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Long flight essentials

With Christmas on the horizon you may be facing a long flight to go and see family for the festive period, or perhaps you’re one of the lucky few who have escaped the clutches of family and are off on holiday for Xmas to an exotic island somewhere. Either way you’re probably not looking forward to the flight itself; long queues, recycled air, screaming children (yours and other people’s). Well, we can’t do anything about that I’m afraid but we can make the flight itself a lot more comfortable with our long flight essentials. These tech gadgets would also make great travel gifts for any jet setters in your life who are always travelling for work.

1. Magni-Viewer
A long haul flight is the perfect time to catch up on that latest TV series everyone’s been raving about. With the Magni-Viewer you can turn your smartphone into your own portable TV as it doubles your screen size. Meaning you can binge watch a TV series, use it to make a start on that holiday reading, or keep the kids quiet with some pre loaded episodes of Paw Patrol! If you’re looking for gifts for travellers then this is a good bet.

2. The Envelope
If you like to take your laptop with you on holiday, you’ll know how stressful it is having to keep taking it in and out of your bag at security, and then in and out of the overhead lockers on board the flight. There’s always the worry you might drop it, or someone might throw their bag on top of yours and cause damage to your most treasured possession. No longer a worry with our retro inspired tech sleeve. The Envelope is designed to look like an old fashioned Manilla envelope and is made from tear proof material and lined with a quality grey felt for extra protection to keep your laptop safe.

4. Pocket Tin Speaker
We’re not suggesting you blast your holiday tunes out for the whole plane to hear but perhaps if you happen to be sat near an unhappy baby or toddler, you could play some quiet music to soothe them and keep yourself and other passengers entertained? If you all get in the spirit, you could even have a Xmas singalong! This pocket sized speaker is a great thing to take on holiday with you though as it means you’ve got music wherever you land.