The Scratch Map Euro Edition

Scratch Map Europe, highly detailed map of Europe

Following the success of the Scratch Map™ World Edition, we began to think of where next to explore the theme; Europe in all it’s varied splendour seemed a natural progression. So, here we have it, a beautifully designed, detailed, interactive map of Europe.

Scratch Map™ Europe in detail

The idea of the Scratch Map™ is to give you a unique, stylish and fascinating record of your travels which you can then display on your wall. The top of the map is coated in a silver foil, exactly like that of a lottery scratch card, so you can scratch off the areas you’ve been. Underneath the foil is more specific map with geographical detail.

The Scratch Map™ Europe as the ideal gift

Scratch Map™ Europe Edition is the ideal gift for anyone you know with an interest in geography, travelling or for your kids to learn about the world one step at a time.
Our Scratch Maps are all packaged in a sturdy, natural card tube so great for posting straight to your lucky recipient.

We’ve got scratch maps for pretty much all your jet setting needs. As well as this European edition, we also have a USA edition, a smaller travel USA edition, a UK edition, travel edition of the world map and of course the original Scratch Map™ World Edition.


61.5 x 44.4 x 0.1 cm