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Travelogue Travel Journal in detail

64 page travel journal

The Travelogue is a beautiful and extremely useful travel journal with a difference! Like all good travel journals, there’s ample room to write down all your findings, experiences and notes. It also offers you up some handy travel tips, important checklists and useful daily planners, but what the Travelogue has that no other journal has is 8 miniature scratch maps, tucked snugly in the sturdy card sleeve. Each of the scratch maps represent different regions of the world so you can scratch off where you’ve been whilst en route!

It’s great for locking in your locations and for giving you an interactive and fun document to show all your mates on your return. The Travelogue travel journal offers the traveller an opportunity to record every step of their journey in writing and images. The result is a definitive document of amazing times and far out places.

Travelogue travel journal makes an amazing gift for someone going off on the trip of a lifetime.

Travelogue…a new journey with every page!


Material: Laminate, card, coloured foil, paper
Recycled cardboard binder
Regional scratch maps
Check list and travel tips included
64 page notebook
Protective card envelope, perfect for slipping in your rucksack

17 x 22.5 x 1.5 cm

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Scratch Map® Travel Edition features

Scratch Map Travel Edition

Much like it’s big bro, the Scratch Map® Travel Edition has a gold top foil which when removed, reveals a bright and colorful world underneath. However, the travel edition is that bit smaller and stored in a thin but strong card tube, making it great for being shoved in your rucksack or suitcase whilst taking up minimal amounts of your precious case space! Ideal! In fact, it measures in at 42 x 29.7 x 0.1 cm

The Scratch Map® Travel Edition in detail…

Travel Edition Scratch MapWith the best intentions, us jet setters often think we’ll keep a log or a diary when we are away but in reality you’re generally too busy soaking it all in to take pen to paper. This unique and entirely personalized map is the perfect way to keep a tally of where you’ve been, how you got there and what you liked about the place with minimal effort! Which is what you want from a break! A lovely feature the travel edition has is on the reverse, you’ll find a blank map which means you can write notes directly on it. You can also paste an image of yourself in the ‘before’ box and then ‘after’ to check on the tan…

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Everything You Need to Know About the Most Unusual Gifts!

From individuals to collectors, unique items can be a good addition to a house, store or anywhere else that needs decoration or a little tweak. It can be a great souvenir or a good gift for people you love. If you have no idea how to find the type of item that fits the definition of unique, this article is for you. Learn more about the different, unique gifts that you can easily buy online.


Definition of Unusual

When it comes to buying the best unusual gifts in the market, you first need to define what unusual means. There are a number of meanings that can be attached to the word. In fact, it can be an atypical item that is one of a kind that it simply grabs attention. In some occasions, these are items that easily become the collector’s items. Due to the intricacy involved in its production some items are not produced in great numbers.
In order to be considered unusual, there has to be that element of rarity. Most of these items are not overproduced. A number of these items are even bought via pre-order basis due to the limited run that companies do with these types of items. Things that are unique may come hard to find. Unusual would also usually mean quirky and one of a kind. Quirky items can tend to be funny and ideal for those people with a great sense of humor. At times, it breaks the conventions set towards an item.

Unusual gifts for men

What is classed As Unusual Gifts

To concretize the idea of unique gifts, it is a good call that you check these items. These following items can easily be classified as unique presents due to their characteristics, quirky design and limited runs. These items can be perfect presents for different occasions as these items never fail to surprise anyone.


The Yolkfish falls under the category of a unique item, primarily because of its construction, it is one of a kind and it definitely is something worth having in your kitchen. This product is not only unique, but also functional. As the name suggests, it is shaped like a fish and what it does is to take away the yolk of the egg. This item is unique to the point that it takes different, unconventional methods just to remove the yolk of the egg completely.

Luggage Label Stickers

What’s unique about the luggage label stickers? These luggage label stickers, unlike any other stickers are vintage designed meant exactly to make the luggage stand out from the rest. If you ever experienced seeing a number of luggage look alike, and have a difficult time telling them apart, the luggage label sticker solves all of this. With 16 designs to choose from, and made of vinyl material, this is a perfect present for any occasion especially to someone who loves to travel.

Scratch Map Deluxe

SCratch Map Deluxe EditionThere is nothing fancy about a map. When it comes to the Scratch Maps though, it is a different story. The concept of a scratch map is to expose geographic locations as you scratch the surface. Useful as a display at home or even in a business setting, the deluxe edition is a much improved version of the Scratch Map that we all know. In fact, this slick and sophisticated item is a great item not only for the traveler but also for those who are looking to design the home.

