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Create a Personalised Map of The World Easily with a Scratch Map

There can be an abundance of reasons as to why someone would want a personalised map of the world, but not everyone will know where to start when looking for such a map.

There are maps available that can offer a personalised touch by offering a sole location, but others may want to update the map later.

Personalised maps can be also be limited in some instances, especially among those looking for a personalised map of the world on a grander scale.

The Scratch Map range was first introduced back in 2009 and has introduced several new and innovative designs that can be personalised in a multitude of ways.

The following is an overview of some of the Scratch Maps available and how they allow a personalised map of the world to be created easily.

An Original Gift for Oceanographers

It’s easy to assume that only those looking to explore the dry land would be interested in a personalised map of the world, but there are those that are just as interested in the oceans and seas, and nothing reflects this better than the Scratch Map Oceans.

As well as offering features that are put in place for budding oceanographers, such as key ocean facts and nautical flags, those exploring the oceans can personalise the Scratch Map Oceans by updating the map with adventures they’ve already been on.

Regardless of whether the Scratch Map Oceans is displayed at home or in the office, those with a love for the oceans can create their own personalised map of the world with little effort.

An Amazing Gift for America Aficionados

Regardless of where a person is born, there’s no denying that the many sights and landmarks in the USA offer an adventure unlike no other.

Regardless of whether you’re looking to see the Space Needle in Seattle or the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, there’s always something different and rousing to embrace.

The Scratch Map USA Landmarks can be the perfect way of keeping a tangible record of your travels.

As well as keeping track of your adventures in the USA, the map also acts as a source of inspiration for those that are at the planning stage of their American adventure.

If you’re looking for a gift idea for those inspired by American culture or those that just love to explore an exciting destination, then the Scratch Map USA Landmarks of the perfect gift idea.

A Fantastic Gift Idea for Food Enthusiasts

Although some may want to personalise their Scratch Map with all the adrenaline-infused activities they’ve been on, others will be keen to concentrate on their culinary conquests.

The Scratch Map Gourmet has been designed with epicures in mind and offers a menu-inspired aesthetic that can help those looking to expand their palette a novel way of keeping track of the food they’ve tried from around the world.

Not only can food enthusiasts keep a record of the taste sensations they’ve enjoyed so far, but also use the map to inspire their next adventure abroad should they wish to take their love of food to the next level.

The Scratch Map Gourmet highlights just how diverse a personalised map of the world can really be.

A Creative Gift for Capital Connoisseurs

People will have different goals when it comes to their travel endeavours, so it stands to reason that those looking to keep track of their visits to capital cities will want a Scratch Map that fits the task-at-hand.

The Scratch Off Map Capitals is a creative way of keeping track of visits to capital cities, with each foil panel being removed as and when you visit a destination.

A Perfect Present for Passionate Patriots

Nowadays, the journey a person makes can be different from that of yesteryear.

As well as many finding opportunities in the UK, there are just as many finding their dream role in far-fling destinations.

There can be many reasons as to why a person will relocate, some may have met the love of their life, whereas others may have been promoted and had to move as part of the job role.

The Scratch Map UK and Ireland and Scratch Map Europe are both perfect examples of Scratch Maps that are perfect that want a representation of the place they were born, or a novel way of showcasing their heritage around the home or the office.

A personalised map can be limiting in some instance, but this is never the case with the Scratch Map range.

As well as offering an abundance of designs, the Scratch Map can be tailored to reflect interests, memorable dates and their love of their world in general.