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5 top places to visit in the USA

The USA is a huge place, and whilst ideally you’d want to visit it all so you can scratch off your entire Scratch Map USA, there are one or two places that you might want to bump to the top of your list and visit first. Just in case your budget or calendar doesn’t allow you time to visit everywhere just yet. So if you’re planning a trip soon, here are 5 top places to visit in the USA.

New York
The Big Apple is renowned around the world for it’s museums, theaters and restaurants. There’s plenty to see in the way of tourist attractions too; iconic landmarks and skyscrapers and when it gets too crowded, you can escape into Central Park from some peace and quiet. It has been the setting of many famous novels and films and it’s easy to see why people fall in love with this buzzing cosmopolitan city.

2. Grand Canyon
This huge natural wonder attracts millions of visitors every year and you can see why. A massive canyon of breathtaking natural beauty in northern Arizona and definitely one for the bucket list.

3. San Francisco
San Fran is a city bursting with culture. It boasts incredible sights, world class cuisine and a lively night life scene. Amongst it’s many famous sites to visit are Alcatraz, Golden Gate Bridge and Fisherman’s Wharf. And don’t forget to take a ride on the cable cars for the true San Francisco experience.

4. Las Vegas
A trip to Las Vegas is an experience like no other. Renowned for it’s casinos, luxury hotels and extravagant shows, this desert city has plenty to entertain kids young and old.

5. Maui
Not as famous as the Big Island Hawaii but a gentler, quieter holiday destination with idyllic beaches and impressive wildlife. A great destination for snorkeling with sea turtles.

If you’e planning on taking a trip to the USA soon, why not take in a few destinations at once, and take your Scratch Map USA Travel Edition with you along for the ride. You can scratch off the destinations you’ve visited as you go and create your own personal travel record.

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Map of the USA Travel Edition

United States Travel Map

Pack this amazing perfectly formed rolled map in your rucksack for the road trip of a lifetime or stick it down your leather jacket for the Harley highway extravaganza, Indiana Jones meets Jessie James as you hit Interstate 10 hugging the Gulf Coast starting at the southern tip of Florida.

Roll your map out in the magical glamorous Miami and plan your route on the reverse of the USA Map, but don’t scratch off just yet, you could take a detour sampling the “Big Easy” in New Orleans along the Mississippi river and try some great french cuisine and nightlife before heading to Houston.
Map of the USA
The mini version of the original USA Scratch Map is a personal travel journal without all the writing but sections to make your mark on memories made making notes along your route with favorite places, and people. Just like the poster size map, scratch off as you travel to reveal interstates, boundaries and city’s for a fantastic accomplished feeling.
The map is of gloss finish and durable enough to use and roll into the carry tube as often as you need and is a delight to use. Styled in a typical retro American signage in soft blue and red with stars and stripes foil cover over the 50 states waiting to be uncovered into a vibrant red finish with detailed information of areas traveled.
Before you hit cowboy country I guess you will want to stop off at Houston and a visit to NASA, and so with 11,000 restaurants to choose from, perhaps you will be tempted to take a trip to space with a dry biscuit because you cannot make up your mind !
Now you are back down to earth and time to scratch some more off your map and head to the cowboy capital of the World for a bit of “Ye Ha” down on Dude Ranch on a camp down with ya tin a beans and pot coffee. The mighty Texas for some rodeo before heading to the sunshine state of California with your USA Scratch Travel Map you have completed the southern part of the United States of America