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Mini Scratch Maps: What Options Are Available

Despite the many options available in relation to Scratch Maps, there were some who were searching for a mobile version of the Scratch Map range. Fortunately, the Scratch Map range is one that strives for customer satisfaction and soon introduced a series of mini Scratch Maps that offer all the immersive features of their larger counterparts, only in mobile size.

Rather than offer just one mini version of the Scratch Map, there have been several travel-sized editions of the Scratch Map that can be used in different ways, examples of which are as follows.

Scratch Off Map Travel Original

The Scratch Map Original is what started the fascination for Scratch Maps, and now those looking for a mobile form factor of the iconic Scratch Map will find everything they need with the Scratch Off Map Travel Original.

Fashioned in the same luxurious gold and white finish of the original, this version of the Scratch Map Original measures a mere 42 x 29.7cm meaning it is small enough to be stored inside any suitcase or backpack.

As well being able to scratch away the foil panels when planning and recording holidays, those that need to make notes about different locations can sue the blank map situated on the reverse of the map, making it the ideal travel companion

Scratch Map Backpacker Edition

Although some may like to plan out their holidays to the letter, others may be keen to carry out some exploring, so what better travelling companion that the Scratch Map Backpacker Edition.

Designed for those on the move in more unsettled terrain, the Scratch Map Backpacker Edition comes complete with a tote bag as well as a copper marker. The copper marker can be used to note down ideas, thoughts and reminders using the blank map on the reverse. This information can then be easily wiped away.

Discovering new environments when backpacking can be a lot of fun, and ensuring that you have the Scratch Map Backpacker Edition to hand when travelling means that you’re able to keep track of your favourite locations, as well as draw inspiration from the map when it comes to future travels.

Scratch Off Map Deluxe Travel

As well as having access to a Scratch Map that can be used when travelling abroad, others will be keen to ensure that the design of the map is the most luxurious it can be, and those looking for a travel-sized map that also looks the part will find everything they’re looking for with the Scratch Off Map Deluxe Travel.

The matte black backdrop of the map is complemented perfectly by the rich gold overlay which offers a premium feel that’s difficult not to be impressed by. Like other travel iterations of the Scratch Map.

Scratch Off Mini Maps Can Be the Perfect Holiday Reveal

There’s no really no experience like telling someone they’re going on the holiday of their dreams, but delivering the news in the form of a travel-sized Scratch Map can help add to the excitement, as well as offer something that can be used as a keepsake in the future.

Regardless of whether you’re using the Scratch Map Original Travel or Scratch Map Backpacker Edition, personalising the map to highlight where a loved one is going on holiday couldn’t be any easier.

Mini Maps are Perfect Travel Companions for the Children

As well as being perfect gift ideas for adults, the use of travel-sized Scratch Maps is also great for children to use, regardless of whether they’re abroad or at home. While on holiday, children can live out their own mini adventure and find out details about the country their holidaying in.

Upon their return, the Scratch Map can take pride of place on the bedroom wall or bedside table.

Searching for gift ideas can be difficult, but the Scratch Map range is one that continues to expand with different themes and ideas that ensure the modern gift-buying experience never has to be a chore.

As well as the many sizes available, there is also an abundance of different themes and designs that ensure that there’s a Scratch Map for every personality.