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Track Your Adventures with the Original Scratch Off Map

Whether you travel for business or pleasure, alone or with friends or family, each trip brings with it new experiences and memories. Perhaps you are planning an around-the-world expedition or are just lucky enough to enjoy several holidays a year – either way, you need a unique and quirky way to track your journey and remind yourself of just how well-travelled you are.

Introducing the Scratch Map

The Scratch Map is a traditional wall map that has been covered in a foil, allowing you to scratch-off to reveal the places you have visited. A simple but genius idea that was thought up in 2008, after the creative director of Luckies took some time off to go travelling around Asia and Australasia. He met up with people from all walks of life, with different backgrounds, unique personalities and their own perspectives on life, but they were all struggling to find ways to document their travels. They needed something easy and visually appealing. The original idea was to create a map with flags, so that travellers could pin a flag onto each destination, but it soon became obvious that a scratch-off map was the niche in the market that was missing.

Scratch Map Travel

How to use your Scratch-Off Map

The brief was to create an easy way to record your travels, and that is what we have done! When you return home after a trip, simply take an eraser and rub-off the area of the world you have visited. These maps are made to be hung on the wall so that you always know exactly where yours is, ready to be edited to reflect your adventures!

scratch off map

Variations on the Scratch-Off Map

One thing we have certainly learnt from our travels is that one-size does not fit all! Our original Scratch Map is wonderful – a classic, stylish solution for any keen traveller, but we did not stop there. You can now choose between our Deluxe, Oceans, Chalk, Hello, Platinum and Capitals editions as well. You might prefer a map of a country, rather than the world, or perhaps you’d prefer an XL version, if you have a larger wall and bigger ambitions that need covering.
Our maps come rolled up in a tube, ready to be displayed however you’d like to do it, but you can also choose to have your map ready-framed, adding an elegant edge to your scratch-happy travels.

Some people prefer to use our scratch globes to document their trips, giving a more three-dimensional vibe to their room, while others would prefer to write it all down, using our travel journals to scribble down notes or memories of their adventures, making for a wonderful trip down memory lane when the travelling days have come to an end

Ready to purchase a scratch-off map? We have the perfect one for you in our online shop. Here’s to your next adventure!

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Personalized Map of the World with Countries

Personalized Map of the World

Scratch Map XL – Large Personalized Map with countries

Personalized map countries

£34.95Add to cart

Scratch Map Orginal

Personalized map with countries

£18.95Add to cart

Scratch Map Deluxe

Personalized world map with countries

£22.95Add to cart

Whether you enjoy climbing mountains or kicking back by the pool with a piña colada, it is always a good idea to have a map of the world with countries to hand. What if you want to work out how far away you are from the North Pole? Or better yet, how likely it is that the pineapple from your piña colada was grown in the same country? What is even better, is one of our personalized maps of the world, the Scratch Map™ map. Allowing you to remove the foil from all the countries and places you’ve visited to reveal vibrant colors underneath, our personalized world maps are the perfect way to keep track of your travels.

Scratch Map Collection

With over twenty Scratch Map™ posters focusing on countries, cities and continents, there is a map of the world to meet all travelling needs. And that doesn’t even include the Travelogue, Adventure Journal, Scratch Globe and plenty of other scratchable items. Know someone who loves the European flair and is not quite adventurous enough to step outside of the EU? Scratch Map™ Europe poster sounds like the ideal gift for them. Or have a foodie friend who thinks the most important part of any trip is trying the local delicacy? Sounds like Gourmet Scratch Map™ poster is the one for them, more commonly described as a bucket list for your taste buds.

Heading on a family holiday?

Our personalized map of the world is a great way to teach kids the geography of the world whilst keeping it fun! We even have travel sized versions so you can take the map of the world with you on your adventures and remove the foil from countries as they are visited. Our Scratch Map™ Hello world map poster makes for a fun holiday knowledge quiz once you return from a trip as it will test how many countries you learnt to say hello in in the local language!

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Five of the most wanted travel gifts 2014

Travel Gifts 2014

Whether you are a senior globetrotter, novice adventurer or you just like to get the family out every now and again, look no further, for we have found the answer to your travel gift dilemmas. Travel gifts are becoming increasingly popular with the boom in the technological world and the complete ease of travelling nowadays. Which is why more and more people are purchasing travel gifts for themselves, loved ones or those who are just about to start their journey of a life time!