Dry Wipe Wheelie Bin

Dry Wipe Wheelie Bin is a great concept perfect for those who love to organize their table. Perfect in the office or in a study table, this allows you to keep all your pencils and other things. What makes this item unique is the fact that you can actually draw on the outside of the wheelie bin to customize the way it looks depending on your preference.


The Travelogue is similar to any travel journal, only it is unique. Travelogue contains a number of regional maps that can become handy in a travel experience. With 64 pages, and unique in its overall appearance, this is something that has been made in a unique way.

Why Unusual Gifts are Best For Different Occasions?

One of the biggest worries of individuals is whether or not it will be a perfect fit to any occasion. Just like any other gift, there are items that are perfect for certain occasions. However, due to the fact that the items are unique, not to mention rare, these things make as great gifts for any occasion. Whether it is Father’s Day, Birthday or the Yuletide Season, you do not have to worry that it may disappoint. Due to the rarity, quirky characteristic and the entertainment factor, these items do not fail to surprise people for whatever occasion.

People tend to appreciate those items that have unique characteristics. This is the main reason why it will be a great present to whatever occasion. Could you imagine receiving a Yolkfish? Even for someone who doesn’t cook that much, the fact that it is functional and uncommon makes it a great item.

How to Buy Items Online?

More and more people are now purchasing online. In fact, billions of dollars annually are made by e-commerce sites worldwide. When purchasing items online, not only is this most convenient, this even has the potential to be cheaper considering the lower overhead cost of selling online.

This is the reason why buying online is becoming more of a feasible option. When it comes to your buying spree though, you want to make sure that you are doing things safely. There are a number of instances where their credit card number was stolen due to the lack of security in the website. You want to make sure that the site itself is carrying out their security measures for their customers.

When it comes to your purchase online, you pay for the item directly through your credit card or through PayPal. PayPal was designed in order to protect people who are transacting online. This protects their credit card information that can be vulnerable to identity theft. It is highly suggested that you use PayPal for this provides a safe transaction. You may also want to check the different reviews online. You want to make sure that you get an opinion from those people who already purchased the product.

In order to ensure that you purchase an item according to your expectations, it is always a safe bet that you stick with a site that offers superb customer assistance. The company should have a toll free number or at least an email to accommodate any question or concerns.

Now if you are after saving some cash, you may want to check if there are any coupon codes that you could use. Coupon codes can provide discounts to certain items that you purchase. Also, it is a good call to purchase during times when they are clearing their inventory to make way for new stocks. The online stores will have different set of practice when they go put their items on sale.

Another rule of thumb when you are making your purchase is to check the availability of the product that you want. There are instances when some products are out of stock, especially those that are unique. These unique items don’t come in large numbers. There are some items that have different distributors. If this is the case, it is a good idea that you check for the price and the availability in these areas as well. You will not be disappointed with this considering how much this could make things easier for you. For instance, what if there is a distributor near your location? This means that you will have to shoulder less in terms of shipping.

How to Buy Overseas?

A lot of sites today come with a conversion. For those websites that offer shipping worldwide, they typically ask you where you are located. This way, they could adjust their currency. Though this is a minor concern, if you are on a tight budget, you might want to check for conversion through Google. Google can provide you with the quickest conversion to any currency worldwide.

How to Watch The Cost of What You Are Buying

You also need to assess how much you are going to spend on shipping items. Depending on where you are located, this can differ in terms of shipping charges. You may want to consider multiple items in order to make the most of the shipping fee that you are paying. It is common for e-commerce sites to change a more reasonable shipping when you purchase two or three items at once. It is ideal that you experiment with the site. You may want to try to update the cart every once in a while when you are making your purchase to see if there is a drastic increase in the shipping cost with your purchase. You have to be fully aware of these matters since some items may double in price due to shipping cost.

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Card Wallet Plus, protect your credit and debit cards safe

Travel Card Cover

Traveling may require you to have a number of things such as your ticket, passport, boarding pass and many other documents. The Card Wallet Plus available in different colors is a functional but cool product that can come in handy anywhere you may be. Made of PVC materials and with sufficient pockets to accommodate everything you need for your travel experience, this product is a perfect gift or accessory for these instances.

