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A Scratch Off Map That Shows Where You’ve Been: The Perfect Gift

When we go travelling there can often be an element of excitement, especially if we’re visiting somewhere new.

However, there can be other reasons why people become fond of a destination. In some instances, it could be where they met the love of their life, whereas other instance could mean a place is held dear because of the history the person has with it.

Whatever way we look at travel, it stands to reason that we will want to keep a record of where we’ve been, as there’s nothing worse than enjoying a trip only to find we can’t recall the town or village we visited.

Despite the many online avenues available when it comes to keeping track of trips and holidays, some may want something more tangible that can also act as a timeless keepsake.

The Scratch Map range has become popular for many reasons and has been a popular gift idea since its original iteration in 2009.

If you’re looking for a Scratch Off Map that shows where you’ve been, but you’re in need of some inspiration, then why not consider some of the following options.

Adventure Map

Are you looking for a Scratch Off Map that shows where you’ve been for someone with an adventurous side? Or maybe you’re hoping to offer some inspiration to a friend looking to take a leap in the world of extreme holidays.

Whatever your adventure endeavours are, you can be confident that the Adventure Map has everything the modern-day thrill seeker is looking for, as well as offering some inspiration for those still looking to take the plunge.

Over 180 activities are detailed and keeping track of where you’ve been couldn’t be any easier.

Simply remove the foil panel upon your return or use the map to inspire your next adrenaline-infused adventure.

Scratch Map Capitals Edition

If adventure isn’t your thing, then don’t worry. The Scratch Map Capitals Edition is perfect for those looking to keep track of where they’ve been as they make their way around iconic cities around the globe.

A simple but luxurious black finish hides a burst of colour, which is introduced each time a capital city is visited.

Before you know it you’ll be immersed in a Scratch Map that not only allows you to keep track of the countries you’ve been but can also act as a route planner so you can fit as many capital city visits into your schedule as possible.

Scratch Map Typogeography

When looking for a Scratch Map that keeps track of the countries you’ve visited, those searching for a quirky take on the conventional map design need look no further that the Scratch Map Typogeography.

Inspired by fonts, the countries are made of letters that spell out the different countries while retaining the correct display ratio.

Each time a white foil panel is removed, a burst of colour is brought to the map which highlights the countries you’ve visited set against a black background.

Another Scratch Map with a difference that is the perfect gift for all types of personalities looking to keep track of the places they’ve been.

Scratch Map Wild World

Are you more interested in animals than landmarks and capital cities? Then why not keep track of the countries you’ve visited using the Scratch Map Wild World.

Not only is the Scratch Map Wild World perfect for planning holidays, but it’s also ideal for those looking to discover different animals around the world.

Over 70 different animals are detailed on the Scratch Map Wild World, and there are a series of animal icons that can be removed to help keep track of the countries you’ve visited so far.

Even children can have fun learning about the different animals they discover during their travels.

Scratch Map Ed Sheeran Edition

Looking for the perfect gift idea for an Ed Sheeran fan but unsure of what to decide on? Or maybe you’re an Ed Sheeran fan looking for a fun way of keeping track of the countries you’ve visited.

In either instanced, you will find everything you’re looking for in the Scratch Map Ed Sheeran Edition, an official Scratch Map that comes complete with its own plectrum.

Not only will you be able to keep tracks of trips and holidays, but you can also find out more about countries that have been part of the song writing process.