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Travelogue Travel Journal in detail

64 page travel journal

The Travelogue is a beautiful and extremely useful travel journal with a difference! Like all good travel journals, there’s ample room to write down all your findings, experiences and notes. It also offers you up some handy travel tips, important checklists and useful daily planners, but what the Travelogue has that no other journal has is 8 miniature scratch maps, tucked snugly in the sturdy card sleeve. Each of the scratch maps represent different regions of the world so you can scratch off where you’ve been whilst en route!

It’s great for locking in your locations and for giving you an interactive and fun document to show all your mates on your return. The Travelogue travel journal offers the traveller an opportunity to record every step of their journey in writing and images. The result is a definitive document of amazing times and far out places.

Travelogue travel journal makes an amazing gift for someone going off on the trip of a lifetime.

Travelogue…a new journey with every page!


Material: Laminate, card, coloured foil, paper
Recycled cardboard binder
Regional scratch maps
Check list and travel tips included
64 page notebook
Protective card envelope, perfect for slipping in your rucksack

17 x 22.5 x 1.5 cm

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Scratch Map™ Travel Edition features

Scratch Map Travel Edition

Much like it’s big bro, the Scratch Map™ Travel Edition has a gold top foil which when removed, reveals a bright and colorful world underneath. However, the travel edition is that bit smaller and stored in a thin but strong card tube, making it great for being shoved in your rucksack or suitcase whilst taking up minimal amounts of your precious case space! Ideal! In fact, it measures in at 42 x 29.7 x 0.1 cm

The Scratch Map™ Travel Edition in detail…

Travel Edition Scratch MapWith the best intentions, us jet setters often think we’ll keep a log or a diary when we are away but in reality you’re generally too busy soaking it all in to take pen to paper. This unique and entirely personalized map is the perfect way to keep a tally of where you’ve been, how you got there and what you liked about the place with minimal effort! Which is what you want from a break! A lovely feature the travel edition has is on the reverse, you’ll find a blank map which means you can write notes directly on it. You can also paste an image of yourself in the ‘before’ box and then ‘after’ to check on the tan…

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Everything You Need to Know About the Most Unusual Gifts!

From individuals to collectors, unique items can be a good addition to a house, store or anywhere else that needs decoration or a little tweak. It can be a great souvenir or a good gift for people you love. If you have no idea how to find the type of item that fits the definition of unique, this article is for you. Learn more about the different, unique gifts that you can easily buy online.


Definition of Unusual

When it comes to buying the best unusual gifts in the market, you first need to define what unusual means. There are a number of meanings that can be attached to the word. In fact, it can be an atypical item that is one of a kind that it simply grabs attention. In some occasions, these are items that easily become the collector’s items. Due to the intricacy involved in its production some items are not produced in great numbers.
In order to be considered unusual, there has to be that element of rarity. Most of these items are not overproduced. A number of these items are even bought via pre-order basis due to the limited run that companies do with these types of items. Things that are unique may come hard to find. Unusual would also usually mean quirky and one of a kind. Quirky items can tend to be funny and ideal for those people with a great sense of humor. At times, it breaks the conventions set towards an item.

Unusual gifts for men

What is classed As Unusual Gifts

To concretize the idea of unique gifts, it is a good call that you check these items. These following items can easily be classified as unique presents due to their characteristics, quirky design and limited runs. These items can be perfect presents for different occasions as these items never fail to surprise anyone.


The Yolkfish falls under the category of a unique item, primarily because of its construction, it is one of a kind and it definitely is something worth having in your kitchen. This product is not only unique, but also functional. As the name suggests, it is shaped like a fish and what it does is to take away the yolk of the egg. This item is unique to the point that it takes different, unconventional methods just to remove the yolk of the egg completely.

Luggage Label Stickers

What’s unique about the luggage label stickers? These luggage label stickers, unlike any other stickers are vintage designed meant exactly to make the luggage stand out from the rest. If you ever experienced seeing a number of luggage look alike, and have a difficult time telling them apart, the luggage label sticker solves all of this. With 16 designs to choose from, and made of vinyl material, this is a perfect present for any occasion especially to someone who loves to travel.

Scratch Map Deluxe

SCratch Map Deluxe EditionThere is nothing fancy about a map. When it comes to the Scratch Maps though, it is a different story. The concept of a scratch map is to expose geographic locations as you scratch the surface. Useful as a display at home or even in a business setting, the deluxe edition is a much improved version of the Scratch Map that we all know. In fact, this slick and sophisticated item is a great item not only for the traveler but also for those who are looking to design the home.

Dry Wipe Wheelie Bin

Dry Wipe Wheelie Bin is a great concept perfect for those who love to organize their table. Perfect in the office or in a study table, this allows you to keep all your pencils and other things. What makes this item unique is the fact that you can actually draw on the outside of the wheelie bin to customize the way it looks depending on your preference.


The Travelogue is similar to any travel journal, only it is unique. Travelogue contains a number of regional maps that can become handy in a travel experience. With 64 pages, and unique in its overall appearance, this is something that has been made in a unique way.

Why Unusual Gifts are Best For Different Occasions?

One of the biggest worries of individuals is whether or not it will be a perfect fit to any occasion. Just like any other gift, there are items that are perfect for certain occasions. However, due to the fact that the items are unique, not to mention rare, these things make as great gifts for any occasion. Whether it is Father’s Day, Birthday or the Yuletide Season, you do not have to worry that it may disappoint. Due to the rarity, quirky characteristic and the entertainment factor, these items do not fail to surprise people for whatever occasion.

People tend to appreciate those items that have unique characteristics. This is the main reason why it will be a great present to whatever occasion. Could you imagine receiving a Yolkfish? Even for someone who doesn’t cook that much, the fact that it is functional and uncommon makes it a great item.

How to Buy Items Online?

More and more people are now purchasing online. In fact, billions of dollars annually are made by e-commerce sites worldwide. When purchasing items online, not only is this most convenient, this even has the potential to be cheaper considering the lower overhead cost of selling online.

This is the reason why buying online is becoming more of a feasible option. When it comes to your buying spree though, you want to make sure that you are doing things safely. There are a number of instances where their credit card number was stolen due to the lack of security in the website. You want to make sure that the site itself is carrying out their security measures for their customers.

When it comes to your purchase online, you pay for the item directly through your credit card or through PayPal. PayPal was designed in order to protect people who are transacting online. This protects their credit card information that can be vulnerable to identity theft. It is highly suggested that you use PayPal for this provides a safe transaction. You may also want to check the different reviews online. You want to make sure that you get an opinion from those people who already purchased the product.

In order to ensure that you purchase an item according to your expectations, it is always a safe bet that you stick with a site that offers superb customer assistance. The company should have a toll free number or at least an email to accommodate any question or concerns.

Now if you are after saving some cash, you may want to check if there are any coupon codes that you could use. Coupon codes can provide discounts to certain items that you purchase. Also, it is a good call to purchase during times when they are clearing their inventory to make way for new stocks. The online stores will have different set of practice when they go put their items on sale.

Another rule of thumb when you are making your purchase is to check the availability of the product that you want. There are instances when some products are out of stock, especially those that are unique. These unique items don’t come in large numbers. There are some items that have different distributors. If this is the case, it is a good idea that you check for the price and the availability in these areas as well. You will not be disappointed with this considering how much this could make things easier for you. For instance, what if there is a distributor near your location? This means that you will have to shoulder less in terms of shipping.

How to Buy Overseas?

A lot of sites today come with a conversion. For those websites that offer shipping worldwide, they typically ask you where you are located. This way, they could adjust their currency. Though this is a minor concern, if you are on a tight budget, you might want to check for conversion through Google. Google can provide you with the quickest conversion to any currency worldwide.

How to Watch The Cost of What You Are Buying

You also need to assess how much you are going to spend on shipping items. Depending on where you are located, this can differ in terms of shipping charges. You may want to consider multiple items in order to make the most of the shipping fee that you are paying. It is common for e-commerce sites to change a more reasonable shipping when you purchase two or three items at once. It is ideal that you experiment with the site. You may want to try to update the cart every once in a while when you are making your purchase to see if there is a drastic increase in the shipping cost with your purchase. You have to be fully aware of these matters since some items may double in price due to shipping cost.