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Essential gift for a holiday, travel journal

Travel Journal

Luxury travel journalDocumenting your travel through photographs and videos are some of the modern ways of immortalizing your travel experience. Travelogue Travel Journal is a great way to compliment your travel, since there are some details that can’t be documented simply in a photo or video. The Travelogue is a great gift especially for those who love to write as they travel. It is composed of 64 pages, together with miniature scratch maps in different regions of the globe.

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Last minute gifts, compact, easy to send

Last minute gifts

When it comes to exploring new horizons, the Scratch Map Travel Edition is a great follow up to the Scratch Map Poster. Instead of just being displayed, the Scratch Map Travel Edition is a perfect gift that you can bring en route to your next great destination. Voyaging through different countries can tend to make you forget especially when you are traveling for months. This product can make your travel experience better as you can mark places that you’ve been in.

Last minute gifts, low cost, lightweight, east to send!

Scratch Map Travel EditionAlthough the Scratch Map Travel Edition features a great list of features, its also one of the most unusual yet affordable gifts on offer. For under $20 the Scratch Map Travel Edition is by far the most unique gift perfect for anyone, lightweight, easy to send and affordable!

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Old Fashioned Luggage Tags

One of the most confusing things that you will ever experience when traveling is getting your bag after a flight. A lot of people use the same type of bag that makes things confusing for so many individuals. Some people put their names on a tag. This method can be effective, but it can be hard to determine which luggage is yours from afar.

Beautifully designed Old Fashioned Luggage Tags

Old Fashioned Luggage TagsThe Luggage Label is a perfect travel gift for someone who is always traveling. Made of vinyl material, this helps in identifying and customizing the luggage. With available 16 designs to choose from, it has the ability to change the appearance of even the old luggage that you’ve been using for years. The good thing with this product is that you can easily remove the stickers and it would leave no mark when you peel them off.

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Cool posters and prints for the home

When it comes to decorating your home, you need to make sure that you are picky. There are certain posters that may not look good on your overall design. If you are having a difficult time choosing posters and prints for your home, this list is made for you. You will find these cool posters suited for your interior. In fact, some of these products are very quirky and unique.

Guitar Art Print

Guotars art print

If you love music, this is a perfect poster in your home. For those homes with a room for musical instruments, this is a perfect addition to your home. The Guitar Art Print helps you take a look back at the history of the old guitars from the past to the present. See the world famous guitars that made a difference in the 75 year history of Rock and Roll.

Gourmet Scratch Map

Gourmet Scratch Map

From the makers of the renowned Scratch Map, the company partnered with Snow Home and Alison Hardcastle to create one of the best posters ever printed. Guiding you of the different food recipes found in Europe, this poster is beautiful in color black. Once you scratch it, you will see the different colors underneath, the beautiful Gourmet Scratch Map.

Scratch Map Deluxe Edition

Scratch Map Deluxe Edition

Whether you love geography or you like a design that fits well in your wall, the Scratch Map Deluxe Edition is a great buy for you. The Scratch Map Deluxe Edition is a new and improved version of the popular Scratch Map that they released in the past. As the name suggests, it is a new and improved version of the former design. This product provides a more accurate version with added islands, not to mention a different take on its design. As the name suggests, it is a deluxe map that is guaranteed to look good in your own home.

Sneakers Art Print

Sneakers art print

Sneakers have become a staple addition in fashion. People love shoes that are not only comfortable, but are also stylish at the same time. Any sneaker head will appreciate the Sneakers Art Print. An infographic poster of different shoes from different manufacturers from the 1917 Chucks to the classic Adidas shoes, see the progression of the shoe industry. Included in this poster are the Vans, Jordans and collabs such as the Jeremy Scott and Adidas shoes. This poster features 134 of the greatest sneakers ever produced.

Camera Art Print

Camera art print

For someone who loves photography, the Camera Art Print from Pop Chart Lab takes you back to the days of the old. This poster is a great product that can be displayed in your home because of its classy look and great aesthetics. It shows the history of the cameras from the bulky medium formats to the rangefinder and to the SLRs. This product showcases 100 of the landmark cameras that made an impression in the world of photography.

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Cool kitchen gifts for 2014

Kitchenware poster by Pop Chart Lab

The kitchen is one of the most high traffic areas in your home. Getting the right type of kitchen equipment can make a big difference. This is exactly the reason why kitchen presents can always be a great call. What are the cool kitchen gifts for this year?


