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Making Learning Fun: Why the Scratch Off Map Range Is Popular with Children

Children have always had a sense of adventures. Whether they’ve been digging for worms or exploring what the world outside has to offer, the inquisitive nature of children makes learning a lot easier.

However, it’s important that there is an element of fun involved when learning about the world, otherwise, children could find that prospects of an adventure within the online worlds “Fortnite” and “Minecraft” more alluring.

The Scratch Map series is enjoyed by children for several different reasons, be it their immersive nature, or the abundance of information that can be found out as they explore the map in more detail.

There are lots of Scratch Maps to choose from, but the following Scratch Maps are the one that has gained the most traction with children.

What’s more, there’s nothing to stop the grown-ups choose a Scratch Map should the fancy take them.

Scratch Off Map Wild World

Are your children fascinated by animals? Then why not allow them to learn about the world as they find out more about animals with the Scratch Off Map Wild World.

As well as being unable to unearth a wealth of facts about animals around the world, children will become more familiar with the environment that their favourite animals reside in.

Not only are children able to use the Scratch Off Map Wild World to find out more about animals, but they will also be given a fact sheet that shares even more information.

Not only will children become more knowledgeable about the animal kingdom, but they will also become more familiar with the world overall.

Scratch Off Map Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran has proved to be a hit with the masses, much like the Scratch Map series. As such it should come as no surprise that the two would combine to offer Ed Sheeran fans a truly desirable piece of merchandise that can’t be found anywhere else.

As well as being able to offer a lot of information about the singer-songwriter himself, they will also learn more about the world in general.

The Scratch Off Map Ed Sheeran comes complete with a guitar plectrum, and its design conforms perfectly with the personality of Ed himself.

Scratch Off Map Hello

It’s often said that the best time to learn a language is when we’re young, but younger children may find that learning a new language in-depth is a little overwhelming.

However, the Scratch Off Map Hello is the perfect start for anyone learning a new language, as it allows an easy way of learning to say hello in over 70 different languages.

The Scratch Off Map Hello encourages learning by scratching off the foil panels that unveil how to say hello in that particular country.

As well as expanding the linguistic skills of children, the Scratch Off Map Hello Edition also ensures that children can become more familiar with the world around them without it ever seeming like a chore.

Scratch Maps Make Learning Fun

If you were hoping to use a real map to teach children about the world, then you could find that there is some resistance.

As well as offering a conventional design, there is very little to interact with.

The concept of a Scratch Map not only ensures that it can offer the same accurate information a conventional map would, as well as being able to offer an immersive nature that can’t be just found with other iterations of a map.

Depending on the type of Scratch Map you buy for children, there will always be an educational element that’s part of the experience, that makes it the ideal educational tool.

Scratch Maps Looks Great on the Bedroom Wall

As well as being able to learn as they use the Scratch Map to learn about different countries as they use them, they also look great on the bedroom wall.

As well as being an immersive learning tool, the Scratch Map series also look great on the bedroom wall.

As well as there is a dedicated hanging solution in the form of Hang!, there are also a series of Framed Scratch Maps that are lightweight and easy to hang, ensuring that there’s never a chance of there being an accident should the map come away from the wall.

If you’re looking to find a gift that is perfect for children for the long-term and helps escalate their knowledge of the world, then the Scratch Map series is the perfect gift idea for children.