Large Map of the World

Large map of the world

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Large Map of the World

Scratch Map XL

The world is a big place. In fact, some might say huge, gigantic, colossal – you get the gist. So it seemed only reasonable to represent the vast nature of the world with an extra large map of the world. Meet our Scratch Map® XL world map poster. Put it this way, if you can supersize a Macdonalds, it seems only reasonable that you can supersize one of our Scratch Map® world map posters.

Large map of the world poster

There are so many places to visit in the world that we thought it was about time the countries on our world map posters had some breathing room. So, our team of designers have created an extra large map of the world, the Scratch Map® XL world map poster. The principle remains the same, remove the foil from the places you have visited to reveal vibrant colours underneath. Our extra large Scratch Map® poster makes a great travel keepsake of all the wonderful holidays, adventures and trips you’ve been on. You will never forget that overnight train to Croatia again! It also makes for a pretty cool gift for any travel fanatic friend. Packaged in a stylish cardboard presentation tube, you don’t even have to go to the trouble of wrapping it!

Giant map of the world

Being bigger in size, the Scratch Map® XL world map poster looks great hung or stuck in pride of place on a living room or bedroom wall. When your travel obsessed friends come round you can lead them into the room where your large map of the world is hung and watch the little green eyed monster appear when they see how much foil you’ve removed from your Scratch Map® XL poster!