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Card Wallet Plus, protect your credit and debit cards safe

Travel Card Cover

Traveling may require you to have a number of things such as your ticket, passport, boarding pass and many other documents. The Card Wallet Plus available in different colors is a functional but cool product that can come in handy anywhere you may be. Made of PVC materials and with sufficient pockets to accommodate everything you need for your travel experience, this product is a perfect gift or accessory for these instances.

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Essential gift for a holiday, travel journal

Travel Journal

Luxury travel journalDocumenting your travel through photographs and videos are some of the modern ways of immortalizing your travel experience. Travelogue Travel Journal is a great way to compliment your travel, since there are some details that can’t be documented simply in a photo or video. The Travelogue is a great gift especially for those who love to write as they travel. It is composed of 64 pages, together with miniature scratch maps in different regions of the globe.

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Last minute gifts, compact, easy to send

Last minute gifts

When it comes to exploring new horizons, the Scratch Map Travel Edition is a great follow up to the Scratch Map Poster. Instead of just being displayed, the Scratch Map Travel Edition is a perfect gift that you can bring en route to your next great destination. Voyaging through different countries can tend to make you forget especially when you are traveling for months. This product can make your travel experience better as you can mark places that you’ve been in.

Last minute gifts, low cost, lightweight, east to send!

Scratch Map Travel EditionAlthough the Scratch Map Travel Edition features a great list of features, its also one of the most unusual yet affordable gifts on offer. For under $20 the Scratch Map Travel Edition is by far the most unique gift perfect for anyone, lightweight, easy to send and affordable!

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Old Fashioned Luggage Tags

One of the most confusing things that you will ever experience when traveling is getting your bag after a flight. A lot of people use the same type of bag that makes things confusing for so many individuals. Some people put their names on a tag. This method can be effective, but it can be hard to determine which luggage is yours from afar.

Beautifully designed Old Fashioned Luggage Tags

Old Fashioned Luggage TagsThe Luggage Label is a perfect travel gift for someone who is always traveling. Made of vinyl material, this helps in identifying and customizing the luggage. With available 16 designs to choose from, it has the ability to change the appearance of even the old luggage that you’ve been using for years. The good thing with this product is that you can easily remove the stickers and it would leave no mark when you peel them off.

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Cool posters and prints for the home

When it comes to decorating your home, you need to make sure that you are picky. There are certain posters that may not look good on your overall design. If you are having a difficult time choosing posters and prints for your home, this list is made for you. You will find these cool posters suited for your interior. In fact, some of these products are very quirky and unique.

Guitar Art Print

Guotars art print

If you love music, this is a perfect poster in your home. For those homes with a room for musical instruments, this is a perfect addition to your home. The Guitar Art Print helps you take a look back at the history of the old guitars from the past to the present. See the world famous guitars that made a difference in the 75 year history of Rock and Roll.

Gourmet Scratch Map

Gourmet Scratch Map

From the makers of the renowned Scratch Map, the company partnered with Snow Home and Alison Hardcastle to create one of the best posters ever printed. Guiding you of the different food recipes found in Europe, this poster is beautiful in color black. Once you scratch it, you will see the different colors underneath, the beautiful Gourmet Scratch Map.

Scratch Map Deluxe Edition

Scratch Map Deluxe Edition

Whether you love geography or you like a design that fits well in your wall, the Scratch Map Deluxe Edition is a great buy for you. The Scratch Map Deluxe Edition is a new and improved version of the popular Scratch Map that they released in the past. As the name suggests, it is a new and improved version of the former design. This product provides a more accurate version with added islands, not to mention a different take on its design. As the name suggests, it is a deluxe map that is guaranteed to look good in your own home.

Sneakers Art Print

Sneakers art print

Sneakers have become a staple addition in fashion. People love shoes that are not only comfortable, but are also stylish at the same time. Any sneaker head will appreciate the Sneakers Art Print. An infographic poster of different shoes from different manufacturers from the 1917 Chucks to the classic Adidas shoes, see the progression of the shoe industry. Included in this poster are the Vans, Jordans and collabs such as the Jeremy Scott and Adidas shoes. This poster features 134 of the greatest sneakers ever produced.

Camera Art Print

Camera art print

For someone who loves photography, the Camera Art Print from Pop Chart Lab takes you back to the days of the old. This poster is a great product that can be displayed in your home because of its classy look and great aesthetics. It shows the history of the cameras from the bulky medium formats to the rangefinder and to the SLRs. This product showcases 100 of the landmark cameras that made an impression in the world of photography.

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Cool kitchen gifts for 2014

Kitchenware poster by Pop Chart Lab

The kitchen is one of the most high traffic areas in your home. Getting the right type of kitchen equipment can make a big difference. This is exactly the reason why kitchen presents can always be a great call. What are the cool kitchen gifts for this year?


Jumbo the elephant is a great product that can be used either in your home’s bathroom or in the kitchen. Available in two different colors, you can choose either you want it to be cream or grey. Jumbo the Elephant is made of 100% plastic. In terms of aesthetics, Jumbo is a great sight to see in these parts of the house. It becomes handy in these parts of the house as you can easily organize all the clutter. It can be used to keep all the utensils without consuming so much space.


For someone who appreciates the art of presenting the food in a very creative manner, the Cucumbo is a perfect gift. Cucumbo is a spiral slicer that makes your cucumber look good. Made of 100% acrylic materials, this product is also easy to use. In fact, all that you need to do is to push the vegetable into the plastic blade and let Cucumbo do its magic. It is designed to make a continuous slice spiral to your vegetables.

Fried Egg Cup

The Fried Egg Cup is a great addition to the kitchen not only because of its rare appearance, but also because of its functionality. In terms of functionality, the Fried Egg Cup provides room for bread and other breakfast essentials. It has a place specifically for a hard boiled egg. And as for the overall shape, it was designed to be quirky, making it a great overall present.

Hug Doug

Hug DougIf you plan of making soup, or anything that involves a large pot, let Hug Doug be a good addition to your tools. This product is a great addition as it solves a problem commonly encountered by people who love to cook. Ever encountered your utensils heading straight down the pot? In these instances, this may be a hassle since you will have to clean the utensils again. This is something time consuming. For someone who wants to solve this minor problem, let Hug Doug be the best answer to this. Shaped like a human being hugging on your spoon, this product, this product makes it fun to cook.

Kitchenware Art Print Journal

From the makers of the popular posters, now, you can get a great kitchen companion in the form of the Kitchenware Art Print Journal. With 200 kitchen utensils, you can easily identify these items without a problem. This is a great gift for aspiring chefs or to those people who are very interested in cooking. From mandolins to ramekins, learn each and every one of them with this quirky print journal from Pop Chart Lab.

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Cool gifts for family and friends

Trendy and cool gifts are liked by almost everyone who loves giving and receiving gifts. Looking for something which can please your family and friends? Want to make them feel special? Want to show how much you love and care for them? If you are tired of buying the same traditional presents for your friends and family every time, opt for trendy modern gifts which not only will please you and the receiver, but can also be bought within your budget. Several stores offer a wide collection of interesting and stylish presents that you can present to your loved ones.

Availability of cool gifts

However, when it comes to the availability of such items, your local store can sometimes not offer too many options. For this reason, online stores play an important role. They provide you with a wide collection of things without taking much of time and effort. You can access considerably large number of online shops right from the comforts of your home, and yes, there is hardly any chance of getting stuck in the traffic jam. Online shopping is literally a great choice especially when you run short of time in selecting a gift of your choice.

Cool gifts for anyone, any age or gender

cool gifts for anyoneYou can present varied cool gifts to your loved ones. But make sure you have selected a gift that carries your emotion in a better way. After all giving gifts is not meant to server occasions only.
Wondering what to buy? How about a wheelie bin? A wheelie bin sized to stand on the desktop is definitely a nice present. One can use it immediately to tie up the mess which is in the kitchen, on the desk or anywhere else. Another beautiful present is a video notebook which has hard covers that are styled similar to the old video cassettes that you might have in your cupboard. Attractive undercover sleeves for laptops and tablets also make other cool gifts which you can find at various online stores. Some of the cool presents which you can look for are: memo container, attractive cartoonized pencil sharpeners, salt and pepper shakers, magnetic door organizers, cuff links, scented or aromatic candles, bottle openers, desk organizers, piggy or money banks etc.

