Scratch Map Travel Edition

Scratch Map Travel Edition

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Scratch Map® Travel Edition has all the perks of the original Scratch Map® World Edition in so much as it gives you a sumptuous world map, coated in a gold foil, allowing you to scratch off the places you’ve been. However this travel edition is smaller and more compact so you can stuff it in your luggage when you’re on the move. Once you’ve visited a country, you get to have fun scratching it off on your map, as underneath the foil is a vibrantly coloured map of the world in all its geographical wonder! How cool is that?

Scratch Map® Travel Edition, compact, lightweight yet loaded with cool features!

The Scratch Map® Travel Edition may be smaller than its counterpart but it has additional details which make it the perfect accompaniment to a trip round the world. On the back of the map is a blank map that allows you the opportunity to plot your route, write notes and stick notes on. It also has fun travel tips to help you on your way.

The tube itself is tough as old boots so there’s no worry of it getting crushed no matter how many souvenirs you pile on top of it.
Scratch Map® Travel Edition is a perfect ‘going away’ gift for someone off on a trip of a lifetime. It’s the ultimate way to log your journey and remember all those fantastic places.


Out of tube: 42 x 29.7cm
In tube: 5 x 13.5cm

Scratch Map Travel Edition