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5 Must Have Scratch off Maps for the Wanderlust

If you are the typical wanderlust, with a penchant for sampling cuisine, culture, geography, adventures, oceans, and many more, then you need to chronicle all the areas you have visited. A scratch map will help you to record your expeditions to suit every occasion. It can be a good picturesque that provides your house with aesthetic value while indelibly etching memories of your travels in your mind.

Scratch Map® Deluxe XL

Scratch off map Extra Large map

If you intend to travel across the world, then you should consider the Deluxe Scratch-off World map. The map lets you chronicle the various places you have visited across the world. It provides a unique, glossy looking gold wall map, which when scratched reveals a new world that features colour and geographical detail. Its sheer size makes it ideal for display on your wall; plays a complementary role of livening the living room

Scratch Map® USA Deluxe

Scratch off Map USA Edition

The USA is an adventurous travel destination for most travellers. With more than 50 states, there are several amazing places to visit and cool things to see. You definitely require the Scratch Map USA to record the memories of every place you have visited. If you scratch these maps, a vibrant world will be revealed beneath the foil, offering you a personalized and unique record of your sojourns in the USA. Whether it is the epic scenery of Nevada’s mountain ranges and desert valleys or the spectacular palm springs of Miami, you will find everything to spur your memory.

Scratch Map® Capitals

Scratch off map Capitals Edition

If you are the avid business traveler roaming across different capitals of the world, then you really need the Scratch Map® Capitals. This scratch map will let you remove the foil from those countries and capita cities you have visited and thereby revealing an array of vibrant colors beneath. It offers you a chance to indelibly record the memories of your visits to those cities.

Framed Scratch Map® Oceans

Framed scratch off map oceans edition

As a vacationer, you may want to remember some of the oceans you have spent your sunny moments. Alternatively, you could be a nautical enthusiast travelling across the world. The Scratch Map® Oceans is the ideal repository of recording sunny the beaches your holidays. It can also be a perfect source of information for the nautical enthusiast. By scratching the countries you visited, the sojourner in you will let you access a lot of information on the oceans surrounding the countries you visited.

Scratch Map® Hello

scratch off map hello

You may not be able to speak all the languages in the e world, but you should at least learn to greet in as many languages as possible. It is not only important but it is also fun! As you traverse the globe and meet different people with different languages, you can revert to you scratch map, remove the foil from the countries you have visited, then learn how hello is said in the counties you have visited-190 countries!

As you consider trotting the globe, consider having these scratch maps with you. They will not only help you to record your memorable moments but will also add visual value to your living room.