Scratch Map

The Scratch Map, The Original Scratch off Map

What is the Scratch Map?

Allow us to explain! The Scratch Map™ is the most unique and universal gift perfect for anyone and perfect for any occasion. Father Day, birthdays, Christmas gifts, travel gifts and a gift just to put a smile on someone’s face.

How does the Scratch Map work?

The Scratch Map™ is highly detailed poster that has a boundless range of features; it all starts with a superior quality design. Each Scratch Map™ has a high quality foil top layer, the same characteristics as a scratch card only a lot larger, in fact the Scratch Map™ series is huge in size and still bursting with useful travel feature all apart from the Scratch Map Travel Edition, this one we have scaled down condensing all features and adding even more features!!

What you do with a Scratch Map

The Scratch Map World Edition

The Scratch Map™ collection has been designed without compromise from start to finish, even the packaging. Each and every Scratch Map™ comes with its own protective and exceptionally durable tube ready to be shipped to someone lucky across the globe or to be taken with you on your travels, if you are backpacking or would like something a little more ready for your travels take a look at the Scratch Map™ Travel Edition design purely for just that, travelling.

The Scratch Map™ Original World Edition, USA Edition, UK Edition and Europe Edition and the ultra compact Travel Edition

The Scratch Map™ is an enjoyable poster that has been designed to be enjoyed and also designed for you to remember your travels in a unique style. Simply sit down at a table, roll out your Scratch Map™ and start scratching away by scratching off the top foil layer to reveal a whole new bright and colourful world, places where you have been, it doesn’t stop there. You can frame your globetrotting expeditions proudly to all at your home or work, the Scratch Map™ deserves to be framed and the beautiful thing is, you can carry on customising and increase you scratching at a later date after another holiday, weekend away, honeymoon or backpacking holiday of a lifetime.

The Scratch Map™, center of attention of any room

The Scratch Map™ effortlessly commands attention, and it gets it. When people enter a room and see this incredible poster on a wall the first question is, what is it? They will look and see how travelled you are displaying this in the most striking fashion. If you would like to either show others where you have been or offer this incredible piece as a gift for someone special, they will be shocked as this is by far the world’s most unique gift at a more than affordable price!