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Allow the Scratch Map to Keep Track of the Countries You’ve Visited

Nowadays, there are many ways of keeping track of the adventures we’ve been on, be it via the use of an app, or the use of photographs and videos.

However, there’s something about a map that allows us to find the information we need easily, but it can become a little bit overwhelming when it comes to keeping tracks of our adventures using a conventional map.

Fortunately, the Scratch Map us a unique take on the map that can be used in several different ways, including keeping tracks of countries you’ve visited.

Regardless of whether you’re hoping to keep up with the capital cities you’ve visited or want to ensure that spotting landmarks in the USA are a complete breeze, then the Scratch Map range has everything you’re looking for.

Scratch Map Original

Those that aren’t familiar with the Scratch Map range may be keen to find out more about where the Scratch Map began.

The Scratch Map Original was first introduced back in 2009 and has been a popular way of keeping track of adventures for several years.

As well as offering a pleasing white and gold aesthetic, the Scratch Map Original allows you to keep track of the countries you’ve visited and can be put on display so everyone else can enjoy your adventure.

The Scratch Map Original has become so popular that there is even a travel-sized iteration of the map, as well as a framed version, meaning that there are plenty of options for those becoming familiar with the Scratch Map Range

Scratch Map USA Landmarks

Not everyone will be looking to travel at a global scale but may want to focus their efforts on one location.

There are plenty of reasons to be in aware of US landmarks, and the Scratch Map USA Landmarks offers an Americana theme that allows you to plan your landmark adventures with precision.

Regardless of whether you’re dating to go to Devil’s Tower in Wyoming, or super-excited about the Space Needle in Seattle, the Scratch Map USA Landmarks offers all the information you need to know, including details regarding towns, cities and interstates.

Scratch Map Backpacker Edition

When keeping track of the countries you’ve visited, there won’t always be room to take a normal-sized Scratch Map.

Fear not, as the Scratch Map Backpacker Edition is designed for those looking to keep track of the adventures they’ve been on while still be able to transport the map easily.

Measuring a mere 42 x 29.7 cm, the Scratch Map Backpacker include a blank map on the reverse and comes complete with a travel bag.

The Scratch Map can be stored almost anywhere and is laminated to ensure that it’s more robust for those exploring challenging terrain.

Adventure Map

The Adventure Map is the perfect Scratch Map for those looking to keep track of where they’ve been but maybe looking for some inspiration along the way.

It’s easy to follow the flock when considering holidays, even those with an element of adventure.

The Adventure Map offers all the information you’d expect to find on a conventional map but comes with an additional layer of adventure.

There are over 180 activities that are suitable for those looking to create a bucket list they will remember, and the Adventure Map allows you to keep track of your travels every step way.

Scratch Map Capital Editions

Those looking to keep track of the countries they’ve visited may only want to focus on capital cities, so any other information present could be seen as a hindrance.

Yet again, the Scratch Map range has the perfect product in the form of the Scratch Map Capitals Edition.

There is an abundance of information available relating to the different capital cities around the world, including density and altitude.

Regardless of which capital cities you visit, using the Scratch Map Capital Edition ensures that there’s always an element of fun present when planning exciting trips to new cities.

Scratch Globe

If you thought it was only Scratch Maps that could help you keep track of the countries you’ve visited, then think again.

The Scratch Globe is the next step in keeping track of adventures, and it offers something unique for those searching for a suitable gift idea.

The Scratch Globe is easy to put together and can be updated with ease. One the Scratch Globe has been updated it can be placed anywhere and offers a unique focal point that also makes a great keepsake.

When it comes to keeping tracks of the countries you’ve visited, there are plenty of options to choose from.

The Scratch Map range is one that can offer fun and immersive Scratch Maps that are perfect gifts for all sorts of celebrations.