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Personalized Map of the World with Countries

Personalized Map of the World

Scratch Map XL – Large Personalized Map with countries

Personalized map countries


Scratch Map Orginal

Personalized map with countries


Scratch Map Deluxe

Personalized world map with countries


Whether you enjoy climbing mountains or kicking back by the pool with a piña colada, it is always a good idea to have a map of the world with countries to hand. What if you want to work out how far away you are from the North Pole? Or better yet, how likely it is that the pineapple from your piña colada was grown in the same country? What is even better, is one of our personalized maps of the world, the Scratch Map™ map. Allowing you to remove the foil from all the countries and places you’ve visited to reveal vibrant colors underneath, our personalized world maps are the perfect way to keep track of your travels.

Scratch Map Collection

With over twenty Scratch Map™ posters focusing on countries, cities and continents, there is a map of the world to meet all travelling needs. And that doesn’t even include the Travelogue, Adventure Journal, Scratch Globe and plenty of other scratchable items. Know someone who loves the European flair and is not quite adventurous enough to step outside of the EU? Scratch Map™ Europe poster sounds like the ideal gift for them. Or have a foodie friend who thinks the most important part of any trip is trying the local delicacy? Sounds like Gourmet Scratch Map™ poster is the one for them, more commonly described as a bucket list for your taste buds.

Heading on a family holiday?

Our personalized map of the world is a great way to teach kids the geography of the world whilst keeping it fun! We even have travel sized versions so you can take the map of the world with you on your adventures and remove the foil from countries as they are visited. Our Scratch Map™ Hello world map poster makes for a fun holiday knowledge quiz once you return from a trip as it will test how many countries you learnt to say hello in in the local language!