What on Earth is a Scratch Map®?

The Scratch Map® allows you to track your travels by removing the foil layer over cities, countries and continents you've visited, revealing the colour and detail below. There's a Scratch Map® for every kind of traveler; whether your interests lie in cuisine, oceanography, adventures or wildlife...there's a Scratch Map® for you.

World Maps

As we get older, and our memory starts to fade, it’d be nice to have a reminder of how much of the world we’ve seen. Photo albums start collecting dust, and we all know you probably can’t trust the cloud (WHERE does it all go?!), but we’ve got something even better; the Luckies of London Scratch Map. Whether you want to mark off which countries you’ve visited, what food you’ve eaten, or which monuments you’ve seen, one of our world maps will have you covered.

Some of us do all our travelling in the gap year, and others of us find our horizons expanding a little later on. Between various terrible airlines, undersea train services, ferries, and numerous other increasingly space age transportation, the world in now a very tiny place. You can be on the other side of it in less than a day, for less money than it costs you to rent your flat every month. Getting out to see the world is important, and whether the wanderlust is your own, or that of a friend or relative you’re needing to buy a gift for, the Scratch Map comes in so many varieties, once you start scratching, you’ll want all the maps of the world.
For specific country scratching, we have Scratch Map US edition, UK Edition, Europe Edition, as well as France. Travel Editions make for a smaller keepsake, and there’s the Deluxe XL for those of you who want to frame it up and show off.

So wherever you’ve been and wherever you think you might want to go, forgetting it when you’re old will be pretty difficult once you’ve scratched it off on your map. Far nicer to show your parents than those drunken selfies over the punch bowl in Bangkok.