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Although some of us can have a fascination with landmass and oceans, there will be others who are more interested in what’s happening in the skies above.

Stargazing has become more than a pastime, for many, it’s a way of life.

As such, when searching for gifts or your favorite stargazer, you will want to ensure that you’re able to create some excitement.

Unfortunately, the concept of watching the stars can be a niche concept in some instances, so those in more remote locations can find that finding a gift can be more difficult.

Of course, there’s the Internet, but it’s still important to ensure that you’re able to find gifts that are affordable and of good quality. understands this only too well, which is why it has worked hard to ensure that its inventory of gifts is able to cater to people with all types of interests, be it stargazing, animals, food or fonts.

The Star Map is the perfect gift for those that like to study constellations and offers a unique product that can be placed in any home or office.

As well as being a fascinating work of art, the Star Map also offers a map of the constellations that glow in the dark.

Simply expose the Star Map directly to sunlight and drift off to sleep with a mini constellation shining over you.

The dimensions of the Star Map are 59.4 x 42 cm and is manufactured using paper, laminate and glow-in-the-dark ink.

As well as looking great on any wall, the Star Map can also be the ideal educational tool for those just starting out with constellations, as there is an abundance of astrological facts.

A Great Gift and Teaching Tool

It’s safe to assume that because the Star Map glows in the dark, it’s already a great gift idea, but there is so much more to the Star Map that can be of benefit to children.

As children drift off to sleep, they’re being introduced to a series of constellations, making them easy to remember in the long term.

What’s more, the addition of a slew of astrological fact ensures always something to learn from the Star Map, regardless of how old they are.

The Star Map is just one of the many products available from As well as Scratch Maps, there is also a vast choice of journals and globes that are perfect for those searching or gifts that are both original and inspired.


  • Glow in the dark constellations map
  • Expose map to direct sunlight in order to charge the ink
  • Features astrological facts
  • Made in the U.K.


  • Paper
  • Laminate
  • Glow in the dark ink


  • 59.4 x 42cm

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