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Introducing Coloulogue

Introducing Colorlogue; colouring fun for travellers! Colouring isn’t just for kids; we all know what a fun, stress busting exercise it can be so now here’s a colouring book that doubles up as holiday entertainment and a personalised travel record! So there’s no need to be jealous of that kid sat next to you on the plane colouring in his colouring book and not even staying in the lines.

Colorlogue is a travel journal with a difference; it features maps from around the world so you can colour in all the wonderful places you have visited and create your very own personal travel record. Also included in the book are flags, guides and places of interest for you to colour in and learn interesting facts about your travel destination, so you can impress your traveling companions with your inside knowledge!

Colorlogue makes the perfect traveling gift for someone who’s off on a big adventure; a gap year student perhaps or your friend who’s taking time out from work to travel the world. They can keep themselves entertained for hours on those long uncomfortable coach journeys and colour in their route as they cross continents. Or just chill out by the pool and colour in all the sights they’ve seen that day whilst admiring the view.

If you know someone who’s always traveling for work and often spends hours stuck in airport lounges or on long haul flights, then why not get them something they can do to relax and keep their zen amongst a chaos of flight delays, queues and screaming children, whilst at the same time creating a colourful record of everywhere they’ve been in the world. The Colorlogue would make an excellent stocking filler for travel obsessed friends, perpetual globe trotters and holiday junkies.

This pocket sized travel gift comes in a neat little folder making it easy to chuck in your backpack and even comes with it’s own colouring pencils so you’re ready for colouring fun right away! Just watch out for turbulence or bumps in the road; you don’t want to stray outside of the lines!