1. The Scratch Map- Deluxe Edition.

A novelty gift for any type of adventurer, for practically any age. This Scratch Map™ features a stylish matt black background with an intricate gold foil print of the world. All you have to do now is scratch off this foil as you travel and reveal the range of brightly coloured places hiding underneath, it couldn’t be simpler!

2. In- Car- Nito.

Safety is a must when travelling, however, no-one said you couldn’t have a little fun too. The In- Car-Nito is a quirky item that incorporates both safety and fun while you’re off travelling to the next destination in your car. This strong reinforced cardboard box looks like a standard hardback book however, wait for it, it’s not. It’s actually a hollow shell perfect for storing your keepsakes away from wandering eyes, all snapped up safe and sound with a magnetic lock. Genius!


All great globetrotters have a journal, don’t they? However, not all globetrotters have a Travelogue. The Travelogue is ten times better than your typical everyday travel journal or diary, and here’s why:

  • It contains a 64 page notebook, ideal for documenting your adventures.
  • 8 regional mini scratch maps.
  • Bound in a protective card envelope.
  • And as a bonus, there is an added check list and travel tips section.

What else could you need more to start off on an adventure of a lifetime?

4. Currency Money Bank.

This next invention is great for the likes of us that come back home from our holidays with pockets full of change and with nowhere practical to keep it. The currency money bank is the answer we‘ve been waiting for. It has six nifty compartments, segmented much like an orange, which are perfect for storing all the different currencies you have gathered from your holidays. A sticker sheet is also provided so you will never get confused, only ever organised.

5. Waterproof Notebook.

Both an ideal gift for the water enthusiast and a revolution in technology! Imagine being on the beach, scuba diving, in the shower or just in the wide outdoors, you can take this handy notebook anywhere and you’ll be able to write down the genius idea, or sketch that incredible view even if it’s pouring with rain. Take note:

  • The 100% graphite pencil will not hamper your writing whether you’re under water or above it.
  • The pages of the notebook are actually stone paper. This means that however deep you go, they still will not perish.
  • All the pages are perforated.
  • In addition, it has an elasticated hook for the ease of storing.
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Top 5 Travel Gifts for Men 2014

Men can be hard to buy for sometimes, and it can be daunting trying to find the perfect gift with all the options out there for different types of guys. The technology enthusiast, the petrol head, the craft beer convert, they all know what they like and often there is just so many options it can be overwhelming and hard to find something unique or special. However if you’re looking for a gift to give an intrepid adventurer, or someone who dreams of seeing the world, we’ve sourced the perfect list of gifts available.

Top travel gifts for men

1. The Scratch Globe

Combining wanderlust and a bit of fun construction, the Scratch Globe comes boxed and ready to create so you can send it to someone abroad or closer to home. 3D TVs are on everyone’s wish lists so why not 3D Scratch Globes!? A great looking addition to anyone’s office bookcase or bedroom shelves.

2. The Deluxe Scratch™ Map

A luxury map that can be personalised by the owner to keep a beautiful record of everywhere they’ve ever been. On high quality matt black paper, with gold foil to scratch off and reveal vibrant colours of each country, it looks just as good whether you’ve been to just one country or hundreds!

3. Travelogue

Essentially this is a Scratch Map™ condensed into eight pages so it can be taken along for the ride wherever the owner is off to next! Included in the case is a journal to keep notes on interesting places and experiences, as well as pages to plan your journey and itinerary. A great gift for someone about to embark on their gap year, sabbatical or trip of a lifetime.

4. Luckies Memory Box

Top travel giftsHardly anyone is lucky enough to be able to gallivant around the globe without ever stopping, so Memory Box from Luckies is a great present for someone returning from their travels so they have somewhere to store precious mementos from their trip. Ticket stubs, Polaroids, sand collected from far flung tropical islands, beer mats from favourite beach bars, Memory Box is a great way to keep them all safe and ready to reminisce over at any time.

5. Alife Design – Travel Organiser

Keep tickets, currency, passport, hotel booking and boarding card all in one place with this handy and stylish travel companion. Stay organised but still looking cool, it makes a great gift for anyone who travels frequently or might be on the disorganised side! Made from durable gloss PVC in a range of colours, all you have to choose is the colour to suit, from elegant black for the fashion conscious to vibrant red for the extrovert.