Jumbo the elephant is a great product that can be used either in your home’s bathroom or in the kitchen. Available in two different colors, you can choose either you want it to be cream or grey. Jumbo the Elephant is made of 100% plastic. In terms of aesthetics, Jumbo is a great sight to see in these parts of the house. It becomes handy in these parts of the house as you can easily organize all the clutter. It can be used to keep all the utensils without consuming so much space.


For someone who appreciates the art of presenting the food in a very creative manner, the Cucumbo is a perfect gift. Cucumbo is a spiral slicer that makes your cucumber look good. Made of 100% acrylic materials, this product is also easy to use. In fact, all that you need to do is to push the vegetable into the plastic blade and let Cucumbo do its magic. It is designed to make a continuous slice spiral to your vegetables.

Fried Egg Cup

The Fried Egg Cup is a great addition to the kitchen not only because of its rare appearance, but also because of its functionality. In terms of functionality, the Fried Egg Cup provides room for bread and other breakfast essentials. It has a place specifically for a hard boiled egg. And as for the overall shape, it was designed to be quirky, making it a great overall present.

Hug Doug

Hug DougIf you plan of making soup, or anything that involves a large pot, let Hug Doug be a good addition to your tools. This product is a great addition as it solves a problem commonly encountered by people who love to cook. Ever encountered your utensils heading straight down the pot? In these instances, this may be a hassle since you will have to clean the utensils again. This is something time consuming. For someone who wants to solve this minor problem, let Hug Doug be the best answer to this. Shaped like a human being hugging on your spoon, this product, this product makes it fun to cook.

Kitchenware Art Print Journal

From the makers of the popular posters, now, you can get a great kitchen companion in the form of the Kitchenware Art Print Journal. With 200 kitchen utensils, you can easily identify these items without a problem. This is a great gift for aspiring chefs or to those people who are very interested in cooking. From mandolins to ramekins, learn each and every one of them with this quirky print journal from Pop Chart Lab.

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Cool gifts for family and friends

Trendy and cool gifts are liked by almost everyone who loves giving and receiving gifts. Looking for something which can please your family and friends? Want to make them feel special? Want to show how much you love and care for them? If you are tired of buying the same traditional presents for your friends and family every time, opt for trendy modern gifts which not only will please you and the receiver, but can also be bought within your budget. Several stores offer a wide collection of interesting and stylish presents that you can present to your loved ones.

Availability of cool gifts

However, when it comes to the availability of such items, your local store can sometimes not offer too many options. For this reason, online stores play an important role. They provide you with a wide collection of things without taking much of time and effort. You can access considerably large number of online shops right from the comforts of your home, and yes, there is hardly any chance of getting stuck in the traffic jam. Online shopping is literally a great choice especially when you run short of time in selecting a gift of your choice.

Cool gifts for anyone, any age or gender

cool gifts for anyoneYou can present varied cool gifts to your loved ones. But make sure you have selected a gift that carries your emotion in a better way. After all giving gifts is not meant to server occasions only.
Wondering what to buy? How about a wheelie bin? A wheelie bin sized to stand on the desktop is definitely a nice present. One can use it immediately to tie up the mess which is in the kitchen, on the desk or anywhere else. Another beautiful present is a video notebook which has hard covers that are styled similar to the old video cassettes that you might have in your cupboard. Attractive undercover sleeves for laptops and tablets also make other cool gifts which you can find at various online stores. Some of the cool presents which you can look for are: memo container, attractive cartoonized pencil sharpeners, salt and pepper shakers, magnetic door organizers, cuff links, scented or aromatic candles, bottle openers, desk organizers, piggy or money banks etc.

The unusual collection of cool gifts

Cool gifts for menThere might be some presents which might have never even crossed your mind. The most special thing about such presents is that they are unique and the receiver might have never even imagined of being presented with such presents. These gifts are unique and their use can make one’s life much easy and interesting. The receiver will definitely praise your imagination and sense of presenting them with such gifts. These gifts often tend to be funny and ideal for individuals who take pleasure in good laugh. One can know about the innovative and funny side of these gifts only when you use them. You can locate such gifts easily at online stores. Before you purchase these cool gifts from any online store, make sure you have researched enough about the reputation of the store. One should remember that, though all kinds of gifts bring happiness and pleasure, but such cool gifts without any question bring much delight and enjoyment.