The unusual collection of cool gifts

Cool gifts for menThere might be some presents which might have never even crossed your mind. The most special thing about such presents is that they are unique and the receiver might have never even imagined of being presented with such presents. These gifts are unique and their use can make one’s life much easy and interesting. The receiver will definitely praise your imagination and sense of presenting them with such gifts. These gifts often tend to be funny and ideal for individuals who take pleasure in good laugh. One can know about the innovative and funny side of these gifts only when you use them. You can locate such gifts easily at online stores. Before you purchase these cool gifts from any online store, make sure you have researched enough about the reputation of the store. One should remember that, though all kinds of gifts bring happiness and pleasure, but such cool gifts without any question bring much delight and enjoyment.

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How to choose birthday presents for any occasion

It goes without saying that Birthday is one of most significant days in a person’s life. It brings a lot of joy and happiness along with it. When it comes to making this day special for someone, nothing makes it better than a meaningful birthday present.

Everyone loves being pampered on their birthdays with special and unique gifts of love. But sometimes, it becomes very difficult and confusing to choose a right gift. However, choosing birthday presents can be immensely easier provided that you are willing to spend some time and effort for the same. This will help in reflecting the appropriate emotion of love. If you know the interests of the person the gift is meant to, selecting a present becomes much easier.

You should be thoughtful and creative but not pensive while planning a gift for your loved ones. A well thought present that expresses your love and affection in a better way is of course a better gift. Here are some of the tips which can guide you choose more meaningful birthday presents:

Birthday presentsThe thought counts:

You must have heard this phrase. It still holds true. What counts more is the thought. A thoughtfully and carefully selected personal birthday present is always helpful in expressing your love. If you spend a bit of time in visualizing the interests of the birthday boy or girl, you can buy beautiful and indeed meaningful gifts within your budget.

Pre planning works:

If you know that the birthday of someone you are close is nearing, you can try considering the likes and dislikes of that person. Try finding out the things that can bring smiles on their face.
Take time to shop around: Take time to choose the best suited things. Don’t make haste. Make a list of at least five things of your choice before you choose the final one. Remember, it is not always necessary to buy expensive gifts. Price is no object for a person who is special in your life, it’s about the feeling that your gift carries.

If you are not able to find the best suited gifts in the shops down the street, head over to internet. You can find a reasonably large of the websites offering all kinds of gifts. Take time to explore their collections. You will surely be able to find the ones that say it all for you. You can consider a few choices like: fragrances, jewellery, photo albums, chocolates, apparels, watches, gift baskets, bags and wallet etc. If the person loves music, you can consider music CDs, iPod, MP3 players etc.

There is one more very important thing about birthday presents, not merely about birthdays but about any gifting occasions, that you should gift a thing that is useful for the person accepting this present. It hardly makes a person smile when there is no use of a gift.

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How to select cool last minute gifts for men

Sometimes, especially when out in the market to buy gifts for someone, our time management tends to be so bad that we end up seeking the last minute gifts. The online websites and stores are the last resort as they help us to make our sudden and timeless choices. However, buying a last minute gift is not unusual, we do it very often. But, paying attention to a few simple things can make it more impressive in term of selection. It is important that the last minute gift should not give a feel that it has been bought at the last minute. These gifts can be unique or cool gifts that may give a feel that they have been bought thoughtfully.

Last minute gifts for menToday, markets whether online or offline, are flooded with cool gifts and presents. Remember, sometimes when get to see multiple numbers of items of at one, you confuse yourself. Tend to be selective with the choice on such occasions. If you need to buy unique gifts for women, you have a number of choices of last minute gifts. But many times the age group of an individual matters the most. You can find categorized presents in the shop that are nicely arranged according to age groups. It makes things easier. Still, if you can’t think of any cool gifts, it would be appropriate to gift a voucher. It’s obviously one of the most popular gift ideas today.

If you have an idea that you will be coming to the party directly from the office, there is a probability that you have no gift in hand. But you can surprise the person by handing a neatly packaged present. If you do not have sufficient time to shop around for the presents, you can browse any store nearby for personalized cool gifts. The personalized gifts look unique when one adds receiver’s or giver’s photo to it. One can customize the gifts as per the taste and interest of the receiver. Examples of such gifts are photo coasters, photo frames, scrap book, music player, personalized t-shirts etc. Personalized gifts do not take much time; in fact they bring immense happiness and joy to the receiver, making him feel special. Gifts always bring pleasures but you should keep it in mind that your gift should match the interests of the receiver.

Last minute gifts for himHere is a list of gift for girls, to which you can give a though – diaries, jewellery, crafts, romantic novels, subscription to magazines, designer dress, a box of chocolates, portable media player, games, plug and play interactive games.

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How to choose fun gifts for him?

Fun gift ideas for him

Life is one time everyone has got; hence, it is always wise to make the most of it. Don’t let your life get serious and grey and don’t let it happen with anyone else either. Bringing fun and pleasure into life is very important to keep it going at a smooth pace. Our life has many important things like work, family, friends and spending time together is also very essential. In short, there are many ways by which an individual adds fun and enjoyment to his life. Stepping outside in the sun for a day trip and having pleasure playing some fun game with your friends, are simply great but it needs time, planning and budget of course. Take life the other way, spread laughter, enjoy life and help other do the same. Interestingly, these all can be done very easily with fun gifts.

Fun gifts for himFun gifts always bring laughter and fun with them. A bit of playing with the fun gifts can reveal how much pleasure and enjoyment a person and his/her loved one can have with some simple and small things. All this pleasure comes with minimum distractions. You can also consider indulging your friends and family members into the enjoyment by sending and giving fun gifts.

Everyone loves to laugh and perhaps that’s why more and more people today prefer funny presents than the common ones. With the advent of internet, buy fun presents have become very easy. They all can be purchased from different online stores and websites. There is an assortment of gift websites online which offers interesting and unique presents online, thereby making the purchase of gift has become much hassle free and enjoyable.

Some of the fun gifts ideas you may love to consider are – Love at first sight glasses, 3D Glasses, Dashboard Hula Girl, Emergency cat meow button, Scented soap, Growing tongue, Holiday moustache, LED lighted mouth piece, Rear-view spy glasses and many more. It is important to note here that such gifts should be given to only to the people who are light natured and like to have fun. If you know someone with such nature then these gifts can prove to be an ideal present for him.

Funny gifts for himHowever, you can find a wide range of fun gifts at a store whether online or offline, yet make sure that the fun gifts that you are going to buy carry a certain sense of humor with them. Funny present not only make an individual happy but they also fill pleasure to the life of the receiver. One should therefore experience fun transforming the regular grind into something which is enjoyable.

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How to choose fun gifts for him?

Selecting a gift for him can be very easy and at the same time it can be very difficult. It all depends on how you think and what set of mind of you carry at the time of the making your selections. The most important thing to consider at the time of finding gifts for men that are hard to buy for is that you must relate every item you choose with him and not with yourself. It usually happens that we buy gift items which we think are funny enough, but it might not be the same for him as well. Ask yourself if you are purchasing this gift for you or for him. Of course, it is for him, then why is your choice being so important at moment? It might seem different to think for a while. But trust me, you will love its result. The insistence must me on things that are indeed for him. All the people cannot have the same kind of sense of humour and that is the reason we must take into mind.

Fun gThe second thing is to the recall some of the humorous incidents you spent with him. What are the things that make him laugh the most? How he reacts to a particular kind of items? Ask a few similar questions to him and make a note of things that you found this way. It will be very helpful in selecting the right fun gifts for him.

Once you are done with the above steps, make a list of things that he uses the most every day. Don’t hold yourself from writing. Write anything that he uses the most every day. You might find some of stupid things this way, but do write them. Now relate the possibility of gifts with a few of them. Suppose, he uses his bike the most every day, you can find the dummy bikes, so much so that you can find chocolate and other edible in the shape of bikes. Won’t it be a fun idea to present him as a gift?

If you still can’t the fun gifts for him, let us explore a few other possibilities for such items. Take a few items of home décor, for instance – wallpapers, flower pots, vases etc. What’s funny in them? Come on, there can be fun elements in them because of their size, shape and designs. You can find a number of such items on a gift shop or even online which are very funny because of their structures. If you talk about wallpapers, they can be funny because of those funny quotes written on them. Besides, you can consider a few office items for your selection. There are funny pens, stationeries, notepads, books, coffee mugs and several other things. If you can’t think of one still, visit a few fun gift shops online and explore their collections, you will surely be getting some real fun gift ideas there.

