Scratch Map World Edition

Scratch Map personalised world map

The Scratch Map is a personalised world map, the world’s most exciting poster and the world’s most unique map all rolled into a wonderful 37⁄32 x 29⁄32 inch piece of personalised wall art for you and all your family and friends to enjoy.

What is the Scratch Map personalised world map?

The Scratch Map is far more than a wall poster, it’s a visual travel journal, a unique and fun way of recording all of your travels and adventures so that you can proudly display your journeys in your home or at the office.

How does it work?

The Scratch Map is manufactured using high quality card and features a gold top foil layer, which you can scratch off once you’ve visited that place. Once the foil is scratched away, it reveals a brightly coloured, detailed, geographical map underneath.

The beautiful part of the Scratch Map is that it allows you to create your own bespoke, visual, travel journal that you can keep adding to.

Once you’ve got a Scratch Map on a wall, you’ll find it never fails to impress and becomes a real talking point for all concerned.

Scratch Map World Edition

If you are in search of a gift for the hard to buy for then look no further! The Scratch Map is a wonderful gift for everyone! It’s a super present to buy for someone if they’re off on a trip of a lifetime but also for young children and teenagers, as scratching off the various places is a great way of getting some geography into their craniums! One of the many joys of the Scratch Map is it’s classic and ageless and therefore the perfect gift for, quite literally, any occasion!

Scratch Map World EditionThe Scratch Map has it’s own family now after the popularity of the world version, so there’s all sorts of options available to you now. We can now offer you a Travel Edition, USA Edition, European Edition, UK and Ireland and even a USA Travel Edition! We also have a lovely book version called Travelogue and a Corkboard Map version which allows you to pin your tickets and keepsakes. So, without further ado, why not have a look around and see if we can’t fulfil your gift buying needs!

Take a look at the Travel Edition, the perfect travel essential!