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Scratch Map™ Capitals

Have you ever found yourself at a pub quiz wishing you knew what the capital city of Madagascar was? OK, so you knew that one (It’s Antananarivo), but have you ever had a child ask you what the capital of Turkey was and then correct you when you give them the wrong answer of Istanbul? Well, now you can be sure of all your capitals with the Scratch Map Capitals.

This world map poster is printed on matte black paper with removable black foil for you to scratch off the countries AND capital cities you have visited to reveal an array of vibrant purples, greens, blues and pinks. Not only does it make a beautiful personal travel record for you to keep and display on your wall, but it’s also informative too. The scratch map details all the capital cities of the world and includes key facts about populations, density, altitudes and age for the capitals featured.

This scratch map poster would make the perfect gift for someone who loves to go on a city break. Start making your bucket list of capital cities and enjoy scratching them off as you visit each one. You can also use it to research a bit of general knowledge about the city before you go.

The Scratch Map Capitals would make a great gift for your boyfriend or girlfriend this Christmas with the added promise of more trips away together. Then you can scratch off the map together after each holiday to make a joint travel record of all your adventures. A romantic gift for your partner and cheaper than buying them an actual trip away!

Or you can just keep it on your wall at home to memorize and remind yourself of all the capital cities in the world so you can win every pub quiz and never be humiliated in public by a child ever again. (The capital city of Turkey is Ankara.)