Scratch Off Map XL Edition


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When it comes to the size of the Scratch Map, there are different sizes available. Although some may prefer the mobility of the Travel Scratch Map, whereas others may be looking for something larger.

Measuring 84 x 119 cm, the Scratch Off Map XL Edition is the extra-large version of the iconic Scratch Map and includes all the information you would expect to find. Including US and Australian state lines.

The Scratch Off Map XL Edition is not only larger, but it also comes with even more facts than ever before.

An Extra-Large Version of an Iconic Scratch Map

Regardless of whether you’ve used a Scratch Map before, the Scratch Off Map XL Edition is easy to use.

This means it can be a great addition to an already existing collection or the perfect entry for all age groups.

The Perfect Gift for Any Occasion

There will always be a need to search for unique gifts, and the Scratch Off Map XL Edition can be the perfect gift in many instances.

For example, those looking for a gift that’s different but still practical can off the Scratch Off Map XL Edition as a keepsake.

It could be used to detail locations visited on a honeymoon or used to keep track of the many different travels the couple will take over time.

Just as Useful for Children

On the surface, it’s easy to see why many may not consider a map as an appealing gift for children, but this isn’t any normal map.

The Scratch Off Map XL Edition can be displayed in any room with ease, and the immersive nature of the map will mean that learning about the world is only ever a couple of scratches away.

A Creative Alternative for Cartographers

When purchasing a gift for those that work with maps, it would be easy to assume that the last thing they want to see is another map.

Although the Scratch Map XL offers the same features as a conventional map, it offers something different that can be displayed with pride, and even offer information not found on everyday maps.

The Scratch Off Map XL Edition is just one of the many Scratch Maps available at

As well as being able to offer several iterations of the iconic Scratch Map series, there are also a series of journals and globes that all have their own unique spin.

If you’re searching for a gift with a twist, then why not browse the vast selection available today.


  • Gold foil on gloss paper
  • Also available in travel and regular size
  • Includes US and Australian state lines and Canadian provinces and territories
  • Made in the U.K.
  • U.K. shipping only


  • Laminate
  • Paper
  • Coloured foil


  • 84 x 119cm

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