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Advantages of Buying Wholesale Gifts

Purchasing wholesale gifts offer many advantages. Primarily, you get good discounts. Buying wholesale items offer the flexibility to stay competitive in business. Finding ways to cut your product costs and give your customers a lower price can give competitive edge to your business. If you are just starting a business, buying wholesale products in order resell is a great marketing strategy.

Benefits of buying wholesale products

The main benefit of buying wholesale products to resell is its profit margin. It helps you to save more. Besides discounted prices, bulk purchases will save you a lot of transportation and handling charges.
Purchasing wholesale products helps you to generate additional capital. Flexibility of capital lends you a hand to explore many areas in your business. Consequently, you will have more business opportunities.

Another great benefit of purchasing wholesale gifts or other products is its improved supply chain. It offers steady and reliable supply of products. This will certainly create a confidence among your customers and enhances your relationship. Adequate supply of products is one of the key factors to get success in business. You can easily cater the needs of your customers as they can readily access what they want.

Buying wholesale products can help you to establish a healthy relation with manufacturers that enables you to negotiate more deals and discounts.
Since, you will have steady supply of products it helps to build up confidence among your customers.

Tips to buy wholesale products

We know, buying wholesale gifts and products is much cheaper than buying from other stores. However, you have to consider certain factors when buying wholesale products.
First, you need to finalize the products that you want to buy and all information pertaining to them such as different models available, its market value, resale value. Doing little search on internet help you to know these details.
Before purchasing, ensure to know the background of the wholesale supplier. It is wise to make a direct contact rather than using e-mails or telephone. Thorough investigation into the suppliers’ legitimacy and service is necessary before agreeing to make deal with them.

Many wholesale dealers offer substantial discounts for the products that are ready to dispense. Take advantage of such discounts and make more profit.
Don’t give in to the sellers demand. You have to negotiate and get a reasonable price. Some dealers agree free shipping that can also be a lucrative offer.

Taking reference form friends helps to find a good dealer.

In order to find wholesale suppliers, Search the white and yellow page. Online search is the easiest and effective way to find wholesale suppliers. It saves time and money too. While searching on internet, search in forums that discuss about wholesale dealer and suppliers. It will help to find right places to purchase wholesale gifts and other products. Classifieds and advertisements in the newspaper is another great source. Online Wholesale supplier directories come in handy to get genuine wholesale suppliers.

Once, you have found a trustworthy wholesale dealer who offers quality products at reasonable price along with good service, ensure to maintain a business relation instead of going for new dealers. Luckies of London is a world renowned wholesale gifts manufacturer specializing in some of the worlds most desirable gifts for men.

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How to select best Birthday Presents for family members?

Birthday present ideas

Birthday presents for himChoosing the right birthday presents for your near and dear ones can be at times quite difficult. The gift selection has to be based largely on the nature and interests of the receiver. A wide collection of gift items are available at the market at various price levels for every age group and gender. This article discusses some ideal presents that can be given to different people on their birthdays.

Best gifts for mom

Every one of us would love to give the best gift to our moms on their birthdays. The gifts should reveal our love, care and fondness to the one who brought us into the world. Personalized gifts are good at conveying these messages to our moms. They are straight from the heart. You can give her personalized mugs, calendars, photo-frames and a lot more. You can also buy her some consumable product like a bottle of luxury champagne with a hand written thoughtful note of gratitude and love attached with it.

Best gifts for dads

Dads would love to have presents such as cufflinks display case, cufflinks, mobile phone, men’s leather watches, keychain with his digital photo, leather suitcase, shoe organiser, tie, shirt, animated card, and likewise.
Ideal birthday presents for your girlfriend include artfully engraved compact mirrors, red rose bouquets, stylish handbags, makeup kits, beautiful jewellery, lovely clothes, etc. Whatever present you choose for her, adding a meaningful message to it will make a memorable birthday gift for her. Also, take her to a movie or restaurant to make her day complete.

Unusual gifts for him

If you are looking for presents for your boyfriend, take his personal interests into consideration before shopping for it. If is a music lover, a CD with his favorite tracks would be an ideal gift; if he likes cricket, a cricket bat would be a great gift; and so on. Fresh flowers with an I love you note, decorated chocolate packs, T-shirts, etc are also ideal presents for boyfriends.

A wide range of presents are available for children, the toyshops are full of them. For small boys, remote control helicopters, scooters, toy bikes, etc would be ideal; while a bit more grown up boys would enjoy gifts such as video games, bicycles, wrist watches, fishing tackle, etc.

Little girls would love to have Barbie dolls, kitchen play sets, colorful ornaments and accessories, chocolate tins, etc; and teenage girls would love cuddly soft toys, teddy bears, casual jewelry, dresses, etc.
Old people of both sex would love to receive presents such as movie theatre tickets, magazine subscriptions, luxurious brands of wine, framed group photos of old friends, food vouchers, etc on their birthdays.

Some unforgettable birthday presents that would be adored and cherished by every receiver includes those that are made by you. These may be sweetmeats, chocolates, cakes, biscuits, knitted woolen goods, hand embroidery clothes, paintings, hand framed photographs, crafts, etc. These take a lot of time to be made. However, these when given off as presents tell the receiver that you value them so much that you spent a huge amount of time on making something special for them.

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Fun Gifts: How to choose them?

It’s a real busy life for every one of us out here, and each one would love to find some time to relax and have fun with our family members and friends. Although a lot of things can be done in order to have fun, giving fun gifts to your loved ones tops them all. For, the fun time shared with our beloveds with such gifts gets accounted as quality time spent, which is one of the best things in life. Bring laughter and joy into your home with our fun gift ideas for every season of the year.

Fun gifts for all seasons

Winter is a great time to enjoy in the snow. During the months of December, January and February, the perfect fun gifts to spend quality time with family and friends would be to buy tickets for them to an ice skating, or for a tour to a nearby hill station. Lovely Christmas crafts, homemade sweets, specially ordered cakes, freaky woollen goods, etc given as gifts, can adorn the long awaited month of December. Stickers, stampers, sticker books, funky photo frames, memoboards, kid’s stockings, etc are great gifts for children during this time of the year. Since Valentine’s day also falls during this season, you can take them to a nice restaurant for dinner or lunch. Internet also offers a wide collection of carefully picked Valentine gifts that can be given to your spouse, friends and family members on this day of love.

Spring is a time of new beginnings. Take your family to a nursery and encourage everyone to buy some saplings for planting together around your home. The spirit of oneness will bloom with such activity. Apart from this, getting tickets to exhibitions, concerts, boat shows, balls, car shows, etc that would be available in plenty during this time of the year can also serve as great fun gifts. Apart from this, you can also send fruit baskets, fresh flower baskets, wine baskets, bouquets, balloon bouquets, etc to your loved ones during this time of the year.

During the hot summer months, cool yourself and your family members by getting tickets to a boat cruise, rope course or water park. Since June, July and August are months for outdoor fun, giving away fun gifts such as fishing hooks, picnic baskets, golf items, lawn chairs, umbrellas, handmade soaps, story books, etc according to the needs of each of your family members will promote feelings of love and care.
Fall season is a busy time. Taking your family members for a brunch at a local restaurant would pave way for ushering some fun into your home. During the month of November, family tickets to a nice movie would serve as great fun gifts. There are a number of other autumn season gifts for everyone in the family. Adults can be given scented candles, cool drink recipe books, dried fall flowers collection, leaf shaped soaps, scarves, ceramic bowls, fall flowers wreath, etc. Children would love gifts such as toys, video games, stuffed animals, etc not only during the fall, but also during any season of the year.

It’s a real busy life for every one of us out here, and each one would love to find some time to relax and have fun with our family members and friends. Although a lot of things can be done in order to have fun, giving fun gifts to your loved ones tops them all. For, the fun time shared with our beloveds with such gifts gets accounted as quality time spent, which is one of the best things in life. Bring laughter and joy into your home with our fun gift ideas for every season of the year.

