Original Scratch off World Map

Scratch off World Map

Scratch Off World Map collection

It’s true, there are many varieties of the Luckies Scratch Maps, for specific countries, continents, and even for foods, but sometimes that isn’t enough. Sometimes you want the whole world on a scratch off map. Sometimes you plan to go everywhere, and that’s exactly where you can go (and keep track of it) with all the delights we’ve gathered together for you in the handy category below.

Original Scratch off  World Map

Original Scratch off World Map


Deluxe Scratch off  World Map

Deluxe Scratch off World Map


Large Scratch off  World Map

Large scratch off world map


Scratch off  World Map Travel Edition

Scratch of World Map



Whether you’re buying a Scratch Map to keep track of your own travels, or as a gift for someone else jetting off around the world, sometimes a plan to pop over to Europe can turn into something entirely more, well, just more. Our Scratch off World Maps are the best thing to remedy that spontaneous wanderlust, or even inspire a further reaching trip than might otherwise have been considered…

The Scratch Map Hello Edition is just the thing for anyone looking to mingle with the locals. Featuring greetings in 190 countries, this Scratch off World Map will have you multilingual and assimilated in no time.

If it’s a challenge you crave, the Scratch Map Adventure Edition features scratchable dots for 300 adventures spread across the entire globe. Landmarks, experiences, the map has it all, plus a booklet to go alongside and explain all those bucket list activities in more detail.

If you needed something a little more portable to keep track of your globetrotting, the Scratch Map Deluxe Travel Edition comes in a reduce size, but still holds all the same information. It even has a blank map on the back for you to write and record your travels in pen, for when you’re just too busy adventuring to dedicate proper time to the scratching. Until you get back to civilisation/the hostel, that is.