scratch map personalised world map

Scratch Map Personalised World Map

Scratch Map™ World Edition is the perfect way to show off where you’ve been travelling globally, while livening up your wall with a wonderfully designed and colourful world map.

Prior to scratching, the map itself is a stylish, classic gold which looks great… but it’s the scratching that really brings it to life! The Scratch Map™ is based on the idea of the scratch card, in fact, we employ the same top foil! This means you can scratch off the places you’ve been to reveal bright colours and geographical detail underneath. It’s the perfect way to log all your excursions in an original, fun and active way! Fun for all the family and literally anyone else you can think of!

Scratch Map™ includes travel trivia and more

Scratch Map™ also includes facts about certain countries and cities so you can learn some fun facts as well as plotting your route. For example; Visiting Australia? Tasmania is said to have the cleanest air in the world. Worth a trip?

Scratch Map™ World Edition is the original of the scratch map family and inspired the whole range so we’re very fond of it. We hope you are too!

On closer inspection…

Material: Laminate, card, coloured foil
Packaged in a sturdy, card tube
81.9 x 58.2cm

Scratch Map Original