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Keeping it Professional: Scratch Maps for a Business

It can be easy to overlook the concept of a map, but when we stop and think, it really is a work of art.

For many years, maps have allowed for a journey of discovery, and those that make discoveries are always keen to explore the world in more detail.

Maps have also been an integral part of the business world, regardless of where it’s related to logistics, or making plans for expansion.

Despite technology offering a more advanced take on maps, there is something alluring about a map.

The Scratch Map series has been popular with the masses for several years, and the many iterations ensure that there is a Scratch Map suitable for every type of environment, be it professional or within the home.

One of the reasons as to why the Scratch Map range has seen so much success is because of how many designs there are available.

Whether you’re looking to add a personal touch to the office or create a more unique but professional look around the workplace, the Scratch Map could be the solution you’re looking for.

The Framed Scratch Map Series is Perfect Office Décor

Although there is already a reliable hanging solution available for Scratch Maps in the form of the Hang! solution, but those looking for ready-made décor or a professional environment may want to consider the series of Framed Scratch Map Series.

Although there are several designs to choose from, they all offer a professional that will never look out of place regardless of the environment.

The Framed Scratch Off Map Original is the framed version of the ma that started it all, and its white background with an elegance layer of gold foil has been adored by Scratch Map fans for years.

If you’re looking for a safer and cheaper alternative to pricey artwork that can still offer a premium look around the office, then why not consider a Framed Scratch Map.

Regardless of whether you’re looking to add a touch of class to the reception area, or just want to ensure that there is a more alluring workplace, then the Framed Scratch Map can be a perfect choice.

Help Amplify the Character of Your Business

One of the great things about the Scratch Map series is its ability to adapt to almost any environment, meaning that it can be used by different businesses in a series of ways.

For example, a coffee shop may deal with exotic blends from around the world and will want to ensure that this promoted throughout the coffee shop.

There are plenty of Scratch Maps that are able to offer this, including the Scratch Off Map Gourmet.

Fashioned in the style of a vintage menu, it sits in perfectly with the décor of any coffee shop and can be updated as and when required.

Of course, Scratch Maps aren’t limited to use in eateries and coffee shops, as they’re also ideal for business with a focus on travel.

Regardless of whether you a travel agency or a business that deals with events around the world, the Scratch Map series can help highlight the travel aspect of the business and can even be tailored to present what countries the company deals with.

As well as being a unique option for businesses, the Scratch ap series is designed to pop when on display, and the fact that Scratch Map series comes in various sizes means that they can be set out to make the most impact with ease.

Perfect for Setting Targets

Does your business that operates on a global scale? Or maybe there are markets of interest around the world that the business wishes to aim for.

Whatever your global goals are, the Scratch Map series can add something that looks great around the office, while being the ideal solution when it comes to setting global targets.

The Scratch Maps can be used to set out future goals, or as a record of the deals made so far. The possibilities are truly endless.

The Scratch Map series is the perfect addition to any type of office and the fact that Scratch Maps are affordable when compared to pricey pieces of art and add more character to a work environment than a wall planner or calendar.