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Why Scratch-Off Maps are a Necessity for Travellers

Maps have been an integral part of our history for hundreds of years, and they remain as popular today as they’ve ever been. Sure, there are more advanced iterations of the humble map available nowadays, such as Google Maps, but these don’t always supply what today’s traveller is looking for, and as all the data is digital, it doesn’t really showcase.

When visiting new destinations, there can be a lot of planning involved, and many will want to ensure that they have a unique way of documenting their journeys in an easy way for all to see.

Of course, this can be done with a conventional map, but there can be some limitations when using this approach. For example, the places we visit could be unrecognizable due to the number of indicators placed on the map. But what is the answer?

Fortunately, the answer to this predicament comes in the form of a scratch-off map that not only meets the requirements of those sightseeing, but can also be used in several other ways.

What is a Scratch-Off Map?

Although scratch-off maps have become popular with the masses, not everyone will be familiar with them. As the name would suggest, a scratch-off map is a map that allows for certain sections to be scratched off, mush in the same vein as a lottery scratch card, although scratch-off maps are more appealing to the eye, and can be displayed in several different ways.

Scratch off map Travel edition

Although scratch-off maps emulate the more conventional map design, they are presented in many different ways, meaning that the map you use never has to look out of place, regardless of whether it’s being used in the office or home.

The following is just an example of some of the products available when it comes to planning and documenting your travels.

Scratch Map Original: This map is the original design that started it all, and remains popular today. The map is made using gold foil on top of glossed paper and even includes all the US and Australian state lines and Canadian provinces. There’s even a smaller version for those looking to use their map on the go.
Scratch Map Deluxe: Those looking for a map that offers a little more detail and more luxurious finish may want to invest in the Scratch Map Deluxe. The map is presented on black matte paper with a gold foil finish, and offers users infographics that offer facts and information regarding locations on the map. Just like its inspiration, the Scratch Map Deluxe comes in a variety of sixes, meaning it can be used while mobile, or hung on the wall for all to admire.
Scratch Globe: Want everything a scratch map offers but in globe form? Then fear not, as the Scratch Globe offers all the same functionality as a scratch map, but allows you to create a 3D product
Framed Scratch Map: A framed scratch map is the ideal gift for travellers and thalassophiles alike. Regardless of whether you’re looking for a solution that blends in with your décor, or looking for a scratch map that focuses on oceonolgy.

Using Items in Conjunction with Your Scratch-off map

Although a scratch-off map can be used in several different ways, this doesn’t mean that travellers are limited to scratch-off maps alone.
Travel journals are a great way of making notes while travelling, especially if you’ve been fortunate enough to locate a truly unique location, and what’s more, you can even purchase a travel journey that comes with its own scaled-down version of a scratch-off map which can be kept inside the journal. Should you wish to have something bigger on display, then simply mark off the locations on your larger map when you get home.

Explore the UK and Ireland in More Detail

When making travel plans, it’s easy to assume that we must travel thousands of miles to find a location of interest, but those looking to start small will find that there are plenty of locations around the UK and Ireland that make for the perfect respite, as well as allowing for some memorable sightseeing.

Some may think that using a scratch-off map for their travels around the UK and Ireland isn’t an option, but nothing could be further from the truth.
Those looking to stay closer to home when travelling will find that a scratch-off map makes a great addition to any home or office and can be used to plan or record your journeys. Unsure of where to start? Then why not using the following locations as an inspiration.

  • Tower of London: Take a guided tour around this historic castle that has affiliations with royalty and a wealth of history to embrace.
  • Stonehenge: Think stones are boring? A visit to Stonehenge to view this construction put together over 5,000 years ago could change all that.
  • Hadrian’s Wall: This stone barrier was designed to separate the Romans and the Picts and was built over 200 years ago. Although not in its original condition, it’s worth a visit just to see the remnants of an era gone by.
  • Giant’s Causeway: These interlocking basalt columns located in Northern Ireland are the remnants of a volcanic fissure eruption which was declared a World Heritage Site in 1986.
  • Guinness Storehouse: Those visiting the famous Irish city of Dublin would be hard-pressed to find a tour that’s more alluring, especially as there’s an opportunity to taste the wares.

