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The Scratch Map range is one that has used all forms of inspiration when it comes to the many designs available. Some Scratch Maps have a dedicated focus on aesthetics, whereas others will offer an abundance of different topics such as music and food.

The Scratch Off Map Typography is an example of how varied the Scratch Off Map range can be and is the perfect solution for those looking for a map with a different.

The Scratch Off Map Typography is set against a black backdrop with white signage that is crafted into the shape of different countries and continents.

The dimensions of the Scratch Off Map Typography are 82.5 x 59.4 cm and is manufactured using premium paper, laminate and colored foil.

Those giving the gift of a Scratch Off Map Typography can also rest assured that the Scratch Off Map Typography can be given straight away, as it comes with its own presentation tube.

A Great Gift for Graphic Designers

Regardless of what sector a graphic designer operates in, they will often be dealing with many different fonts.

The Scratch Off Map Typography is a great gift for graphic designer due to its depiction of the world’s landmass using fonts.

Of course, this isn’t the only appealing aspect of the Scratch Off Map Typography, as its metallic tones mean that it can look great in any studio.

A Great Décor Idea for Around the Home

The use of fonts in décor is becoming popular with homeowners, and the Scratch Off Map Typography can be the perfect addition to any home, regardless of what room the map is placed in.

Ideal for Keeping Memories

Some people may enjoy the relaxing calm of the open waters, whereas others may get their thrills from exploring the great unknown.

In either instance, it stands to reason that those who travel frequently will want to retain their memories.

Of course, there’s social media and photography, but there will be an instance when travelers are looking for something a bit more personal when it comes to keepsakes.

Regardless of whether you’re planning a bucket list or simply looking to keep track of your adventures in a novel way, the Scratch Off Map Typography can be a great way of displaying your memories, be it at home or in the office.

The Scratch Off Map Typography is one of several different Scratch Maps that are perfect for any event or personality.

As well as the iconic Scratch Map range, can also offer an abundance of other gift ideas.


  • World map with removable foil layer
  • Premium copper stamp foil details on map
  • Beautifully crafted typeface to represent countries landmass
  • Comes in elegant square gift box with copper stamp foil detail


  • Paper
  • Laminate
  • Coloured foil


82.5 x 59.4 cm

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