Maps are great aren’t they? They make the landscape fit indoors, allowing us to see countries and sights we’d never be able to see otherwise. They arouse a sense of wonder and a desire for travel. They are also an excellent tool for learning and discovery. We certainly are map enthusiasts here at Luckies, which is why we make so many different versions of them. We’ve got Scratch Maps, travel maps, maps that make great gifts, maps that are informative, world maps, maps of Europe, maps of the United States and novelty maps just for fun too. Here are all our bestselling maps all in one place for you to peruse and find the one that fits your personality and needs best. Happy map hunting!

If you’re looking for the ultimate travel map to record all the fascinating places you’ve been in the world, then a good pace to start is the Scratch Map Original, our first ever Scratch Map which started off the entire range. Simply scratch off the countries you have visited to reveal the vibrantly colored world map underneath.

If you’re looking for a map of the world to give as a gift then we have a number of visually stunning maps that would make excellent wall hangings. Our Scratch Map Deluxe is a stylish looking piece of art, printed on matte black paper with rich copper foil to scratch off. The Scratch Map Platinum is another beautiful map that would make an excellent house warming gift or a birthday gift for someone who loves traveling. Order the framed edition of either of these world map posters to give the finishing touch to your gift.

Finally, if you’re looking for world travel maps for yourself or perhaps for someone who is about to embark on a long trip or a gap year, then we have travel sized maps in the form of Scratch Map Travel Edition and Scratch Map Deluxe Travel. Both contain the same amount of detail and geographical information as their larger counterparts but in a handy smaller size.

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