The Scratch Map USA Edition

Scratch Map USA, United States Edition

The Scratch Map is a brilliant, unique and tangible way to record where you have been around the world. The U.S. Edition is a map of North America with a scratchable surface which means you can scratch off the states you’ve visited, to reveal colorful and gorgeous geographical detail underneath.

The top layer of the map is made of foil like that on a scratch card and has the stars and stripes design to give it that authentic feel. All you need to do is go visit America and then scratch off the cool places you visited. All your journey’s and cool experiences will hang proudly on your wall, serving as a visual reminder of your holiday or vacation.
Scratch Map U.S.A Edition like all the Scratch Map range comes in a sturdy card tube so perfect for posting to someone far, far away!
Other options of Scratch Map available here are our Scratch Map USA Travel Edition (like the above but smaller and in a tough, miniature tube so it fits in your bag), World Map, UK and Ireland, Europe and a World Travel Edition.


  • Material: Laminate, card, colored foil
  • Packaged in a beautifully designed card tube
  • Personalized map of the USA


84 x 59 x 0.1 cm

The Scratch Map USA