members on this day of love.

Spring is a time of new beginnings. Take your family to a nursery and encourage everyone to buy some saplings for planting together around your home. The spirit of oneness will bloom with such activity. Apart from this, getting tickets to exhibitions, concerts, boat shows, balls, car shows, etc that would be available in plenty during this time of the year can also serve as great fun gifts. Apart from this, you can also send fruit baskets, fresh flower baskets, wine baskets, bouquets, balloon bouquets, etc to your loved ones during this time of the year.

During the hot summer months, cool yourself and your family members by getting tickets to a boat cruise, rope course or water park. Since June, July and August are months for outdoor fun, giving away fun gifts such as fishing hooks, picnic baskets, golf items, lawn chairs, umbrellas, handmade soaps, story books, etc according to the needs of each of your family members will promote feelings of love and care.
Fall season is a busy time. Taking your family members for a brunch at a local restaurant would pave way for ushering some fun into your home. During the month of November, family tickets to a nice movie would serve as great fun gifts. There are a number of other autumn season gifts for everyone in the family. Adults can be given scented candles, cool drink recipe books, dried fall flowers collection, leaf shaped soaps, scarves, ceramic bowls, fall flowers wreath, etc. Children would love gifts such as toys, video games, stuffed animals, etc not only during the fall, but also during any season of the year.

It’s a real busy life for every one of us out here, and each one would love to find some time to relax and have fun with our family members and friends. Although a lot of things can be done in order to have fun, giving fun gifts to your loved ones tops them all. For, the fun time shared with our beloveds with such gifts gets accounted as quality time spent, which is one of the best things in life. Bring laughter and joy into your home with our fun gift ideas for every season of the year.

Winter is a great time to enjoy in the snow. During the months of December, January and February, the perfect fun gifts to spend quality time with family and friends would be to buy tickets for them to an ice skating, or for a tour to a nearby hill station. Lovely Christmas crafts, homemade sweets, specially ordered cakes, freaky woollen goods, etc given as gifts, can adorn the long awaited month of December. Stickers, stampers, sticker books, funky photo frames, memoboards, kid’s stockings, etc are great gifts for children during this time of the year. Since Valentine’s day also falls during this season, you can take them to a nice restaurant for dinner or lunch. Internet also offers a wide collection of carefully picked Valentine gifts that can be given to your spouse, friends and family members on this day of love.

Spring is a time of new beginnings. Take your family to a nursery and encourage everyone to buy some saplings for planting together around your home. The spirit of oneness will bloom with such activity. Apart from this, getting tickets to exhibitions, concerts, boat shows, balls, car shows, etc that would be available in plenty during this time of the year can also serve as great fun gifts. Apart from this, you can also send fruit baskets, fresh flower baskets, wine baskets, bouquets, balloon bouquets, etc to your loved ones during this time of the year.

During the hot summer months, cool yourself and your family members by getting tickets to a boat cruise, rope course or water park. Since June, July and August are months for outdoor fun, giving away fun gifts such as fishing hooks, picnic baskets, golf items, lawn chairs, umbrellas, handmade soaps, story books, etc according to the needs of each of your family members will promote feelings of love and care.
Fall season is a busy time. Taking your family members for a brunch at a local restaurant would pave way for ushering some fun into your home. During the month of November, family tickets to a nice movie would serve as great fun gifts. There are a number of other autumn season gifts for everyone in the family. Adults can be given scented candles, cool drink recipe books, dried fall flowers collection, leaf shaped soaps, scarves, ceramic bowls, fall flowers wreath, etc. Children would love gifts such as toys, video games, stuffed animals, etc not only during the fall, but also during any season of the year.

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Unusual Gifts: Select the right one for your loved ones

Some people have mastered the art of buying great gifts, while others have not. Unusual gifts are always nice to be given, be the occasion a birthday, an anniversary, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Father’s day, Mother’s day or any other special day. As they suit all sort of occasions, there are quite a lot of people out there who are in search of these items. This article is to help you buy rare gifts that would bring a adorable smile on the recipient’s face.

