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Planning a Holiday Using a Map? How the Scratch Map Range Can Help

Despite there being many online platforms that can be used when planning a holiday, not all of them will offer the inspiration we’re looking for when it comes to holiday destinations.

Some may be looking for a rare and exotic island whereas others may be keen to visit historic monuments around the world.

Although the use of an everyday map can be helpful to an extent, it won’t always be able to offer the inspiration we’re looking for, which can sometimes take the fun out of planning a holiday using a map.

Fortunately, there are other options available when it comes to planning a holiday using a map, regardless of the type of holiday you’re looking to embark on.

The Scratch Map range was first launched in 2009 and has been a hit with the masses ever since. As well as the iconic Scratch Map Original, there has been an abundance of designs that ensures that the fun is brought back when planning a holiday using a map.

The Scratch Map Original

If this is your first time using a Scratch Map then why not start with the very first Scratch Map, the iconic Scratch Map Original.

Presented in a gold and white finish the gold foil can be removed to keep track of the places you’ve visited, or as a source of inspiration for your next journey.

No longer are you having to contend with push pins and balls of wool when planning a holiday when using a map, as the Scratch Map Original can give a clear overview of the countries you want to visit and even makes for a great display piece afterwards.

Scratch Map Capitals Edition

Visiting the different capitals around the world can give us a taste of what the country is about, and what could be a better holiday planning tool then the Scratch Map Capitals Editions.

Those that crave to experience some of the capital cities cast further afar can use this fun and aesthetically beautiful Scratch Map to obtain more information as well as a route that ensures we’re seeing all we can when visiting the different capitals.

Scratch Map Oceans

Those that can’t enough of life on the open water may prefer to use the Scratch Map Oceans when it comes to their holiday planning adventures, as it offers everything fans of the ocean could need to know.

The design of the Scratch Map Oceans makes use of acetate plastic, giving the map an aquatic finish that simply too beautiful not be impressed by.

However, it’s the number of nautical facts that have made the Scratch Map Oceans the ideal too for those who want to use a map when booking a holiday.

Scratch Map Wild World

Recently visited a safari park and want to up the ante when it comes to exploring new wildlife? Then why not consider the Scratch Map Wild World when planning your next holiday.

The Scratch Map Wild World is the perfect holiday planning tool for those who want to explore countries that are home to all sorts of fascinating creates.

The theme of the map is reflected in the design, offering animal icons that are begging to be interacted with.

The Scratch Map Wild World even comes included with a fascinating fact sheet that offers an abundance of facts about your favourite animals, so all you must worry about is which country to visit first.

Styled using green foil on gloss paper, the Scratch Map Wild World is the perfect holiday planning tool for people all ages with a love of animals.

Scratch Map USA Landmarks

Planning a holiday to the USA and want to ensure that you’re able to visit your favourite landmarks, then why not use the Scratch Map USA Landmarks when planning a journey on a grander scale.

Regardless of whether you’re looking to find out about the Devil’s Tower in Wyoming, or just want to plan a holiday that ensures you see al your favourites sites, then the Scratch Maps USA landmarks allow you to plan a holiday as well as being able to find out more about your favourite landmarks.

Each state is covered by a green foil which offers detailed information about different landmarks when removed.

Regardless of whether you’re looking to record the landmarks you’ve already visited or start a brand-new journey; the Scratch Map USA Landmarks can offer everything you’re looking for and more.

The Scratch Map can offer a truly unique way of planning your holiday as well as allowing you to create a memorable keepsake that can be looked back on in years to come.