Scratch Map Rainbow Edition


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The Scratch Off Map Rainbow Edition is our most colorful map yet.

Why limit yourself to a pot of just gold, when you could have a shimmering, opalescent rainbow of colour? Printed on Satin Gloss Laminate paper, our Scratch Map Rainbow Edition is the first ever to feature the world in cool, crisp, metallics.

With a close up of Europe and the Caribbean islands, there’s no need to limit your scratching. Simply remove the vibrant green top layer to reveal your travels in all their iridescent glory. As if the dazzling under-layer wasn’t brilliant enough, the reflection changes with the position of the map, making every one unique to its home and position.

The Scratch Off Map range is one that is known for its range of inspired and original Scratch Maps that cater for all types of interest, be it music or animals.

However, the popularity of the Scratch Map range is not only due to the design itself, but how well it can settle in with the rest of the décor.

As such, there have been a series of Scratch Maps that pay close attention to aesthetics, and offer something that looks luxurious in any environment, regardless of whether it’s in the home or the office.

The Scratch Off Map Rainbow Edition is a perfect example of this. The Scratch Off Map Rainbow Edition is manufactured using an indecent base layer combined with a scratchable green foil layer.

This partnered with the topographic relief detailing ensures that the Scratch Off Map Rainbow Edition gives a new perspective, depending on the angle you view the Scratch Off Map Rainbow from.

As each panel is removed, a burst of color is introduced to the Scratch Off Map Rainbow Edition. This gives a clear indication of countries that have been visited so far and is also ideal for those planning holiday via the use of a bucket list.

Make Memories in Different Ways

When looking back at holidays, the most common types of media are videos and photographs. While photos and video will always have a place when it comes to capturing memories, there will be times when travelers are keen to record their memories in different ways.

This could be via the use of journals, blogs and of course, the Scratch Off Map Rainbow Edition.

Regardless of whether you’re looking for a gift for keen travelers or searching for something that’s different for children, then the Scratch Off Map Rainbow Edition can be the perfect solution.

Looks Wicked in the Workplace

It’s not only the home that can take advantage of the Scratch Off Map Rainbow Edition, as the metallic tone of the map means that it can also look great around the workplace.

Whether the Scratch Off Map Rainbow Edition is used to record sales made around the world or a cost-effective form of decor, the Scratch Off Map Rainbow is the perfect balance of affordability and desirability.

The Scratch Off Map Rainbow Edition is just one of the many Scratch Maps available at

As well as being able to provide many different version of the famous Scratch Map range, can also offer a series of other gift ideas that are perfect for the home and keen travelers.


  • Iridescent base layer
  • Scratchable green top layer
  • Numbered countries with detailed key
  • Topographic relief detailing
  • Close-ups of the Caribbean & Europe
  • Marked capitals of the World


  • Paper
  • Gloss laminate
  • Holographic foil
  • Latex


59.4cm x 82.5cm

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