When visiting the UK and Ireland, the above locations are only the tip of the iceberg, and what’s more, those who have a scratch-off map can plan their future visits using a scratch-off map or present their visits in an appealing way that will impress friends and family alike.

Travelling Further Afield

Once you’ve seen what the UK and Ireland have to offer, you may be keen to spread your wings and discover new locations abroad. Don’t worry, there’s a map designed for that too.

You may be looking to visit all the USA landmarks, or looking to see animals in their natural habitat, there is a map that will meet your requirements, and even help you on your way when it comes to making discoveries. The USA Landmarks edition of the scratch-off map tells all you need to know about some of the famous locations situated around the USA, including pictorial guidance to ensure that the information can be absorbed easily, making it an ideal gift for people of all ages. Some of the highlights include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Statue of Liberty
  • Yosemite Park
  • Grand Canyon
  • Yellowstone National Park

If you prefer to visit the more unique locations scattered around the world, then don’t worry, as there is also an option designed for backpackers.

Those of you who will be travelling for some time have the option of using the Scratch Map Backpacker that is designed with ease-of-use and longevity in mind. Regardless of whether you’re looking to take in the sights or avoid the tourist traps and create your own bespoke adventure, a scratch-off map in any guise is the ideal travelling companion.

If you’re just starting your adventure, a scratch-off map can be the ideal tool for putting together the ultimate travel bucket list.

It’s Not All About Travelling

Given the many ways a scratch-off map can be used, you would be forgiven for thinking that it is only of use to those who travel a lot, but nothing could be further from the truth.

A scratch-off map can be used as a gift, an educational tool and can even add some character to the home

For example, those who are more interested in what’s above them will simply love the zodiac Star Globe. Rather than focus on countries, oceans and animals, the Star Globe concentrates on the constellations, and even offers a calming view of the same during the night.

This can be ideal for children who are currently learning about astrology, or for those who can’t get enough of the skies above have to offer.

Scratch-off maps are also the ideal gift for a loved one, and they don’t even have to be a seasoned traveller to get the full benefit.

Those who have memories in a particular country or location will fall in love with a scratch map that highlights their travels and can be updated when needed.

Children can also discover more about the world in a fun and immersive way, regardless of whether they’re learning about animals that reside in different part of the world or looking to make sense of the stars above. The possibilities really are endless.

Regardless of whether you’re travelling or just looking to learn more about the world around us, scratch-off maps are the ideal gift for those looking for something more tangible that social network check-ins when making a record of the countries they’ve visited.

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Framed World Maps

A framed map, also known as a Scratch Map, is a foil map in which explorers can scratch of the areas they have visited to reveal particular details concerning that area. This map is especially popular with travelling enthusiasts and it is even great for kids. A framed map can be customized to a traveler’s preferences such as cuisines or water bodies or wildlife or colors. Scratch maps containing cuisines show the different delicacies eaten by the locals in a particular place. This will help you remember the dishes to order when you visit a country such as Japan, Germany or Angola. Maybe you could even customize the map to contain the different recipes on how to cook these dishes.

Framed Scratch Map

Framed Scratch Map

These maps can be global, that is, showing all the countries of the world, continental, showing countries of a particular continent such as Africa or even the map of a particular country such as the United Kingdom. A foil map is the perfect way of explaining the places you have visited all over the world. It is very entertaining and will keep your guests on their toes as they marvel on the different activities you undertook during your travels.

