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Looking for a Leaving Present for Someone Going Travelling? Scratch Maps as a Gift Idea

The reasons why people decide to visit pastures new can vary greatly. Some may want to move location because they’ve met someone abroad, whereas others may just want to see more of the world before they settle down.

The person could be leaving home or leaving a job role, but whatever the reason for their departure, the pieces are always emotional.

As such, those looking for a leaving present for someone going travelling will want to ensure that the gift they gift is both practical and personal, but this isn’t always possible using conventional methods.

However, those looking for a leaving present for someone going travelling will find everything they’re looking for with the Scratch Map range.

Not only are there several iterations of the iconic Scratch Map, but there are also different sizes available, meaning even those going backpacking can enjoy the benefits a Scratch Map can offer.

Those looking for a personalised leaving present for someone going travelling may want to consider one of the following Scratch Maps.

Scratch Map Backpacker Edition

One of the most popular ways of travelling is going backpacking, and it’s not difficult to see why.

Those that decide to explore the terrain of the beaten track will often explore cultures and experiences that just can’t be found in the normal tourist trap, and there’s no better way to prepare for such adventures than with the Scratch Map Backpacker Edition.

As the dimensions of the Scratch Map Backpacker are only 42 x 29.7 cm, it can be easily stored in any suitcase or backpack, or you can even make use of the tote bag that comes included with the map.

There’s also a blank map on the reverse should there be a requirement to make notes on the fly.

Scratch Off Map Clear Edition

Those looking for a truly unique take on the conventional map will love the Scratch Off Map Clear Edition.

The Scratch Off Map Clear Edition is printed on acetate, giving the map a unique aesthetic that can’t be found on other maps.

Another unique feature of the maps is that the as countries are visited, they disappear from the Scratch Off Map Clear Edition as each foil panel is removed.

The Scratch Map Clear Edition is another example of just how distinct a Scratch Map cab be, regardless of the design you choose.

Scratch Map USA Landmarks

Are you looking for a Scratch Map for someone going travelling in the United States? Then why not consider the Scratch Map USA Landmarks.

As the name suggests, the Scratch Map USA Landmarks does a stellar job of outlining all the landmarks situated across the USA, including the Statue of Liberty, Devil’s Tower and the Space Needle.

Regardless of the reason why the person is travelling to the USA, the Scratch Map USA Landmarks can be the perfect accompaniment that can keep track of landmarks visited, as well as offer information about landmarks that are still waiting to be visited.

What’s more, the map can be easily displayed upon a person’s return, allowing them to create a truly personal keepsake.

Scratch Map Gourmet

If you’re searching for a gift for someone that can’t get enough of food, then the Scratch Map Gourmet is the perfect gif idea.

Travelling can involve trying new experiences, and this is especially true when it comes to food.

As well as being able to try food in its home country, the Scratch Map Gourmet can also offer information on dishes that you may not have tried as well as the countries where the culinary delights can be found.

Scratch Map Chalk Edition

There will be many times when those in a teaching profession choose to take their skills abroad and what better way to celebrate this than with the Scratch Map Chalk Edition.

Emulating a classic chalkboard, the Scratch Map Chalk Edition is a great leaving present for someone going travelling, regardless of whether they’re in a teaching profession or just enjoy items that have a nostalgic finish.

The Scratch Map Chalk Edition emulates a chalkboard thanks to its sleek black aesthetic and introduces a burst of colour each tie a panel is removed.

The Scratch Off Map Chalk Edition also looks great on display, so over time, the map can be used to host a series of memories that complement videos and photographs easily.

Finding a leaving present for someone going travelling is easier than ever thanks to the Scratch Map range, and those looking for further inspiration can also choose from a series of globes and journals with a difference, ensuring that there’s always a suitable gift idea to hand.