Romantic giftsThe general rule for buying unusual gifts is to opt for something that the receiver would have not seen before. Such stuff are likely to attract the recipient at the very first glance. One idea is to go for unusual but useful combinations. For example, a lovely sea shell is always an adorable gift, and so is a photo frame, but combining these two can result in an altogether different, unexpected, cherishable and useful gift.

One more thing that you should consider while buying a gift, be it oft purchased or unusual, it has to be something that would be memorable for the recipient. It should capture the recipient’s heart. Not only thoughtful and touching gifts can be memorable, but also funny ones. Take enough care that you are not so much into buying unusual gifts that you estimate its rarity by looking at the price tag alone. For, even cheaper gifts can be unusual. They can be anything including accessories, clothes, shoes, candles, DVDs, photo frames, pens, and books.

Personalised gifts are other great options to be given off as memorable unusual gifts. Having the recipients name or photograph, or some of his/her favourite wordings, or some personalised message to him or her; engraved, painted or embroided on any gift article like a T-shirt, photo frame, teddy bear, mobile stand, pen, calendar, wrist watch, etc gives it a personal touch. Such gifts will not only be quite touching, but also make great keepsakes. It is a wonderful feeling to know that your gift will be treasured by the recipient for a long time. Personalised gifts take time to be made. So, go shopping in advance. There should be enough notice period for the artist to get the gift made perfectly for you.

Online shopping also offers an array of choices of unusual gifts for all ages to choose from. While shopping online for these gifts, it is advisable to go for weird objects; the weirder, the better. Thousands of such objects are available for purchase at online stores. Change the stores where you usually shop to get the best possible gift. When you visit various online stores, you get to choose from a wide range of items. After having a glance at the collections available at different stores, you can always come back to the place where you found the weirdest one that you would Love notelove to gift. Moreover online shopping is also advantageous in that you can have the gift delivered at the recipient’s doorstep if you like.

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Gifts for guys that are hard to buy for

Ever thought of getting your dad, uncle, boyfriend, brother or husband a gift? Looking for gifts for guys that are hard to buy for? Look no further! If you are looking to make a lasting impression, it is a good call that you stick with hard to buy presents. What are the hard to buy presents? These are items that are unique. These are items that you just can’t buy anywhere so easily.

For men who have a particular taste in their gifts, this is a perfect option for them. There are a lot of things to consider when you are looking to give an unusual gift to someone who has a difficult personality. Someone who is hard to please may give you that smile, but you know that they won’t be able to appreciate the gift that much. There are also some instances when the presents are generic to the point that can be mixed with a number of things that he already owns. It is important to reconsider a number of options if you really want to please someone with a present. For someone who has no idea where to find these things, we will provide a number of feasible options where you can get hard to buy gifts.

Online shopping

From the simple to the complicated, there will be items out there that you can easily find online. Forums, Facebook Pages and even blogs can lead you to items that are hard to find. If there are constraints with what stores nearby can offer, we are now living in a globalized society that allows purchases in the simplest way.

Antique Shops

Men love vintage items. If you find yourself in a position where finding vintage items is a tough thing to do, a visit to the nearest antique store can give you a number of cool items. You may have to acquire some bargaining skills though. It is important that you bring in some bargaining skills when you go to these stores considering how some items out there are expensive. The good thing though is that you can haggle for a better price.

DIY Shops

DIY items are popular. In fact, one of the simplest things that you can do is to buy simple items and then try to redecorate them. For instance, mugs can be turned to custom made mugs by having it printed with something unique. This simple tweak can be done at home if you have the right materials. For more ideas regarding how to make use of common items and turn them to unique things, it is a good idea that you do the necessary research first.

Custom Shops

Ever thought of getting him something that is hard to buy? Get it to someone who is offering custom made items. It doesn’t have to be too expensive. Even a custom made wooden box, for example can look unique when you go to the right person. To have an idea what the best item is, try looking at his personality. Is he a quiet type who loves his work? What are his hobbies? After collecting the information, you can contact the right company to do the work for you!