Framed Scratch Map Deluxe

Framed Scratch Map Deluxe

For those people who take up travelling as a hobby, scratching a framed map is a perfect pass time. The back cover of the map is magnetic enabling you to easily stick it on your poster in your bedroom wall. Express your colourful life using this colourful map. As I stated before, these maps are great for kids who can learn a lot from the details provided by these framed maps. If you are travelling around the world with your family, your kids can check the details of a particular place for example the geography of the different states in the USA. This will help them learn and it will help them recall key details when they go back to school.

Clear Scratch off Map of the World

World Map Framed

The size of the map is no problem. It can be as big as a wall or even as small as a book. The larger it is, the detailed the map will be. You can even include the activities you carried out in those places. Having the map in your house will encourage to travel a lot more for a chance to relax after working all-year round. It can even be in the form of the traditional globe which is far more luxurious. You can keep your globe in your office to uplift your spirits when you are in a rough patch.

Framed Ocean Map

A framed map is very cheap. If you require a general scratch map you will only spend about forty dollars. Custom maps are a bit pricey but still worth every penny. They cost about sixty dollars in most shops. Deluxe maps are also offered in particular shops. These are scratch maps with bold colors such as black and gold. They are a bit expensive but also worth it as they contain finer details. Buy a framed map today and start your journey around the world.

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Track Your Adventures with the Original Scratch Off Map

Whether you travel for business or pleasure, alone or with friends or family, each trip brings with it new experiences and memories. Perhaps you are planning an around-the-world expedition or are just lucky enough to enjoy several holidays a year – either way, you need a unique and quirky way to track your journey and remind yourself of just how well-travelled you are.

Introducing the Scratch Map

The Scratch Map is a traditional wall map that has been covered in a foil, allowing you to scratch-off to reveal the places you have visited. A simple but genius idea that was thought up in 2008, after the creative director of Luckies took some time off to go travelling around Asia and Australasia. He met up with people from all walks of life, with different backgrounds, unique personalities and their own perspectives on life, but they were all struggling to find ways to document their travels. They needed something easy and visually appealing. The original idea was to create a map with flags, so that travellers could pin a flag onto each destination, but it soon became obvious that a scratch-off map was the niche in the market that was missing.

Scratch Map Travel

How to use your Scratch-Off Map

The brief was to create an easy way to record your travels, and that is what we have done! When you return home after a trip, simply take an eraser and rub-off the area of the world you have visited. These maps are made to be hung on the wall so that you always know exactly where yours is, ready to be edited to reflect your adventures!

scratch off map

Variations on the Scratch-Off Map

One thing we have certainly learnt from our travels is that one-size does not fit all! Our original Scratch Map is wonderful – a classic, stylish solution for any keen traveller, but we did not stop there. You can now choose between our Deluxe, Oceans, Chalk, Hello, Platinum and Capitals editions as well. You might prefer a map of a country, rather than the world, or perhaps you’d prefer an XL version, if you have a larger wall and bigger ambitions that need covering.
Our maps come rolled up in a tube, ready to be displayed however you’d like to do it, but you can also choose to have your map ready-framed, adding an elegant edge to your scratch-happy travels.

Some people prefer to use our scratch globes to document their trips, giving a more three-dimensional vibe to their room, while others would prefer to write it all down, using our travel journals to scribble down notes or memories of their adventures, making for a wonderful trip down memory lane when the travelling days have come to an end

Ready to purchase a scratch-off map? We have the perfect one for you in our online shop. Here’s to your next adventure!

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Plan a journey with a Scratch off Map Travel Map

With the advent of Google maps and other electronic maps, people have forgotten the fun it is to plot their way manually on a map. The good old days of all the family gathering around a map of the world and deciding the best possible route are all things of the past now. But if you are someone who finds satisfaction in doing things the old way, then you will love this Scratch off Map of the world by Luckies of London.