Winter is a great time to enjoy in the snow. During the months of December, January and February, the perfect fun gifts to spend quality time with family and friends would be to buy tickets for them to an ice skating, or for a tour to a nearby hill station. Lovely Christmas crafts, homemade sweets, specially ordered cakes, freaky woollen goods, etc given as gifts, can adorn the long awaited month of December. Stickers, stampers, sticker books, funky photo frames, memoboards, kid’s stockings, etc are great gifts for children during this time of the year. Since Valentine’s day also falls during this season, you can take them to a nice restaurant for dinner or lunch. Internet also offers a wide collection of carefully picked Valentine gifts that can be given to your spouse, friends and family members on this day of love.

Spring is a time of new beginnings. Take your family to a nursery and encourage everyone to buy some saplings for planting together around your home. The spirit of oneness will bloom with such activity. Apart from this, getting tickets to exhibitions, concerts, boat shows, balls, car shows, etc that would be available in plenty during this time of the year can also serve as great fun gifts. Apart from this, you can also send fruit baskets, fresh flower baskets, wine baskets, bouquets, balloon bouquets, etc to your loved ones during this time of the year.

During the hot summer months, cool yourself and your family members by getting tickets to a boat cruise, rope course or water park. Since June, July and August are months for outdoor fun, giving away fun gifts such as fishing hooks, picnic baskets, golf items, lawn chairs, umbrellas, handmade soaps, story books, etc according to the needs of each of your family members will promote feelings of love and care.
Fall season is a busy time. Taking your family members for a brunch at a local restaurant would pave way for ushering some fun into your home. During the month of November, family tickets to a nice movie would serve as great fun gifts. There are a number of other autumn season gifts for everyone in the family. Adults can be given scented candles, cool drink recipe books, dried fall flowers collection, leaf shaped soaps, scarves, ceramic bowls, fall flowers wreath, etc. Children would love gifts such as toys, video games, stuffed animals, etc not only during the fall, but also during any season of the year.

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Unusual Gifts: Select the right one for your loved ones

Some people have mastered the art of buying great gifts, while others have not. Unusual gifts are always nice to be given, be the occasion a birthday, an anniversary, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Father’s day, Mother’s day or any other special day. As they suit all sort of occasions, there are quite a lot of people out there who are in search of these items. This article is to help you buy rare gifts that would bring a adorable smile on the recipient’s face.

Romantic giftsThe general rule for buying unusual gifts is to opt for something that the receiver would have not seen before. Such stuff are likely to attract the recipient at the very first glance. One idea is to go for unusual but useful combinations. For example, a lovely sea shell is always an adorable gift, and so is a photo frame, but combining these two can result in an altogether different, unexpected, cherishable and useful gift.

One more thing that you should consider while buying a gift, be it oft purchased or unusual, it has to be something that would be memorable for the recipient. It should capture the recipient’s heart. Not only thoughtful and touching gifts can be memorable, but also funny ones. Take enough care that you are not so much into buying unusual gifts that you estimate its rarity by looking at the price tag alone. For, even cheaper gifts can be unusual. They can be anything including accessories, clothes, shoes, candles, DVDs, photo frames, pens, and books.

Personalised gifts are other great options to be given off as memorable unusual gifts. Having the recipients name or photograph, or some of his/her favourite wordings, or some personalised message to him or her; engraved, painted or embroided on any gift article like a T-shirt, photo frame, teddy bear, mobile stand, pen, calendar, wrist watch, etc gives it a personal touch. Such gifts will not only be quite touching, but also make great keepsakes. It is a wonderful feeling to know that your gift will be treasured by the recipient for a long time. Personalised gifts take time to be made. So, go shopping in advance. There should be enough notice period for the artist to get the gift made perfectly for you.

Online shopping also offers an array of choices of unusual gifts for all ages to choose from. While shopping online for these gifts, it is advisable to go for weird objects; the weirder, the better. Thousands of such objects are available for purchase at online stores. Change the stores where you usually shop to get the best possible gift. When you visit various online stores, you get to choose from a wide range of items. After having a glance at the collections available at different stores, you can always come back to the place where you found the weirdest one that you would Love notelove to gift. Moreover online shopping is also advantageous in that you can have the gift delivered at the recipient’s doorstep if you like.

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Gifts for guys that are hard to buy for

Ever thought of getting your dad, uncle, boyfriend, brother or husband a gift? Looking for gifts for guys that are hard to buy for? Look no further! If you are looking to make a lasting impression, it is a good call that you stick with hard to buy presents. What are the hard to buy presents? These are items that are unique. These are items that you just can’t buy anywhere so easily.

For men who have a particular taste in their gifts, this is a perfect option for them. There are a lot of things to consider when you are looking to give an unusual gift to someone who has a difficult personality. Someone who is hard to please may give you that smile, but you know that they won’t be able to appreciate the gift that much. There are also some instances when the presents are generic to the point that can be mixed with a number of things that he already owns. It is important to reconsider a number of options if you really want to please someone with a present. For someone who has no idea where to find these things, we will provide a number of feasible options where you can get hard to buy gifts.

Online shopping

From the simple to the complicated, there will be items out there that you can easily find online. Forums, Facebook Pages and even blogs can lead you to items that are hard to find. If there are constraints with what stores nearby can offer, we are now living in a globalized society that allows purchases in the simplest way.

Antique Shops

Men love vintage items. If you find yourself in a position where finding vintage items is a tough thing to do, a visit to the nearest antique store can give you a number of cool items. You may have to acquire some bargaining skills though. It is important that you bring in some bargaining skills when you go to these stores considering how some items out there are expensive. The good thing though is that you can haggle for a better price.

DIY Shops

DIY items are popular. In fact, one of the simplest things that you can do is to buy simple items and then try to redecorate them. For instance, mugs can be turned to custom made mugs by having it printed with something unique. This simple tweak can be done at home if you have the right materials. For more ideas regarding how to make use of common items and turn them to unique things, it is a good idea that you do the necessary research first.

Custom Shops

Ever thought of getting him something that is hard to buy? Get it to someone who is offering custom made items. It doesn’t have to be too expensive. Even a custom made wooden box, for example can look unique when you go to the right person. To have an idea what the best item is, try looking at his personality. Is he a quiet type who loves his work? What are his hobbies? After collecting the information, you can contact the right company to do the work for you!

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5 Rules To Follow When Giving Gifts For Men That Have Everything in Life

Gifts for men that have everything

They say that wants can be infinite, in contrast to the needs. People will just continue to have wants, and therefore you can still give them something despite them already having almost everything. However, people who already have almost everything can be difficult to give a gift to, considering the minimal options that you have. When looking for unusual gifts for men who are difficult to please, simply because they already have everything, you want to stick to a number of rules. These rules will keep you from getting the wrong present.

Price Doesn’t Matter

Always remember that price of the item will be less of an issue if someone you will give a gift to already has a fat wallet. Keeping up with the price will just be an absurd idea. Try to look into the quality of the product you are purchasing than settling with the price of the item.

Gifts for men that are practical

A lot of men who already have everything they can ask for would most likely be pleased to have a practical product. One of the questions that you can always ask is, what is it that he does? Is he always travelling or probably into the arts? You can start from those questions. Even the simplest presents, as long as they have a practical use can please people.

Know The Occasion

The type of present that you want to give should vary depending on the occasion that you are looking at. For instance, are you going to give a gift for his birthday or are you planning to give something for the yule-tide season? These are all considerations that you just can’t scrap. Also, there are different stores that would specialize in such items.

Check Their Personality Type

The type of gift will most likely come from the type of personality that he has. If he is more of a person who has a knack for jokes, why not get him something that can make him laugh. These types of items may or may not have everyday use. It just has to be a reminder to him that you remembered him on that day.

Consider The Unusual Presents

A lot of people do value unusual presents above any other type of present out there. Why is an unusual present a good idea to have? First, it leaves a mark on that person. If you want a distinct present that can be remembered for years to come, why not get a present that has been innovating in a weird way? Secondly, there is a less likely chance that he already has it. Men who already have everything may likely have what you are planning to give him or her.

The downside to giving a present to someone who already has everything is that you have limited choices. There are fewer options considering that they already have most of the things out there. This is where creativity can enter the picture. It is important to have creativity in order to find the right one that he will love. With these things, you can easily pinpoint the right type of present for him.

