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Introducing: Scratch Map™ Oceans Poster

Scratch Map Oceans by Luckies

If you know anyone that would rather go on a sailing adventure than go to Amsterdam for a weekend, we may just have their ultra-memorable present prepped and ready for them. The Scratch Map™ Oceans poster is the first of the Scratch Map™ products to be printed on clear acrylic witch gives it that super cool transparent appearance that is just what you need for that friends wall of fame…

Just think, you know someone whose a bit gallery obsessed, to the point where all their walls are white so they can display any artwork they have, perfectly. They don’t care about what’s going on in the landlocked territories because they’ve already got their sea legs on and their sunblock ready. What do you get this person? You’re not going to be getting them that Monet water lilies painting they don’t shut up about because it’s blatantly out of your budget, and pretty much everyone’s budget. Get them something that inspires their ocean dwelling mind and can stand on its own two feet when paired with all their other artwork. The Scratch Map™ Oceans poster gives a more detailed look at the world’s oceanography while still keeping the boarders and land masses of the Scratch Map™ original.

With its transparent sheen and silvery foil over layer the Scratch Map™ Oceans poster is something superiorly attractive to add to anyone’s collection. Just frame it up and hand it over to that niece who has an obsession with learning flags that represent the alphabet, or wrap it up for that aunt who doesn’t seem to understand that nautical clothing is mostly a spring choice. Whoever is on your list, the Scratch Map™ Oceans poster could make some of them Snoopy dance with excitement.