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Plan a journey with a Scratch off Map Travel Map

With the advent of Google maps and other electronic maps, people have forgotten the fun it is to plot their way manually on a map. The good old days of all the family gathering around a map of the world and deciding the best possible route are all things of the past now. But if you are someone who finds satisfaction in doing things the old way, then you will love this Scratch off Map of the world by Luckies of London.

Scratch Map Travel Map

Scratch Map Travel Edition

Luckies of London are are a design house with a team of highly experienced cartographers.  The Scratch off Map concept was conceived in 2009 and due to it’s enormous success there’s now a comprehensive range of Scratch off Maps to choose from. No idea what a Scratch Map is? The idea is simple, a top layer of foil covers the map and once you have traveled to a particular place, you can scratch the top foil off to reveal your traveling history. Globetrotters from all over the world went crazy over Scratch Maps and since then Travel Maps are back in vogue. Scratch Map Travel is a small sized Scratch off Map with the dimensions of 42 x 29.7 cm and comes with a gift tube so that you can carry it around with ease without stressing over damaging it. Read on to discover why this map of the world is perfect for those nostalgic of old things.

Scratch off map travel edition

Create your own visual travel itinerary

To get to the real action, turn the map over and find a blank white map of the world. You can use any pen to plot your trip on this blank map and also plan for your next trip. Some of the other things included on the back are:

  • Checklist of modes of transport.
  • List down favourite places from the trip.
  • Highlight music.
  • Country Guide & State Boundaries: This travel map includes a handy guide for the smaller countries in the legend along with all the boundaries for states and provinces in USA, Australia and Canada.

Scratch off foil layer

Summary: Plan your next trip old style on the back of this small Scratch Map Travel that comes in a handy tube to take along on adventures.

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Scratch Maps Your New Obsession? XL Scratch Map For Your Quenching Your Thirst

Have your friends been dropping you hints on the line of you taking your love for travel maps to an extreme? Or you someone who feels the normal scratch off maps are too tiny to do justice to the breath-taking beauty of this world? If this sounds like you or someone you know, then we have another astounding product from Luckies of London to make your day.

personalized travel map

Taking Cartography To The Bigger Level With Scratch Map XL

Luckies of London knew that there would be people who would will need something bigger, something larger than life to satiate their hunger for a better scratch off map. That is why they came up with Scratch Map XL, the large map of the world. It comes with its very own strong yellow gift tube and has the dimensions of 84 x 119 cm. The concept is the same, once you have been to a place, you scratch off the foil covering and have your own unique travel keepsake.

personalized usa map

Inspiration From Original Scratch Map

This large world map poster follows the design of the original and most beloved scratch off map and comes with a golden foil. The background is white gloss and once you have caught your breath and scratch off the top layer, you will find kaleidoscope of colours underneath from red to blue to purple.

scratch off map

Not An Island Missed

Thanks to its king size, all the Islands ranging from the larger ones to the smaller less known ones are easily visible on this scratch map.
Intricate Geographic Details: The countries names are written in clear black ink to make them easily readable. The large size of the map ensures that the topographic details are well illustrated. Along with the capital cities, other large cities are also represented on the scratch off map.

scratch off map travel edition map

Boundary Lines For More Accurate Map

What will be the point of having a large map of the world but you were unable to distinguish between the different states of provinces? That is not the case in this piece of cartography masterpiece. USA and Australia are clearly demarcated into states and even the chunk of Canadian land is divided into provinces. No need to scratch off the entire USA when you just visited the Statue of Liberty in New York or scratching off foil from all of Australia when Sydney is the only place you have visited.


Scratch Map XL is the dream come true for the people who seem to be unable to get enough of the awesomeness of the original scratch map.
Author Bio: Rebecca Chapp is a teaches geography and is always finding excuse to buy new maps.

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Have A Large Space To Fill Up? We Have The Perfect Scratch Map For You

A bare wall can make a tastefully decorated room seem incomplete or even lifeless. For people who are globetrotters, the first thought to strike their minds when they see an empty wall space is how good will a travel map look here. Luckies of London have just the dream scratch map for such travel enthusiast.

large world map

Scratch Map XL For The Ultimate Travel Map: After taking the world by a storm by introducing scratch maps in 2009, Luckies of London were not just content on minting money, sipping margaritas on a beach somewhere and getting a nice tan on. They kept working on the scratch off maps and have now come up with a travel map to fill up the emptiness of your heart, well not exactly, but Scratch Map XL sure is bound to fill up any space no matter how big.

large scratch off world map

The main features of this scratch off map are as below:

Large Map Of The World: Standing at a massive 84 x 119 cm, this scratch off map is one large map of the world. Like all other travel maps, this one also comes nicely rolled up in a robust gift tube to ward off any attempt to tamper with the map.