Scratch Map Travel Map

Scratch Map Travel Edition

Luckies of London are are a design house with a team of highly experienced cartographers.  The Scratch off Map concept was conceived in 2009 and due to it’s enormous success there’s now a comprehensive range of Scratch off Maps to choose from. No idea what a Scratch Map is? The idea is simple, a top layer of foil covers the map and once you have traveled to a particular place, you can scratch the top foil off to reveal your traveling history. Globetrotters from all over the world went crazy over Scratch Maps and since then Travel Maps are back in vogue. Scratch Map Travel is a small sized Scratch off Map with the dimensions of 42 x 29.7 cm and comes with a gift tube so that you can carry it around with ease without stressing over damaging it. Read on to discover why this map of the world is perfect for those nostalgic of old things.

Scratch off map travel edition

Create your own visual travel itinerary

To get to the real action, turn the map over and find a blank white map of the world. You can use any pen to plot your trip on this blank map and also plan for your next trip. Some of the other things included on the back are:

  • Checklist of modes of transport.
  • List down favourite places from the trip.
  • Highlight music.
  • Country Guide & State Boundaries: This travel map includes a handy guide for the smaller countries in the legend along with all the boundaries for states and provinces in USA, Australia and Canada.

Scratch off foil layer

Summary: Plan your next trip old style on the back of this small Scratch Map Travel that comes in a handy tube to take along on adventures.

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Need A Trusted Companion On Your Travels? Get This Map

Do you often find yourself standing alone on an airport with not a friend in sight? Are your friends always backing out of their promises to go on a globetrotting adventure with you? If you are spending more time trying to convince your couch potato friends to go on a trip with you rather than actually spending time on planning, then we you most definitely need some new friends. Obviously, that is easier said than done but we can offer you the next best thing to accompany you on your travels around the globe. And we promise, it will never leave your side. We are talking about a map!

Your New Friend

Scratch Map Travel: We understand the need of finding something friendly or familiar in an unknown land, far away from family and that’s why this travel map will be the perfect answer. This is not just any map, it is a scratch off map by none other than Luckies of London. Scratch Map Travel will be your loyal faithful chum always on your side as you go on your globetrotting adventures. Some of its key features are as below:

Scratch Map Travel Edition

White & Gold Map

This travel map of 42 x 29.7 cm comes neatly rolled in a sturdy gift tube so that you can just dump it in your suitcase and be on your merry adventure. The underlay of this map is made of white glossy laminate with gold foil overlay, creating a simplified scratch off map.

travel map tube

Colourful Map Underneath

Using a coin or any sharp metal object or even your fingertip, you ca scratch off the top layer to reveal beautiful colours filling the countries underneath along with other topographic details. They stand out nicely against the white background.

State Lines Included: For the more particular globetrotter, this scratch off map comes with USA and Australian state lines marked as well as Canadian provinces demarcation.

Flip Over For More Fun: Of course, the awesomeness is not over. You will find a blank world map along with other interesting things once you flip the travel map over. You can plot your journey or doodle anything else you feel like on this blank canvas. Other things included are:

  • Take silly photos before and after the trip.
  • Learn some travel etiquette’s.
  • Note down your favorite sound track on the trip and many other things.

Summary: Scratch Map Travel will be your faithful travel buddy as you go on your globetrotting adventures.

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Explore the World with a Scratch Map World poster

Explore the World with a Scratch Map World poster. If you’re looking for the ultimate world map poster to help you realize your travel dreams and record your globetrotting experiences from Andorra to Zimbabwe, then the Scratch Map XL is the mega map for you.

The largest of all the maps in our Scratch Map Range, this map of the world has all the detail and design features of our Scratch Map Original but in an extra large size meaning it makes a huge statement on any wall. The bigger your travel plans, the bigger your map needs to be we say, so if you’re planning a big traveling experience soon then you’ll love plotting your way across this beautiful designed map.

Once you return from each of your big adventures you simply scratch off the countries you have visited along the way to reveal the stunning, vibrant colors underneath, making this is an ever evolving and personal piece of wall art.

