Scratch Map Backpacker Edition


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Complete with copper marker, dry wipe cloth, and cool travel bag, the Scratch off Map Backpacker is the perfect gift for gap year travelers, silver surfers, and anyone else who’s off on the trip of a lifetime.

There’s nothing more exciting than taking your first steps into the great unknown. Although backpacking is a fun and exciting way of exploring the world, there can be times when a few accessories can make all the difference.

As well as being able to navigate the terrain with ease, backpackers may also be looking for some inspiration that takes them off the beaten track when traveling.

Backpacking can also help create a series of memories that travelers can look on fondly in years to come.

As such, is proud to offer the Scratch Map Backpacker, the complete solution for those who like to travel in a unique way.

The Scratch Off Map series has been a popular one since it’s original iteration back in 2009. Since then, there have been several versions of the iconic map released, even offering travel-sized versions.

This leads us to the Scratch Off Map Backpacker, the all-in-one solution that gives modern-day travelers everything they need when exploring the world.

The dimensions of the Scratch Off Map Backpacker are 42 x 29.7 cm making it large enough to interact with and small enough to put in a backpack. understands that a map designed for backpackers must be durable, which is why it has added a laminate finish to ensure it can contend with all forms of terrain and weather.

As well as the colorful Scratch Map section, there is also a blank map on the reverse that allows backpackers to make notes during their travels and even comes with a dry-wipe cloth that allows the information to be erased afterward.

If you’re struggling to find gifts for those on a gay year, or just want a unique present for those putting together a bucket list, the Scratch Off Map Backpacker is the perfect gift for keen travelers.

A Fun and Immersive Gift for Children

Children love the aspect of exploration and having their own map that can be interacted with during their travels can give even the most grown-up of holidays fun.

Scratching off the foil panels each time a country has been visited provides a fun and educational element that’s difficult to find in other products.

The Scratch Off Map Backpacker is just an example of some of the inspired gifts available on

As well as being able to offer many versions of the iconic Scratch Map, it can also offer other original gifts that include journals and Scratch Globes.


  • Includes drawstring bag, copper marker, and dry wipe cloth
  • Laminated for added durability when travelling
  • Blank map on reverse for own notes
  • Made in the U.K.


  • Plastic
  • Laminate
  • Coloured foil
  • Jute


  • 42 x 29.7cm

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