Refined Design:

The map is printed on a glossy white laminate sheet with gold coloured foil paper hiding the countries underneath. Once you scratch off the top foil with a coin or finger tips, you will find vibrant colours in the shades of almost every colour imaginable. This scratch off map has an elegant design and with its humungous size, it sure is going to brighten up any space, no matter in an office or home.

More Geographical Details:

You can guess this one already. The bigger the map is, the more details it has. It will be impossible to miss any country or Island or state, no matter the size. For even more convenience, it also includes names of the smaller countries at the bottom to help you scratch them off and present an accurate picture of your travels.

Don’t Forget The Capital Cities:

This scratch off map includes not only all the major capital cities, but it also present other bigger or significant cities from around the globe. You can chart your way around the world easily with Scratch Map XL.


Scratch Map XL is a large map of the world to fill up any big space and liven it up in an elegant fashion.
Author Bio: Daryl Chace makes his living as a handyman of sorts but his dreams lie in opening up a gift store in the future.

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Introducing Coloulogue

Introducing Colorlogue; colouring fun for travellers! Colouring isn’t just for kids; we all know what a fun, stress busting exercise it can be so now here’s a colouring book that doubles up as holiday entertainment and a personalised travel record! So there’s no need to be jealous of that kid sat next to you on the plane colouring in his colouring book and not even staying in the lines.

Colorlogue is a travel journal with a difference; it features maps from around the world so you can colour in all the wonderful places you have visited and create your very own personal travel record. Also included in the book are flags, guides and places of interest for you to colour in and learn interesting facts about your travel destination, so you can impress your traveling companions with your inside knowledge!

Colorlogue makes the perfect traveling gift for someone who’s off on a big adventure; a gap year student perhaps or your friend who’s taking time out from work to travel the world. They can keep themselves entertained for hours on those long uncomfortable coach journeys and colour in their route as they cross continents. Or just chill out by the pool and colour in all the sights they’ve seen that day whilst admiring the view.

If you know someone who’s always traveling for work and often spends hours stuck in airport lounges or on long haul flights, then why not get them something they can do to relax and keep their zen amongst a chaos of flight delays, queues and screaming children, whilst at the same time creating a colourful record of everywhere they’ve been in the world. The Colorlogue would make an excellent stocking filler for travel obsessed friends, perpetual globe trotters and holiday junkies.

This pocket sized travel gift comes in a neat little folder making it easy to chuck in your backpack and even comes with it’s own colouring pencils so you’re ready for colouring fun right away! Just watch out for turbulence or bumps in the road; you don’t want to stray outside of the lines!

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Introducing Hang Up

If you’re someone who gets up at the crack of dawn whilst everyone else is still sleeping and creeps around the bedroom tying to get ready in the dark without waking your partner up, only to end up crashing and banging your way around, knocking things over, hurting yourself and generally causing havoc only to end up realising when you’re sat at your desk an hour later that your shirt is on inside out and there’s a stain on your trousers, then we are about to change your life.

Introducing Hang Up; this copper ambient light is in the shape of a clothes hanger so you can hang it in your wardrobe and turn it on for some extra illumination in the mornings. Finally you can see the contents of your wardrobe clearly without blasting the overhead light into the face of your unsuspecting other half. You can also hang it on the back of your door or anywhere you like to shine a bit of light on things at an ungodly hour.

We’re always at the forefront of new design here at Luckies and we are proud to say that our new invention Hang Up is an IHA Global Innovation Awards Finalist! We don’t just do it for silverware though, our aim in life is to make and your (and our) lives easier with our cutting edge gadgets. We were sick of stubbing our toes in the dark and turning up to work looking like we we’re colour blind, so we decided to do something about it and Hang Up is the result!

