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Is There a Scratch Map Hanging System: How to Hang a Scratch Map

Although many people are familiar with the Scratch Map range, not everyone will know how to best display the maps once they’ve been used.

Some may consider a frame with glass, but this can hinder those hoping to update the map on a regular basis, which could even make it a dangerous endeavour in some instances.

There is also the option of drawing pins, but over time this could mean that the map becomes damage.

Fortunately, those looking for a Scratch Map hanging system will be glad to know that there are a few options available, which are all safe and affordable.

Introducing Hang! The Dedicated Scratch Map Hanging System

Designed with Scratch Maps in mind, Hang has been a hit with the masses and some even use it to display their favourite posters.

As well as being really easy to put together, the Hang Scratch Map Hanging Solution is also lightweight, which means that should it ever come away from the wall, the likelihood of injury is minimal.

However, some may be looking for a different aesthetic when it comes to displaying their Scratch Maps.

The framed range of Scratch Maps offers the same amazing features, but now come included with a frame that ensures that they look great on display without hindering the user when updating the map.

An example of some of the framed iteration of the Scratch Map series is as follows.

Framed Scratch Map Original

The Scratch Map Original is the Scratch Map that started it all and has been popular ever since its introduction in 2009.

The Framed Scratch Map Original offers the same luxurious gold and white finish but comes complete with a white frame made from pine offering a Scratch Map that looks great on display anywhere.

Maybe you’re looking for something to show off your latest adventures? Or maybe you want to purchase a gift for those about to tie the knot.

Whatever you’re looking for in a map, the Scratch Map Original is bound to impress.

Framed Platinum Scratch Off Map

If you like your Scratch Maps with a sleek silver finish, then the Framed Platinum Scratch Off Map is for you.

Giving an overview of the world in a sleek metallic grey aesthetic, the Framed Platinum Scratch Off Map is another example of how inspired the Scratch Map range is.

Even the frame has a metallic finish and ensures that there is never any obtrusion when updating the map.

Framed Scratch Map Clear

The Framed Scratch Map Clear is another example of how original the Scratch Map range can be.

Printed on acetate, the Framed Scratch Map Clear can fit into any environment with ease and offers a quirky but attractive design that’s difficult not to be impressed by.

Framed Scratch Off Map Deluxe

Some may be looking for a Scratch Map hanging solution to ensure that their Scratch Map looks the best it can when on display.

As the name suggests, this is a Scratch Map that offers the best aesthetics possible. Gold foil is placed on top of luxurious matte black background and is complemented perfectly by the black pine frame.

Even if you’re not looking for a gift for someone else, why not treat your self to the Framed Scratch Off Map Deluxe.

As well as looking fantastic in any room, the Framed Scratch Off Map Deluxe could eve inspire your next international adventure.

Framed Scratch Map Oceans

Those looking for a Scratch Map hanging solution that shifts its focus away from dry land will love the aquatic-themed Framed Scratch Map Oceans.

Set against a luxurious blue backdrop, the coloured foil can be removed to unveil information about different bodies of water around the world.

A beautiful white frame completes the look of the Framed Scratch Map Oceans and is the perfect gift for fans of cruises, surfing, diving and anything to do with the water in general.

Framed Scratch Map Rose Gold

The Framed Scratch Map Rose Gold is another popular gift for those getting married, giving its luxurious rose gold finish.

Whether it’s being used to celebrate where a couple met or keeping track of holidays made in the future, the Framed Scratch Map Rose Gold is the perfect gift idea when love is in the air.

Those looking for a Scratch Map hanging solution will find that there is a viable way of displaying the map, be it using the dedicated Hang solution, or a framed version of the iconic Scratch Map.