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Premium Quality Scratch Off Map, The Adventure Map

Ever since the Scratch Off Map range was launched in 2009 people have been keen to embrace a whole new dimension of maps. The success of the Scratch Map range has meant that there has been a demand for more designs and themes.

As such, there has been an abundance of Scratch Off Maps released that have paid homage to capital cities, landmarks and music. They can also be a great source of inspiration, as seen with the Adventure Map.

Features of the Adventure Map

  • Adventure-Themed World Map
  • Includes Bucket-List Travel Booklet
  • Over 280 Activities Included
  • Gold Foil Dots on Matte Black Paper

Materials Used to Manufacture the Adventure Map

  • Card
  • Laminate
  • Coloured Foil

Dimensions of the Adventure Map

  • 82.5 x 59.4 cm

The Ideal Gift for Those That Like to Explore

Whereas some will fill content on the beach, others will be looking for some exploration when travelling abroad, and the user of the Adventure Map can be the ideal way of doing this. Regardless of whether someone is exploring for the first time, or is a seasoned adventurer, there is still plenty of value to be had with the Adventure Map.

As well as offering over 280 activities, the person using the map can keep track of the adventures along the way by removing the gold foil dots.

A Great Source of Inspiration

There are some people that may be looking for more unique holidays but are unsure of whey they should begin. The Adventure Map is the perfect gift in this instance, simply because of the inspiration, it can offer.

Those that receive the Adventure Map will be introduced to an abundance of different adventures they can try at their own pace, although many find that they’re soon able to fill up the map with new and exciting adventures,