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Essentials for gifts for men and great gift ideas

Great gift ideas for men

Are men predictable? In some respect, they can be predicted if you know a couple of things about them. If you are wondering about the best gift ideas that you can use for your dad, uncle, or any male loved one, then you would want to check these things. We will be discussing the basic essentials that make a great gifts for men.

Work centric Gift gifts for men

A lot of men love to work for more than 10 hours at a time. There are individuals who are just focused on their careers that it becomes a huge chunk of their life. What is their work? Since men work in different careers and field, one safe gift idea that you can get them is a mug. A mug with something interesting printed is a good way to make men cheer up, especially when they are drinking their coffee at the office.

Hobby related Presents

A lot of men have hobbies. Some of them, for instance love sports. When getting them a sports item, why not go the extra mile and find an OEM, or an Original Equipment Manufacturer? This will enable you to request for a custom made equipment for your loved one. Whether it is a simple jersey or a Rashguard, these are some of the things that they can easily tweak according to your requirements.

Entertainment presents

Men love to work so hard that they deserve a good day of rest every once and a while. If you have the money to burn, you can invest on entertainment products. Does your dad love to watch his favourite TV show on the couch? Why not make him more comfortable by giving him a good recliner? What about investing in an internet TV? Knowing the things that they enjoy on their downtime will get you the right gift idea.

Technology based items

Men love technology. They crave to the newest items that involve the latest in technology. When getting them these items, similar to the entertainment products, this can be an expensive option. A Black Friday sale or discount coupons can help a lot when getting someone these types of presents.

Car related present

If there is a common denominator among 98% of the men population all over the world, that would have to be cars. It is a good idea to do something for the car of your male loved one. This is greatly appreciated considering how they appreciate their ride. If they have a nice ride, they will most likely spend more money on it. Any type of present that helps maintain the car or improve its performance will be greatly appreciated.

What you need to make sure when looking for gift ideas for men is to always check what they like doing. Always check how they spend their day. What are the things that they end up searching or using? In fact, you can ask around for people who are close to him to have an idea on what are the things that can work best as a gift idea.

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5 Ideal Gifts for Men That Are Hard to Buy For

Ever thought of getting special men in your life a gift that is hard to buy for? Gifts that are unique can easily be remembered by the one who receives it. What you want to do is to make sure that you purchase presents that will be easily remembered. This is a challenge, especially for those people who think they should make the presents from scratch. These days, there are alternatives that can make things easy. What you need to do is to just go online and buy some products out there that are unique. Here are some of the products that can easily fit the description of unique. However, does it mean that it is just that? In fact, these items are more than just unusual items as people can use them to their day to day activities. Here are some gifts that are hard to buy for.

1. Luggage Labels

Luggage labels

Whenever men travel, one of the most common problems that they face is finding their luggage. When you have a luggage that may look like all the other ones present in the conveyor belt, this can be difficult. This is why the luggage labels become a practical present for them. These are cheap products, but extremely useful. In fact, it can even personalize the aesthetics of the luggage.

2. Gourmet Scratch map

Gifts for Men That Are Hard to Buy For

One of the best products that you can buy as a present is a Scratch Map. A Scratch Map can tell a person where he is. However, what if there is a twist to the Scratch Map? Gourmet Scratch Maps can provide you with all the best foods in Europe. This way, euro tour wouldn’t be that boring. You can easily find the right food for you. It has around 131 recipe suggestions that come packaged in a sturdy cardboard tube.

3. Travelogue

Travelogue travel journal

Men love to travel and most of them face trouble remembering the best parts of their trip. Cameras can help preserve the memories, but if they are after the details, a good Travelogue is necessary. What makes a Travelogue handy these days? Apart from the fact that it is handy and it has enough pages, it also gives a few tips on what you would expect on certain areas.

4. Travel Style Folding Bag

There are men who love to shop outside the country. Shopping in another country can be a good thing, especially if they are after good deals. The problem that they have to face though is the loads of things that they have to bring back. To make things more organized, why not give a gift that can take all these shopping goodies? The travel style folding bag is a perfect item for those who love to shop when traveling. This item can be folded on the way to the location and then be used when bringing home all the shopping items.

5. Travel Style Travel Organizer

Instead of just the usual plastic envelope or sometimes the ugly fanny packs, why not give a travel organizer that is unique? Also meant for men who love to travel, this shiny enamel PVC item can easily be a great item to purchase those who love to go to different places every now and then.

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Travel gifts for men for 2014

travel gifts for men 2014

Men can be hard to buy for sometimes, and it can be daunting trying to find the perfect gift with all the options out there for different types of guys. The technology enthusiast, the petrol head, the craft beer convert, they all know what they like and often there is just so many options it can be overwhelming and hard to find something unique or special. However if you’re looking for a gift to give an intrepid adventurer, or someone who dreams of seeing the world, we’ve sourced the perfect list of gifts available.

1. The Scratch Globe, top travel gifts for men 2014!

scratch globe

Combining wanderlust and a bit of fun construction, the Scratch Globe comes boxed and ready to create so you can send it to someone abroad or closer to home. 3D TVs are on everyone’s wish lists so why not 3D Scratch Globes!? A great looking addition to anyone’s office bookcase or bedroom shelves.

2. The Deluxe Scratch Map

Scratch Map Deluxe Edition

A luxury map that can be personalised by the owner to keep a beautiful record of everywhere they’ve ever been. On high quality matt black paper, with gold foil to scratch off and reveal vibrant colours of each country, it looks just as good whether you’ve been to just one country or hundreds!

3. Travelogue

Travelogue travel journal

Essentially this is a Scratch Map condensed into eight pages so it can be taken along for the ride wherever the owner is off to next! Included in the case is a journal to keep notes on interesting places and experiences, as well as pages to plan your journey and itinerary. A great gift for someone about to embark on their gap year, sabbatical or trip of a lifetime.

4. Luckies Memory Box

Memory Box

Hardly anyone is lucky enough to be able to gallivant around the globe without ever stopping, so Memory Box from Luckies is a great present for someone returning from their travels so they have somewhere to store precious mementos from their trip. Ticket stubs, Polaroids, sand collected from far flung tropical islands, beer mats from favourite beach bars, Memory Box is a great way to keep them all safe and ready to reminisce over at any time.

5. Alife Design – Travel Organiser

Travel Organiser

Keep tickets, currency, passport, hotel booking and boarding card all in one place with this handy and stylish travel companion. Stay organised but still looking cool, it makes a great gift for anyone who travels frequently or might be on the disorganised side! Made from durable gloss PVC in a range of colours, all you have to choose is the colour to suit, from elegant black for the fashion conscious to vibrant red for the extrovert.

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5 Must Have Travel Gifts

Travelling in style is what most people do today. If you have a friend or a family member who is travelling, why not give them something that they can use for their vacation or for their travel. There are a lot of travel gifts today that you can choose from. In fact, there are creative ones that can organize the way we look at travelling. These things make perfect gifts for different occasion as well. You can have it for a birthday, Christmas or even for Mother’s/Father’s Day. If you are confused on which product you should purchase, here are some items that you can choose from. These items are guaranteed to be functional, affordable and high quality. Overall, these are items that you can simply enjoy for the next years.

Here are the must have travel gifts that you can choose from.

Travel Style Luggage Belt

The Travel Style Luggage Belt is one of the best purchases that you could ever get. Why? How many people have experienced having difficulty pinpointing their luggage and also carry it around? This belt allows you to simply get your luggage and it also gives you the ability to pick it up without any problem at all. This product is made of durable nylon material and comes in blue, gray, black and red. Given these options, you can never go wrong, especially with the different coloured luggage these days.

Travel Style Luggage Belt Travel Style Luggage Belt red

Travel Style Petit Luggage Tag

For those who are always on the go, this product is a good buy especially if you want to give it to someone who knows how to pack light. Meant towards the small luggage types, this product is a great buy for anyone. In fact, available in green, purple, cream and even pink, this is a favourite among the ladies.

Travel Style Plug Tag pink Travel Style Plug Tag

Air Mail

here are a lot of documents that you carry whenever you are travelling. From your passport to your visa to some cash on hand, these are the essentials that you just can’t misplace. If you are looking for an item to protect all your documents when travelling, Airmail is a good buy. Made of 100% PVC, this item not only organizes your items but also gives you style.

