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Personalised Scratch Maps: What Options are Available?

Those looking for a gift that makes the right impression will often want to make sure that the gift is personal in some way.
It can be a common misconception that personalised gifts must cost a small fortune, but nothing could be further from the truth.
A Scratch Map not only ensures that that those who use the map are given access to an abundance of facts, but they’re also able to create something personalised without having to spend a small fortune.

Personalised Scratch Maps can come in different guises, but the following is an example of how Scratch Maps can be tailored to ensure that the map is always a gift that offers something personal.

Scratch Maps are Perfect for Weddings and Anniversaries

When two people love each other, they will have lot of things they enjoy doing together. The exploration of different countries is something enjoy by happy couples all over the world, and a Scratch Map is the perfect way of remembering the places a couple is happiest.
For example, if a couple met when travelling Europe, then the Scratch Off Map Europe is the perfect gift idea.
The Scratch Map Europe offers the finer details of people’s favourite European destinations, and the relevant country can be scratched away to offer a keepsake with a difference.
Of course, the happy couple may want to extend their list of favourite countries over time, and the Scratch Map Europe can be updated easily while still being able to offer an eye-catching centrepiece in any room.
There will be times when those that are tying the know will have their sights set on destinations further afield.
Fear not, as there are a series of Scratch Map available that help make your trip planning and enjoyable and memorable experience.

Offer an Inspired Gift That Can Be Personalised Along the Way

Although some people may be looking for a gift idea that can be personalised before it’s given to a friend or loved ones, others may be searching for something offers inspiration, with progress being reflected in the product itself.

The Scratch Map is perfect for this, and there are several designs available that can offer encouragement as well as offering a viable way of keeping track of their adventures.
Those looking for a gift for someone that enjoy taking holiday away from the tourist traps may find that the Adventure Map is just what they’re looking for.
As well as being able to offer a list of over 300 bucket list experiences, those using the map can easily scratch away the foil panels to keep track of their progress.
Backpackers may be looking for something smaller that allows them to take notes along the way.
The Scratch Map Backpacker offers a travel-sized Scratch Map that includes a blank map on the reverse so that people can make notes during their travels.
Of course, it’s not only those that are exploring the great outdoors that will want to keep track of their adventures.
Some may want to embrace a new language or two or become more familiar with their family roots
The Scratch Map Hello is the perfect way of keeping track of the new languages learned and can even offer some inspiration when it comes to booking a holiday.

Scratch Maps are Fabulous Gifts for Foodies

An adventure can mean different things to different people, and it doesn’t always have to consist of adrenaline-infused activities.

As such, those interested in food will have a focus on where some of the more adventurous dishes are served, and the Scratch Map Gourmet is the perfect way of achieving this.
As you would expect with a food-themed Scratch Map, those with a love of food can uncover foil panels and be introduced to a world of inspiration when it comes to food.
As well as giving foodies inspiration of where some of the rarer dishes are located, it can also be a great way of planning and keeping track of food-inspired adventures.
If you’re looking for a gift idea that can be personalised straight away, or something that can be updated over time, then the Scratch Map series has everything you’re looking for and more.