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Are you a fan of the Scratch Map series and want something with a more adventurous side?

The concept of a bucket list is popular as it allows people to try new and exciting things that will help enrich their lives?

The adventures people go on can vary, in some instances, they may decide to go backpacking, whereas others may prefer to explore the many oceans around the world.

The Adventure Map measures 82.5 x 59.4 cm and is made from premium laminate, card and coloured foil.

As the Adventure Map is designed with adventure in mind, it should come as no surprise that there are over 280 activities that people can choose from.

So regardless of whether you’re hoping to go swimming with sharks, or take in the sights of the Northern Lights, the included booklet ensures that there is always a source of inspiration when it comes to trying something new.

The Adventure Map is the Perfect Leaving Gift

Those looking for the perfect gift for budding travellers will find that the Adventure Map is the perfect leaving gift for backpackers, as well as those looking to explore the world via cruises.

As well as allowing people to create their own unique bucket list requirements, the Adventure Map can be used to record a series of different adventures with ease.

Perfect for Children with an Inquisitive Nature

Many would-be forgiven for assuming that the Adventure Map can only be used by adults, but this isn’t the case.

One of the best things about the Scratch Map range is their accessibility to anyone, which makes them the perfect gift for children who may difficult to buy for otherwise.

As well as allowing children to explore some of the exciting opportunities the world can offer, as well as a series of facts that are delivered via the mini Scratch Maps included.

Whether you’re purchasing a gift for a “Dora the Explorer” fan, or maybe you’re looking for a present for “Minecraft” fans that want to try out their discovery skills in the real world, the Adventure Map can be the perfect gift

A Perfect Addition to Any Home or Office

Even if you’re not looking to go on any adventures soon, there’s no denying how alluring the Adventure Map can be by simply being on display.

And who knows? In years to come maybe the Adventure Map will give you that flair of inspiration you’re looking for to venture lands afar.

The Adventure Map is just one of the many iterations of the Scratch Map series that can be used for all sorts of celebrations.

If you’re looking for a gift that’s different to the rest, then why not check out the vast amount of choice at



  • Adventure focused world map
  • Comes with Bucket List travel booklet
  • Lists over 280 activities
  • Gold foil dots on matte black paper


  • Laminate
  • Card
  • Coloured foil


  • 82.5 x 59.4cm

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