Airmail travel gift Airmail

Travel Style Language Bangle

Made of enamelled PVC and available in different colours, this item is a great gift for the reason that it contains a lot of signs that can be understood internationally. If you do not have the ability to speak the language or dialect, why not just get this to help you communicate with other people. It has signs of eating/dining, telephone, first aid and other signs that translate universally.

Travel Style Language Bangle Travel Style Language Bangle

Currency Money Bank

If you are planning to travel to different countries and you want to have an organized way of keeping all the currencies, this is a product that you can easily be a keeper. It has six compartments and is a great way to get your currencies ready. You can have it both for recreational and for travel purpose. Made of ABS plastic, this comes packaged in a protective cardboard box.

Currency Money Bank globe Currency Money Bank

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Unusual gifts for men for 2014

Unusual gifts for men for 2014

The Top Unusual Gifts for Men This 2014

Top gifts for menThere are a lot of gifts that you can give to your brother, husband, or guy friends. When choosing the best gifts for men, it is a good idea that you turn to those that are unique. Choosing unique gifts for them can give you discounts, and even an easier time, as they don’t get to be too in demand compared to the conventional presents that most people would want to get. To give you an idea what are the best things that you can purchase that falls into the category of unusual gifts for men, these are some products that are expected to be hot this 2014.

Horse Head Mask

If you’ve been online lately, the horse head mask would have to be one of the best buy that you could have. If you will look at the social media networks, you see a lot of people wearing the horse head masks to goof around. Men would love to wear this considering how the typical man’s psyche is built. This is a good purchase for anyone who is looking for a funny and unique gift. Also, this can be useful for those trying to buy someone a gift for Halloween.

Camera Lens Mug

What is one of the most favourite drink of men? That would have to be coffee. If you find any item that could serve this purpose, this can be a good buy. The camera lens mug is a great buy because not only does it carry coffee but it looks like a camera lens. This unique look can bring an appeal to men who loves photography or those who simply wants an eye catching mug.

Travel Journal

The 64 page travel journal

One of the best products that you can purchase for a man who is up for adventure is a travel diary. A travel journal is a good choice, especially if it has a map and a number of helpful features. A good number of travel diaries sold in the market today also have scratch maps and even a decent number of pages. Unlike the conventional travel diary, these are sophisticated and unique travelogues that can easily inspire adventure lovers to travel more.

Shaving Kit

It is an essential for every man to have a shaving kit. Every man needs to be groomed properly. With the growing number of men who needs a clean shave these days, this can be a good unique gift. This can be a cheap deal, but could effectively be a unique gift after all.

Unique iPad Cover

Men love gadgets. They go for some of the most modern technologies. Having an iPad cover can protect the device. There are a lot of products in the market today that can fit the definition of an iPad cover. There are some unique ones though that can easily be eye catching.

When it comes to gifts to your brother, father or guy friends, it is imperative that you find the most unique presents in the market today. These are only some of the best unique presents that could be seen as an interesting gift to men. These gifts are guaranteed to be fresh considering the lack of choices that most people find themselves in.

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Top Unusual Gifts For Men for 2014

top unusual gifts for men

The Top Unusual Gifts That You Can Give Men of 2014

Men love unique presents. What most men love about presents is the fact that they can have something that is eye catching. To have something that is unique would sometimes mean that it doesn’t have any practical value. But of course, this isn’t always the case. There are a lot of presents out there that can have a good practical value on our day to day life.

If you are looking for the unique and unusual gift, this list is for you. Here, we will be providing some of the presents that will surely be loved by the male demographic. These are some of the top unusual gifts for men of 2014.

Shock Proof Phone Case

When it comes to smart phones, these are one of the most fragile items out there. Men use phones on a day to day basis. Whether they are socializing or going to work, the phone becomes a must have. There are a lot of phone cases around the market today. What makes some phone cases unique is the fact that it can withstand drops. These shock proof phone cases for iPhones and other phone models can save a lot of gadgets.

Virtual Laser Keyboard

One of the complaints that men have about the tablets is that they do not have for keyboard. Though there is a keyboard that would appear on the tablet, most of these devices can be smaller and therefore can’t accommodate the size of the fingers of most men. A virtual laser keyboard under $100 can be a good buy considering this can easily be set up anywhere.

GPS Pet Tracker

Whether men love dogs or cats, a GPS tracker can come in handy. This can give men peace of mind when it comes to their pets. This can be installed easily and would have a decent battery life that will allow pet owners to locate the dog or cat wherever they may be.

Shot Flask

Ever wondered about the vintage gifts? Shot flask with a leather package can definitely be a good purchase. This can be a good container of liquor, which can definitely put class in how they take their drink.

Funny Mugs

Men love coffee. Most men love to make their own brewed coffee in their office or home. This means that they use their own mugs or tumbler on a day to day basis. Funny designs on mugs can easily give men a good start for their day. There are some mugs that can stand out in the market. What makes this unique gift idea a good call is that it can be a perfect gift at any given time of the year.

There are a lot of products that can be useful and unique. These are some products that can easily be a good present for any occasion. Since these products are unusual, this can be a good thing. These gifts can easily become memorable for the one receiving it. Whether for your family member or for your loved one, these presents can easily be one of the best out there this year.

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Top unusual gifts for men of 2014

Top unusual gifts for men of 2014

Unusual gifts for menThroughout the year, how many times do you have to buy presents for men? If you want something that is memorable, why not have something that is unique? Unusual presents can tend to get more attention. This is also a good thing, especially when you want to tickle their funny bones. A lot of the unusual gifts sold in the market today can easily be appreciated by people with a good sense of humour. Aside from the fact that these unusual gifts can tend to be funny, it is also possible for these items to be functional. For those looking to update their list of top unusual gifts for men of 2014, these products can easily give you an idea.

USB Portable Shaver

Men need to stay sharp and neat. Whether a professional or a student, it is imperative to have a look that is always clean. If you have a brother, a father or a significant other who is always on the go, a good gift to present to them is a USB portable shaver. This doesn’t need a plug or any complication. This can be charged to any laptop or PC. Once the battery has been charged, they can use the product anywhere they may be.

Leather Vintage iPad Case

Men need portable devices. An iPad is a must for some men due to work or for other reasons. What makes iPads a hassle is the fact that they can still be products that won’t be able to last without any sort of protection. The good thing with an iPad case is that it can protect the gadget. Other than protecting the gadget, it is also possible to look presentable for cases. One of the top gifts for men of 2014 would have to be the vintage, hipster inspired designs in the market today.

Travel Diaries

TravelogueMen in general love travelling and adventure. In order to guide them for their Asian or Euro tour, why not give a Travelogue which includes mini Scratch Maps? These features can make men geographically aware where they are. With sufficient pages, a presentable appearance, and a scratch map to top it all of, this is a present that can be a good buy for the whole year.

Solar Powered Charger

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Scratch Map Travel Size

Scratch Map Travel Edition

A comprehensive range of scratch maps is available in the market to facilitate you according to your travelling requirements. The core reason that lies behind the brilliant initiative of the Scratch Map Travel Edition is to facilitate the wanderers by giving them the ease of keeping track of their route with a simple method. Just scratch the gold top foil layer of the place you have explored and you will find a new, magnificent world beneath the foil layer.

Niche of the Scratch Map Travel Edition

For a traveller, it is very important to maintain a diary or a chronicle of the places when you set off for a journey but it does happen that often it just slips out of your mind or the traveller does not bother keeping a track of his voyages, which results in difficulties as you move on. While if you take the Scratch Map Travel Edition along, you could simply scratch the places you have visited and in a quite simple way you can maintain the history of your travel.

The Scratch Map travel Edition is by far the best and the most appropriate method to mark the number of places you have been through. Besides this usage of the Travel Edition, you can come through more splendid things to work out and fill in, by flipping the scratch map plus, at the back side of the Travel Edition there lies a plain white map which gives you the prospect to make the connive of your travelling route.
In short the Scratch Map Travel Edition the most suitable yet simple method of analyzing your travelling progression.

Why Should You Go for The Scratch Map Travel Edition?

The Innovative and brilliant Intuitive of scratch Map Travel Addition does well with fulfilment of your travelling needs by helping you along your travels. Following are some of its qualities which make it your best companion while traveling.

