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The many benefits of Scratch off Map

There are many ways of capturing our journeys around the globe, especially when it comes to modern technology. We can showcase our adventures via photographs on Instagram or share our check-ins on Facebook. However, despite the benefits these recollections of trips may offer, some still yearn for the day where they were able to showcase their adventures by highlighting countries on a map.

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Before the birth of the internet, many keen travellers would use a series of guidebooks and maps to navigate their way around the world and would often use a conventional map with some form of indicator, such as a coloured drawing pin to keep a record of their travels.

Although this was a sound solution in principle, some found that the more they travelled, the more cumbersome and less accurate the map would become. This means that those still wishing to possess something tangible about their travels may struggle to find the ideal solution.

Fortunately, the current advancements in technology doesn’t mean that no products exist that can offer a more vintage and tactile way of documenting your journeys. In fact, scratch-off maps have found appeal among the masses thanks to their flawless presentation and ease-of-use.

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Introducing Scratch off Maps

Sometimes, the most basic approach to a problem is the most effective, and this is certainly the case when it comes to scratch-off maps. Rather than offering a conventional map, the modern-day equivalent allows you to choose a map that fits in with your current décor or plans.

As the countries are only show when you visit, there is no need to be filling up the map with various indicators, which means that your travels are easier to record as well as more pleasing to the eye.

Of course, you may not want to conquer the world, but just focus your sights on one part of the world, such as Europe or the USA. Fear not, as there are also dedicated solutions for those focusing on one part of the country still looking for a fun but consistent way.

The Scratch off Maps available also come in several guises, so even if you’re looking to make use of your map on the go, you can with the available Travelogue option. Or why not replace the office globe with some a little more hands-on with the Scratch Globe.

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An Educational Tool

On the surface it would be easy to dismiss a Scratch off Map as nothing more than a novelty, but it can actually be a great way of learning more about the world, regardless of how old you are. Regardless of whether you’re looking to teach your children more about the locations they visit or ensure that you’re able to record locations off the beaten track with more ease.

The very fact that you must scratch off the location rather than simply ‘checking-in’ means that you’re more likely to digest details surrounding its location, making you a more knowledgeable traveller in the process.

Allows You to Make Travel Goals

As before, there are an abundance of apps that allow you to set travel goals, but the fact that such goals remain in your pocket can often mean that you’re as not as proactive as you’d like to be when it comes to making travel plans.

A Scratch off Map doesn’t only have to be used to record your travels, but also act as a permanent inspiration of the countries you want to visit. Rather than in being tucked away in the background, a Scratch off Map is an ideal way of ensuring your travel dreams become a reality.

Create the Perfect Memento for a Loved One

The journeys we make can sometimes have emotional connections, especially when it comes to loved ones. The use of a Scratch off Map can be the ideal way of presenting all the countries you’ve visited with a loved one in a memorable unique. As there are several different maps and designs available, you can be sure of finding a map that not only documents your time together, but also fits with their personality.

Find the Best Countries for your Indulgences and Hobbies

Although many of us can enjoy what our country has to offer, there are others who may need to look further afield when it comes to enjoying their hobbies. For example, keen surfers may have already used what’s available to them at home and wish to find new locations to up their game in the surfing world.
Similarly, others may be looking for a unique way of recording or planning their dream theme park experiences.
The use of a scratch-off map can be a unique and fun way of keeping an aesthetically-pleasing overview of your conquests, or an eye-pleasing bucket list for your future endeavours.

Sometimes it can be difficult to know what to get the person who has everything as a gift, and you can be forced to think outside of the box.
Not only do scratch-off maps hold an appeal to all age groups, but they also offer a more practical way of planning and making trips, regardless of where your dream destination is.