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A detailed look at the Scratch Off Map Platinum Framed Edition

The Scratch Off Map was first introduced back in 2009, and ever since the range of Scratch Off Maps has been extended to offer gift ideas that are perfect for all types of events and occasions.

The appeal of the Scratch Off Map range has been so popular that many are used simply because of how good they look, and the Platinum Scratch Off Map is no different.

On its own, the Platinum Scratch Off Map is already able to offer an aesthetic that’s already impressive thanks to the silver finish, however, the addition of a sleek pine wood frame ensures that the Famed Platinum Scratch Off Map is one that will be adored in every instance.

The frame is also open, so there’s never any need to worry that the Framed Platinum Scratch Off Map will pose any problems when it comes to updating the map in the future.

Features of the Framed Platinum Scratch Off Map

  • Silver Foil on Gloss Paper
  • Open Framed for easy Scratching
  • Pine Wood Framed with Matte Paint Finish

Materials Used to Manufacture the Framed Platinum Scratch Off Map

  • Laminate
  • Paper
  • Coloured Foil
  • Pine Wood

Dimensions of the Framed Platinum Scratch Off Map

  • 82.5 x 59.5 x 2.3 cm

A Great Wedding Gift

Those looking for an original gift to celebrate the union of two people will want to ensure that the aesthetics of the gift are designed to impress, and that’s certainly the case with the Framed Platinum Scratch Off Map.

The sleek silver display looks fabulous on display and can be updated to reflect all the adventures a couple has been on so far, as well as being a brilliant tool when it comes to planning future holidays together.

An Original Birthday Gift

Are you searching for a gift for someone that can’t get enough of travel? Or maybe you’re searching for something that can help friends and loved ones make travel plans with ease?

In either instance, the Framed Platinum Scratch Off Map is the perfect gift idea and can be used in many ways, making it the ideal gift for avid travellers as well as those looking for some inspiration along the way.

If you’re struggling for original gift ideas and are keen to find some inspiration, then why not browse the extensive range of gift ideas available today.