Made with gloss finish paper in size A0 and with a gold foil overlay to scratch off where you’ve been, you can truly create the ultimate personalized travel record to keep and cherish forever.

Due to it’s size and beauty, the Scratch Map XL makes a big impression in any room and so would make the perfect house warming gift for anyone who has done their fair share of globetrotting and would like to show off their travel adventures.

If you know someone who perhaps hasn’t seen much of the world yet but has big plans and has started making their travel bucket list then this map will be the perfect traveling inspiration for them; a constant reminder of their travel goals!

The Scratch Map XL would also make a unique Birthday present or Christmas gift for anyone about to embark on, or just returned from a gap year.

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A Quick Guide to World Maps and Scratch Maps™

There are a lot of interesting things to use a World Map for. Planning future trips, improving your geographical knowledge, learning where the highest mountain in the world is, the deepest point in the ocean, pronouncing all the countries in Africa, memorising the fifty states in America…But one of the most useful things you can use a world map for is keeping track of all the fantastic places in the world that you’ve visited.

That’s where our Scratch Map™ world map posters come in. Remove the foil from each country you’ve visited to reveal vibrant colours and interesting facts underneath.

Scratch Map collection

If you’re the type of traveller who enjoys taking in the sights, soaking up the culture and learning the local language, we’d recommend one of our informative Scratch Map™ world map posters such as the Scratch Map™ Hello poster or Scratch Map™ Oceans poster. Learn how to say hello in over 190 countries or learn key ocean facts and nautical flags to represent the alphabet.

Scratch Map Chalk and Travel world maps

Everyone knows an ‘itinerary is everything’ traveller. For these organised folk, try our Scratch Map™ Chalk world map poster. Write travel plans (or lover’s names) on the Scratch Map™ Chalk poster whilst keeping track of the places visited by removing the foil. With a wipe away chalk pen, it allows for a little spontaneity/change of plan (not that that’s a regular occurrence for these itinerary fiends). Or if they want to keep organised on the go, try one of our travel sized Scratch Map™ maps. Small enough to throw in their rucksack or suitcase, they can keep track of all their adventures in real time.

Adventure World Map

For the adrenalin junkies, there’s only one solution. Our Adventure Map™ poster. A Scratch Map™ map featuring over 280 ‘must do’ bucket list experiences. Imagine cage diving with crocodiles. You can get up close and personal with these huge salt-water beasts in Crocosaurus Cove in Darwin, Australia with only a clear acrylic tank wall for protection. That’s just one of 280 incredible bucket list experiences to uncover on the Adventure Map™. The hardest decision will be which to do first!

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4 travel maps perfect for any trip or adventure

People travel for all sorts of reasons. You could be looking for adventure, visiting relatives, or just trying to find a beach somewhere to get crispy whilst ignoring your work emails for a couple of weeks. It’s easier than ever now to jet off to wherever you want with a few clicks on your phone, a backpack, and sunnies you bought in the WH Smith at the airport. There are memories to be made, and whether you’re wanting to record all the places you’ve been, or give a gift that means your favourite jetsetter can, our original Scratch Map concept has been mutated into countless different varieties by our design team. Here are 4 perfect travel maps for any trip or adventure you’re planning…

If you’re planning a proper adventure, but need some ideas, the Adventure Map is perfect. Instead of being able to scratch the whole world, the map details 280 bucket list experiences that can be scratched as you make your way through them. From tiger spotting, to swimming with dolphins, The Great Wall to The Empire State Building; all the world’s great attractions are here for you to scratch off as you make your way across the planet.

If you’re looking for something a little more 3D to display your globetrotting, our Scratch Globe comes flatpacked (don’t worry, it isn’t a 3 hour Ikea situation), you assemble your globe, and are still able to scratch off your travels. Perfect size for a bookcase, or for hanging in a nursery.

