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Explore the World with a Scratch Map World poster

Explore the World with a Scratch Map World poster. If you’re looking for the ultimate world map poster to help you realize your travel dreams and record your globetrotting experiences from Andorra to Zimbabwe, then the Scratch Map XL is the mega map for you.

The largest of all the maps in our Scratch Map Range, this map of the world has all the detail and design features of our Scratch Map Original but in an extra large size meaning it makes a huge statement on any wall. The bigger your travel plans, the bigger your map needs to be we say, so if you’re planning a big traveling experience soon then you’ll love plotting your way across this beautiful designed map.

Once you return from each of your big adventures you simply scratch off the countries you have visited along the way to reveal the stunning, vibrant colors underneath, making this is an ever evolving and personal piece of wall art.

Made with gloss finish paper in size A0 and with a gold foil overlay to scratch off where you’ve been, you can truly create the ultimate personalized travel record to keep and cherish forever.

Due to it’s size and beauty, the Scratch Map XL makes a big impression in any room and so would make the perfect house warming gift for anyone who has done their fair share of globetrotting and would like to show off their travel adventures.

If you know someone who perhaps hasn’t seen much of the world yet but has big plans and has started making their travel bucket list then this map will be the perfect traveling inspiration for them; a constant reminder of their travel goals!

The Scratch Map XL would also make a unique Birthday present or Christmas gift for anyone about to embark on, or just returned from a gap year.

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Scratch Map Platinum in detail

Your search for the ultimate world map poster is over. The Scratch Map Platinum is the one you’ve been waiting for; our most luxurious map ever, this striking map deserves to be framed and placed pride of place above every travel lover’s mantlepiece.

At first glance she’s a beauty for sure, but there’s so much more to uncover with the Scratch Map Platinum. Interactive, personalisable and informative, this world map is the map to replace all other maps.

Printed with shimmering metallic ink and with a top layer of platinum silver foil for you to scratch off the countries you have visited as you go, revealing the bright colors underneath. And to save you from rooting around trying to find a good coin to scratch with, also included is your very own high quality scratch coin to continue the feel of premium class.

The personalizing features of this map are where it really shines; not only can you create your own personal travel record with the scratch off feature, there’s also space for you to include your ownership information so no one can claim to be as well travelled as you are! Even better still, included is a set of icon stickers which you can use to mark the specifics of any trips you have undertaken; what route you took, whether you travelled by plane, boat or train, certain stop offs along the way, a favorite restaurant or spot in a city you visited, etc.

All in all this makes for a beautiful travel map, and one that would make an excellent gift. Perhaps as a luxurious gift or a friend who is more suited to traveling in first class than economy. Or maybe as a housewarming gift for someone who travels for work; something they can hang on their brand new wall. And I would certainly make a great gift for someone returning from a gap year too; they’ll enjoy mapping out their entire adventure across the globe and framing it to keep forever.