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The Scratch Map is a unique visual travel journal that allows you to customize your travel adventures for the worlds to see!

The Best Scratch Map® Posters

Scratch Map® posters are for everyone. Perfect for gap year travelers, people studying abroad, people visiting numerous countries and cities through work, people taking sabbaticals and escaping to a gorgeous island or simply if traveling and holidaying is your thing! What’s more, there is a map designed for all types of traveling enthusiasts. Scratch Map® Hello […]

5 of our favourite Adventure Map™ bucket list ideas you need to complete: N. America

Heading to North America this summer? Lucky you! We’re sure you’ve got loads planned already but if you’re struggling for adventure inspiration have a little read of our 5 favourite Adventure Map™ bucket list ideas below… Experience Zero Gravity – Cape Canaveral, Florida USA Ever wanted to experience weightlessness? And we aren’t talking about when […]

Scratch Map® Oceans Poster: Beginner’s to Sailing Holidays in the Mediterranean

Who wouldn’t want to go sailing in the Mediterranean for a few days? Months? Years are probably preferable. With all the coastlines, beaches, resorts, and sights to be concurred, get ready to hop on a boat or yacht for our beginner’s guide to sailing holidays in the Mediterranean. 1. Formentera If you’re looking for a […]