There are a lot of words you should learn in the language of the country you’re visiting; “please”, “thank you”, “Is that poisonous?“, possibly to be followed by “Where is the nearest hospital?”. A good place to start when trying to communicate with locals is “Hello”. The Scratch Map Hello edition features the word for Hello in 190 countries, so never again find yourself doing that thing where you speak English really loud and wave your arms about. Nobody wants to tell that traveller where the hospital is…

If you’re too impatient to wait until you get back from your travels to scratch your map, the Scratch Map Travel edition might be the one for you. A scaled down version of our other maps, which means it’s easier to carry around with you and scratch as you go, although we hope you wouldn’t forget where you’d been as soon as you get home.

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Travel Scratch Map Collection

We feel like we have seen all of the World in movies but then we are here to experience all 5 senses not just sight. My Dad used to say ” you’ll get square eyes looking at the screen all day ” I am glad we were forced out to play. Made me adventurous. My Dad is like a World Scratch map. ”

Go on get out and enjoy yourself”. With this great map collection you will be inspired to create your own personalized ultimate and unique travel experience sensations. The best way to feel it is to do it. Don’t sit crossed legged under a tree all your life, you may get enlightenment but you didn’t taste it, or feel it.

With the Travel Map by your side, you will have saw and heard everything and written down to share and remember the great journey across the globe. All Scratch Maps are presented in an easy to carry matching themed travel tube, for easy portable access to roll in and out as you travel, Indiana Jones style.

Scratch Map Travel Edition Original

The Travel size Scratch Map of the World original is the same as the poster size but smaller to fit in your luggage. The tantalising original will really wake up your senses and travel bug within, with it’s crisp white background and gold foiled covered countries, waiting to be discovered.
If you are new to globe trotting then why not start with the ancient 7 wonders of the world. Or the 7 wonders known for remarkable constructions, in Peru, Brazil, China, India, Jordan, Italy and Mexico. In fact we now have a foundation dedicated to new 7 wonders of the world, like 7 wonder cities, or the 7 nature wonders like the Amazon Rain Forest and Table Mountain. Or better still, make your own personalised plans with the original travel scratch map, create your own 7 wonders, on the reverse of the map with a grid laid out world map to draw your route and write down those must see landmarks. Then scratch off the gold foil to reveal the exciting wonders and a colourful and sensational journey will appear before your eyes. Don’t just wonder about it, wonder around it !

Scratch Map USA Travel Edition

Let the USA travel Scratch Map seduce you to follow the sound of country and western, and the sight of the vast plains stretching out like the continual rolling globe, heat rising like smoke, the bright red sky on the horizon beckons you into the little town with the tumble weed and the Whistle Stop Cafe. Mmm I can smell them fried green tomatoes already ! See we already have the memory of the great U S of A from movies and music across the generations, but now we want to experience it, and no better way than to plan and map out your road trip of a lifetime than with the USA travel scratch map, it allows you to draw up your route, be it 66 or the best of the US Express, it will take you through it state by state driving through abandoned landscapes, rocky mountains, and historical monuments like crazy horse. Don’t be the coward of the county, you will be amazed at your personalised travel experience when you see the colours revealed on your map as you scratch away the stars and stripes revealing this incredible journey.

Scratch Map Travel Deluxe Edition

Travel 1st class with this premier finish travel Scratch Map Deluxe. Experience a hands on planner to take you from place to place, roll out your map as you wait for tea to be served on the orient express. Write down your must see and do things in Paris or Venice, then reveal the detail as you scratch off the copper foil covered countries show casing your journey on the luxury black laminate travel map. This smaller version of the full size deluxe map is easy to take on trips and durable enough to take in and out of the scroll tube as often as you like to record your travels. It features added detail along the bottom with useful information to help guide and plan with colour and number coded countries and continents. If you are interested in facts and want to visit the highest summits or fish in the largest lakes then the deluxe map will be your guide and journal wherever you go and however you get there be sure to do it in style.