The Hang Up ambient light is battery powered and made from a copper effect frosted plastic. It lasts up to 20 hours so you don’t need to worry about it running out any time soon. These handy night lights would make excellent Christmas presents for anyone who’s up early to start their morning commute. They would also make thoughtful stocking fillers for anyone who travels for work; they can carry their suit hanging up on this stylish hanger which doubles a travel night light for them.

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Long flight essentials

With Christmas on the horizon you may be facing a long flight to go and see family for the festive period, or perhaps you’re one of the lucky few who have escaped the clutches of family and are off on holiday for Xmas to an exotic island somewhere. Either way you’re probably not looking forward to the flight itself; long queues, recycled air, screaming children (yours and other people’s). Well, we can’t do anything about that I’m afraid but we can make the flight itself a lot more comfortable with our long flight essentials. These tech gadgets would also make great travel gifts for any jet setters in your life who are always travelling for work.

1. Magni-Viewer
A long haul flight is the perfect time to catch up on that latest TV series everyone’s been raving about. With the Magni-Viewer you can turn your smartphone into your own portable TV as it doubles your screen size. Meaning you can binge watch a TV series, use it to make a start on that holiday reading, or keep the kids quiet with some pre loaded episodes of Paw Patrol! If you’re looking for gifts for travellers then this is a good bet.

2. The Envelope
If you like to take your laptop with you on holiday, you’ll know how stressful it is having to keep taking it in and out of your bag at security, and then in and out of the overhead lockers on board the flight. There’s always the worry you might drop it, or someone might throw their bag on top of yours and cause damage to your most treasured possession. No longer a worry with our retro inspired tech sleeve. The Envelope is designed to look like an old fashioned Manilla envelope and is made from tear proof material and lined with a quality grey felt for extra protection to keep your laptop safe.

4. Pocket Tin Speaker
We’re not suggesting you blast your holiday tunes out for the whole plane to hear but perhaps if you happen to be sat near an unhappy baby or toddler, you could play some quiet music to soothe them and keep yourself and other passengers entertained? If you all get in the spirit, you could even have a Xmas singalong! This pocket sized speaker is a great thing to take on holiday with you though as it means you’ve got music wherever you land.

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Scratch Map Original

Presenting our Scratch Map Original; the first scratch map poster we ever designed and the product that launched the Luckies brand. We LOVE scratch maps and when you look at them you can tell the passion that has gone into creating them. This original world map poster is still our bestselling product today and has birthed many spin off editions.

We can see why this scratch off map is a favorite with our customers; it makes a beautiful, thoughtful and personal gift for someone with a thirst for travel, whether they are regular Jetsetter or someone at the very beginning of planning their first trip across the globe. It makes the perfect traveling gift for a gap year student, a birthday gift for someone who travels a lot for work, or a Christmas present for anyone who has been making their travel bucket list.

Our original scratch map features a gold foil top layer for you to scratch off once a country has been visited, to reveal the beautifully vibrant colors and detail beneath, making it the ultimate personal travel record. Taking off the gold foil also reveals amazing facts about our world and the entire scratch map rolls up and comes packaged in a super high quality matte finish tube.

The Scratch Map Original makes the perfect house warming gift as once they’ve scratched off all the countries they’ve visited, they can hang it on their new wall where it makes a beautifully artistic feature and a great talking point for dinner parties!

Luckies invented the original Scratch Map in 2009 and there have been many poor imitations since. Avoid disappointment and embarrassment (remember the kid at school who had the fake Adidas trainers?!) by ensuring you buy the real deal.

Here’s why you shouldn’t get tricked into buying a copy, recreation or fake version of the Scratch Map Original:

Authenticity: Luckies invented the concept so you get the original and best scratch maps designed in their purest form.

– Quality: We use the best producers and processes on earth to make our scratch map posters, so you can be sure that you’re buying the finest quality products with maximum integrity.

– Passion: Our award winning design team put more love and passion into each and every scratch map design than our imitators could muster in a lifetime!

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Scratch Map® Capitals

Have you ever found yourself at a pub quiz wishing you knew what the capital city of Madagascar was? OK, so you knew that one (It’s Antananarivo), but have you ever had a child ask you what the capital of Turkey was and then correct you when you give them the wrong answer of Istanbul? Well, now you can be sure of all your capitals with the Scratch Map Capitals.

