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Map Facts: Learns About the World and More with a Scratch Map

Regardless of how old we are, there are many benefits when it comes to learning about the world.

As well as the many experiences available around the world, there are also a lot of cultures and beliefs that can help us see the world in a different way.

However, some may find that the use of a conventional map a little boring, and find they soon become disinterested in finding out more about the map.

There will also be times when people are looking for a gift that can be easily personalised without hindering the use of the map.

When trying to find out map facts, it’s important to choose a product that’s designed with fun and originality in mind, and the Scratch Map series can offer this in abundance.

The following is an overview of some of the Scratch Maps available, as well as some of the map facts people can expect to learn along the way.

Scratch Map Capitals

Despite how wondrous the world can be, it can also be difficult to navigate at times, and those becoming used to the outlay of the world for the first time may want to become familiar with different aspects of the world in manageable chunks, and the Scratch Map series is perfect for this.

This is highlighted by the Scratch Map Capitals, an accurate map that also offers an abundance of information about the many capital cities around the world.

Learn more about Paris, London and more with this immersive scratch map and find out key facts such as populations and altitudes, as well as ensuring that you have a map that looks fabulous on display.

Scratch Map Wild World

Another reason why so many are drawn into the concept of travel is people being introduced to new animals they wouldn’t have seen otherwise.

Those looking for to extend their knowledge on the animal kingdom will find everything they’re looking for with the Scratch Map Wild World.

The small animal icons can be removed allowing those using the map to find out an abundance of information about the different wildlife that can be found around the world.

The Scratch Map Wild World comes included with a fact sheet that details over 70 different animals and its luxurious aesthetics ensure that it also looks great on display,

Scratch Map Oceans Edition

Although there are many people that love to explore what dry land has to offer, there are just as many that are interested in the many oceans around the world.

The Scratch Map Oceans Edition is another example of just how diverse the Scratch Map range is and offers another innovative map with a difference.

The Scratch Map Ocean Editions allows those with a taste for life on the open water and details several key ocean facts, including information on bodies of water.

Scratch Map Ed Sheeran Edition

The Scratch Map Ed Sheeran Edition further showcases just how diverse the Scratch Map range it can be with the facts it offers.

As expected, the Scratch Map Ed Sheeran Edition gives you all the information you need in relation to one of the most popular singer-songwriter this turn of the century.

As always, the Scratch Map Ed Sheeran Edition offers an accurate representation of the world and includes facts that deal some of the locations that have inspired some of the artist’s biggest hits, such as “Galway Girl.”

Scratch Map of the F*#?ing World

Although there are Scratch Maps available that allow people to learn more about animals and capital cities, there will be those that are looking for a more humorous iteration of the iconic Scratch Map, and the Scratch Map of the F*#?ing World fits the bill perfectly.

The Scratch Map of the F*#?ing World may not be for everyone, but those that want to learn more about swear words around the world.

Not only can those with a blue sense of humour discover swear words from all over the world, but it can also make planning holiday with a friend a lot more fun.

Scratch Maps are perfect when it comes to finding out more about the world, be it in relation to animals, capital cities or food.

If you’re searching for a gift that not only offers an abundance of information, then why not consider one of the many Scratch Mas available.