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Can You Really Give a Map as a Wedding Gift? The Difference a Scratch Map Makes

When two people tie the knot, many will want to celebrate in the best way they know, the purchasing of a gift.

Although this can be an exciting time, high spirits can soon be dampened when exploring some avenues, especially those searching for a gift with some originality.

Giving a map as a wedding gift may not be at the top of everyone’s agenda, but the range of Scratch Maps available introduce personality and interests to a map that can be tailored in many ways.

As such, more and more people can give a gift that’s affordable, personal and fun.

The following is an example of some of the Scratch Maps available, along with the reasons why they’re perfect wedding gifts with a personal touch.

The Scratch Map Original

Despite the many iterations of the Scratch Map, the Scratch Map Original is where it all began.

The Scratch Map Original continues to be a popular choice among those looking for original gifts, especially those searching for something suitable for newlyweds.

As well as offering a gold and white premium finish, the Scratch Map Original can be tailored to reflect the favourites countries of a happy couple.

Simply remove the luxurious foil panels to tailor the map accordingly, and not only do newlyweds have an easy and effective way of keeping track of their travels, but they also have something that can be cherished for the long-term.

The Scratch Map Rose Gold

Rose gold has become a common theme for those in love, so when looking to give a map as a wedding gift, it stands to reason that many will be keen to embrace the rose gold theme.

The Scratch Map Rose Gold is there the perfect balance of luxury and practicality and is the perfect gift couples about to tie the knot.

As well as being a testament of a couples’ love, this iteration of the Scratch Map can be used to document the place a couple met, or to keep track of the romantic trips they’ve been able to enjoy together.

Although there is always room for photographs and video, the use of a Scratch Map offers something that’s truly unique as well as memorable.

Scratch Off Map Deluxe

It would be easy to assume that the Scratch Map range couldn’t be more luxurious than the Scratch Map Original and Scratch Map Gold, but boundaries are pushed once again thanks to the introduction of the Scratch Off Map Deluxe.

Manufactured using a laminate and coloured foil, the Scratch Off Map Deluxe offers a stunning black and gold finish that introduces a bright infusion of colour each time a panel is removed.

Like many other Scratch Maps, the Scratch Off Map Deluxe is the perfect map to give as a wedding fit that looks prestigious in any setting.

Scratch Map Oceans Edition

The Scratch Map Oceans Edition ensures that those embarking on a cruise as part of their honeymoon can track their adventures with a Scratch Map that’s designed with oceans in mind.

Printed on acetate plastic, the Scratch Map Oceans Edition is the perfect wedding gift for those looking to spend most of their time enjoying cruises, yachting or any other form of water-based activities.

As well as being able to offer an abundance of information relating to dry land, the Scratch Map Oceans Editions.

The information that couples can refer to include nautical flags and key ocean facts.

What’s more, one the couple has returned from their cruise thy can display the Scratch Map Oceans with pride.

Adventure Map

Those looking to give a map as a wedding gift will want to ensure that the Scratch Map, they choose not only looks fabulous but can also relate to the couple in question.

As such, those searching for the perfect gift for couples with an adventurous side need look o further, as the Adventure Map contains all the information thrill-seekers could need when planning their next trip together.

Maybe you’re keen to find a reliable source of information when it comes to more adrenaline-infused activities?

The Adventure Map comes complete with a list of over 280 activities to ensure that every holiday the happy couple take together is always a memorable one.

Giving a map as a wedding gift can be the perfect solution when drawing inspiration from the many Scratch Maps available.