This world map poster is printed on matte black paper with removable black foil for you to scratch off the countries AND capital cities you have visited to reveal an array of vibrant purples, greens, blues and pinks. Not only does it make a beautiful personal travel record for you to keep and display on your wall, but it’s also informative too. The scratch map details all the capital cities of the world and includes key facts about populations, density, altitudes and age for the capitals featured.

This scratch map poster would make the perfect gift for someone who loves to go on a city break. Start making your bucket list of capital cities and enjoy scratching them off as you visit each one. You can also use it to research a bit of general knowledge about the city before you go.

The Scratch Map Capitals would make a great gift for your boyfriend or girlfriend this Christmas with the added promise of more trips away together. Then you can scratch off the map together after each holiday to make a joint travel record of all your adventures. A romantic gift for your partner and cheaper than buying them an actual trip away!

Or you can just keep it on your wall at home to memorize and remind yourself of all the capital cities in the world so you can win every pub quiz and never be humiliated in public by a child ever again. (The capital city of Turkey is Ankara.)

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Scratchable Adventure World Map

Calling all adrenaline junkies out there! Not satisfied with simply seeing the world? You’re the sort of person that has to experience the very extremes of all this planet has to offer. Never visiting the same place twice, you’re always seeking out the best views, the best experiences, the best food that a country has to offer. You’d think nothing of trekking for 2 days to see the lost city of the Incas, or journeying out into the freezing Icelandic countryside in the middle of the night to experience the Northern Lights. If this sounds like you, then you’ll love our Adventure Map.

A scratchable adventure world map with the added feature of over 280 ‘must do’ bucket list experiences to scratch off and complete. So whether you’re visiting Berlin or Benin you can use the map and included booklet to find an unforgettable sight or experience near you.

The Adventure Map is printed on matte black paper with a removable gold foil for each of the experiences. The 280 odd adventures are spilt into 4 categories; Nature, Culture, Activity and Cuisine. Also included is a pocket sized travel guide which you can take with you on your travels. This 150 page booklet lists in detail all the experiences featured on the map.

This visually stunning world map poster would make a wonderful gift, as it’s not just a beautiful piece of wall art but also promises the gift of travel. Whether they’re the sort of person who would enjoy trekking to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro, or if they have more of a ‘sleep under the stars in Namibia’ kind of vibe, they’ll definitely appreciate this interactive travel gift.

Perhaps you feel your life up until now has been lacking exactly this sort of travel adventure; maybe you’ve never even been that far away from home, but now you’re ready to make the leap from holiday maker to intrepid explorer. Well, it’s never too late to start and with this travel map you can start planning those life changing trips straight away. Before you know it you’ll be swimming with the Turtles in Ningaloo or gazing up at the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. Happy travels!

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5 Scratchable World Maps with countries

If you haven’t caught the scratch map bug yet, where have you been?! Whether you’re a bonafide travel junkie, someone who jet sets across the globe for work, or even someone who hasn’t travelled extensively yet but wants to start ticking off that bucket list of destinations, then there’s a Scratch Map that’s perfect for you. Our scratch maps will fast become a fun and addictive hobby; before long you’ll be dreaming up excuses to visit the farthest most corners of the globe so that you can scratch off one more country! But who needs an excuse to travel to Micronesia? Here are 5 scratchable world maps with countries…

1. Scratch Map Original
Our first and original scratch map born out of a design team meeting long ago has been through many different reincarnations, but the first is as good and as popular as ever. Simply scratch off the countries you have visited to create your own personal travel record. This one is an international bestseller.

2. Scratch Map Deluxe
Our most detailed and luxurious map yet. This world map poster makes a beautiful statement feature on any wall, making it a very cool gift for a travel lover. This world map poster oozes style with matte black paper and gold scratchable foil.

3. Scratch Map Hello
A scratch map that teaches you to say ‘hello’ in over 190 countries. You’ll be making friends with the locals wherever you go.

4. Scratch Map Adventure
The perfect traveling gift for adrenaline junkies. A scratch map with the added feature of over 280 ‘must do’ bucket list adventures for you to scratch off as you complete. Wonderful travel inspiration for those who want to experience everything this planet has to offer.

5. Scratch Map XL
There’s no such thing as too big when it comes to scratch maps; the bigger the better as far as we’re concerned. If you’re looking to make a statement with your travel map then this is the one to go for. Any guests coming to the house won’t be able to miss your personalized travel masterpiece, and will no doubt spark off many conversations about your colorful travel adventures.