Scratch Map Travel Journal

Travel Journal with mini Scratch Maps

Travelogue Travel Journal makes a wonderful travel companion, to anyone who loves travel. Whether embarking on a gap year, the trip of a lifetime or for someone who takes regular interesting trips, this would be the perfect travel present for someone else or for yourself.

From Luckies of London, inventors of the famous Scratch Map™ collection, Travelogue incorporates the concept. Far more than a traditional travel journal, Travelogue is the perfect travel companion when you are planning your trip, on the trip and when you get home.

Travelogue is a stunningly designed travel journal, with sixty four pages to record all your memories. High quality and neat enough to slip into your hand luggage it can accompany you wherever you go. It also includes travel tips and a checklist for when organising your trip. And, the most innovative part of this product is that it comes with eight mini-scratch maps, representing different regions of the world, so you can visually record the places you visit, as you visit them.

It comes in a cardboard binder, includes a checklist and travel tips, eight regional scratch maps, a sixty-four page journal, and a protective card envelope. It also has places to keep your boarding passes and tickets.