  • Compact sized
  • Cost effective, which is priced at remarkably reasonable prices
  • Light weight making the Scratch Map Travel Edition easy to carry
  • Top quality map giving you all what you need
  • It serves the globetrotters with the best of its services making you able to construct an outstanding witness of your travels just by scratching it off.
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The Scratch Map USA Edition

As you wish to explore the highways and byways of America, you definitely need something that should keep track of your travels. You have the clear options to maintain the record of your voyage either by a diary or you can take along the Scratch Map USA Edition with which you can mark the place you have visited by simply scratching off the top layer that covers the map from the front.

The striking and beautifully designed Scratch-off map is of much compact size that could easily be carried by you. This map of the United States that looks like a placard is embossed with the printed blue, red and white scratch-able paint which exposes the bright red when it is stroked with the periphery of a coin. Scratch off the new city or state when you visit it to keep a log of those places.

Exploring the Details of the USA Scratch Map

If you need to give presents to your friend who loves to travel across the United States of America, nothing could be more useful as a gift than The Scratch Map USA Edition; it is a great contribution to your friend’s journey making his adventures interesting. No doubt about the fact that North America is filled with tons of exciting places to visit and cool experiences to go through. This specially designed scratch map for the travellers exploring the places of America is equipped with the delicate starts and subtle stripe designs featured by the top foil layer which you can scratch off and mark the places you have covered up. Once you scratch it off, a vivacious story giving you the geographical details is revealed underneath that keeps you updated with the genuine and exceptional records of your travels.

Different Aspects of the Scratch Map USA Edition

When you purchase The Scratch Map USA Edition, following are the traits of the scratch map you must be aware of.

  • It is a customized map of the United States of America
  • On the peak layer you will find a stripes and star foil which is designed for quick scratching.
  • You can reveal the geographical details as you scratch the top layer.
  • One of the most suitable things for a traveller.
  • You will be getting it in a strong durable tube.
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The Scratch Map Travel Edition

The Scratch Map Travel Edition

The Scratch Maps are specially designed in a way that the globetrotter finds it easy to carry this miniature map with him instead of carrying the large sized globe or the world maps which are quite hard to carry. The success of all the other versions of the scratch map gave an intuitive to design another form of scratch map which is the Scratch Map Travel Edition, having the equal capability to help the travellers. This small sized map is as helpful plus attractive as its predecessors. If you are interested in travelling or any of your friends who loves travelling, Scratch Map travel size, specifically created with the aim of fulfilment accomplishes its tasks very well.

The Facility of Being Compact

The compact and easy to carry map simply gets adjusted in your backpack without covering a large space. The innovative idea of creating the travel size scratch map is extremely helpful for those who spend most of their time in exploring different parts of the world. Likewise the larger versions, the travel size map gives you the opportunity to customize it according to your requirement.

Nothing could be more feasible for a traveller to keep the record of your travel history, than a handy size scratch able map. You can scratch off the top foil layer and the map will get you to know all the geographical details which are hidden under the Scratch Map in a very colourful pattern.

It should be noticeable that despite its size, the scratch map travel edition is all in one package, giving you all what you expect from a perfect companion all the way through your journey. The decision is up to you now, whether you want to carry a large sized scratch map or the handy and useful travel size edition of the scratch map.

Characteristics of the renowned Scratch Map Travel Edition

  • A customized map showing the entire world in your hand
  • The compressed size makes it easy to carry
  • Scratching it off exposes vivid and vibrant coloured countries.
  • Quite feasible for a globe trotter
  • A compact weight of just 112g.
  • An accurate reminder of your travel history.
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The Scratch Map World Poster

World Map Poster

The phenomenal range of the scratch maps which you would find in several online stores, are highly acknowledged by those who keeps on travelling. If you are the one who loves to travel, Scratch Map World Poster is the best tool that proves itself as the perfect escort by helping you throughout your expedition. Getting your wall embossed with a colourful yet informative world map seems hold the attention of those who take the Scratch Map World Poster along with them as a helper. You can show off the places that you have travelled on this Scratch Map which serves you by embellishing your wall with its vibrant colours making you feel lively and fresh.

An ideal Scratch able World Map

The top layer of the Scratch Map World Poster is coated with a beautiful and royal gold foil layer which is one of the exciting features of the map adding more to its attractions.

Why is the gold foil layer featured in the Scratch Map World poster?

The amazingly phenomenal quality wall map is covered with a layer of gold foil to give you an exclusive, exceptional and a superficial looking wall poster and then provides you the opportunity to scratch the gold foil layer off from the places which you have visited. As you scratch the layer at the top, you come across a complete new earth beneath that consists of multiple effervescent colours including all the geographical details to assist you throughout your travelling.

Certainly, Scratching off the gold foil unveils another map that is absolutely distinctive, unique and bespoke which opens up a new way to gain all the required geographical information.

Usage of the Scratch Map World Poster

The Scratch Map World Poster could be used in several numbers of ways which includes:

  • You can give the map as a present to your concerned ones for whom travelling is a hobby.
  • It can keep you informed regarding the facts about certain cities and the countries.
  • It can be a fun for all your family.
  • You can personalize the map by scratching off the places where you have been.



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The ultimate gift solution for those that are hard to buy

If you’re looking for unusual gifts for men for those that are hard to buy for take a look at the Scratch Map collection! From serious backpacking globetrotters to people who appreciate beautiful design, a Scratch Map looks fantastic on any wall at home or at work!

The Scratch Map for all gift buying dilemmas

Scratch Map Deluxe EditionWe have all been there; a birthday coming up, father’s day, Christmas and beyond the Scratch Map is a truly individual gift quite literally for any occasion. Here is what the Scratch Map does, take father’s day for example, any father would have a memory of where they have been from when they were a child right up until today, they can sit there at a dining table for hours scratching off the gold top foil layer revealing where they have been as all of the memories come flooding back!

A perfect gift for any occasion

If you know someone that is either a globetrotter or someone that loves Europe, the USA or the UK, there is a Scratch Map designed for all requirements. From family and friends abroad to someone that is about to embark on their travels overseas the Scratch Map is an addictive genuine creation that you can treasure forever whilst proudly displaying how many miles you have racked up during your lifetime.

Scratch Map Travel EditionAn affordable gift, for men and women

Gifts are normally obvious and predictable and as we think you will agree the Scratch Map collection is far from predictable however so affordable without entry level map, the Travel Scratch Map Edition priced will under $20, for under $30 we can ship a Travel Edition Scratch Map to a friend’s door, it could not be any easier and with our secure checkout courtesy of PayPal we consistently offer peace of mind.

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The Scratch Map, the essential gift for the globetrotter

Scratch Map

The Scratch Map, The Essential Gift For The Globetrotter

For years, many of the companies are assembling this nominal but highly acknowledged product for the wanderers who possess a high sense of affection for roving. For a traveller, nothing could be more useful than the Scratch Map holding a significant position in their eyes.

Why the Scratch Map Holds Significance for a Traveller?

Scratch Map World MapBasically, a Scratch Map is like a world map which has the top layer of any scratch-able thing that could divulge a new colourful map when it is unveiled. Precisely the rationale of a Scratch Map is to make a distinction between the exposed countries from the unscratched one with the help of colours.

Scratch maps make the peripatetic quite easy for the tourist as he could easily keep track of the countries he has visited quite simply by just scratching the particular country and making it look diverse from the rest of the world on the scratch map. To keep the account of the countries travelled, is of great use as it helps the nomads to review the countries they have visited within a few minutes which not only saves their time but also reduces their efforts which they might go through while remembering or writing the names of those countries which they have visited through.

The Best Endowment for a Traveller

You can give the Scratch Map to any of your friends or any other person who loves to travel. They would definitely be pleased with such a useful thing. Let us tell you how the Scratch Map could help your friend while travelling.

  • The trace of the countries to be visited could easily be reviewed on the Scratch Map by simply scratching off the gold top foil layer.
  • The Scratch Map could be a quick way to keep the track of the places your friend has visited.
  • Scratch Map seems really interesting as compared to the ordinary and typical maps having the same old boring technique.

You can get the accurate, entertaining plus out of ordinary scratch map from our online store as we are equipped with the complete variety of Scratch Maps which you can give to the travelers as a present and please them with this useful yet interesting thing.