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Introducing: Scratch Map™ Capitals Poster

Scratch Map Capitals by Luckies

Everyone knows that person that they can find just staring at maps and whispering to themselves “where should I go next”? No, they’re not actually crazy, just got a slight case of travel fever. Odds are they’re going to pick somewhere that has a lot to do, with some architectural beauty, a bit of nightlife, great food to inhale, and maybe some historical hotspots. In that case, you’re probably going to end up in some world capitals, and that’s where the Scratch Map™ Capitals poster comes into play. If you’ve got a friend that loves a bit of city life on their travels their next birthday may turn out like this…

It’s that friend who already has everything’s birthday. They don’t need a card that has a funny cat on it, even though that would be awesome, nor do they need a new tie that they’re never going to wear. Get them something they’ll actually use the Scratch Map™ Capitals poster, with its dark colouring that really makes the locations they’ve uncovered pop, it can be one of those conversation pieces that people have in their homes. People still do that right? Don’t get them just the regular Scratch Map™ poster, they want something that they can learn from, show off with, and give them some city inspired travel ideas. Skip over getting them a new passport holder because they’re not as useful as they look and find something that will make them want to continue their exploring.

Seriously though, not much looks better on the wall than a charcoal toned map of the world. The colour choices really make those places you’ve been to pop off the page so if you have someone who REALLY likes to talk about where they’ve been and rub it in people’s faces, this does their job for them. So no matter who you need a gift for, if they love a bit of city dwelling and want to explore a few government buildings on the way, the Scratch Map™ Capitals poster is all the inspiration they’ll even need.